Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Latest Liberal Meme, "We Need Specifics!"

Ah, yes.

Fresh off their man's Decisive Denver Drubbing, the Obamistas have cried out to "fact check" Governor Romney and demand that he provide more specifics. "We need the exact details of his tax proposals!" It seems that unless the Governor in his debates with the President doesn't describe in excruciating detail his tax proposals, well then, he is lying!

Hard to imagine a more phony issue coming from the same people who four years ago ran on the--ahem--slightly vague theme of "Hope and Change."

The Governor laid out a surprisingly detailed action plan at the debate on how to get the economy moving and address the government's ballooning deficit. It seems the Obamistas were not listening or had passed out as their great agent of "Hope and Change" hoped for a change of topic and for the debate to just go away, so they didn't hear the Governor talk about his plans for achieving energy independence, lowering tax rates, and getting government spending under control.

My question for them is when will the President reveal the specifics of his plan for the past four years?

It's getting a bit late. Now I know he is a "brilliant" Harvard man and all--well, I don't really know that, but the media keep telling me he is, so he must be--and that brilliant people need to reflect and cogitate and view things from every angle and decide which iron to use for that shot on hole 9 which can be a tricky one, and whether to see Beyonce before The View or after, and when to fit in Letterman, and then there's that Clooney invite, and then gotta go to Vegas, of course, and Michelle just absolutely needs to go to Spain, and then there's that speech in Cairo, then pick up that Nobel, and, of course, all that "noise" from those pesky Jews over in Palestine, and then there's that boring ceremony at Andrews to receive the bodies of those diplomats, whatever it is they do, and that silly debt clock just ticking away, and that Romney guy trying to take my job, and that smirk from that nasty Bill Clinton, and then got to play games with the jobless numbers, it's all so confusing and the time just flies . . .

I know, I know. It's been a busy four years. So I guess you're just going to promise to do over the next four years what you didn't do over the past four? Makes sense. Get the rubes to buy the same horse twice without ever actually delivering it even once!

He is brilliant!


  1. Brilliant, as usual.

  2. I am amazed that most people respect and trust all levels of our government. They think that such a large and well-funded organization, holding the public trust and large responsibilities, must be implementing carefully researched policies. But, I don't see it.

    We must demand that our government produce official, researched justifications for its proposals. For example, where is the analysis that shows High-Speed Passenger Railroads are a good investment (will be profitable)? Where is the official analysis of ObamaCare?

    How can we elect politicians (the 4th most popular guys in high school), then let them promote any policy with no more thought and presentation than some scribbles on a cocktail napkin?

    Where are the policy papers?

  3. The O's brilliance--his academic record is the only secret that America can keep.

  4. I find it fascinating that Ø's campaign has no trouble trotting out Bill Clinton to tell us that Ø's plan is the one that will put this country back on track, but no one will let us see the plan. I guess that we are expected to accept that the Ø-Unicorn-In-Every-Pot plan is automatically better than his opponent's plan, the plan we get to look at, simply because it mentions the magic word Unicorn.

    We can only pray that enough of the electorate has figured out that the unicorns aren't going to show up.