Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Night's Debate: Romney Proved Eastwood was Right

This picture, which I first saw in the Washington Examiner, says it all,

All three people in this post-debate photo clearly know who won the debate.

Why did Romney win?

Obama had to defend the indefensible, his record. His line about not looking at "where we have been" showed his desperation that Romney not talk about the past four years. Romney, however, refused to play along and kept the focus on these four miserable years. He reminded Obama of one little fact, i.e., that Obama has been president for that period, nobody else: all the things Obama was promising for the next four years, he could have done over the past four.

Romney was an encyclopedia. Obama could not bring up a subject on which Romney did not have an impressive array of well-organized facts. Romney presented an action plan to the American people to create jobs, generate revenue, reduce deficits, and seek North American energy independence. He would not let Obama get away with anything. Romney clearly decided--surprise!--that the debate would not be an Obama campaign stop. He was going after Obama's pet phrases about Romney supporting a tax cut for the rich, the nonsense about tax breaks for oil companies, and his support for "green" policies. Romney demolished Obamacare, and properly chastised the President for ramming through this project instead of working on creating jobs. Romney completely skewered the President's big line re "you get a tax break" for sending jobs overseas with a simple and brilliant "I don't know what you're talking about." From Obama's look of resignation right after Romney's rejoinder, it was clear that Obama did not know what he was talking about.

Obama is clearly bored and not interested in the actual job of President and that came through Lima Charlie. What we had on display was a contrast between a disciplined man and a lazy man, between a man who has lived in the real world, and, as I wrote last May 17, Chauncey Gardiner,
As with Chance the gardner, who eventually becomes Chauncey Gardiner, we have in Barry Obama a man with no discernible past, no apparent knowledge of the world except what he gets from television and movies, and the most banal, pedestrian, and foolish bromides imaginable. . . . Listen to his typical speech and you will hear the nonsense pour forth; the silly slogans about class warfare seem taken from some Hollywood movie or MSNBC documentary that runs endlessly in his head.
More simply put, we saw Romney prove Clint Eastwood correct: Obama is nothing more than a empty chair.


  1. That pic is great. Look at Obama's and Romney's facial expressions. Obama is going to get a severe beating with a rad hose and Romney knows it. Michelle is one nasty beast.

  2. "the most banal, pedestrian, and foolish bromides imaginable" Preach On! Preacher man.

  3. Romney gave him a good spanking. As for Obama's tax breaks for offshoring jobs that would be the Double Irish and the Duch Sandwitch. I'm not suprised Obama had no ideal what he was talking about, it would also be suprising if Romney didn't. Perhaps he should get a new accountant.

    If he is serious about his small businesses to create jobs plan, most of these offshoring gimmies will be getting the axe as part of leveling the playing field.


  4. To put it another way: Romney made my day!
    JD in Oslo

  5. "What we had on display was a contrast between a disciplined man and a lazy man . . ."

    That is by far the best summation of this debate. Thanks!

  6. Dennis Miller summed it up nicely:
    Romney beat Obama so bad, Obama is going to vote for Romney.

  7. I'm savoring the idea that the Obama camp is in full panic mode for the next debate trying to figure out how to keep Romney from completely eviscerating their guy! They can't stand it when they have to stick to facts and logic...

  8. Would it be proper to say that Obama has been promoted to one level above his Peter Principle Point?

  9. Maybe that should be two levels. Yes, the state level is his PPP.

  10. I don't think the Obamatrons are worried too much about the next debate. The former junior Senator from Illinois did kill Osama bin Laden with magical bolts of lightning from his eyes, after all, and it all else fails CNN's own Candy Crowley will run interference for Him, unlike that senile old lout Lehrer, who clearly did not get the memo on the proper way to treat the Dear Leader.

  11. Obama cannot speak without teleprompter and or script. He can't use facts for he has none. He can't speak the truth for he for doesn't know what it is. The myth was shattered last night, he walked onto the stage a God and left as a lesser man. There is no fixing that.

  12. I've been dipping into the leftwing blogosphere -- as much as my stomach can take -- and it's clear last night's debate shook a bunch of people. But some common themes are emerging in the efforts at pushback: that Romney lied, that he has changed his promises and his plans, and that Obama will clean Romney's clock next time as he knows now what to expect. The parts about lying and flip-flopping are pure projection but the promise to do better next time is setting themselves up for a big failure. If the next debate is like this one, Obama will experience a preference cascade that might just trigger the Romney landslide predicted by Dick Morris and a few others. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  13. The next debate is a "town hall" format where questions come from the "audience". Look for a series of gotcha questions which repeatedly frame things in ways that put Romney at a disadvantage and presume Obama talking points. In some sense the format of the first debate provided far less cover for Obama so that as Romney took control Obama was pretty much on his own. It also allowed Romney great influence over the timing and pace of the debate. That will be far less possible in the town hall format.

    That said if, against a stacked deck, Romney can rise to the occasion he will go a long way to cementing his gains from the first debate. Unfortunately that will be much more difficult.

  14. Yep,

    The town hall is going to be all 47%, Gay Marriage, Sandra Fluke, etc., etc. However, I'd like to think Mitt learned a thing or two while debating Newt. Turn those old, silly liberal talking point/questions around on the questioner.

    I loved Wednesday's debate because the topics were general and they didn't have the silly, "NOAA says the earths ice caps have melted..." Funny, not too much about Global Warming these days, is there?