Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romney Does Great!

The best performance by Governor Romney I have ever seen.

In fact, I see Romney's opening statement as one of the most brilliant ones ever given in Presidential debates. His closing statement was also superb making the point that if Obama is re-elected we, of course, get more of the same that we have had over the past four years.

Romney gave Obama a lesson in economics, finance, and the role of government that should be taped and shown in schools all over the country. All Obama could do was string together disconnected talking points and try to seek some relief from Romney's assault by citing the areas where he and Romney agree. Obama was clearly rattled and disorganized. Romney was well organized, coherent, and on message throughout.

Romney 1
Obama   0


  1. First let me confess to not watching all of the debate. I did see the beginning and then the last 35-40 minutes. I can readily agree with your assessment.

    I wish Romney called Obama after a few specific things he said. Obama claiming Ryan's budget was light on details... really? Compared to Obama's budget? Compared to the democratic controlled senate budget? His (Obama) repeated claim that Romney hasn't offered specifics on any of his proposals seemed to be more of the same.

    I would have also taken some pleasure in a more forceful attack on Obama's solar and wind follies. Romney touched on it several times and is obviously more the gentleman than I could have been. I'd like to see the smirk wiped off Obama's face.

    1. John, trust me, Obama lost that smirk several times.


    2. Sour is what I saw several times tonight by Obama.
      As to your complaint about Obama's green projects; maybe you missed the point where Romney said he could hire 80 skillion teachers instead of funding failed energy projects.
      I don't agree with either point of view however, Romney ruled on the green energy debacle.

  2. No Teleprompter and Romney was not playing the "Gentlman fellow Senator" game that McCain played.
    I think the Democrats were believing their own propaganda on Romney and he ate their lunch.

  3. Turned it off slightly past midway point - sight of blood draining from a president's face sickens me - watched Survivor, instead. It was not pretty - the debate, that is - and the lamestream will be up all night making up Romney gaffe stories for Thursday's editions, or their heads will surely roll.

    Thanks for your posts and integrity.

  4. Amen, Mr. Diplomad - AMEN!
    Jd in Oslo