Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, October 16, 2020

At the Voting Booth & Censorship

I oppose the enormous expansion in early voting that has taken place in recent elections. That stated, however, if you offer it, I will take advantage. In that spirit, the Diplowife and I went yesterday afternoon to vote in Wilmington--the good one in North Carolina, not the home of the Biden bunker in Delaware. We stood in line, socially distant, masks on like good little servants of the state, for about 45 minutes. We had with us a good-natured crowd. I find surprising that local law allows campaigning so close to the polling station: lots of signs, banners, and activists for local, state, and national candidates within close proximity. No problems, however, and we all voted without incident.  

Need I say it? Nah, but I will. I voted straight Republican; any spot where only a Dem candidate stood, I left blank. Republicans have to get their act together at the local level; a surprising number of key jobs had no Republican candidate. 

That evening, visiting Diploson 2, Diplowife, Diplodaughter-in-law, and I watched on two TVs the pathetic and competing "Town Halls" that ran on ABC (Biden) and NBC (Trump). I also live texted with my sister in Texas who flipped channels between the two. Diploson, et al, could not stand either of them; I joined in that sentiment. 

The Biden "town hall," of course, wasn't one at all. ABC held it in what looked like a set from the creepy Twilight Zone "The Obsolete Man" episode: dark, foreboding, dimly-lit, with carefully selected questioners staring down from on high into the pit where sat a fumbling Joe Biden and a fawning "moderator," George Stephanopoulos, a life-long Democrat operative. All save one of the questions were absurd. The only decent challenge came from a young black man who asked Biden about his "you ain't black" comment. Biden gave an incomprehensible answer which left the questioner unsatisfied. At another point, Biden had to pull out a cheat sheet from his pocket so that he could read it and still ramble incoherently about how raising taxes would not really raise taxes but that raising them would create jobs . . . yeah, yeah, yeah . . . for tax collectors, maybe. A totally fake black "Republican" woman asked a convoluted question, which somebody clearly had written for her--she didn't seem to know what she was reading--about pollution and poisoned water in a part of Pennsylvania. Biden gave a weird non-answer about how he's not against fracking but only in accord with the law--as though that's not the case now, eh, Joe? Then he launched into something goofy about giving 120,000 workers in the gas/oil industry "jobs" capping old wells in Pennsylvania . . . yeah, that's a career path. Nonsense. The whole shtick with the mother of a "transgender" eight-year-old went beyond insane: child protective services needed calling.

 Just in case you wondered, NOT ONE QUESTION came re the Hunter Biden emails and the ongoing censorship of that story by Twitter and Facebook. Not one: not from the audience; not from GS. Who could have predicted that?

The NBC "Town Hall" also proved infuriating. A lively and energized Trump sat champing at the bit ready to go; the moderator, a Democrat operative from NBC, however, took it upon herself to debate and interrupt the President repeatedly. She hogged so much air time that only a few questions came from the audience. She went on about Trump taxes, "white supremacy," mask wearing, peaceful transfer of power . . . the usual BS we have come to expect from the Rad Dems. God forbid, of course, she never mentioned the Biden corruption story, a story her network has almost entirely ignored. At least the well-lit Miami setting looked far superior to the drab Biden meet, with an audience present and visible. The sound was horrible. Trump handled it well; I continue to admire his willingness to go into what he knows will prove hostile and rigged settings. The man in the arena . . . to cite Teddy Roosevelt.

I didn't get the point of these events. 

If they could be held, why couldn't the originally scheduled debate between Trump and Biden take place? Nobody seemed to be in mortal danger. The corrupt liberal moderators would have been there, too. 


  1. Trump should go on the Joe Rogan show. Just to show he can.

  2. Watched a little of both,hard to take shrieking Guthrie or slobbering Stuffy. Would be nice for once to have a real moderator not a Leftist operator.

    1. Stephanopoulos looks a little like Mehmet Oz's shorter cousin, no?

  3. "That evening visiting Diploson 2, Diplowife, Diplodaughter-in-law, and I watched on two TVs "...

    Harump, dat sure sound like white privilidges to boph my two long ears!! Cuz I got me a DiploMama too, so's I dont hafta listem to no crackas quackin, okay okay just practicin my dialect, case I gotta wear blackface, to get outa town... Anyolways, dug the blow by blow boss, from Mister DOnolds side...apeers he da only one tellin sometrut story! okay hear come my ride, gotta get outta town by sundown, or ill hafta ddeel wit da man or worser, Ms Camelas boyz.
    Jest passin thru ossifer```
    P.S. Hay, how dat granKid Diploman?!
    Roll"in down the line~~~

  4. It is truly ASTOUNDING that half the country can be as OBTUSE as we are seeing.

    HOW, on God's green earth, can this be happening?

    My sleep sucks lately. I use my awake time to pray(INTENSELY).

    I have been praying that our God will wake folks up, to expose the malevolence of the deep state, to draw this land back to HIMSELF! I MISS the country I grew up in. I SO want my grand kids to experience that!


    1. I'm praying the same, too. I am also praying for peace in the Taiwan Strait and Korean Peninsula. Add to that, I'm praying that God would truly awaken the younger generations about how their educations have too often been in falsehoods.

    2. It's not even this generation. It's the result of a generation filled with rootless kids who aren't rootless because they're soft or wimpy, but because they're all effective-orphans who have been told their whole lives that they are *not* worth their parents sorting out their differences such that they can keep a family together.
      Yup... divorce... God hates it, America *LOVES* it. "The 60's" came to fruition with none of than Ronald Reagan at the helm of the dissemination of 'no-fault'... an acknowledgement of the loss of the culture war to the forces of nihilism.

      When there's no family, kids are easy prey for bad ideas and dependency upon institutions. What else can they rely upon?

      I would bet the statistics are extremely lopsided on people from divorced families who vote for Biden.

      - reader #1482

    3. ..."no family or [broken family] kids, are easy prey...What else can they rely upon?

      Saying a Prayer, Scott, Kepha, #1482, before I share, amen~~~

      WELFARE, IT'S WHAT GOT THEM THERE: Flashback, to my Veterans Counselor days, it's hard to believe, I know, but back then I was a rapport builder, which, went a very long way toward gaining the confidence of my "clients", in actuality those 'brothers in arms', were more like patients, bad actors, and/or basket cases... regardless of their % of disability award, below 100% disabled

      Don't mean to confuse anyone, but the game for many clients, was just to get something extra for their military inconvenience. Yes their were many heroic Vets, injured in body and mind, most now dead... but there were also, many more schemers, working overtime to keep their AWARD percentages UP.

      To a man they were likable, creative, and talkative, at least to me, they were. My personal, if not professional power, stemed from the fact that they had to go through my office to get their "ticket punched". In some ways they were very smart guys, knew how to size up the situ, and react accordingly. Most, clients, found my weakness quickly, I didn't have to waste much time getting them the program and admin help they needed, and sometimes wanted.

      Fairly early on, a big ol boy, an Army grunt, draftee with a jacket history of failure to adapt, who popped in to say hi! Real friendly type and a smile you'd swear was sincere, at least until he started opening his can of worms. Yes he was damaged goods, from a broken family and broken culture, and a bad 'hood... He was a black young man 20 something, and he wanted to share enough honesty with me to earn a small "Welfare Check" for life, he said he earned it, in some ways he did, I suppose, but first we had to plow through some of his "issues".

      Back then, if you wanted to get anywhere fast, you let the patient SMOKE! It was more than a crutch, without going into the details of what else it provided to the VET the Counselor and their dyad~~~ Did I mention he was Black? Well, it wasn't long before that came up, maybe only a pack or 2 of smokes, because the Kid (25+or-) said he needed to share a part of his life as a Black guy w/me. So, we each poured a cup of 'black n'bitter', I put the ashtray on my desk, and broke out my zippo w/ the Dolphins on it, he fired up and I kicked back...Not long till his BIG grin shows up, says bet you didn't know I'm a Daddy (it wasn't in his jacket) I congratulated him, his smile goes away, says thanks, but that was my 1st kid 10 years ago, I have 10 kids now! Wow, you've been busy says I, he busted out laughing... "and you know, I'm gonna have 100 kids before I die","An Empire" he says! You're puttin me on! "NO! Really", "I mean it"! "Most all the guys I know do it, making babies, than we get a new girfriend and do it again", I don't have to do nothin, welfare takes care of it. He studies my face, I manage a sneaky grin and gulp, pretty cool, do you visit, he broke out laughing again, sometimes, if she still looks good... Long story short, I didn't sign-off on his 30% percent,
      But I did learn how his culture was evening the score, EMPIRE, who'd've thunk it back then? Not Me! Bless'em all anyway, 'the long the short and the tall' etc! Reparations! Fugget aboudit!
      On Watch~~~
      I miss our country too Scott
      For you buddy:

  5. One has to wonder if the massive push for early voting this election has been because they wanted enough people to vote for Biden early before too much info came out. Those people might not have switched their votes to Trump, but they might have not voted at all if they had known what we are finding out now.

    1. "One has to wonder..."

      Probably Gryff...this "One" does,
      I wouldn't put any nefarious scheme beyond them!
      Was good to see Trump raise awareness on the issue of ballot box stuffing via mail, and other early voting scams. For me, I'm l@^@king for a full and honest count from our Military Voters. Hope and expect our Patriots will offset the Biden Bilge Rats, or other Democrat rodent species, including the 'Rats over at the SEIU etc etc, or hiding out in Grandma's basement or attic. Watch out for their droppings...Seems, they're crpping everywhere lately!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"
      Altogether Now

  6. Dip axed:
    "I didn't get the point of these events..."

    Seems to me the Main Point was that the 'Rats didn't want a replay of 'Plugs' being skewered & BBQ'd by the POTUS in prime time, AGAIN!
    2nd point, they expected to score some cheap points(LIES) while the Donald was indisposed- SURPRIZE! Lastly, The main POINT for the POTUS was NO SURRENDER of his MIKE to his PROg Enemies in the wings or the Global carpetbaggers wherever! Nor did he want his TRADEMARK image displayed, or distorted through a plexiglass cage! Hence his withdrawl from that CommieCRAT PRIMEtime AMBUSH-- and quickshift to the'HighGround available! Flapsdown Landing at his former network, NBC! I'd wager he got his former office, production assistants, and make-up Artist too! Twas, Staged perfectly, and he looked 'damn good' for a 74 year old, 3 days<< after the Chinese Virus! CHECK_CHECKMATE! He even l@@ked good when MS loudmouth tried to provoke! He only had to warn her once, and remind the Bimbo, they were on the same script! Reminded me of ALI, dancing in the Ring between rounds! Obviously the Latino and Black Fans liked his footwork and his quips too...Of course we deplorables were rolling in the aisles!

    "If they could be held...why not,...the original...sched...debate?

    THE OrangaMAGAman was buffnup after the CV-19 Cocktail Party at Walter Reeds place, and a few rounds of Golf too, I suspect!

    "Nobody seemed to be in mortal danger."

    Oh, but sleepy Joe was, and remains in "Mortal Danger", and his handlers know it! No last minute candidate DROP OUT like Hillary!
    You and your Kid wanna stay outta Jail 'Plugs' you better go the distance-OR ELSE, a premature Blowout!

    "The corrupt liberal moderators would have been there, too."

    And they were, at both venues, Difference was, they were obviously, 'to the most casual observer' stacking the deck for "Plugs in Pennsylvania", but failed miserably to trip-up DJT in Miami~~~ I'd wager he was signing autographs to the wee hours!

    With reference to the Early VOTE opportunity, the missus informs me that we should GO to our usual Polling Place on Monday, and weed through 2 pages of ammendments before we go! I couldn't get her to budge when Donald sent me 2 specially engraved Absentee Ballots! Now when it looks like it'll take 4 hours to get in the door, if not the night before, She's ready, Sheesh! I told her, I'll look for my Harpoon and my dirty Red bandana, if I find them we'll go early, if not, NOT! Thataway, she'll start looking through the dirty laundry and ican sharpen-up my walking stick, disguised as a cane!
    Best to all~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Lets' Roll"
    Me n' Bobby McGee:

  7. And of course we find out (after the fact) that one of the "questioners" for Biden was the wife if a DNC wheel in Pennsy...and another one was a speechwriter in the Obama-Biden Administration. The DNC isn't even trying to be sly about it anymore.
    Anything to get OrangeManBad even if it means allowing a person suffering dementia the keys to the nuclear arsenal.
    Unfortunately, it looks like Biden just may be the most sane person in the DNC establishment.

  8. ...even if it means allowing a person suffering dementia the keys to the nuclear arsenal.KJ

    OMG... I forgot about the FOOTBALL!
    'Plugs'd likely fumble the handoff,
    ruminating about "what did Della wear",
    there goes his neighborhood, unless,
    he has a brainfart, and New Jersey
    gets it -- not looking to good for
    Penscilvania or Scranton either~~~

    Hunter B.- Pilot in Command,
    enters the Biden twilight ZONE

  9. In Other NEWS:
    Doc Fauci was found upside down on the Ropes~~~
    A meme making the rounds has this to say:

    ...Covid-19. 2020 will always be remembered as the year in which Denmark was struck by a deadly pandemic, which … >>>lowered the death toll<<< to the lowest in the past six years. How ludicrous is that? Covid-19 is so "deadly" that undertakers are requesting compensation for the missing death toll. Welcome to Circus Corona…

    SAY WHAT!?

    1 comment:
    Anonymous said...
    Danes are Vikings.
    Imagine you’re a round, fat-covered virus and you want victims. Pick your odds: Take on fat Americans, or battle pagan warriors who know they’ll either slay you in battle or die and reach Valhalla?
    This is also proof it’s an artificial, Chinese-made virus. It’s smart and does math without a calculator.
    That's What the Donald's been up to!
    On Watch
    };+] Hat Tip Skoal!