Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, July 31, 2020

Merchants of Misery

The totalitarian left has launched another of its rampages.

The well-fed, pampered, and well-financed "woke ones" destroy once-great cities and seek to destroy Western Civilization. We witness them savaging, even killing, those who dare reject, however tepidly, the woke leftist narrative. We hear it in the over-the-top violent Marxist/Fascist rhetoric, more often than not spewing from the wild-eyed, unkempt, tattooed white harridans who dominate BLM and Antifa, and who do not shy away from physical violence--as long as men protect them. The prog-run cities of America and Europe have become disasters characterized by crowds of illegal immigrants, fleeing middle-class taxpayers, the filthy camps of "homeless" mentally ill, trash-strewn streets, boarded-up storefronts, rampant drug use, decrepit schools run by semi-literate morons, and, of course, ever-rising levels of property and violent crime. The loud voices of the Wokesters shout down opposition and try to make us all go along with the destruction.

The "authorities," such as they exist, have given up any pretext of running their cities in accord with the principles of law-and-order, and have joined the jackals. The mainstream media and big tech platforms, support them, serve as echo chambers for the leftists, and seek to silence any and all opposition.

This rampage of today does not constitute something new, well, except in its unashamed and open virulence and violence. For years and years, we have seen the left take over institutions, major and minor, gut them, and rebuild them into something quite different--think, for one, Boy Scouts. The universities, quite critically, have become a shadow of their former selves. Once great establishments of learning and preservation of Western culture, they now purvey dangerous, destructive nonsense. We have produced several generations of hostile illiterates. We see the results of this "dumbing down" not just on the streets, but in other institutions that recruit from universities: the schools, the police, the military, the intelligence services, the mass media, and, of course, the entertainment industry.

The leftists are merchants of misery. That's it. That's all they offer, misery. Anything that brings joy and pride they must sabotage, transform, and, ultimately, destroy. Confusion must rule. Even in things as harmless as sports, the Wokesters reach in and ruin them. We cannot watch a football game or a car race without getting regaled with "Black Lives Matter!" We have to watch millionaire players insult our flag and national anthem, and lecture us on "institutionalized racism" and "white privilege." Who wants to watch, much less pay for this trash? I predict that soon few will.

The Wokesters wage unceasing war on fun and joy. They wants us as unhappy and confused as they, alone, cut off from family, and seeking guidance from a government increasingly under control of those very Wokesters.

Resist. Resist. Resist.


  1. imo, it's a product of our massive divorce rates. When a person has no family institution behind them, they often will reach out for any institution available. Marxism and the "Ever Bigger Government That Will Never Leave You Like Your Parents Did" fits the bill.

    It's uncanny how closely my associates' political views coincide with a) the marital status of their parents (or now-deceased parents) and b) whether they have children.

    "from a broken home, no children" indicates a marxist with nearly perfect accuracy in my experience.

    "from an intact home, with their own children" is 'never much left of center, if at all'

    Western cultural liberalism pretty much invented high divorce rates. It's our 'own goal'.

    - reader #1482

  2. Once the needle goes in it never comes out.


  3. For all those, including me, who thought Brexit & Boris was the UK's new beginning, copy and paste this into your browsers and watch the video in the article.

  4. This would all be discouraging if I were 34 not 64. Hopefully i can ride out the fallout... altho I might need to be 84 to do that.

  5. Lewis, What you describe is what I see with my own eyes here in Portland. I have a photo from neighborhood in Portland called Irvington. It is a area of early 20th century stately homes. One of these homes has "Stop Trump" painted on the front in 3ft letters. If you Zillow the address that home is valued at 2 million. Oh, and this house used to have F Trump but I think the HOA couldn't let that go. The entire neighborhood is like a mandatory virtue signal. Every home has a BLM sign out, and there are no Black folk living in that area. Blacks even if they can afford the homes there would not want to be the token. If I go to the neighborhoods in Portland where there are black folks living. There is few if any of this BLM stuff around. They are not wearing BLM tee-shirts and trying to burn the courthouse every night like the petulant children of Irvington.

    1. In short, they are destroying their own neighborhood.

    2. It tells you that our current elites are worthless.

  6. The left will need to take casualties before they abandon the streets.