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Sunday, October 4, 2020

"Plans" and "Bombshells"

An old Ashkenazi joke: "Do you to want to make God laugh? Just tell Him your plans." 

That little witticism keeps running through my mind as I survey our current socio-political plight. 

These past almost four years have proven momentous for our country and the West. We have seen a revolt against the Globalist Elite Deep State, and the corresponding mule-kick reaction from that entity, or to use Biden's absurd formulation re Antifa, that "idea." Britain, of course, produced the revolt of Brexit, this had to overcome fierce opposition, lamentations, and outright lies from that Elite and its minions in the media, most notably the execrable BBC. That Elite, although it lost at the ballot box, did not resign itself to accepting the popular will. Voting, you must understand, only counts when the Elite get the result the Elite want. After the vote, we saw and continue to see an effort in Britain to delay, obstruct, and entangle the Brexit process in a thicket of negotiations, regulations, and my perennial favorite, "international treaty obligations." As of now, it remains unclear whether the people of the UK can defeat their enemies, foreign and domestic, extricate themselves from the EU quicksand, and claim back sovereignty over their great country. We must listen for Heavenly peals of laughter.

A similar revolt has occurred in Brazil, where now a pro-West conservative populist governs to the great chagrin of the Brazilian and the international Global Elite/Deep State. I have dealt with the Brazilian foreign policy Deep State: a formidable bastion of leftist anti-Americanism and cliche-ridden Global Elite thinking. President Bolsonaro, who dares, wait for it, to put Brazil First, has had to endure a barrage of attacks, including from Sleepy Joe Biden threatening Brazil with dire consequences unless President Bolsonaro adopts the Global Elite's absurd "environmental" virtue signalling stance on the Amazon rain forest. In Mexico, an old-time Marxist has become President, and proven surprisingly realistic and more in touch with his own people than with the Elites; he, for one thing, realizes that the constant stream of undocumented people across Mexico is not good for, wait for it, MEXICO! He wants to put, wait for it, Mexico First! He even has established a good working relationship with--HORRORS!--Donald Trump. Say it ain't so, AMLO! Is He laughing?

Because of the America-centric nature and, frankly, American dominance of both legacy and social media, in the USA is where the battle between the established Elite and the people proves most pronounced and visible. As I have detailed at some length in prior postings, too many to list, the Deep State has refused to recognize the results of the 2016 election. Those results didn't match the plan's objectives. Hillary was "destined" to be Barrack 2.0, and to carry on the left's growing control of our institutions and life. Didn't happen. The reaction came in fierce. We now have incontrovertible evidence that, as any sentient being already knew, the Leftoid Elite planned a coup. Trump had to be removed from the scene by any means necessary, including blatant lies, widespread violence, and the unleashing of America's politicized intel agencies against him, a legitimately elected President. 

Thanks to recently released intel, we now know for just about dead certain that Hillary Clinton, with the support of the outgoing Obama misadminstration, cooked up the Russia collusion hoax; the DNC proceeded to pay for the fake Steele dossier, which relied on a Russian spy for the main portion of its "information." Comey's FBI ignored the "bombshell" intel on Clinton collusion with Russia, and instead launched an "investigation" to nail Trump for "colluding" with Russia. This horrid hoax received the full-throated support of the media, the Democrats in Congress, Hollywood, and the Twitter crowd all of whom suddenly were super-patriots defending our country from Russia. Right. Mueller where are you? Adam Schiff?

It was a brutal and stupid hoax, which only brutal and stupid people genuinely could believe; anybody with any sense knew that it made no sense for Putin to favor Trump. It was Hillary Clinton's hubby, for example, who made money from Russia, and Hillary who ceded to Russian interests throughout her term as SecState. Hillary, not Donald, was clearly the preferred candidate of the Russians. Despite the whole Trump-Putin collusion story falling apart, we continue to hear Democrat operatives, aka journalists, still refer to Putin's "support" for Trump. He laughs.

With that failure under their belts, the anti-Trump crowd moved on to Trump-Ukraine collusion! It wasn't the Russians, it was the Ukrainians! This new idiocy got far enough to have the House impeach Trump for a PHONE CALL with the newly elected President of Ukraine. As with the prior Russia hoax, it turns out, of course, that it was Democrats--the Kerry family, the Biden family--making money from the Ukrainians (and the Chinese). Another Heavenly laugh-fest when that Ukraine hoax fell apart.

We now have the ChiCom virus pandemic. A relatively mild disease by pandemic standards has become the weapon of choice to destroy the West's economy and promote the power of the tyrannical Global Elite. All over the world individual rights and freedoms have been trampled; economic activity, especially by the private sector, has ground nearly to a halt in a blizzard of alarming and deceptive "expert models" and "death counts." The power of governmental elites and leftist techno-billionaires has been enhanced tremendously. The plan? To keep us afraid, cowering at home, waiting for the government and politicized "science" to save us. 

This latest plan also includes getting rid of Trump by running the most fake candidate of any major U.S. political party, one impervious to certified "bombshell" revelations of corruption, malfeasance, and incompetence. Biden does not matter. He is just the stalking horse. That's the plan. We'll see . . . 

                                            Waiting to hear the results of the plan . . .


  1. When it comes down to it, there's just a vast amount of money at stake because the US federal government is *far* too big. Big money donors put *billions* into Hillary, and extremely wealthy people don't accept 'total loss' on their investments. I wouldn't... but I also wouldn't be backing someone who can't stop lying, no matter how poorly mannered was her honest opponent.

    - reader #1482

    1. It's not simply about size. It's about reach. Adam Smith, over 200 years ago, noted that the easiest way for a rich man to become a VERY rich man was to spend some bribe money...and have the government legislate him rich.

      Given that the Silicon Valley magnates seem to suffer from the megalomania once reserved for Bond movie villains, it should not surprise anyone that they will put big bucks into the Left. But it should frighten everyone.

  2. It is amazing how a suit could be emptier than 44, yet Biden is.

    1. This election is about Trump alone: pro Trump versus anti-Trump. Biden doesn't even matter. Which can be read on several levels: the Democrats don't care about Biden, so his shocking (to us) international corruption doesn't register. His lack of accomplishments in 40 years is of no concern. If he wins, his empty suit will be filled (until he is declared incompetent and Harris takes over) by the radical left now in ascendance in the party. Biden would destroy fracking, self-defense rights, all progress Trump had made on foreign policy (peace in the Middle East and possible peace with North Korea) plus a strong overall economy (except for CIOVID shutdowns).

  3. What scares me is that between the Propaganda Press, the Seditious Conspiracy, and COVID, Biden could get into the White House. Instead of a Federal prison, where he belongs.

    1. He has been, for what 47 years a "din du nuffin" politician so far as the country is concerned. He was in it only for himself and family. Simple as that. And now he wants the big chair because ... he's the last man (barely) standing?

  4. Great story as always.
    I may not post often but I'm here often.

  5. We now have the ChiCom virus pandemic. A relatively mild disease by pandemic standards has become the weapon of choice to destroy the West's economy and promote the power of the tyrannical Global Elite.

    Perhaps you should inform Dear Leader and his doctors of how silly they are being by putting him in a hospital.

    1. You might want to sit this one out, given your past strong belief in/support for the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax,and the "experts" models and death count. You don't have a good batting record.

    2. I don't believe in those things, I just have to read what happened. For example, I don't think that you deny Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian operative in Trump Tower to get campaign dirt on Hillary, that in and of itself is Russian collusion. Trump really did connect Ukrainian aid to an attempt to get Biden investigated, as was clear even from the release White House summary of the conversation that many people called a transcript. As the death count is over 200K in the US alone, the experts are looking pretty good right now.

      So, I'm quite comfortable with my batting record, thanks.

    3. Don't feed the Troll, Dip.

    4. "As the death count is over 200K in the US alone, the experts are looking pretty good right now."

      Says, Browless the Blowhard Sockpuppet,
      (I got Troll Patrol Steve, )
      Yes poppet, you're growing more tiresome,
      and stinky too,
      what you always deposit here,
      reeks of stale donkey manure,
      Nothing more, or less!
      Btw foolish one, I see you
      got your "experts" scalpel stuck
      in your lower digestive tract!

      Your count of 200k DEAD out of 36O+ mil in 2020
      compared to ~ 675k DEAD out of 100+ mil in 1918 doesn't speak well for your so-called "experts", or your data! Better be careful what you swallow in future, turdbird. Good luck having your internal blockages repaired.
      Here's mud in your eye~~~
      P.S. RE: your "batting record", if there was a little league On here, you'd still be batting '0', your welcome.

    5. Your count of 200k DEAD out of 36O+ mil in 2020
      compared to ~ 675k DEAD out of 100+ mil in 1918 doesn't speak well for your so-called "experts", or your data!

      On the contrary, it speaks very well for modern medicine, and covid19 is still going strong, in case you hadn't noticed. We'll be over 300K by the end of the year.

      It's OK, though. No one expects you to care how many people die of it, as long you think you are owning the libs.

    6. Your count of 200k DEAD out of 36O+ mil in 2020
      compared to ~ 675k DEAD out of 100+ mil in 1918 doesn't speak well for your so-called "experts", or your data!~~On Watch

      "On the contrary, it speaks very well for modern medicine"'Brow

      Actually it speaks more about the caliber of the individual in the drivers seat, the POTUS. Unfortunately, Wilson a Democrat POTUS in 1918 was more concerned and occupied about the League of Nations, and the French, than he was about the people of AMERICA at the end of WWI. Contrarily, TRUMP was focused on minimizing ChiCom C-19 effects/affects on his beloved countrymen, whilst thwarting the Democrat Coup Plotters,
      and their ChiCom and media co-conspirators! Moreover, kudos to DJT, for providing the extra facilities, equipment, gear and personnel, needed to resupply the medico's, researchers, etal, to ensure that the restoration of Public Health proceeded as planned. YES, 'Brow, I do care more about the living than the DEAD -- prayerfully tho, not unlike the POTUS, I hope that the families find comfort for their pain and untimely loss of their loved ones.
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"
      Oh here's that Old Navy Hymn
      I promised you in advance of
      your departure, it's entitled:

      "HIM HIM F_CK HIM"
      Now scat jackass~~~

  6. The "Idea" riots in my city every night. When I drive into the downtown now, the amount of graffiti has risen astronomically, just a few years ago, it would be practically zero. I just said to myself, "This tells me who owns this place now". Just like animals using urine to mark their territory. What is even more alarming is the statements from the Portland city council. They are insane lunatics the lot of them, and those on the left claiming that these riots are the results of white supremacists doing the looting and such, and that BLM is totally peaceful. It is an incredible exercise in denial. And when the effects of this idiocy come rolling down into those comfortable leftist neighborhoods of inner Portland. "Sorry Caleb, we are eliminating the diversity VP position and we are moving operations to Idaho..." This is going to happen a lot over the next couple of years here. We always warned Californians migrating up here to not vote for their same damn political beliefs that resulting them fleeing to Oregon because California became unlivable. Well, now, they have shit the bed here too.

    1. I remember when Oregonians made jokes about Californians.

    2. Yes.. and now people in Boise make jokes about Californians.... and will until their sheets too soon becomes soiled as well.

      - reader #1482

  7. Your cohorts of the canine persuasion are beautiful and at the same time a formidable presence. By the way, I agree with your points and hope for the best in November.

  8. ..."Biden does not matter. He is just the stalking horse. That's the plan. We'll see . . ."

    Too True, I'd love to see his bloodwork, are those Angel's giggling?
    Re: Carmella, the VP to be, I see she's shackin up with a, married once w/kids playa, he's billed as a New Yawk liar, oops I mean shyster, but he is bycoastal nowadays, and reportedly, on leave of absence from his law firm, to handle his honey's affairs, I'd reckon.

    Certainly, she'd need 24 hr representation, placed as she is, FIRMly, between Biden, Bloomie, Bernie, and the Globalist Billionaires Club!
    Back to Harrass, the Crocodile tears side of the Lefty ticket, wonder what meds her handlers will be injecting into her, for the Debate?
    Hoping Mr. Pence learned a few new moves from the Boss! If not, heard he's fairly well connected with the 'heavenly hosts' of the EVENT!

    Otherwise, We'll have to rely' on those '9 Pin Dutchmen' to prick the Progs' Plans~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"
    Take it Away "RIP"~~~

  9. Those dogs are probably smarter, in the aggregate, than Biden...

  10. Dunno Specs,
    I had a trio that
    l@@ked like them,
    and I'd wager any
    one of 'em could
    out run, outsmart,
    and outfight Plugs
    on his best day~~~
    and they raised my
    Kid, summa cum laude~~~
    hOWlin at the moon!
    "Let's Roll"