Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Apropos of Nothing . . .

One of my favorite pictures from my long Foreign Service career.

On the road to Potosi with the kids in my venerable 4X4 Ford Bronco.

It was a grueling trip, but one the kids still talk about lo this many years later.  This picture was taken by my wife somewhere on the Altiplano when we stopped to have lunch in the back of the truck . . . hundreds of kilometers of very rough unpaved roads, dry river beds, lots of dust and rocks, and all at an altitude of 10-12,000 feet.

That Bronco never let me down . . . unlike some of my erstwhile colleagues at State . . .


  1. That brings back memories of being in the camper driving thru the west in the 60's. It is a little known fact that pickup campers prevented the murder of thousands of chidren by their parents while on holidays.

  2. May I ask who is the picture you use for your comments? He's looks somewhat like a great great uncle of mine. He went to Ireland to form a temperance league and was never heard from again.

  3. I drove Broncos for ten years and they are fantastic trucks in the snow! I only gave them up when I couldn't lift the rear gate up any longer.

    First time visiting your blog and enjoying it.

  4. Brings back memories of my '88 Bronco 4wd 5 sp 6-cyl. Interior was vinyl, nothing stopped that truck, it just kept going and going and got 23 mpg while doing it.