Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, March 11, 2022

Death of Credibility

Who ya gonna believe?

We live in the time of the Great Lies. 

What seems conspiratorial, tinfoil-hat nonsense one day, turns out true two days later. I never thought I would live to see such a time. Many years ago, young and full of dedication to the diplomatic service, I would dismiss various conspiracy stories with the line, "Do you know how many people it would take to pull off that conspiracy?" Well, I have learned. We have thousands, tens-of-thousands perhaps millions of people bombarding us with lies one after another; they not only lie to us but when the lies get exposed they blithely move on, telling us "No. We never said that," and come up with a whole new set of lies to make us forget the previous set. 

In this humble blog, I have written over the years of the death of the "expert" (see here for a sample). I focused mostly on the climate change hoax--probably still the greatest lie ever told--noting that the same "experts" who can't predict a hurricane's track from one day to the next, presume to predict the state of the  weather/climate in ten, twenty, thirty years if we don't stop eating meat, driving SUV's, running A/C, etc. None of their predictions has come true, so now they stopped making verifiable predictions, and merely shout, "The climate is going to change!" They can't tell us if the earth will get hotter, colder, have more rain, less rain, more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, weaker storms, stronger storms, and so on and on.  We must up-end our lives because, well, "The climate is going to change!" Their theory comes down to, "Anything is possible!" That always struck me as a weak theory on which to base critical political, economic, and social policies, but, what do I know? They're the "experts." 

We live in a time of a rising sea . . . of lies; King Canute save us!

More recently, we have had to live through a batch of new lies; herewith a random sample, in no particular order: we can't drill our way to energy independence; inflation is just transitory; the Jussie Smollett "hate crime" hoax; the Kyle Rittenhouse lie fest; the January 6 "insurrection"; the Trump-Putin collusion fakery; the Trump-Zelenskyy "quid pro quo" hoax; the 81 million Biden voters; and, of course, the hoax that comes in a close number two to "climate change," the COVID-19 hoax--a flu manufactured in a Chinese lab, with Fauci support--used as the excuse to wreck the global economy and expand the power of the ruling bureaucratic elites. Masks everybody! Mail in your ballots! Stay home! Don't congregate! Fake up those death numbers!

So is it any wonder many of us have serious doubts about the story we get fed 24/7 about Ukraine? One doesn't have to become a Putin puppet, or have a lack of empathy for the poor people killed by the Russians, to have reservations about the march to war that the ruling class want us to undertake. Every day it seems something new emerges about that war; something which, ironically, fuels the clunky Russian propaganda machine. What the hell is this business about the US funding or otherwise supporting Ukrainian bio labs? What is the true story? Certainly the nonsense coming out the State and the Defense Departments is not the whole truth. Is this Wuhan on steroids? What were we doing? If it's all innocent, why did our idiotic Undersecretary Nuland express "great" concern over the Russians gaining access to these labs?

None of this makes sense, except for the horrid possibility that we have a conspiracy to destroy the West by a cabal who think they will hold ultimate power afterwards and rebuild the world to their liking. Too crazy? Think not.


  1. Well said sir. Glad you are back...ish. We are truly living in Heinlein's "Crazy Years", hope we survive the experience. Heinlein must be laughing his ass off while thinking "but I wrote it as science fiction".

    1. {{{Surface~~~Surface~~~Surface~~~}}}

      ~~~Broach Approach~~~ All Stop~~~
      Hi Ed~~~ they call me 'On Watch', over here~~~
      Quite Nice n'quiet up in this Latitude...

      Curious tho, if you saw or read Lew's comment on "theory" from up on top?: ...the "theory comes down to, "Anything is possible!" That always struck me as a weak theory...but, what do I know? They're the "experts." |MOREOVER| "We live in a time of a rising sea . . . of lies; King Canute save us!" -WLA

      My Planesman almost lost his ___O___ bubble, so here we are, you & me having a chat, whilst squaring-away below, and trying to get a fix on my Compass, viz Mr. Dip's coordinates... I do concur with his near-point observations on those "weak" theoretical constructs, and my last set of soundings certainly did reveal a "rising sea of lies" and other such Jabberwocky!

      Truth be told tho, it was Dip's actual reference too, if not his full-throated shout-out to *King Canute himself, that SONAR picked-up LOUD & CLEAR! Furthermore if you've ever been to Sea
      in a Submarine riding-out a Hurricane on the surface, with 'Green Water' Over the Bridge, Duty Officer & Lookout chained to the TBT~~~ That plantive WAIL~~~ OR LAMENT TO ODIN & CANUT would be well known to your one good ear, sir, as well as your heart~~~
      Twas my own dear Father, home from the SEA, after many years of WAR, SACRIFICE, COURAGE and SALVATION who shared the legends and history of his forefathers, which boiled down to, a love for his old country, the USA, and her COLORS, shared proudly with AMERICANS on INDEPENDENCE DAY, as NO other Country did or Would! NO FEEDBACK YET from the Old Country on current events or our Family over there? Oddly for him, Dad, who at times called me a Rebel, think it was my Southern Pals, but HE began to wear a T-Shirt on the 4th of July, not his usual choice for his favorite holiday... not sure where he got it either, it was a well painted image of 'King Canute' with his back to the SEA, w/ a circular caption, in Red letters, on a White Life preserver~~~ "RESTORE THE MONARCHY". To my inquiry about the T he said, "we can talk about it later Son" Sadly the opportunity didn't come before he got the call to go topside...
      However, I believe the message was really for Denmark, although the way things are going stateside, we may just need to get a Crown for the Donald, I'd bet he'd be as Great a King, as he was the President of the US, and the Commander in Chief~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  2. I also used to say that big conspiracies could not survive because they are leaky. Now it doesn't seem to matter. The leaks are drowned out by a media flood. So now I don't believe anything they tell me. If that makes me a wingnut and conspiracy theorist, then so be it. I've been about 90% right on covid while running 90% against the narrative de jour and the same on AGW. Of course, so what? Doing even the slight work necessary to see through the lies is apparently beyond most people, especially Progressives, who desperately need to virtue signal their acceptance of the narrative de jure.

  3. I saw a story the other day, “Russia bombs maternity hospital”…
    I just looked at that and went, how many times have I seen that one before. Usually it is the “Baby milk factory”, but the motive is the same. Tug those heart strings.

    With “Climate Change”, just say, “Nukes or it’s a hoax”.

    1. I've called it the "Dead baby defense"!

  4. John Adams said that the US Constitution was made for a moral and religious people, and would work for none other.

    As for the age of the lie, sooner or later the lies show themselves to be lies. I'm old enough to remember Mao's China being touted as the model for poor countries' development, and the utter dismay of the pundits after the country opened only slightly, and the pundits saw what was really there. As we sit here and trade messages, the image of Islam as a "tolerant" religion is being shot to rags by Islam's own adherents. Sooner or later, the people who are insisting, in the names of social justice an tolerance, that Bruce Jenner is as much a woman as the mothers who bore us, will show that even they don't really believe the nonsense they spout. You can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time--and you can fool HaShem never.

    1. Certainly the Catastrophic human-created climate disaster model is shown to be a lie because the "experts" demonstrate that while they talk a good game (That BS degree again), their behavior shows they are less concerned with the environment than the people they consider to be environmental Cossacks, trying to build an industry that can provide a service people actually need.

  5. I go by relatively simple evidence tests.
    Putin says (assuming general accuracy) that Russia's concern is 'NATO on the border.'
    This is belied by *so* many ridiculously simple facts:
    1) 'NATO' cannot fight its way out of a paper bag
    2) 'NATO' countries bordering Russia were outfitted with almost *no* military whatsoever (even when Trump cajoled the whole group to step it up and do *the bare minimum*.. they failed to do so)
    3) *If* Russia was so concerned about NATO on its border, and NATO has been on/near its border for over a decade now, then it does *not* want to take actions that would result in NATO joining in on a fracas in Ukraine.
    4) In 25 years, Russia has been able to find *only* one person who can lead the country? Now that's as far fetched as Trump-Russia
    5) *If* there are dangerous bioweapon labs in Ukraine, the solution is *NOT* to blow them up with an indiscriminate bombing campaign.

    None of that batch of Putin's justifications (stipulating that those are justifications) holds water in the least.

    What of his excuses *are* true? Yes, there are fascists operating in the donbass region. But there are also small groups of such in the Carolinas, and a *HUGE* fascist organization in Sacramento.. they even have a capitol building!

    - reader #1482

    1. Maybe Putin's problem was three fold:
      A-Ukraine possibly joining NATO
      B-Ukraine becoming a member of the EU economic group
      C-Ukraine becoming more of a liberal democratic state-meaning people become free.

    2. That's one-fold (C)... A and B don't contribute to a *real* analysis except where they enable (C).
      It leaves the remaining gang of autocrats feeling lonely.
      Russia fakes a democracy and doesn't like its complete hypocrisy being called out by a neighboring pseudo-democracy (let's not forget that 'euromaidan' stole the presidency in a fit against the legitimate results of a vote for Yanukovych).

      Now... if *that* had not happened.... If Ukraine had continuous peaceful transfers of power in a string of observably fair elections, I'd be closer to motivated here. But I just can't be bothered by *Ukraine's* plight.
      Fighting for their freedom? No... Fighting for the ability to run out of power a fairly elected president.

      But Ukraine swimming in its own cesspool provides no excuse for what's going on over there.

      If the world were innately just, Russian soldiers would be turning their guns on the Kremlin.

      - reader #1482

    3. I can't find where I read it last night, but it looks like the Russian army just lost a third general in combat. I don't know if that is good or bad for troop morale. Maybe the officer was 'fragged' by one of his own? That would be just and a step toward the Kremlin.

    4. Russia's propaganda seems to be the same old same old. "neofascistskulakswahabbizionistpuppetsofwallstreetcounterrevolutionariesblahblahblahblahgovno..."

      It seems Ukraine has lived down a lot of its notorious history of Jew-baiting and anti-Semitism form Bohdan Khmelnytsky to Hitler's collaborators by electing a Jew who knows Russian better than he does Ukrainian (or, apparently, either Yiddish or Krimchak). The defeated ex-president Poroshenko also made his poses with a rifle in hand. So much for the charge that the Ukraine is a neo-Nazi state persecuting Russian speakers and political opponents. Russian itself has a pretty infamous Red-Brown nexus and neo-fascist movement--as do many countries.

      We've seen blatant aggression against Ukraine, whatever Ukraine's faults. If there truly is a Russian anti-war movement, I pray its tribe increases.

      But, unnoticed, there goes the UN Charter. A member of the Security Council had very openly and blatantly attacked another UN member without a just cause.

    5. ..."and a *HUGE* fascist organization in Sacramento.. they even have a capitol building!"- reader #1482

      Oh yes, summer of '21... so were 'they',
      at long last, able to get their
      fire started, extinguished, and
      enabled to reoccupy the Capitol
      in time for the '22 election?
      Amazing what the locals can
      accoplish with off the shelf
      ChiCom Fireworks, a sprinkle
      of BLM, and a dab of BO~~~
      but maybe I'm just confusiousing
      the venues with the reported,
      events, or something,
      or other~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    6. Putin doesn't want a West Germany on the border of his East Germany any more than Honecker did. There's just too much border to put up a Berlin Wall to keep the Russians in. Couple that with Ukranian being very similar to Russian, and his fear that Ukraine could become a prosperous, shining example of what free people can accomplish without the "assistance" of Uncle Vlad is explained.

  6. The Propaganda Ministry ( read as all alphabet stations) have done it to themselves, I watch none of them. As to Ukraine and Russia except for some videos (I believe my eyes more) is about all I have seen. Too much propaganda on both sides I'm afraid.
    As said many places the Democrat /Marxists don't care about our borders hard to get worked up about Ukraine, if Russia just flooded Ukraine with economic invaders everyone would be happy I guess.

  7. My stone-cold conviction is that we are being played by all parties concerned. By the Ukrainians - and they have the best and most sympathetic reasons for doing so - by the Russians, our own government, and the established media for the most malign.
    Nope. Won't get fooled again. We got suckered into Somalia and a whole lot of other places, because the media showed us all kinds of woeful pictures and begged us to 'think of the cheeeeldreen!'
    Nope. Well of sympathy has been pumped dry.
    Although I do wish the best to the independent Ukrainians. But it's their fight.
    Besides, the rest of us in flyover country - who provide the bulk of the armed forces - have just gone through years of being called racists, deplorables, etc.
    Yeah, I'm going to sit on my hands, when the Biden administration calls upon us to rally 'round the flag once again.

    1. Not a bad outlook. Our media is not to be trusted especially now that they are joined at the rectum with the Left. They will not let this crisis go to waste.

    2. "media... especially now that they are joined at the rectum with the Left. They will not let this crisis go to waste."-whitewall

      While I'm not a proctologist, Mr. whitewall, I fear that the remedy is indeed well beyond the scope of 'MOM'-- Nor will a long term Ex-Lax dosing regime, relieve the shear volume of "waste" being retained at the Leftist/Media interface, now commonly referred to as, Bowels of the Earth. Such a Project to remove the massive quantity of accumulated Leftist Manure, will require a team of surgeons, engineers, and a fleet of tankers, to remove and DUMP the steaming PILE, 50 miles off-shore, to ensure that local populations of HUMANkind aren't inadvertantly re-contaminated. Perhaps we could enlist the Red State Governors to assist, as this Revolutionary Undertaking seems to DEMAND a prescriptive effort, near too, or on-par with the A-BOMB, NO SHAT!~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  8. Interesting that, for about 8 years, the peace-loving government of the admittedly highly-corrupt Ukraine supported a war against people it claimed as its own citizens in Eastern Ukraine -- and none of the Usual Suspects gave a tinker's damn.

    Suddenly, we are all supposed to switch off our brains and risk nuclear war in support of those Ukrainian warmongers.

    Looking at the situation from the cheap seats, it seems that Russia was very clear about what it wanted. It saw the prospect of the Ukrainian kleptocrats joining NATO and attacking the Crimea as an existential threat, and it could not tolerate the continuation of the Ukrainian government's long-running war against the people of the Donbass.

    US & NATO could easily have negotiated a compromise with Russia that would have created a more honest, prosperous neutral Ukraine. But "Our Guys" wanted war -- and now the Ukrainians have it. And if we are not careful, "Our Guys" will drag us into a nuclear conflagration. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!