Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

At a Pence Rally & the Horrific Corruption of Joe Biden


The Diplowife convinced me to do it, to go to a political rally. I have been to dozens of political rallies while overseas, in places such as Spain, Guyana, Pakistan, India, Guatemala, Bolivia, Panama, Sri Lanka, Indonesia. I had never been to one in the USA. The Diplowife read that VP Pence was coming to little ol' Wilmington, and insisted that we register for it and go. So yesterday afternoon, we climbed into the ever-faithful Jeep Wrangler, put on our long-hidden red "Trump 2020" baseball caps, and headed for the rally's venue at Wilmington's small but very pretty airport. We were joined by a couple thousand very enthusiastic and good-natured Trumpers; quite ethnically diverse, by the way, giving the lie to much of the Dem narrative that Trumpers are white racist "chumps." Security was tight. Lots of very large police, sheriff's deputies, and uniformed Secret Service. I noticed sniper teams located on top of trailers. There was good rapport between the cops and the crowd, many of whom wore "Back the Blue" pins. 

We arrived early and got seats close to the front; then we waited nearly three hours for the VP.  During those hours, we were "entertained" by extremely loud music blaring from giant speakers just a few feet away from where we sat. I don't like loud music, never have, and thought the selection kinda strange: patriotic country themed songs (good), some Chuck Berry (always welcome), and then some weirdness from Elton John and other odd-balls--I wonder if the people picking the music actually listened to the words of some of the songs. Oh well. Just an old guy complaining. As the VP's arrival grew imminent, we were led by a retired Navy Captain in the "Pledge of Allegiance"--the version with God included--and then a young lady sang a touching a cappella rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner"--gets me every time. We also heard from our local Congressman, an impressive fellow by the name of David Rouzer, and Senator Thom Tillis, who is in a tough re-election campaign against the ethically-challenged Cal Cunningham.

The arrival of Air Force 2 was greeted by a thunderous reception from the crowd, which had grown in size and noisiness. Look, I had never paid much attention to Pence, BUT, since his debate performance against the execrable Kamala Harris, I had begun to focus more on him. Although this was his third rally of the day, he ran, yes, ran, from the plane and jumped up on the stage. The guy's obviously in good shape. He is, in fact, also a very good speaker. He had a sense of humor, knew how to tailor his remarks to the local audience, and gave a very solid and uplifting defense of the Trump/Pence four years. He savaged the radical Dems, and got the crowd to its feet, and wildly cheering on several occasions. Cynical, old guy me was impressed. Pence would make a very good President. He spoke for about an hour and then dashed back to his waiting plane. The audience was pleased. More important, the Diplowife, too, was pleased; as we left the rally, she kept muttering "Trump has got to win."

We retrieved our Jeep from the muddy field where we had parked, and slowly inched our way out to the streets of Wilmington, and home to our waiting and by now quite hungry dogs. A successful venture into American politics. 

Joe's Corruption

We got home just in time to flip on the Tucker Carlson interview of Tony Bobulinski, the Biden family's old business partner. 

You have to watch it. See it before the media-industrial complex has the interview taken down. 

It is clear from the interview that Joe Biden, while Vice President of the United States, was DIRECTLY involved in the shady deals being made by his drug-addled, pedo son, Hunter. 

Mr. Bobulinski, a former Naval officer, called out the media and the Dems, especially the horrid little liar Adam Schiff, for trying to dismiss the scandal of Biden's corruption as just another "Russian disinformation" plot. He's got the goods on the Bidens: documents galore, and even a tape of Biden's representative trying to talk Bobulinski out of going public, "You're going to bury all of us." 

Bobulinski, for example, gave the exact date and place, Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, where he met Joe Biden for the first time to discuss how the business with the Chinese would proceed. He made clear that Joe Biden was "the Big Guy" and the "Chairman" mentioned in some of Hunter's emails and texts. He challenged the Bidens to deny the meeting took place and to state openly that it's all a hoax. I was just saddened and appalled that we had such corruption at the top-most levels of our government. 

Watch the interview. Watch how the mainstream media is still trying to dismiss the growing pile of verified and easily verifiable evidence of Biden's massive corruption.


  1. Like you, I have been increasingly impressed with VP Pence this year, from his succinct and clear presentations at the COVID task force briefings, to his demolishment of Harris at the VP debate. I would support him for President in 2024, perhaps with VP nominee Krisi Noem? Have not seen him in person, but great to get an eyewitness report. I continue to be convinced that the with massive crowds Trump gets and the substantial crowds that Pence and other campaign headliners are drawing are a very positive indication for the final election results. This time the enthusiasm gap has become an enthusiasm chasm in favor of Trump, IMO.

    1. I agree. I think the South Dakota Gov is a rising star: she's very smart and has lots of political courage.

  2. We have all known for Goodness Knows how long that many poor men have entered Congress -- and left as multi-millionaires. We also know that Congressional salaries are inflated -- but not that inflated.

    Yet We The People have done nothing about the obvious implication that Congresscritters get access to special "investment" opportunities. And it is only natural to suspect that those "investment" opportunities came with strings.

    There is no excuse for Biden's corruption, but We The People have not been exercising our responsibilities when we have allowed this to happen.

    1. I think that every one of the congress critters is a little bit corrupt, whether they realize it or not. But there are small potatoes and then there is Joe Biden getting rich off of taking massive bribes from China.

    2. "...every one of the congress critters is a little bit corrupt."

      Maybe so Doc, in the biblical sense -- let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Methinx "corruption" tho, just may be a bridge too far for some, if not most Patriotic types! Especially Military types and other Leaders, raised with a strong moral code. That 'line in the sand' is quite clear, it is the distinct division between 'Honor~~and~~Dishonor'. While we can't see through all masks, we know mankind is falable, and at times tempted and week, but 911 showed us all what most of our Honorable Leaders & Heroes are made of!

      I salute our leaders honesty, courage, and bravery, to do what is right and proper, even while under duress. Thankful too that we have such Men and Women to take on these sometimes terrible jobs, and try to do their best... yes it can be Lonely at the Top, but I'm always amazed at how many good guys there are, when the going gets tough~~~ over n out ~~~```
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  3. The statement is credited probably incorrectly to Harry Truman, but is true non the less.
    "If you get rich while in public service you are a crook".

  4. The crowds that the the President pulls in, and even several thousand for the V.P. says something. Trump has to win by double digits, and take the popular vote by double digits to actually overcome the vote fraud that will come in the days following the election. You can only fit so many ballots in the democrat trunk load of missing ballots that always seems to turn up and flip close elections to the Dems.

  5. Trump 2020; Pence 2024 and 2028! The prospect of a Kamala Harris Presidency (I don't see Biden lasting) appalls me.

  6. Concur K,
    The Democrat component is appalling!
    The GOP side l@@ks like a DAMN GOOD PLAN!
    Sign Me UP, for the duration~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Lets Roll"

  7. So Biden was following in Hillary's footsteps...except Hillary was smart enough to destroy everything while a supportive DOJ was winking and nodding.
    So if both the number 2 AND number 3 in an Administration were that corrupt, its a good bet that The One was also raking in his share of cash.

  8. You have to watch it. See it before the media-industrial complex has the interview taken down.

    Nothing like the invigorating smell of paranoia in the morning.

    Honestly, if y'all wanted us to take the whatever he's got to say about Biden seriously, perhaps you shouldn't have been blowing by Trump much worse corruptions over the years. Specks and planks.

    1. OB, Give it up. You're always wrong. Bobolinski has some serious stuff, verified and verifiable, about rampant corruption by Biden while Joe was VP. Joe won't deal with it. The mass media wants to bury it. Can you deal with it? Do you have the intellectual honesty to do so? Nothing like that has come up about Trump, except the fake Russia collusion story which you so eagerly pushed.
      Deflect, spin, deflect, spin and ignore. That's all you guys have

    2. Well said! There is no evidence of any corruption in the part of Mr. Trump.

    3. Diplomad,

      Well that's what Tucker Carlson said. He wouldn't lie, right?

      Unfortunately, in some sort of terrible happenstance, while over-night shipping the original document via some unnamed company from New York to Los Angeles, it seems the documents disappeared from the envelope. How terrible. All that proof, gone in a puff of smoke, as if they never existed.

      Well, maybe next time!

    4. One B, Once again you are wrong and/or find it impossible to tell the truth. Carlson said the docs had disappeared but that Fox had copies. These docs WERE not from Bobulinski but from another source. The docs, by the way, have been found. You should be ashamed of your dishonesty.

    5. Well, there you go. They were found. No doubt to be paraded publically any day now. No hurry, it's only 4 days until the election. Documents so damaging, they couldn't even release the contents of the copies. Sure, no problem.

      Is there anything you won't believe, as long as it supports your minority rule?

    Well said! There is no evidence of any corruption in the part of Mr. Trump.

    At least you have a great sense of humor on the issue.

  10. Ups just found the documents...

    Stranger and stranger.