Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Can't Hide Your Lyin' Biden Eyes . . .

This humble and inconsequential blog has discussed many times the corruption of the Biden family. Joe and clan have gotten wealthy from Joe's 47 years in "public service." Paterfamilias Joe long has been in the pocket of Delaware's LLC racket, and the many credit card and other financial institutions that characterize that odd little state. 

Joe, let's be blunt, is a crook; an old-style Democrat Party hack, who will say and do anything needed to keep the cash flow coming. He believes in nothing except power and money for the Bidens. Joe is a plagiarist, a well-known fabulist, borderline pedo, possible rapist, and a nasty bully . . . oh . . . and, maybe I forgot to mention, he's a crook . . .  Did I mention he's a crook? 

Before I forget, he, to use the scientific term, proves increasingly gaga, suffering some form of mental incapacity, aka Sundowner's syndrome, which becomes ever more obvious as time passes. I was looking at some video of Joe Biden from 2018, and the visible decline from then is nothing short of stunning. 

OK. Nothing new there, or . . . ? 

It now seems that the NY POST--and its trusty band of Aussie journalists--have gotten hold of thousands of Hunter Biden's emails and photos from a laptop that seem to show Joe clearly helped his ne'er-do-well, drug-addled son Hunter in his lucrative foreign dealings with the corrupt Ukranain Burisma energy company. Most of us already knew that, but confirmation is always good. 

Yes, the mainstream media is trying either to ignore the story, censor it, or label it "debunked." This from the same clowns who spent years pushing the patently fake Russia-collusion hoax to bring down an elected president with an effort based on lies and illegality to carry out their coup. Now, I know some "journalists," those who even bother to mention the story, question the emails. Fine. Do that. Look into the provenance of the material, but discuss it, let the people know what you find; present both sides. Too much to ask? The fact that Twitter and Facebook, and the main news organization have ignored the story, and even have tried to suppress it by blocking Twitter and Facebook accounts, is a scandal of the maximum degree, and, irony alert, lends credence to the story. BTW, if the NYP is to be believed they have more info coming re the Bidens and their dealings with Ukraine and China.

Let's see if in the scheduled "Town Hall" Biden holds tonight any questions are allowed about the old Veep's involvement in supporting Hunter's doings in Ukraine and China. 

If there are, Joe better have an answer other than "C'mon Man!"


  1. The media will shield Biden as much as possible on this right up to election. This may free him from the pesky "packing the court" question. It's good to be a member of the Supreme Soviet. Uncle Joe is the Globalist's revenge.

  2. Hunter Biden is likely the most incompetent graft bagman on the planet. What kind of idiot drops a computer off, loaded with not only incriminating evidence of graft, but also with selfie-porn, and even worse blow off paying for the repair, and allowed the computer to be seized for non-payment.

    1. Well, he IS a chip off the 'ol block, so to speak...

    2. Hunter has not yet been accused of being smart.

  3. "Let's see if in the Town Hall schedule for tonight any questions are allowed..."

    Nice to see you haven't lost your sense of humor. That one gave me a good belly laugh.

  4. The amount of attention being paid by CNN, et al tells you all you need to know about the press.

  5. What happens if the media-democrat axis takes this up? Having headline spotlights focused 'off Trump' will result in Trump having to do something to refocus the lights on him.
    Lefties typically assume the more Trump speaks, the more he gets himself into trouble. That hasn't been the case since Trump entered politics, but it's a familiar mantra.

    So maybe the media will embrace the scandal... it won't likely hurt Biden... and it's not clear whether it will help Trump.

    - reader #1482

  6. Watching POTUS on Town Hall via youtube:
    The Bimbo Hosting has a voice the size of a Circus Barker + she's over miked!

    Trump, is undermiked, let's see how it goes...
    So far so good... now taking on Obamacare and costs!
    Comes noisy Savana bla bla... she keeps cuting him off BIG MOUTH

    Now on stimulus... key word NEGOTIATING~~~ on to corp. taxes...IRS...

    BIG MOUTH 'RELEASE TAXES'...and NO I don't owe money to sinister types...ever heard of the term, UNDERLEVERAGED? Thats him says the Donald!

    Taking a Break... He's holding his own in enemy territory~~~
    Coming Back Now...

    I'm Signing off,
    On Watch~~~

  7. Like Batting Practice~~~```
    he knocked everything outta the Park!
    a daughter of immagrints, a REP, loves his smile,
    gets straightend out on immigration Nowadays```~~~
    and BIG MOUTH GETS A LECTURE, reminds her of COVID
    affects/considerations on foreign imports during PANDEMICS!

    Great Performance by the Chief!
    Relaxed and strong follow-thru, snapped his wrists,
    and his message was delivered,DEEP into Right Center Field
    back back back over the WALL~~~ TrUMP runs the bases backwards
    and spits out a wad o'chew~~~
    Great Game!
    Who's on 1st~~~

  8. This caught my eye from the Bleachers
    when I least expected it...
    What a memory for those kids!
    On Watch~~~

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  10. I think the Streisand Effect is starting to take hold on this "Non story".