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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

When a bomb explodes in the forest . . . Scandals and Stories ignored

Just a quick Wednesday morning post about a couple or three things that I find quite troubling. 

We see the beginning of a torrent of declassified material (which should never have been classified) showing conclusively that the Putin-Trump collusion hoax was cooked up and paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016. The Director of the CIA at the time, the execrable John Brennan (may there be prison in his future), briefed the President of the United States at the time, the execrable Barack Obama (same wish for him), that the Hillary campaign was doing this to deflect from the growing email scandal that was threatening her bid for the Presidency. The Russians were aware, according to Brennan, that Hillary was doing this. The CIA automatically had referred the info to the FBI. Obama, therefore, knew it was a hoax; he and Biden not only remained silent, but went along with the fake probe into Trump-Putin collusion, and allowed the FBI to use the FISA to smear and destroy the lives of private American citizens and the power of the NSC and NSA to monitor and "unmask" the conversations of private Americans. The head of the FBI, the liar Jim Comey, also went along with all this, and ignored the intel on Hillary and, instead, "investigated" Trump! Obama and Biden knew all this and, it seems, Biden even suggested going after General Flynn with the Logan Act. Adam Schiff, head of the House Intel Committee, had this information and refused to share it with the Republicans. Robert Mueller had this information, too, but went ahead for nearly three years with a fake investigation. 

As anybody with any degree of intelligence knew from the start, it, therefore, was Hillary's campaign that hired foreign intel operatives to  draft the fake Steel Dossier. Yet, we are hearing almost nothing from the mainstream media. This is the greatest political scandal in American history. The mass media is almost completely silent on this.

Another scandal met by the sound of crickets: the rape of Tara Reade by Joe Biden. Only the Australian version of "60 Minutes" has carried the story in any depth. The US media continues to ignore her story.

Another: Burisma, the crooked Ukrainian energy company, has admitted in court paying Hunter Biden a lump sum of $900, 000. It is not clear for what purpose the son of the then-Vice Preisent got paid this money -- I think we can all guess that purpose with 100% accuracy. Any mainstream so-called journalists going to check this out? Anybody going to ask Joe?

Has anybody in the media noticed that peace is breaking out in the Middle East? The Saudis, as this humble blog long ago predicted, have come out and told the Palestinian Authority to take a hike. The Saudis, clearly, support the moves by Bahrain and the UAE to establish full diplomatic and economic relations with Israel. This is a major victory for President Trump and the USA, and further evidence of the growing coalition against Iran. Another story being ignored.

OK, waiting for the Veep debate.


  1. It's a good thing you're retired. If you went off like this on unverified intelligence all the time, things must have been a mess when you were in charge. Then again, you were probably a lot more cautious about unverified intelligence, back in the day.

    I think something happened between Reade and Biden, but I don't believe he stuck his fingers inside her in the middle of the office. Still, it's hard to take the outrage of Trumpians over Biden/Reade seriously.

    Hunter Biden was on the board of directors or Burisma, and was investing money for people in the US. I agree, it's not hard to figure out what happened to the money.

    I agree the Middle East peace is a great thing.

    1. In keeping with your track record, you are wrong, of course. This is not unverified intel; it was briefed, in person, to the President by the Director of the CIA. It doesn't get much more serious than that. Obama and Biden and the whole NSC crowd knew the collusion story was bogus and went along with it, and aided it.

      Hunter was/is a crook--a drug-addled crook--who used his last name to become rich from Ukraine, Russia, and China. His father clearly knew what was going on--Hunter flew to China with him, for example, and Joe Biden hung out with his son's business associates. Joe used his office and his control over US policy towards Ukraine to protect Burisma from investigation by Ukrainian prosecutors. There is no doubt of that. The Reade allegations sound much more credible than the nonsense pushed about Kavanaugh. The press ignores it.

    2. Just as the press will continue to ignore anything else that negatively impacts an individual of one of our two major political parties. These stories are like Barr's investigations: full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing. I wish there were a place I could bet my life's savings on no one ever suffering any legal consequences from this issue.

    3. Mike, sorry to say, I think you're right.

    4. It my hope that Mr. Durham can make a case of Sedition stick against at least Comey, McCabe, and most of all Strzok. I doubt very much that it will go any higher up, and the head of this whole conspiracy, the detestable criminal Hillary Clinton should spend the remainder of her life behind bars, will likely escape justice due to the amount of dirt she will threaten to dump if charged.

    5. I agree the intelligence was briefed to Obama. That doesn't mean there was verification. Most of the same news stories about the release of this information also pointed out the intelligence was unverified.

      Perhaps Hunter is a crook, but you won't find it from lokking at where he was on the board of directors (and placed there after corruption was revealed) and his making investments for other people. That's what people with connections do.

      Biden is not running against Kavanaugh, and I see the testimonies as about equally credible. He running against the guy who used to walk in on naked Miss Teen USA pageant contestants. As far as Reade goes, I already said I think something happened, just likely not quite what she described.

    6. You don't brief the president on unverified intel. This came to light a few weeks back, when the leftist narrative of the day was that CIA had intel that Russia was paying bounties on U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan. The President was not briefed on that intel because it was unverified, but salaious enough to leak it in yet another attempt to damage the President.

      If you read the report the CIA sent to the FBI, it states quite clearly that the CIA learned of the Clinton campaign Russian interfere hoax, from the Russians, who were spying on the Clintons, but the Russians were spied on by the CIA at the same time. Apparently the CIA felt the intel was good enough to 1) Brief Obama, in PERSON by the director of the CIA. 2) Send a referral over to FBI, specifically addressed to Comey and Strzok to investigate this. Which they in turn disregarded except to formulate the "Insurance policy" plan, using this referral as a guide.

  2. What's your take on Manafort? Never was compromised, only railroaded for unrelated mistakes?
    Trump fired him the day after his first national security briefing as a candidate.
    (Stopped reading about this stuff a while ago.)

    - reader #1482

  3. I think a big part of the challenge is that there are so many people involved, ranging from bit players to big dogs, and so many discrete incidents and documents, that it all blends together for people who don't live and breathe this stuff. I like to think that I am smarter and more informed than most, but I quickly feel lost in a thicket of information, misinformation, and denials. I feel like I need a map or a curated chronology to chew on before I really get it. It's upsetting, not least because it seems intuitively obvious to anyone who has paid the least bit of attention over the years that Russia would clearly prefer a President HRC and her Reset Button over a President Trump, and a President HRC would be more than happy to accommodate Russian "diplomacy." What a mess!

  4. Lots of misdirection throughout this affair. To point out the obvious, it is China that is eating the US's lunch, not Russia. China has been benefitting for years from one-sided trade deals. China is the country which is dominating US academia. China has been acquiring US defense technology in exchange for campaign contributions since at least the Clinton Administration.

    Yet the same media which ignores the real issues that Dip points out also are silent on Chinese influence. It makes one wonder!

    1. "It makes one wonder!"

      Yes Gavin, there is wonderment,
      then we shake our heads in disbelief...
      How, in the world do they, our enemies,
      get away with it? When that passes,
      we either do the fact finding...or bury our head,
      followed by waves of nausea, when we see how
      far gone we've become... and what it will take,
      to repair the damage!

      A good restart, in addition to re-electing Donald Trump and continuing his DRAINING OPS, then begin wholesale indictments, and trials of the criminal element running amuck, at large!
      Next >>close the FRONT and BACK doors on CHINA, and on all
      ChiCom investments and SCAMS in the US, all Chinese students &
      Chinese Professors returned to their Homeports at semester end, unless they can make a convincing case for American Citizenship-or Until, such a time when we can ID domestic ChiCom enemies here USA. Then construct a fool-proof methogology for MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and keeping it GREAT! We are 1/2 way there, one more TRUMP TERM, Followed by 2 Pence Terms, might just about do it!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"
      Addendum: any Politician, Bureaucrat, Businessman, Worker, Teacher or Preacher, identified, w/ cause, as a GUN GRABBER, should be seen for what they are, enemies of the American People, and the American Syate aka the USA!

      Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition"


  5. Three examples of why the Us media is a cheerleader for China:

    ABC, owned by Disney, has a huge risk if they upset China.

    Bloomberg has similar issues.

    NBC is owned by Comcast, owner of dream works and universal studios, also has huge exposure in China

    China controls what Western movies get released in China.

    China will retaliate against what they perceive as any negative media attention, even if true.

  6. I found https://meaninginhistory.blogspot.com/ useful on understanding what is going on with the Clinton Dirty Trick of Russian Collusion that grew into a conspiracy against Trump.

    What seems to have happened with Durham, is the Wuhan Flu (Covid 19) slowed down the investigation. And the more Durham digs, the more he finds. Durham is going after criminal indictments, so he needs an air tight case.

    The efforts of the deep state to redact everything, or not even release it, has been amazing. The Senate Intel Committee has been a sword and shield for these efforts. And the press has been very successful on downplaying the revelations.

    With everything thrown against Trump, I’m
    Amazed he survived.

    The only reason Manafort for sentenced was he worked for Trump. Podestra’s brother had similar issues, but since he was of the right party, that was ignored. The continual judicial tragedy of General Flynn demonstrates the corruptness and bias with the judicial system. And what if the contents of Weiners laptop? What ever happened to the Aswan Brothers?

    I hope Trump gets re-elected do he can continue to work on reforming the us government. I’m still in shock this actually happened in the US.

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