Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

So Much Prog Fakery . . .

We live in a time of The Great Falsehood, the Edification of the Fake. Everywhere one turns in America and throughout the West, one gets assailed by Fakery.

I "proudly" report that the USA has become the world's greatest manufacturer, consumer, AND exporter of genuine Fakery. A notable achievement. We have set the standard of Fakery for the rest of the world! While much of our Fakery appears meant solely or largely for domestic consumption, such global demand exists for high-quality Fakery that our product heads abroad where it is not only consumed but influences the development of the Fakery produced in foreign lands. Without doubt non-American readers must take a knee in awe to our ability to produce Fakery. We're number one! Bastille Day Fakery be damned!

Almost six years ago, I wrote about living awash in a sea of progressive lies (here). Since then, that sea has continued to rise. Those with at least moderate mental abilities do not, despite what the great George Orwell said, have to "struggle to see what's in front of one's nose." The problem today proves much worse: in our "cancel culture," one must struggle to state what one sees in front of one's nose. Accuracy and truth have become the enemies of the "progressive" system. That prog system's array of well-financed supporters do not want islands of truth to emerge from their sea of lies. Speak up about what's in front of your nose, and the woke "cancelers" will cut off your nose; they will get you fired, defamed, bullied, ridiculed, your property trashed, even have you and your family assaulted by a mob of cowards.

Every day we seem to find that today's Fakery makes yesterday's look minuscule and weak . . . well, that is, with one huge exception: Global warming, cooling, climate change disruption, whatever. That piece of Fakery, launched decades ago, remains a classic of Fakery, and stands on a podium of its own. The facts, the real science, do not support it, none of its dire predictions comes true, but yet, but yet, there it sits at the center of governmental and international organizations' policies and expenditures, mass movements, and hysterical outbursts throughout the world: the most holy of Fakes. Try, for example, being a university professor who offers research showing that global whatever is Fake . . . . see what happens to your research money, your job, your reputation. The science is settled! Only one opinion allowed! Global whatever remains the Gold Standard of Fakery.

As noted, this humble and inconsequential little blog has over the years featured examples of American-made Fakery. The American prog lies mentioned in the almost six-year-old posting, referenced above, alas, seem laughable compared to what progs produce today. Those "ancient" lies of a just over a lustrum ago would register hardly a blip on a modern Fake-O-Graph. The Great American Emporium of Fakery now proves so well stocked, that we have time to run our eyes only over a few of the products on display. Readers will find many more items than those catalogued here.

We endured years of the Russia collusion hoax, a Fake narrative which caused great damage to real people, and hurt our ability to conduct foreign policy. The proponents of that outrageous Fake never apologized, never admitted they had Faked it all along. They did not reflect on the harm done to people, key institutions, and our nation. No, they just moved on to . . . the Ukrainian hoax and the Fake impeachment! It wasn't Russia in Trump's corner, no, it was Ukraine! Those hoaxes, along with "Trump doesn't pay taxes," "hands up don't shoot," "nooses at NASCAR!," "nooses on campus," the Jussie Smollett "lynching," "the drugs go north, the guns go south," "a video by a Christian caused the Benghazi massacre," "remove the statues," all pale before the latest prog hoaxes: black lives matter and the Covid pandemic shutdown.

The progs prance, dance and screech about how much they care about black people. They Mau-Mau our feckless corporations and Hollywood "elite" into supporting the terrorist/criminal BLM movement, one run largely by white Marxists. The same "woke" multinational corporations, such as Nike, that use quasi-slave labor in China and elsewhere to make their products, fall all over themselves expressing support for Social Justice and BLM. Hollywood and the NBA, both deriving huge sums from China, fearfully bow to the totalitarian brutes running the PRC but loudly proclaim their brave commitment to Social Justice and BLM--Uighurs, child workers, and Hong Kong be damned!

Let's make it clear: the progs don't give a damn about black lives. For the progs, I repeat, black lives do not matter, at all. The progs condemn black kids to horrid, squalid schools run by overpaid, ignorant, and politically woke "teachers" and administrators. Corrupt, violent, prog-run cities slaughter black people by the dozen, nay, the score on a weekly basis, and yet vow to defund the police which provide the only hope for safety of those very black people. Prog-supported Planned Parenthood, founded by a rabid Nazi-like racist scum, runs an anti-black genocide machine in the guise of providing (Fake) "reproductive health services." Prog politicians and their Fake anti-poverty, pro-equality socio-economic policies and programs have devastated the black church, the black community, and the very structure of the black family; their "anti-racism" efforts have destroyed decades of effort to eliminate race as a factor in American life; the woke ones now even seek to reintroduce segregation into American schools and life.

The progs have done what neither slavery nor segregation could: they have kept millions of black people as a permanent underclass to be exploited by the prog urban political machines. The progs get to decide who is black and who is a Fake black; they decide what political views black people can and cannot hold; which black "leaders" will emerge and get media time. Behold, the new slavery.

American progs have managed to get goofy foreigners to proclaim the slogans of the BLM. Just yesterday, for example, I watched a soccer game transmitted from Europe; the head coach of one team, whitest man ever seen, ran about with a "Black Lives Matter" shirt. The idiot former Beatle drummer, Ringo, will hold some sort of a concert with money going to BLM. Jack-assery of the first order. Europe, once again, has become a racial battleground thanks to efforts to "fight" racism. Fakery triumphs!

I have written a great deal about the ChiCom virus, and won't repeat it. Let's just say there is a huge element of Fakery involved. Those of us skeptical from the start about the reaction to the ChiCom virus have proven correct. The "experts" and their models proved Fake. The mortality rate of this virus has continued to decline, as further testing reveals, to a rate equal to or LOWER than past flu epidemics. The media, purveyors of the Fake, cannot allow the truth to emerge. They bury it with inflammatory headlines about "spikes," new outbreaks. They deliberately merge data about "new" cases with old ones newly discovered thanks to ramped-up testing; they won't reveal how many NEW cases are, in fact, old ones from which the "victims" have long recovered, many not even knowing they had the virus.

The morgues are not filled with the dead; the hospitals are not overwhelmed. Fakery at work.

The word has gone out from the epicenters of prog Fakery to keep the ChiCom virus story front and center; to keep us in a state of fear and uncertainty; to keep us from questioning the "necessary" loss of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights. In other words, just another strategy by the progs to expand their power at the expense of ordinary people; another part of the strategy to throw the November 3 elections, e.g., vote from home because it's too dangerous to go to the polling booth, too dangerous to hold party conventions and debates, mustn't expose the Dems' Fake presidential candidate to any harsh truths . . . but it's perfectly fine to hold BLM rallies.

We see the political power play at work with the current furor over reopening the schools. The all-powerful teacher unions, whose members have continued to receive their salaries during the shut-down, want the schools to remain closed. Too dangerous, they cry.

Have you met the new generation of public school teachers? "Marxist morons" is too kind a description for many if not most of them. When I was a kid, teachers, overwhelmingly, were serious people, dedicated to genuine education, and lovers of Western civilization. Now? They are "wokidiots." I wouldn't let them near my kids.

The schools, truth be told, teach largely garbage in the USA and throughout the West; at best, they serve as elaborately funded baby-sitting and prog-indoctrination centers that make it possible for ordinary folk to go to work. Keep the schools closed, and you keep much of the economy shuttered. That's what they want. They want us all to proclaim the importance of the Fake schools. Don't fall into the trap; say what you see in front of your nose. Time to defund public education. Stop paying Fake teachers who won't and don't teach. Give people vouchers, we already paid for them with our taxes, and let us send our kids to whatever schools we want or make our own.

Speak up. Don't let the progs and their Fakery silence you.

Sorry. This has gotten too long. More later.


  1. I used to get almost as upset as you, Dip -- though never so eloquent! But then I realized that there is no point in getting upset. We have to look the facts straight in the face -- The Progs have Won! But they have won a Pyrrhic victory. They have sawed through the branch we all were sitting on, and they will crash to the earth along with their victims.

    No society can survive indefinitely running budget deficits and trade deficits. Gods of the Copybook Headings, etc. There is now no way to avoid a disastrous outcome. There is a lot of ruin in a nation, as Adam Smith noted, which makes it very difficult to predict when the disaster will hit. But the example of the Soviet Union shows that, once the structure starts to crumble, it can collapse very fast indeed.

    But the coming collapse will not be the end. Life will continue, even if it is nasty, brutish, and short for a while. Like the Israelites, we may have to spend 40 years (2 generations) in the wilderness, but eventually the evil of the Prog disaster will fade.

    Our task is to preserve the seeds of the future civilization which will grow out of the Prog disaster.

    1. If that is what you believe will happen, then I would say there would be a civil war. So many in the left have outed themselves expecting we are too moral to go after them since over the past few decades it has appeared that conservatives and the GOP have compromised their principles and would continue to do so. I remember Bill Ayers saying to the FBI undercover CI that when he took over the US 25,000,000 citizens could not be reeducated so they would have to be eliminated. If I have to pick a poison, so the speak, I will not sit in a cell waiting to be executed as ISIS did to people.
      I have already experienced that during an underwater collision in my sub in 1968 as I waited to die at my damage control station with the engine room believe to be flooding because we had a 30 degree up angle, which if true we could not survive, and I never, ever want to repeat that experience again. Better to die, if one has to, while Adrenalin is flowing, blocking all fear, as I have experienced too.

    2. 1968 as I waited to die at my damage control station...

      SAY What? ...not even one DC plug in your kit to stop the drip! ;

      Point well taken AMR, as 'we' ("whats that in your pocket sailor") were reminded regularly, during after action critiques, YOU have "7 seconds to plug the leak" (take action) before compartment flooding" -- we were all in the same boat, at test depth! That's the data point/info that the Leftist bastage Progettes, and their media Commissars don't want WE rank'n'file Americans to realize -- time is short, and getting shorter!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  2. "the terrorist/criminal BLM movement, one run largely by white Marxists"
    Well put.

  3. Dip: Is the TRUE? If so, you either need to move once again, or organize a COUP!!!



    1. The citizenry was not consulted.The city council decided on the policy.

    2. The city council didn't DECIDE shit, they DIKTATED (yes, low IQ's, it's a play on DICTATED).


  5. The point is, the very uncertainty of what's going on calls for caution among many organizations and institutions.

    Speaking as a teacher, we are expected to teach online, prepare lessons, hold office hours, note who shows up for zoom meetings, and pre-record. In most urban and suburban school districts, it would be impossible to uphold social distancing guidelines (my classroom, designed for twenty-plus high schoolers, regularly accommodates over thirty). Among people in my district, I know of a couple of deaths among staff and one student had to ask to extensions on work due to being too sick with COVID-19. I can earily foresee that a precipitous reopening of face-to-face teaching might generate crippling lawsuits against a struggling school system should students or staff come down with serious cases of the coronavirus.

    I agree that the doomsayers were wrong; but the Wuhan flu is still a killer among certain groups. The scientists are still trying to figure it out--and as a sworn opponent of the worship of science, I applaud being patient with the scientific community. I understand their findings are always at best tentative.

    1. School systems really have no crippling to fear... the government chooses to allow lawsuits to go forward against itself... or not. If the state government disqualifies lawsuits against school districts over covid, that is final-status. There's no scotus since the beginning of the country that would contemplate overruling that.
      But... covid19 is dangerous for those of us who are 40-65yrs of age. By comparison-to-the-flu, for 75+ yr olds, covid19 is something along the lines of "10 flus" in mortality risk. For 40-65 yrs of age, it's somewhat "over 30 flus" in mortality risk. That's the stinker of the wuhan coronavirus, not the absolute mortality rates, but that it *comparatively* targets the 40-65yo range. That age range incorporates a lot of our country's leadership. Yes, sometimes I'm prone to calling that a 'win-win' in this political environment, but only in my cynical moments. :)
      Be careful... don't get it... I don't need to be outlawed to do that.

      - reader #1482

    2. Dear 1482--I happen to be a geezer who's still on the job for as long as I can be useful; and there are others in my shoes.

    3. If you're teaching in a public school system, you are truly a valiant and tolerant warrior to be surrounded by the inane claptrap of today!

    4. Nice to see you back kickin tires Numero 1482!
      "...sometimes I'm prone to calling that a 'win-win' in this political environment, but only in my cynical moments. :)"

      Prone aye aye, don't forget your nose & ear plugs!
      Echo Anon's Kudo to you 2 dedicated Instructors...
      hOWlin at the Moon~~~

    5. Kepha, the teachers in my school district start out, right out of college, at $45K a year. That's for a 9 month school year with one week off for "Spring" break (Easter has to be ignored, you know) and two weeks off for Christmas. That's over $5,000 a month for what is 8 1/2 months work.

      Sorry, but if those teachers don't want to return to school in the fall, they need to find another job. No employer would allow you to stay home due to fear of the Kung Flu and still pay you if they were open for business. You would be quickly replaced.

      School, at least in my area, can be opened safely. There is talk of doing two sessions a day reducing student presence by 50%. From 25 students to 12-13. The buses would run more but so what, we're paying for them via our taxes anyway. (Texas property taxes funding schools is the one of the highest in the nation). Class rooms can be sprayed down the same way my friend who owns a cafe sprays down her place every night after she closes. Kids are not really carriers and pose no threat to any teacher under the age of 50.

      There is risk with any job. Just ask anyone who is a roofer, or a telephone repair man who has to climb a pole they can fall off of, or a doctor who works the ER. No job is risk free.

  6. I see five anonymous State Department officials are attacking Sec Pompeo for attacking the 1619 Project, saying the Pompeo is harming US interests abroad. Assuming the five officials actually exist outside of a journalist's imagination.

    1. "...five anonymous State Department officials are attacking..."

      Still some residual foggy bottom muck-sucker infection that needs attention -- Recommence Pump-out, Flush & Chemical treatments, send carcass remnants back to ChiCom China, marked as Spoiled Produce!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. The way everything seems to be Fake these days, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that these are invented characters. I would guess, however, that they are real. The State Department is full of Trump haters and those who detest Pompeo who works quite efficiently without much need of the huge bureaucracy, and is loyal to President Trump and not to the Swamp Creatures.

    3. From my own short and inglorious diplomatic career, I'll agree that State is full of swamp creatures--indeed, many of its minions may well be the epitome of the swamp creature.

      However, I'll credit them with the ability of learn. I was in long enough to see a few come in full of enthusiasm for third world revolutions, and after a tour in China, they become bigger anti-Communists than I ever was.

  7. Dip,

    This was one of your best.

    1. Having spent some years lurking in the archives hereabouts,
      I believe it's close '05! Just wondering tho,
      if he outlined before commencing fire with his dual
      thumb-driven QWERTY SMARTer than apples cellular comm device--
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  8. So very well said, Diplomad!

    I too believe that this Covid panic is mostly media-driven fearmongering, enhanced with lies from the Chinese-owned W.H.O. and our very own Chinese-owned C.D.C. and the liars Fauci & Birx.

    They're in with the Globalists, and Bill Gates is waiting in the wings to vaccinate everyone; he looks much like the Grim Reaper to me, and that's his reputation in Africa for the thousands of killed & maimed he left behind him there.

    Few of us realize that the recovery rate for this "deadly" virus is around 99.7%, and that those most at risk are the very elderly and those with co-morbidities; children hardly at all, and most people that test positive for this virus have such a mild case that they don't even know they had it.

    None of that information is going to be mentioned at all by our infuriatingly fake media, who have made their bargain with Satan, but we shouldn't lose sight of the truth: this is an artificial panic, and it'll miraculously end on Nov. 4th!

  9. In Re: So Much Prog Fakery

    (Alternate Working Title - Suttee of and by the Progs)


    Fellow six or seven - perhaps nine by now - regular readers of Diplomad, you know it's getting ludicrous when Progs reach the point of destructing monuments/tributes to John Muir.


    1. Ach aye, true dat JK!
      Thee ole Scot should ne ever
      taken on the walk ta Flor~ida:

      African Americans

      "In A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf, Muir stereotyped African Americans as "well trained" but "making a great deal of noise and doing little work. One energetic white man, working with a will, would easily pick as much cotton as half a dozen Sambos and Sallies." Describing the sight of two African Americans at a campfire, he wrote, "I could see their ivory gleaming from the great lips, and their smooth cheeks flashing off light as if made of glass. Seen anywhere but in the South, the glossy pair would have been taken for twin devils, but here it was only a Negro and his wife at their supper."[61]

      In 2020, in light of the movement to remove Confederate monuments across the country, the Sierra Club acknowledged the racism of Muir's writings and announced that it would shift towards investing in racial justice work and determine which of its monuments need to be renamed or removed.[62] On July 22, 2020, the Sierra Club wrote:

      Muir was not immune to the racism peddled by many in the early conservation movement. He made derogatory comments about Black people and Indigenous peoples that drew on deeply harmful racist stereotypes, though his views evolved later in his life. As the most iconic figure in Sierra Club history, Muir’s words and actions carry an especially heavy weight. They continue to hurt and alienate Indigenous people and people of color who come into contact with the Sierra Club. [63] Wiki excerpt

      G'on awoe wit ya now,
      N'more to learn, from
      Muir's affair with Mother Nature!

      'sides the Sierra Club has long been ripe
      for burial on the dying embers of the Leftist heap~~~
      Down the hatch~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  10. The Left is losing.

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