Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

On Ukraine: What Now?

The waxen rutabaga who claims to hold the Presidency of the United States has announced we will ban from our shores all Russian energy imports. For how long? Who knows? How this will hurt Russia is not clear as the PRC, India, and Turkey have made known they will buy all the oil the Russians can bring to market. 

He, of course, could provide no explanation as to how the shortfall in US oil supplies would get covered (except higher prices).  Oh wait. We are talking to Iran and Venezuela! Yes! An extra piece of pie for the dope who drew up that strategy. 

He lied about US oil companies refusing to exercise their rights on over 9,000 granted "drilling" permits--they are not that, at all. He lied about the actions of his clown car administration having had no negative effect on US oil and gas production. His rich buds defended him by accusing those of us who don't want to pay $6, $7, $8 a gallon of gasoline of being whiners, unpatriotic creeps who cannot empathize with the suffering of the Ukrainian people.  

Biden is clearly not leading NATO much less the rest of the world on the crisis in Ukraine. 

One small example should suffice: the Polish MiGs. We have gone back and forth IN PUBLIC on whether to provide Ukraine some older MiGs now in the Polish air force. The Poles had said "yes," but the US had said "no," and sent the NATO SecGen to Warsaw to talk the Poles out of it. Then our absurd SecState Blinken goes on TV and declares that the USA has given the "green light" to Poland to provide the MiGs. It seems the Poles found out about that along with the rest of us by watching TV. So they called our bluff: the Poles announced that they would send the MiGs to the US base at Ramstein, Germany, turn over the planes to the care of the US, and the US could then provide them to Ukraine, or not. Now Washington is crying that we did not know about the Polish decision. Three ring circus clowns should not play poker or chess with the Poles.  

Do, dear friends, please note: the Russians are now busy taking out all the airports in Ukraine. I guess they watch TV, too.

The war drums keep beating, and the drummers are the idiots who won't end up fighting the war.


  1. I almost feel compelled to defend waxen rutabagas against your slanderous comparison of those noble root vegetables to the current occupant of the White House.

    1. 2 thumbs up. If I had more you would get them....

  2. One thing about the Migs, they are designed for rough field conditions. All they need is a good stretch of road and they can take off.

    Poland should just get them ready, take them to a section of suitable road near the border, then tow them across to another suitable sections and hand them to the Ukrainians. They can put the ammo and missiles on the planes and then put them to work.

    As for President Bumbles Dementia? Let's Go Brandon!

    1. Sounds good, but you need fuel (lots of fuel), weapons resupply and other logistical support to make that work. I don't think the Ukrainians have it, or if they do they can't move it very easily, if at all.

    2. The Pentagon noted (correctly for a change) that the MIGs owned by NATO members have all had their comms and IFF gear upgraded to NATO standard for interoperability with other NATO forces. All that 'stuff' would have to be removed before transferring the aircraft unless you want the Russians to have it.

  3. slightly off-topic
    are you aware that the POTUS can determine what stocks, bonds you may invest in through an executive order?

    1. Grampa Joe's determining which assets I may invest in doesn't bother me so much as some others being pushed.

      For instance:

      (Now I suppose Gramps & Co might describe such as that as 'a fuel saving measure' but with the monies I might have otherwise invested in stocks and bonds now going to petrol I find myself looking askew at what else he may have in mind.)


    2. "...find myself looking askew at what else he may have in mind.)"

      Generous to a fault as usual, JK!
      Sadly for US, the "mind" which you ref.
      consists primarily of a recyled slurry
      inc. bits & pieces salvaged from Elon
      Musk's 1st Gen. AI experimental design~~~
      Not sure tho if the the "BiteMe"
      version has incorporated the Mod2
      emergency 'SHUT OFF' circuitry,
      which you thoughtfully linked
      in your discussion~~~

  4. "Biden is clearly not leading NATO much less the rest of the world on the crisis in Ukraine." Thank God for that! Our Vegetable-in-Chief is cozying up to Marxist-Islamic dictators in Iran and Venezuela rather than talking to the Republican governor of Texas.

  5. Replies
    1. No such thing as
      a dumb question...

      Last I heard Scott, they
      beamed him up, but he
      didn't materialize
      until it was just
      too late. So~~~
      yeah I know,
      only dumb
      Sleep tight~~~~

  6. It must be hard work, to be that incompetent.

  7. My IRA is 24000 dollars down since the rutabaga took office. Unfortunately Knee Pads Harris will make him look like a genius. I for one think use old guys should be fighting. For one thing the war would not last long. For the other, we would not flush our future.

  8. The SUM of the
    Bits & Pieces~~~

    From: Harnwell
    "There is no “rules-based order” - just a
    globalist class of pathological grifters."

    (w/ a small fart masquerading as a real thought
    from the incomprehensible, Victoria Nuland)

    On Watch~~~
    Things are moving
    faster than we think
    ya THINK?~~~

    "Let's Roll"