Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Judge Jackson: Preserving the False Narrative

Still stumbling along on a piece arguing for an "isolationist"--with an asterisk--foreign policy. Things keep getting the way. The Diplowife has headed off to Spain, again, to deal with yet another death in the family. I am with the dogs in Wilmington, NC, my favorite town.

In the last few weeks, I have purchased a variety of new handguns, and finally made it to the range to test one. It comes from a relatively new company, at least new for me, based in Illinois called Devil Dog Arms. I bought their DDA 1911, five inch, chambered in .45ACP. I have written them congratulating DDA on making a superb gun--got a very nice message back. I went straight from the store to the range, and proceeded to put nearly 250 rounds of hollow point through the beast. No problems at all, and with an amazing accuracy. It's a bit heavy for EDC, but what a great in the car or home protection gun. Check it out-- I get nothing from them, BTW. 

Anyhow, I have watched off-and-on the Senate hearings for Supreme Court Justice-nominee Judge Kitanji Brown Jackson. The hearings are interesting, but whether they will dissuade her Dem fan boys and Mitt Romney from voting for her, kinda doubt it. She, clearly, is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. An obvious Affirmative Action pick; per the "president's" own words, she got selected because of her skin color and her, I guess, "assigned" sex, although she doesn't know how to define "woman." 

She's just a typical mentally cluttered, lefty loon, who lives a life of great privilege, married to a wealthy white surgeon, by the way, grifting her way forward thanks to her skin color and genitalia, which make her a member of an "oppressed" class deserving special considerations. Yawn . . .

Her explanations on her lax sentencing of sexual criminals make no sense. The judge doesn't seem to mind child abuse. Actually, one of my sons, a lot smarter than I, noted that the real issue consists of protection of gay crimes against children. As he points out, we get constantly told that pedophiles are not gay. Well, if you look at her cases, including one in which she apologized to the convicted felon, they are males abusing young boys or possessing films and pictures of such abuse. Got to protect that narrative.

More later.


  1. She can't say what a woman is but she can say Roe v Wade is 'settled law'.

    1. I believe that AOC thinks that Roe v Wade is the only choice illegal immigrants have to get from Mexico to Texas.....

    2. Oh my gosh, I am going to steal that one!

  2. While there are pedophiles across the political spectrum, at least those on the right and center are embarrassed and lie to hide it. It's only the ones on the left who try to normalize it or apologize for it.

    Also, the connection between gays and pedophilia is obvious from a look at a bit of data from years of abuse.

    1. Dip, Is there a way to edit comments on this site? My link got dorked up.

    2. Hey Doc,
      This worked for me.
      Fingers xrossed:

      On Watch~~~

    3. Link Above: ^
      Math and the Catholic Priesthood

      Doctor Weasel news and trends November 23, 2018 4 Minutes
      Stories of sexual abuse of minors (teens and pre-teens) by priests are back in the news. These are not, to my knowledge, mainly new instances of abuse. These are mostly old crimes that are now coming to light again, but some for the first time. There was a study of abuse by priests, conducted by John Jay College years ago. Because the crimes now back in the news are mostly old crimes, the John Jay study is relevant. Other studies are noted here. The other studies not only support, but intensify my conclusions.

      Without devoting serious time to the disgusting details of the John Jay study or other evidence of sexual abuse, we can take some available numbers add in some reasonable assumptions, and make some tentative observations about what seems to have happened.

      Fact: 100% of abusers among Catholic priests were male. The study limited itself to abuse by Catholic priests, an all-male group.
      Fact: over 4% of priests were accused of sexual abuse
      Assumption: Some of these accusations were false
      Assumption: Most of these accusations were true.
      Assumption: 4% of priests were abusers.
      Fact: 81% of abuse victims in the John Jay study were male.
      Assumption: 80% of abusers abused males. I simply assume abuser percentage followed abuse percentage, and round off.
      Conclusion: 80% of abusers committed homosexual abuse, thus were homosexual or bisexual men.
      Assumption: 2% of the US male population is homosexual or bisexual. There are other studies that place this percentage higher, but there has been some social and political pressure to inflate the percentage in support of gay activists. I’m sticking with 2%.
      Assumption: 20% of priests are homosexual or bisexual. It is very likely that the percentage of homosexual priests is much higher than the percentage of homosexual men in the public at large. I use here a percentage ten times the percentage found in studies of the general population (see previous assumption). An honest study of this number would be quite illuminating.
      Fact: 78% of the victims in the John Jay study were adolescent. Thus, the term ‘pedophilia’ and an image of small children being abused do not reflect what happened in most cases; these were teens.
      First, 4% of priests were abusers? That’s huge. 100% of priests took a vow of chastity, and then 4% were very unchaste. 100% of priests were placed in positions of authority and trust, and 4% abused that trust in a way that shocks the conscience. Line up 25 priests, and (statistically) one of them raped (or otherwise sexually abused) teenage or younger children. It would be useful to see how that figure compares to clergy of other faiths, and to school teachers or others with access to children.

      Now do a little math on the percentages:
      This is not to say abuse of boys is worse than abuse of girls, or that or that abuse of girls is worse. I leave those questions aside. I am just making some assumptions, doing some math, and drawing some conclusions. The overall conclusion is that the abuse crisis was made worse by an order of magnitude by homosexual and bisexual priests. This conclusion is obvious, except for those who will not see.

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    4. Forget about percentages. As a teacher pressured to "follow the data" and "follow the science" (***hush***hush***genuflect), I learned long ago that I don't teach a bunch of statistical abstracts I teach (provide a list of names).

      There were a number of cases in our school district in which minors (including small children) were sexually abused, ovrwhelmingly by male perps. My own younger son's 7th grade English teacher is doing time for man on boy action. Back to my own school system, adult staff must use staff bathrooms now, and not enter those used by students. Guess what kind of smells now emanate from the student bathrooms? Hint: from a plant that was formerly used to make ropes.

      Unhappily, the trajectory we're taking will probably give us those ephebophilic priests emerging from the slammer, brimming with woeful tales of how a "Puritan culture" destroyed the "beautiful thing" into which those guys were initiating the young, and the MSM will cluck sympathetically. The same persons now so loudly condemned will also be hailed as brave pioneers bringing the battle into the bowels of one of the great enemies.

      Uncle Kepha does not welcome this; but shudders in horror. But, that's what seems to be on the horizon.

    5. "As a teacher pressured to "follow the data" and "follow the science" (***hush***hush***genuflect)..."

      Aye Aye, Mr.K~~~life's lessons learned,
      a wizened sailor may, in time grasp the
      distinction as: Salute the Hat~Not the Man,
      or maybe not...

      "Back to my own school system, adult staff must use staff bathrooms now, and not enter those used by students". -K

      "Oo Oo that smell~~~ can't you smell that smell"~~~
      and even worse, the Johns can become Janes, just
      by donning his Kilt, before trapping his prey>>>
      during the AM- H.S. pissing contest event...

      A Brave New World indeed~~~?
      Mayhaps the girls could be instructed in the Art
      of "Close Quarters-Defensive Knife Fighting-101"
      Or the Dad's required to report to the School
      BOARD meeting w/Family Lawyer to be advised
      that the con-current new-School policy that:
      DADs are not permitted on the School Grounds
      during the School Hours or will be locked-up,
      Don't like it, Pay for Private School~~~

      On Watch~~~
      Now whatabout that
      ~~~ Golden Rule???

      "Let's Roll"

  3. Besides a SJW also a Critical race theorist, but that isn't enough to stop some so called Republicans to not vote her in.

    1. Too bad nobody "Borked" that woman.

    2. Speaking of whom~~~
      We see where Justice Thomas
      is battling a bug attack...
      Pray he rebounds~~~ + Amen

      We don't need a brace of
      'Rat attacks on our
      ~last best defence~
      against our recently
      "...GREAT AGAIN" USA
      and Dear Lord,
      we still need
      the aid & help of
      a healthy CT ASAP
      THANKS in advance~~~
      most humbly yours,
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"


  4. Those Devil Dog Arms are rather nice 1911’s. But, have a Colt 1991, I also have a Colt Double Eagle 1911 to make the purists hiss when I show the abomination.
    I tend to collect the oddities of the firearms world. Lots of .32 autos and relics.

    I think that Judge Jackson will be confirmed, even though we know that the Dems are soft on the Pedophiles because most of them are Democrats. They are party that celebrates mental illness and sexual deviancy after all. So soft on child molestation comes with the package. Otherwise, she doesn’t have glaring issues that really a valid stand can be made upon. She is going to forever be Justice Jackson(*) I figure the Linsey Graham will join with Mittens, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to provide the votes.

    A funny thing, as I run across that leftist crowing about how great she is and how stupid Ted Cruz is, and while I know better than to engage with these people, I had to think about who the stupid ones are. Being that they don’t realize that Ted Cruz went to the same schools are Judge Jackson and clerked for the Supreme Court. So while you cannot like what Ted Cruz says, he certainly is not stupid. The left are just totally owned by their emotions and there really is no rational thoughts in their heads. They are truly NPC’s.

  5. My firearm purchase for the first half of this year is going to be a Heckler and Koch HK45C, as I can get a good price on one

    Later this year, I want to get a VP9, in winter gray. I like HK, but I will certainly check out DDA.

    1. Saw this review of the DDA, Scott...
      Comprehensive, seems the reviewer
      was smitten... after reading, was
      not, surprized, tho, think Dip's
      TacDDA was a short 5" barrel, Tnk
      I could find room for either in my
      tackle box plus the 4/5* ratings
      in the Accuracy & Reliabiity Cat.'s
      as well as $$$$ sure got my attn: OW~~~


      Caliber: .45 ACP
      Capacity: 8
      Finish: Black oxide
      Overall Length: 8 3/4″
      Weight: 2lb 6oz
      Frame: Domestic investment cast 4140 steel
      Grips: NBD grips by DDA
      Slide: Domestic 4140 bar stock
      Barrel: Domestic 416 stainless steel, button rifled, 1:16 LH twist
      Trigger: 3-hole aluminum, 3.5-4 lb pull
      Sights: Kensight DFS fixed white dot
      MSRP: $1,149

      Ratings (out of five stars):

      Style and Appearance * * *
      The deep slide cuts tie the general theme of the gun together, matching the rail and the grips. The giant billboard roll mark is a serious turnoff for me, but it may be your cup-o-soup. The overall finish is well done throughout, and remains in good shape despite the fact that the gun had obviously been through a few shooters before it got to me.

      Customization * * *
      With enough money, you can do a whole lot to a 1911. It’s disappointing that a threaded barrel option and night sights don’t come standard on a “tactical” model.

      Accuracy * * * *
      Not quite five stars because it didn’t break the 1-inch group threshold, but excellent precision at this price level with inexpensive ammunition.

      Reliability * * * * *
      Zero issues with multiple bullet weights and types as well as cartridges from different manufacturers and two different shooters.

      Overall * * * *
      The Devil Dog Arms 1911’s fit and performance is a small step above much of the competition in this price range. The stock grips fill the hand and the 22 LPI checkering provides a solid grip surface. There’s nothing super special about the gun, but the basics are well executed, for the style of 1911 presented. DDA makes several other models, in 9x19mm and .45 ACP, as well as a couple of different Cerakote options.

      "Let's Roll"

    2. Thank you for the review. I fear the price is too steep for me, when I can get a brand new HK45 for $750.00 at Fleet Farm.

    3. Got mine from Buds at about $965

    4. Thank you both for
      the price comparisons~~~
      Been wanting a 1911 since,
      I left my .45~compadre,
      back in the Small Arms
      Locker, lo those many
      years ago~~~
      ON Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"