Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, July 16, 2012

October Surprise: War with Iran?

Forgive me if I sound cynical.

I am in a deep, deep funk re the current Presidential misadministration in the USA.  Let me be blunt: I think President Obama is the most cynical, and despicable president we have ever had, bar none. Every day he seems to bring some new "Chicago style" disgrace to the office he encumbers. He and his re-election campaign surrogates have shown themselves willing to say and do just about anything to keep control of the White House. I found beyond despicable their latest blitz on Bain, accusing Governor Romney of criminality and lies--this from a corrupt Chicago politician whose close associates include Rezko, Ayres, Wright, and Blago, and whose administration has sold thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels, tried to blackmail Boeing into not opening a plant in South Carolina, and turned the ill-thoughtout Bush auto bailout into a massive transfer of wealth to the leadership of the UAW. This administration lies about the deficit; lies about the state of the economy; and offers only one "solution" to everything: taxes, taxes, and more taxes to increase the power and reach of its constituencies, to wit, government workers, lawyers, and people on the dole.

Our foreign policy is in a shambles. That is driven home by the chaotic and completely insane Mideast tour now being undertaken by our vacuous Secretary of State. She goes to Egypt to pal around with the head of the Muslim Brotherhood--while his supporters hurl shoes and tomatoes at her--and lectures the Egyptian army, the last bastion of sanity in that country, to yield power to the howling mob that wants war with Israel, to kill gays, Christians and Jews, and return women to the 14th century. Has she ever heard of what happened in Iran?

Speaking of Iran, we have an administration that has never taken seriously the threat posed by Iran . . . until now. We see considerable USN assets being moved into the Persian Gulf, and the war talk ramped up. I never thought I would say this about an American President, and would have dismissed it as wild conspiracy talk, but don't put it past this misadministration to seek war or at least military conflict with Iran in the next few weeks, all calculated to boost Obama's poll numbers. Blood for votes.

We need to defeat Obama in November.


  1. I've been thinking the exact same thing. Any war will boost Obama's ratings as people "rally around the flag". Note that even Carter got a big boost initially from when the Iranians tooks those Americans hostage. If the election occurred right after they were taken, he might have won a second term.

  2. Heh. Any time there's something like an auto bailout, I think it would be interesting as all getout to require the transfer of all stock bought by the government to be transferred to the registered voters of the nation.

    Think about it. Would there be so many dead voters in Chicago if it meant that GM stock would be locked up in the afterlife?

  3. In shambles sums it up nicely. I have never understood the respect directed toward Hillary. She rode Bill's coattails. She is bereft of any hint of charisma. I find myself feeling sorry for our poor allies, and even some enemies, who must be subjected to lectures delivered in her wooden hectoring style. It was painful to watch when she gave the Russians that big reset button. Who at state, thought that cutesy cute shit was a good idea? The Russians! Barf. That said, it pissed me off watching courtesy afforded the American Secretary of State in Egypt. Hey keep it up diplomad- I really look forward to your commentary. More about Latin America please.

  4. Well I wouldn't be surprised if they did. This one is no Libya though, it could really turn very ugly (I know it's the ME how could it GET worse). Let's see, Syria, has WMD's, Assads will do anything to stay in power, is Irans' most important ally who musn't be lost at almost any cost. Russia going almost all in with overt military help for Syria, China looking for any easy pieces to pick up. Israel with the hardest decision to make, but historically not shy with military force.
    Oh well if they do it could really be a doozie, but I have (ahem) full confidence in our current leadership.

  5. I feel and think exactly as you do and thanks for putting words to the things I am too angry and outraged to say coherently. The weight of the lies is heavy and soul killing.

    VDHanson wrote about wagging the dog yesterday. So have a number of others – you are not alone.

    Of course the unsaid thing is: how many millions of Americans are so dumbed down, apathetic, amoral, programmed by pop culture & media... that they are perfectly satisfied and even elated with Obama's every move? None of us really knows the depth of the depravity. We are all holding our breath, waiting to learn our fate on November 6th. Welcome to Postmodernia, kids.

  6. Now that I think about it the surprise might be for our current leadership. Iran and war might come looking for them.

  7. I think the Administration is moving assets to the Gulf to prevent Israel from striking Iran before the US election.

  8. Yes hitting the Iranian regime might well help Comrade Barack - and yes Comrade Barack is slime.

    However, it might still be the right thing to do - to prevent the Iranian "hastener" regime nuking people.

    Sometimes the right things get done for the wrong reasons.