Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Sort-of Amnesty from a Sort-of President

The President's announcement on his misadministration's new policy on young "illegals" is a classic Hail Mary Pass. It smells of desperation. It is another ill-thought-out patch on our already chaotic immigration laws, regulations, and policies, and does nothing in the long term to deal with the ostensible problem it seeks to solve, i.e., dealing with young illegal aliens. It throws under the bus legal aliens who have played by the rules, already hard-pressed American workers looking for scarce jobs, and ongoing efforts to develop a rational approach to immigration.

It is an electoral stunt that leaves many important questions unanswered and highlights the hypocrisy of this misadministration. To start, the details are hazy.  How will Homeland decide whether an illegal meets the requirements? Presumably that involves the alien confessing to being illegal, and, in the process, likely ratting out his parents, and perhaps other relatives. What happens to illegal alien spouses of such aliens? Do they benefit from the new status as "quasi-legal?" For how long can a person remain as a "quasi-legal?"

I find particularly ironic that the illegal alien seeking the benefits of this approach will have to produce considerable documentation. Weren't we told that minorities and poor people could not produce the documentation needed to get a valid voter id? It seems they will have no problem producing documentation to affirm their "quasi-legal" status.

This is another mess by perhaps the worst President we have ever had. It is a mess created for one purpose alone, winning the election. It won't work.


  1. I suspect the process for applying for these benefits will be very similar to that which Elizabeth Warren had to go through when she declared her Indian minority status for Harvard. And the issue of IDs, documentation etc. most likely will be handled by Eric Holder's DOJ. Accordingly, identification and documentation will be declared unnecessary, racist, biased, exclusionary and altogether inappropriate. Oh yeah, and unAmerican. Agreed, it is an election getting move. It would be good if the Republicans call it out for what it is and raise the problematic implementation. Unfortunately they probably will be mired in the kabuki.

  2. Of all the things the Obamination could do to bolster his re-election prospects at the expense of the long term health of the nation, this is fairly ineffective and innocuous. It proves, I believe, that he is both stupid and evil, but stupidity predominates. If we are lucky, the extra infuriation this engenders amongst the non-brain dead will outweigh the votes this buys him.

  3. Wait for it..........the sound you just heard was the breath rushing from lungs of thousands of folks even now scrambling to become "Quasi-legal Immigration Counselor-subject-matter-experts". The status will be self-conferred and the first Spanish language ads offering "assistance" navigating these potentially rewarding waters have probably already aired. Some folks are positioned to make $$$$$$$$$. Others, only $$$$. But all the sharks have smelled the blood by now, and are becoming frenzied.

  4. This is the best - and indeed, the only - summary of what this move is about. Thank you.