Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Biden's War to Save Biden's "Presidency"?

Let me express, once again, my unease, better said, revulsion for the 24/7 effort underway to stampede us into war with Russia by the government, including Congress; nearly all the media; gurus of both political parties; billionaire tech moguls; wealthy Hollywood "celebrities"; network and academic pundits; idiotic Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram "influencers," and so on. 

This is 1984's two-minutes of hate, but on a 24 hour basis with Putin as Goldstein. Blame it all on Putin!

Put plainly, the information we proles receive gets manipulated and censored. Believe it at your own peril. 

I don't think of Putin as a "good guy," and disagree with his invasion of Ukraine. He should put an end to it. That said, those of us who dissent from the stampede to war with Russia risk getting labelled Putin-puppets, traitors, and "cancelled." As I have written before, the people behind trying to get us into war with Russia comprise much the same ones who lied about Trump-Putin collusion, COVID, the Biden laptop, the 2020 elections, January 6, and so VERY much more these past several years. 

I don't believe them; I don't trust them; I consider them evil, and, hence, bad for America and the West.

We don't know what is happening in Ukraine. As noted above and in many earlier posts, the information we receive comes twisted, censored, and "cleaned up." How much is true? Don't know. We most certainly don't know all the dirty deals that have gone on behind our backs by the Biden crime family with the corruptocrats in Ukraine and China, and elsewhere. 

At a minimum, we have a lying, bumbling, confused, inept, corrupt, and very weak man in the White House; a man who got there via illegitimate means. Yes, he "won" a rigged election. We have the right and the duty to question his pronouncements and policies. I don't want this fake Commander-in-Chief sending our kids to war.

I find myself sickened by those Republicans going "bipartisan" in the drive for war. Idiots! The Dems want "bipartisanship" to spread the blame around, to blunt the differences in the 2022 election, and so on. You, Dear Reader, of course, can add many more reasons why this failing "president" wants "bipartisan" support for anything he does or, more accurate, gets done in his name. 

Bottom Line: I don't want a war with Russia

Simple: No war

We have no key interests at stake in Ukraine. 

Neither the US, Russia, nor Europe has anything to gain in a European war. 

Only China stands to benefit from a war in Europe. 

This drive for war is suicidal hysteria and insanity on a mass scale. 

Reject it.


  1. Ukraine, post Cold War, seems to be the cross roads for money laundering, weapons selling, influence pedaling and more. Kind of like the 'Casablanca' of Eastern Europe.

    1. These is my thoughts, as well. The "Swamp" has been using the fast and easy governments in Ukraine as a money laundry for both parties. I am sure Mitt Romney has run his share of shirts through that laundry. Ukraine was brought to light when Trump asked about the Biden's activities there, and the whole swamp just blew up. Now Russia is threatening to shut down the laundromat.

    2. Ah Yes ww...
      "As time goes by"~~~
      flash-back to Prez & Doc Bitme...
      What a team...a Power Couple,
      wonder when she'll pull his
      plug or will it be Hunter,
      For the price of a Cheap
      'Get Out of Jail Free'
      card or mebe another
      Lullibae, Uncle Sam?
      Over N' Out```

      Off Duty~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  2. Bottom Line:...
    "Simple. No war.
    ...nothing to be gained for
    the US...Only China would benefit."-WLA

    As the Best Carpenter known
    to mankind, may have said Dip,
    You Hit the Nail on the Head~~~

    Or, could be, more like >Marx's Quote
    of Louis XV~ "Apres moi, le deluge"

    '...the watchword of every
    capitalist and of every
    capitalist nation'~~~
    Although perhaps tis
    more apropo to our,
    "bipartisan" war
    now looming~~~
    On Watch~~~

    Btw, if I may, is this the "Isolation
    piece" you've been wrestling wit?
    If it is so, it gave me the willies ];+}
    ..."don't come around here no more"...

    "Let's Roll"

  3. I agree with you, we have no interest in this war. But I will supply the Ukrainians with weapons, and let them defend themselves.
    Pity we don't have anyone in the press, or Congress, interested in Ukrainian corruption, and it's ties to Congressional corruption.

  4. I'm sure Biden is feeling that if he doesn't get this war started soon, he won't be able to get it in before it's time for Covid season again at election time so that everything will have to be done by mail in ballot!

    1. ..."Biden is feeling that if he doesn't get this war
      started soon, he won't be able to get it in"-OInC

      You may be sensing the Della~Where "fallguy" accurately Oinc, even if his 'impeachment' doesn't begin till after midterms. Suspect he will be committed to a 'shrink-shop' out in country! Meanwhile #45 gets reinstated with all rights, privilages, and back pay w/ bonus as POTUS, Ron DeSantis (my buddy) signs on as his VP in waiting. And If the 'Rats, RINOs, and Media mushheads want a FIGHT, I'd wager they'll get one from the OLD CinC plus the full force of his MAGA Patriots, which even the ChiCom pissants in league with the Turks never expected. As for the retiring Hero of Mother Russia, Vlad, expect to see him, sail off into the sunset aboard his yacht whilst the RUS at home wave their Red White & Blue, Peace Treaty & Flags in Red Square! All while Taiwan draws a bead on Peking~ Ducks n'all! As scheduled, the US Space Force shuts off the power on the Chinese Satelites, at least until they learn to behave like genuine human beings, maybe their Christian brothers and sisters can help with Civic Lessons, if not, we can always get the Weegers to square them away...
      Yes Virginy there is a Santa Claus!
      What? Hollywood Calling!
      I just WOKE up...
      gimme a break~~~

      ON WATCH~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  5. I say haven't cared about Ukraine borders when ours are nonexistent. With exception of watching videos from Ukraine don't believe much war reporting as to me all is suspect, to much propaganda on both sides. We know the Bidens are up to necks in the Ukraine corruption and others with money at stake are pushing for war but as said I am not buying it.

  6. Today on Fox, Lt. Gen Thomas Spoehr (Ret) said that Ukraine had defeated the Russian invasion and forced the Russians into defensive positions; that the Russians had committed all their available troops and were scraping the barrel; that the Russian command structure did not allow officers below general rank to make tactical decisions; that the Russian equipment was of poor quality; that the Russian air force could not attack moving ground targets; that the Russians could not conduct combined arms warfare.

    Our government believes this, and these delusions guide their decisions. A war with Russian is in fact likely, and it will escalate to nuclear war.

    1. Ah so Sy...
      stay calm...
      the PLOT thickens...
      or more likely, still
      simmers in the WOK, waiting
      for more HEAT to do its damage~~~

      Old News Note:
      Lt. Gen. (ret.) Thomas W. Spoehr, USA is former deputy commanding general, U.S. Forces – Iraq. He is currently a member of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA)’s Gemunder Center Hybrid Warfare Policy Project and the director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense.

      On Watch...
      Off Duty~~~
      Now I lay down to sleep,
      perchance to dream of
      counting sheep~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    2. It would most likely go nuclear at a tactical level before a strategic one. One tactical nuclear warhead deployment by Putin would shutter Ukraine 'resistance'.
      There would be no further point in the other countries pushing weapons into Ukraine.
      I'm surprised Putin hasn't done it yet.
      If he did the same with Lithuania, there would be a calculation that may result in global annihilation or loss of warsaw-pact states to nato.
      What does Putin have to lose at this point?

      - reader #1482

  7. We have to wonder -- where are all the anti-war types, the ones who staged big rallies chanting "No Blood For Oil" when the US invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq?

    We also have to wonder -- where were all the anti-war types for the last 8 years when the government of Ukraine sent its armed forces against Ukrainian citizens in the east of the country?

    And we have to wonder -- How effective are the Ukrainian armed forces when they could not win a civil war in a period of 8 years?

    There are no White Hats in the Ukrainian situation. The country is poor & corrupt, with kleptocratic oligarchs, secret Fauci-labs funded by the US military, and unexplained connections to the Biden Crime Family.

    The sad thing is that mismanagement by the US and the EU has led to a situation where nuclear war is now a real possibility. Does anyone think that the Ukraine is worth risking every major city in the US being nuked?

    So, we virtue-signal by sending weapons to the Ukraine -- weapons which in that corrupt country are likely to end up elsewhere in the world in the hands of people who do not wish the US well. What do we do when Russia shoots down the plane or torpedoes the ship carrying those weapons? This is not our fight. We should stay out of it, and maybe send US forces to the US southern border instead.

  8. ..."This is not our fight. We should stay out of it, and
    maybe >send US forces to the US southern border< instead."-GL

    And, or GET, A New Texas Gov. who would
    choose to deploy the State Guard, when
    ready to confront the imported beasties~~~

    So what's ol' "pistol in a
    barrel"-LTC A.West-up too?

    Off Duty~~~
    n'still countin...
    11:59 Hrs

  9. "Only China would benefit from a war in Europe."

    They are playing a VRY interesting game of 4D chess.

    Who knows the full extent of formal agents and the vast herd of "useful idiots", and their activities in the "battlespace preparation"?

    The ENTIRE scenario has the stench of a carefully gamed doomsday cult about it.

    At the appropriate "dramatic" point in the charade, the PLA will magically appear to "save' everybody, For this great boon, EVERYBODY will, of couse, be mandated to pay tribute to the emperor, for eternity.

    There is a reason that the name of the country, minus the fluffy touches for western useful idiots, translates as "The CENTRAL (pivotal) Kingdom."

    This will NOT end well, nor is it so intended.

  10. Yes, I agree 100%. I have been thinking about who benefits from this war for weeks. Ukraine -- nope, for obvious reasons unless you count having your country blown to smithereens a victory. Russia - nope, now that they are an international pariah with sanctions all over the place AND their military is seemingly exposed as not up to snuff. Not the US, not Europe. We - and they - will be suffering economically for sometime, not to mention energy policies are in the toilet. So, who does that leave.....China. 1) Russia will be their puppet client. No doubt there will be a big payday to China. 2) US leadership weakness is further exposed.3) War in Europe is a great distraction from China's adventures in mining in Afghanistan and their threats towards Taiwan. And so on..........

  11. So far.... the biden admin has 'promised' no boots on the ground and no assistance in the form of manned aircraft.
    That is no longer the strong guaranty of non-interference it once was, as a large number of US military service members fighting the Taliban/Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and elsewhere never set foot outside of US borders, and instead operated attack drones from outside of Las Vegas.

    So there are a great number of changes that need to be considered when figuring whether we are or aren't going to be drawn into a war with Russia.

    I cannot fathom that Russia is *so* messed up that they attacked Ukraine on this flimsy pretext without the ability to complete the mission in an expected amount of time.
    If this invasion of Ukraine is Russia-internal focused or Russia/China-focused and of necessity in order of Putin to maintain power. *Then* they attack Ukraine on these flimsy pretexts for reasons having nothing to do with NATO, Biden, social justice, nazis, or whatever.
    The Russian government may now be a full-on client-state of China, having no more power to decide what they do with their armed forces than North Korea does with its.

    I have too high regard in the general capacity of Russia on the science and strategy front to think that they botched an invasion of Ukraine *this* badly without having had their hand forced.

    What Ukraine is showing the rest of the world right now, is that warfare has changed drastically. As much as our generals are standing up there lambasting Russia over 'combined arms' and 'where is the air force?', they are refusing to look at our own potential weaknesses in our reliance upon 1990's era strategy, tactics, and technology. What needs to be asked now, is whether the US Navy will be any more effective than Russia's military in protecting Taiwan, should that Silicon Shield fail?

    This was foreshadowed in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and in the Taliban victory over the US in Afghanistan. I'm sure there was a reason we had to sue for space to retreat from Afghanistan, and it almost certainly had to do with Turkey flooding Pakistan and the Taliban with cheap loitering munitions that the US rightly recognized require a completely new defensive technology strategy. So we had a choice of whether to start seeing heavy losses of troops and *then* retreating, or suing for space to quit the field of battle. Fortunately the Taliban accepted the latter.

    The rules got rewritten, and the main value to the US of the Ukraine conflict is notice that our assumptions on the battle space are no longer valid. Either that, or we can just go on pretending "it's not that our technology is obsolete, the Russians just didn't use it right.."

    The main value the world gets out of this, is some clarity around the lack of efficacy in the PRC military, having modeled pretty much all of its hardware on Russian designs. As a result, they don't even get the dubious advantage of wondering whether their forces will fare better in the new battle space.

    - reader #1482

  12. reader #1482: "I cannot fathom that Russia is *so* messed up that they attacked Ukraine on this flimsy pretext without the ability to complete the mission in an expected amount of time."

    Was the pretext so flimsy? The Ukrainian government had been fighting a war against the Donbass for about 8 years; they had been talking about invading Crimea; they had been making noises about developing nuclear weapons; and they were pushing aggressively to join expansionary NATO. When we remember how the US reacted to USSR missiles in Cuba, it may be that those pretexts were not so flimsy.

    Certainly, Russia stated loud & repeated concerns about all those issues -- concerns which the Ukrainian rulers and our heroes in the US government completely ignored.

    As to what was Russia's expected amount of time for the operation -- Do we really know?

    The Usual Suspects say that Russia's invasion was supposed to take 72 hours to occupy the complete country -- when even the Wehrmacht's 1940 Blitzkrieg on France took about 6 weeks. Other analysts say that Russia has deliberately been going slow and using only a fraction of its military capacity in order to minimize civilian casualties, since their argument is with the Ukrainian government and not the fellow-Slavs Ukrainian citizens.

    The fact of the matter is that we don't know what Russia's plans were, and we do know that all we are hearing from "Our Side" is blatant propaganda.

    This is a dangerous situation, and one in which no-one has the moral high ground -- not the violent Ukrainian kleptocrats, nor the Russian invaders, nor the stupid fools in the US government. The only winners from this mess will be China.

    1. "The fact of the matter is that we don't know what Russia's plans were, and we do know that all we are hearing from "Our Side" is blatant propaganda."

      An alternative perhaps?


    2. No Ukrainian attack on recognized Russian territory.

      No attempt to resolve their supposed 'concerns about fellow russians in eastern ukraine' through various international partnerships.

      And most importantly, Putin's been in power for near 25 years, dictatorially for at least 15.

      Putin wants his expansion through Crimea to be internationally recognized, and in the event he can't directly sack Kiev, he'll settle for reducing Ukrainian cities and civilian populations until that recognition suddenly becomes palatable.

      We indeed do not know what Russia's plans were. It is possible their plan was to cull their current crop of military aged males. In which case, feeding them to this Ukrainian meat grinder would be sound tactics indeed.

      If Russia is proposed to be the keeper of limited governance that is being hoodwinked and tricked and overwhelmed by the "sneaky corrupt west", then the USA is quite beyond sunk as a country and the rest of the west with it.

      imo, doing anything but categorically rejecting Putin and his efforts runs a strong risk of winding up as Chomsky did with Pol Pot.

      - reader #1482

    3. Tis a good thang, to
      consult informed 'alt'
      analysis and opines...
      Tks for your insights,
      DIPloPALs etal~~~
      almost yawnin~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  13. The last 5 yrs have completely changed my attitudes around. Trump was a huge disappointment, but he did shake the tree. The fruit that fell out is vile indeed. The cabal that is running things have removed the gloves. The wexler/epstein pedo ring that looks to cia (mossad?) operation was/is protected at every level (FBI,SDNY,NY times). The blatant censorship (google, amazon, FB). The disinformation. These all make me inclined to root for putin. Can't blame him if he doesn't want these globohomos near Russia.

    I have also begun to reassess what i thought I knew about history. The nazi book burnings were at the sexual institute that pioneered transexual stuff. Well the natsoc lost. Now we have girls self mutilating by surgically removing their breasts and doping on male hormones. Worst it is celebrated. I'm sure for you boomers it has been even more dislocating. I can't stand to read national review anymore.
    The insane over reaction to covid. The manufactured opioid crisis. These people are insane. They hate us. Then they want us to war with russia? well let them start it. They may find themselves in a two front war. With my ppl on the second front.

    1. It's not insanity. It is evil. By the way, on the 'second front', who are your 'ppl'?

    2. Forgot to mention the bio weapon angle. Hunter/Demoncrats/Clinton funding 320 labs overseas, with about 30 in Ukraine alone. Doing Fauci stuff about gain of function, transfering Corona virus results to Wuhan.

      Having a foreign country cook up military grade bio weapons like anthrax at your border, ala Mexico, makes Putin paranoia feel safe, I am sure.

  14. Not to mention the gross biden family corruption. And it's complete cover up by the entire media complex. Man, who knew it was this bad.

  15. Appalachian mountain folk. Traditionally, we produce very good soldiers. It's getting frothy out here. We got hit hard by the manufactured opioid crisis. The Saxon has begun to hate again. Look up state of franklin. I think it may well go that way.

    1. I see. I am a product of NW North Carolina foothills myself and still live here as did my ancestors well prior to the American Revolution.

    2. I'm not certain what the opioid crisis was.. or was supposed to be.
      All I heard was that addictions and deaths by overdoses were up. I'm not sure what that is in terms of 'crisis', as it would mainly affect recreational drug users?

      - reader #1482

    3. in a nut shell. Purdue pharma of the Sacklers came up with a slow release heroin formulation. They pushed the meme that nobody should be in pain and it is safe if taken as directed. They paid scientists to write articles to that effect. Pain clinics started popping up everywhere. The problem is that if you crush up an oxycontin it's no longer slow release. Or take three of them just means you stay high longer. Dude it is fantastic high, better than booze.
      So a construction worker or high school football player gets injured. they got a prescription. The VA was handing them out like candy. Many got addicted. Even Rush Limbaugh! He doctor shopped, many switched to fentanyl. It was an entirely predictable result. OD deaths are astronomically high. I know of several in my middle class neighborhood alone. Incidentally, they did the same to china where i read that up ten percent became addicted to opium. Look into the opium wars.

    4. I saw it coming from a mile off. In fact, my wife was recruited for a pain clinic. Great money, great hours. I told her she'd be better off performing abortions.

    5. gotchya... there was an addiction slipped in the side door, not a matter of escalating recreational (ab)use?
      That's pretty crazy... "pain clinics" are the eastern version of california "dispensaries" that are just all over the place now.

      - reader #1482

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I had assumed you were brit cuz of your moniker.

  18. I suspect the Ukranians have a truckload of dirt on many Democrats and some Republicans...and are twisting arms as required to get support.

    The other factor is that there are very few elected officials left who have any real memory of the Cold War. They are accustomed to the American Unipolar Era, to the USA being able to go where we please and thrash the locals. Alas, that time is ending. Our own strength has been frittered away on nation-building fiascos, and not replenished. And China has been quietly carrying out the biggest naval buildup since the Second World War.

    And China is watching. Waiting. And trying their best not to roll over laughing at us.

  19. "And China is watching. Waiting. And trying
    their best not to roll over laughing at us." -Hammerabi

    Yup, "we the people" saw their (CCP) silly asses 'shaking in
    time', to Lame Brain Joe Biden's, 'DOS |Clowns are-US|Show'...

    WE'RE NOT impressed by any of the presenters there, then,
    or now, from either of the--->> "Leftist/Commie[kill-the- babies]Squads!" Whether, Foreign or Domestic, both SUCK.
    And with the AID of the gathering MAGA Forces, along with
    others of goodwill and strong character...Further, expect
    the Taiwanese and the "U.S. BY God NAVY" etc etc etc to kick
    ass & take names as necessary! Furthermore, If the Honorable
    Chinese people, believe that the FREE World, and the USA in
    paticular will continue to buy, and or swallow, the K-RAP presently produced, Just, Fugetaboutit! {{{Now here this}}}Cheers to all the Moms out there~~~ I here and now propose a toast to US ARMY General, "Vineger JOE STILWELL", for what he accomplished, for MANKIND... Moms, Dads, Kids be they Chinese or Americans and include all others, who survived WWII to produce the heirs who produced all of us Earth people~~~
    That is all~~~
    ON Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

    1. Dunno. China will probably roll us out of the Western Pacific and then make itself dominant as far east as Micronesia. On their side, there is serious study of cyber warfare capabilities, new military technology, and the arts of war itself. On ours, we have a major concern to see that enough LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ's are promoted to command positions regardless of their aptitude for fighting and winning a war.

  20. The Spirit of the Silly 'Sixties and Sillier 'Seventies has touched and ruined virtually institution in AMerican life. The Gramscian march through the institutions has triumphed, and the institutions are all the worse for it.


    Those are a good view of what is going on in Ukraine, especially as much of it is being shadow banned and blocked by Disqus, Metafkbook, and twitter.