Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Snarky Comment: Kennedy's and Cars

I don't usually write stuff like this, but this time I can't resist.

I just read that Kerry Kennedy (ex-Cuomo) got busted for DUI, and leaving the scene of an accident. She denies being impaired while driving her luxury Lexus (note: an "outsourced" car made by non-UAW labor, uh, well, overseas, and the model preferred by "human rights activists" and those who favor a USG bailout of the American auto industry.)  So, of course, innocent until proven guilty . . . yeah, yeah, right, ask George Zimmerman about that.

Anyhow, I met Kerry Kennedy some years ago when I was the human rights officer in a troubled Central American country. She was absolutely insufferable. She arrived at the Embassy well over an hour late for a meeting she had requested. Throughout the meeting she was extraordinarily hostile, arrogant, and ignorant--i.e., the perfect liberal. She was accompanied by two or three other activists and aides, who truth be told, seemed embarrassed by her general nastiness. She was determined to show that the United States was responsible for the bad human rights situation in that Central American country. I remember that every time I would describe a human rights problem in country X, she would pounce like a novice attorney, "Ah, so you admit that . . . " My reply was always, "No, I acknowledge that . .  ." This drove her up a wall.

In the middle of my presentation, she stood up and said, "We have to go. I am late for my next meeting." I remember barking out, "Sit down and let me finish. You kept us waiting for over an hour, you can keep the other people waiting." She seemed startled, and sat down with a flushed and confused look that grew increasingly angry. One of her companions, a very nice Hungarian activist, could barely stifle his laughter; afterwards he pulled me aside and apologized for her behavior by saying in a low voice, "Well, you know, she's a Kennedy." I will always remember that.  It seems that the people on the roadways of New York must also keep that in mind.

I can't resist ending this without a simple observation and asking a simple question: A Kennedy, a car, and a highway . . . what possibly could go wrong?


  1. The most satisfying moments of a long-ago LEO career was sometimes telling it like it was to what everyone else considered to be untouchable celebrities. State Commissioners driving state vehicles on DUI? Yes! Sports megastars for speeding? Yes! World famous singing star demanding I not charge his buddy? No Way! Those days were golden.

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