Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, March 25, 2022

The Dangers of "Winning": Ukraine Edition

UPDATE: A bombshell article from the Daily Mail re Hunter Biden's involvement in setting up biolabs in Ukraine. Sickening info from the "nonexistent" laptop.

Lots of talk in the THE WORLD media asserting that Ukraine has begun to win the war with Russia. 

In lockstep, commentators and reporters from FOX, CNN, BBC, France24, RTVE, etc, tell us that the war has turned against the Russians: that the Ukrainians have retaken such and such a town, have caused huge losses to Russian convoys, sunk a Russian military cargo ship, etc. 

Maybe. Maybe, they have. 

Maybe, the Ukrainians have done precisely that. 

Soviet/Russian military doctrine, training, and equipment have not proven the best in the world by a long shot. Just about every time since WWII, whenever Soviet/Russian military doctrine, training, and equipment have gone up against Western, especially US, equipment, training, or troops, the Western guys generally kick butt. Maybe, maybe, the Ukrainians, some units apparently trained by US Green Berets, have given the Russians hell, negating, for now, the obvious Russian superiority in numbers and brute firepower. I hope that's so, but don't know, and neither do the "journalists" reporting this as "fact."

I am not professional military, and have no sources of information inside Ukraine or Russia. I get the same crappy reports we all get; in other words, the same massaged, censored, twisted information that our masters deem we can get. I have a deep skepticism about those masters and their echo-chamber mass media; they have proven wrong too many times--hell, they have lied too many times to trust them now. I, therefore, don't and won't.  

While writing this, for example, I see a YouTube video of perhaps a Russian military supply ship burning at a pier. Is it? I don't know. Something seems burning. A ship? A Russian ship? I don't know. If so, how did it get set alight? Lots of vague answers. If it's Russian, the fire could come from many sources, other than just the Ukrainian military. Having myself seen Soviet-trained ex-military working for UN peacekeeping ops and as mercenaries, I do not come away impressed by their maintenance, handling, safety, and overall training standards. I easily can see this fire caused, for example, by Russian sailors smoking while off-loading fuel or something else flammable. Who knows? I will tune in RT to see what they say . . . oh, that's right, in the interest of democracy our leaders have removed RT from YouTube.

We wander in a desert of bright shimmering mirages, goaded into chasing one after another.

The Perils of Winning?

This "winning" line poses some potential and very major dangers. 

Nearly all our politicians and commentators seem agreed--always a bad sign--that Putin has arrived to a desperate place; his back to the wall, the noose tightening, he will lash out with chemical or nuclear weapons. 

Is any of that true? 

Is he desperate? 

Will he "lash out"? 

I don't know, and they don't either. 

We hear that Putin used chemical weapons in Syria: verified? I don't know.

Now, instead of trying to tamp down the tensions, offer our good offices for face-saving peace talks, our bumbling "leaders" keep goading Putin in public: "You're gonna lose, Vlad! You're a war criminal, Vlad! You're outta office, Vlad!""

Do we really want our masters to drive a nuclear-armed Russia into a corner, especially, I note, a Russia headed by a leader such as the Putin they portray? Smart? In the best interests of us all, including Ukraine? Got my doubts.

I have written before about my discomfort, nay, revulsion, over our masters seeking to march us into war. Such a war, bad enough at any time, seems especially vile with the current crop of "leaders" of all the major Western countries. Do you trust Biden, Johnson, Trudeau (the man who ran from his own citizens!) and the rest of that pack of hesitant and weak ninnies to execute a war plan? To secure victory? I don't.

Remain skeptical. 

Question the whole narrative.


  1. I would be far from surprised to find that a Russian ship managed to set itself on fire. Alcohol induced carelessness is rampant in their society.

  2. Really barely listened to any reports on fighting, watch some videos but with a skeptical eye, who knows when the video was made or is it where they say it is. Sundowner today telling the 82nd Airborne they were going to Ukraine is frightening especially if the White House afterwards was backpeddling so fast. Having a brain addled Commander who has not one clue is like running around with a can of gas and a match.

    1. ..."82nd Airborne...going to Ukraine"...
      Traffic in~~~
      Roger that~~~
      Here we go again~~~
      Apparently, getting more and more
      difficult for BO & his 'Rat Boyz
      to keep the POS...oops, I mean the
      POTUS, on the CCP approved script.
      It's enough to make a Jumper
      polish his/her boots~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  3. I saw a Mark Felton productions video on the winter war, when the Soviets invaded Finland, and were fought to a stalemate. The Soviets got their crap together and came back a lot stronger, and the Finn's sued for peace. Giving up a good part of Finland to the Soviets, but sated Stalin's appetite. It is possible this is the an outcome for Ukraine.

    If the idiots didn't do a blackout on the Russian people, and information was available from their side, we also might see the lack of support within Russia, and maybe stoke those sentiments to entice the Russian people to sort this out.

  4. resolves and loads for me. I'm not sure what's being banned... I'm probably not keeping up... as usual.

    Russian military history is replete with winning by being willing to accept astounding losses that would have defeated others.
    They're truly the only country I know of who are so good at losing wars, that they win in the end.
    We'll see what they come up with for round 5, as round 1 has gone to ukraine, and 2-4 are almost certain to go the same at the point... but presuming Ukraine doesn't score a KO... things will get dangerous.

    I think it's clear that Russia invaded Ukraine... and I also think it's clear that Ukraine expected Russia to invade, and has laid out plans, customized to Russian military dysfunction, that achieve high force multipliers.
    Kiev says 500 each javelins and stingers a day... I suspect we can provide that just with the funding for the commission studying the design concept of new capitol building bathrooms representing gender justice.

    - reader #1482

    1. My mistake. You're correct. I meant RT's banned from YouTube. I will fix it. Thanks

    2. RToday has been under continuous cyber attacks from US ips. This makes them have to cut off Western ips at times. Which accomplishes the goal of the cyber state actors at least. Using a VPN cuts through it.

  5. ..."Kiev says 500 each javelins and stingers a day... I suspect we can provide that just with the funding for the commission studying the design concept of new capitol building bathrooms representing gender justice." -- reader #1482

    True Dat, 14&sum,
    Wit DC 'twoylets'n'all,
    Butt, sir who gonna catch-
    up wit a Nuke, especially on
    its down-range flight>>~~~~~~~?
    MY Strategic plan wold send Dem Ruskies
    an ESSO Tanker fulla Fresh Finnish Wodka!
    Voila...the World's a better place already~~~
    ~~~ Wins the 2022 World Peace Medal~~~
    A Roar from the Crowd & the Bear too~~~

    PS: 14~plUs How do i rig-up
    my TV connections to get RT?

    "Let's Roll"

  6. The chemical weapons usage in Syria, what little there was, was a false flag operation conducted by MI6's White Helmet group.

    Apparently Russia is holding back the bulk of its forces in expectation of a US/NATO attack. Not likely, but who knows?

    1. A NATO attack? Only Joe Biden by himself maybe.

    2. "Russia ... expectation of a US/NATO attack.
      Not likely, but who knows?" -Sy.1

      "A NATO attack? Only Joe Biden by himself maybe."-ww

      Maybe so ww, but, just watched the video, linked below over at Darren Beattie's highly regarded "Revolver" NEWS page on Rumble
      Maybe you've seen it? Informative, Modern thru Earlier historic times, a Recap of Ukraine, its neighbors, enemies, & friends tempestuous relationships. Would appreciate your overall opinion, or short reaction, if you have some time over the wkend to ck it out.
      Warning ;+}
      YouTube banned it~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  7. We are being blasted with an amazing amount of sophisticated pro-Ukranian propaganda. Why?

    We are told that the Ukrainians are beating back the Russians. These are the same Ukrainian forces which have been unable to reclaim the Donbas territories in 8 years, despite constant warfare and thousands of civilian casualties. Count me skeptical.

    One of the big problems is that we do not know what the Russian objectives are. Some say that Russia intended to get to the Hungarian border in 72 hours, and therefore Russia has lost. Other (not Western MSM) say that Russia's real objective is to destroy the Ukrainian forces which were attacking the Donbas. Time will tell.

    In the meantime, Western leaders are acting as if there is no possibility of this war spinning out of control and triggering a nuclear war which would destroy the US, Europe, and Russia -- leaving the world to China. Yet it is easy to imagine scenarios which lead to that end.

    Is it worth risking destroying the West over the corrupt country of the Ukraine? I think not! Western leaders should be trying to defuse the conflict, not pump up the violence. But "Western leaders" are thin on the ground these days.

    1. There are primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives. Plus Invisible War conspiracy objectives.

  8. Question the narrative indeed ...


    1. "Question the narrative"

      2nd repeater```
      Copy that Skipper & Mate~~~

      {{{Now hear this
      1st Blast to the
      morning repast...

      Breakfast is Served
      on the SunDeck~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  9. "Nearly all our politicians and commentators seem agreed--always a bad sign--that Putin has arrived to a desperate place; his back to the wall, the noose tightening, he will lash out with chemical[s] ..."


    1. "...Putin has arrived to a desperate place; his back to the wall, the noose tightening, he will lash out with chemical[s] ..."

      'Ya sure ya betcha', an dint ya sea howi Vlad brought down that USN 'Bird Farm', wit jest a tuch of C19,scares me, shirtless~~~

  10. One last thing - especially concerning one specific assertion from that Grayzone link - specifically that a OPCW inspection following the false flag that took place in Douma [Syria] got censored at the UN after submission. Because ... drumroll ...

    It didn't fit the narrative

    There's actually an old post on Duff & Nonsense, but I forget the title, wherein I and the commenter 'Able' - a former UK fellow good at those sorts of things; he performed "Security Duties" as a contractor.

    I on the other hand had my own sources one of whom attended the same 1st through 12th school that I had - me being 'abit' older than she - (and me taking care not to give up the small degree of anonymity (on the web) I still retain - meaning - I reviewed some postings ensuring I hadn't commented on the specific post.

    Anyway the one OPCW source:

    Incidentally - the guy Grayzone is pointing out?

    I'm familiar with the name.


    1. OPCW
      ...didn't fit the narrative
      Yeah twas curiouser 'bout that too~~~
      tks for the pointer, Teach,
      n' best wishes to the missus~~~
      and Dip's too~~~
      head'n for
      the galley,

  11. Today, or day behind, Sundowner called for regime change in Russia and immediately after the Puppeteer sent word down from the White House that was not the case.

    Need an interpreter here, please...
    Tks in Advance~~~
    Jason Miller: Biden’s Impeachable Offenses
    Bannons War Room Published March 26, 2022 5,242 Views

    Hope our Foreign enemies give US,
    enough time to clean-up Biden's Mess~~~
    On Watch~~~

    God Bless the USA

    1. Perfect timing. I am writing a post about the pressing need to impeach Biden.

    2. A 'pressing need' indeed, Lew~~~
      And, as a dear Mother, Friend, Latin-
      Teacher & Badger from Milwaukee Wisconsin,
      would say, if I shared with her, that an FSO(ret)
      I know, is writing a post about such a 'pressing need'
      she would BOOM, "THATS MARVELOUS"~~~
      an encouraging woman she surely was!
      On Watch~~~
      Go Badgers
      Now if they get
      those electors...
      "Let's Roll"

  13. For direct war footage, check Murado on telegram.

    For general video, Russian insights have uploaded some new recent videos after various channels were shadow banned week 1 of the February war, on ytube.