Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, June 8, 2012

President Obama: From the Dark Side of the Moon

Remember when the media ridiculed Newt Gingrich for promising a colony on the moon by the end of his first term of president?  I can see why.  President Obama already lives there, on the far, dark side of the heavenly orb.  It is the only explanation for the press conference he gave this morning.

What was the purpose of this press conference?  What great message did he intend to deliver to us mere mortals? He gave a scripted but garbled, rambling, and fanciful "analysis" of the state of the economy, full of phony numbers, empty phrases and useless advice to the Europeans. Listening to our President, the "private sector is doing fine" and what problems there are come from too little spending by the government because of the Republicans. Insanity.

No mention of tax cuts except to state, "Congress refused to pass this jobs plan in full. They did act on a few parts of the bill -- most significantly the payroll tax cut that's putting more money in every working person's paycheck right now." Wait a minute! Continuing the current payroll tax rate PUTS money into people's paychecks? Another liberal madness based on the assumption that any of your money the government doesn't take from you is a gift from the government. 

He inserted himself to no useful end into the issue of whether Greece should exit the Euro. He showed that neither he nor his speechwriter has a clue when talking about the global economy, to wit, " the Greek people also need to recognize that their hardships will likely be worse if they chose to exit from the eurozone." Why? How does he know that? Why is he getting involved in that issue? His advice to the Europeans? Their governments should spend more, not less, because austerity means less money for everybody . . . as before, a typical leftist delusion about where money and wealth originate. 

Even worse than the President's statement was the reaction of the press in the room.  Either these journos are totally illiterate when it comes to economic issues, so far in the tank for Obama they're never going to emerge, or both.  They tossed up a couple of tepid pro forma questions which allowed the President to repeat his original statement and to demonstrate the President's stunning ignorance. One question at the very end asked about the recent leaks of classified information coming from the White House, which the President answered by saying he found the issue offensive. Nice. Offensive? Stop leaking! 

This man must be defeated next November.


  1. I was going to comment on your previous post about Obama's droning, but I really see these two posts as related. Fundamentally, Obama and his cronies believe in nothing except winning the next election. Let me emphasize that point: There is nothing they will not subordinate to winning the next election. Selling out allies, burning intelligence assets, destroying the economy, and lying about every policy position in the "who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?" school of chutzpah are "reasonable" when you have no beliefs at all (except perhaps the belief in the goodness of the destruction of the nation). The Nihilism is plain to see if you but have the eyes for it.

    Have you read Niven & Pournelle's take on The Inferno? There is one scene where two US Senators are trapped in the ice in the circle of Hell reserved for traitors. The two cannot understand why they are there: One voted for ABM defenses and the other voted against them. Of course, the Democrat voted against ABMs because that was the Party line, even though he, personally, believed in moving past MAD. The Republican voted for ABM even though he believed it to be a bad idea. The narrator draws the obvious conclusion. My point is there must be a few Democrats still possessed of a shred of love for this nation. How can they put Party ahead of nation when it is so clear what is going on?

  2. Leopold, there are a few dems who are sane but they've been disowned. Cory is a good example. Liberman was thrown over a long time ago.

  3. I'm with Anon on this. The "few Democrats still possessed of a shred of love for this nation" were driven out of party leadership four year ago and no longer count. The Lame-Stream-Press doesn't bother mentioning them anymore because they are not on the "narrative's" approval list.

  4. Just a teeny tad bit more on the gay rights front, and we'll finally have the government Hollywood Clooney and Vogue Wintour can be proud of: storied and stylish for the glitterati and socialized for the needy regular folk.

    Unfortunately, Obama was cast right but badly scripted.