Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Debate: Romney

I think the Governor won on points. Obama did much better than the last time and took advantage of some dodgy time-keeping by Crowley. He, however, came off looking angry and irritated; not smooth at all.

Obama got boxed in on Libya. He and Crowley were wrong on the Rose Garden quote which only indirectly implied it was terror; he, of course, went on for days dodging that issue--and I wish Romney had stressed that. He also took responsibility for the Libya fiasco, which puts him at odds with Hillary Clinton. This will be an issue in coming days.

Obama cannot explain what he has done for the past four years and Romney's best moments were when he kept reminding the audience that Obama has been President for four years. Obama could not explain his failures on immigration and many other issues. Romney did not press hard enough on Fast and Furious--hope he does it at the next debate.

More in coming days

Update: Crowley in a convoluted statement has admitted that Romney was right about the Rose Garden speech


  1. I was shocked that Romney had such a hard time with the question.

  2. It was nice to see Obama at least show up and make Romney work for this one. The DNC/Left can take this one, call it a victory all they want, and continue to build a false sense of HopenChange.
    Don't get me wrong; I think Romney will win this election with 300-305 EVs...but I still have a nagging fealing that the deal is not sealed and Obama can pull off a close win)
    Candy also just admitted that Romney was right in regards to Obama's Rose Garden Speach.
    Wonder if that will make the Prime Time News?

    1. I am hearing that Crowley acknowledged that but haven't seen her actual statement.


      Via Ace of Spades.

    3. quoting
      After the debate, debate moderator Candy Crowley said Republican nominee
      Mitt Romney was “right in the main”
      but “picked the wrong word” on the Obama administration’s immediate response
      to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.

      Here's a clip from CNN.

      Some other references

  3. To be fair to Romney I thought he was trying to hammer home the Fast and Furious issue, and Crowley cut him as soon as it was obvious that's where he was going. I need to go back and watch a tape of this, but I'd bet that Ø was looking relieved as she did so.

    And if the RNC has any actual say on debates with the debate commission, they need to do something about moderators who play tag team with the (D)s candidate. Either that, or have them come straight out and admit what they're doing so that even the average uninformed voter knows when watching that the guy (or gal) with the (R) after their name is actually debating two people.

    Ø did do better, but did seem a little petulant. At least someone managed to train him out of the constant "uh"s and "um"s; he only really fell into them once at the beginning of his Libya statement, which I took as him trying to remember which lie he was supposed to be telling today.

  4. "He also took responsibility for the Libya fiasco ..."

    How? Taking responsibility does not consist solely of saying the words "I am taking responsibility".

    1. Yes, I have made that point before in prior posts. It is cheap and easy to say you accept responsibility w/o having to do the next thing: resign or explain your failures.

  5. Obama's body language was street-thug war dance. His eyes betrayed nearly every lie (his Libya performance stands out). His method was to attack because he knew he couldn't defend. He may have scored points with the low brows but many more will be repelled by his boorishness. Even Crowley, with all her efforts to save and protect him, will do more harm than good.

    1. "Obama's body language ...."

      That reminds me. Whenever the camera showed a side (profile) view of the president, listening to Romney talk, he seemed to push his head way forward and jut out his jaw. It looked unnatural.

    2. " . . . he seemed to push his head way forward and jut out his jaw."

      Yes, I noticed this too!

      It seemed very weird and I was wondering what was up with that. But, until now, I have not heard anyone else notice or comment on it. Do you think it was because of that last debate - Perhaps his "handlers" told him to stop holding his head down like he did in the last debate?

  6. It is my opinion that media on both sides are giving Obama a pass
    based on his being more animated in this debate compared to the first. Please quit insulting our intelligence. (btw, people
    without intelligence, or with low IQ's, were more than likely NOT watching).

    Obama lied, called Romney a liar (which was a lie in of itself),
    did not adequately defend his record or put forth a plan or vision for another four years with him as president.

    Romney stated facts, figures, called out Obama's record, and gave
    forth clear and concise information on his plans for when he is

    1. I dismissed Obama when I watched a few minutes of his 2008 debate with McCain. Yes, McCain lacked charisma, but he was citing facts, figures, arguments, and details when Obama seemed to be a wind-up automaton mouthing "Hope...Change...Hope...Change...Hope....Change..." And somehow, our pundits all praised Obama as "the most brilliant candidate ever".

      While I'm at it, does anyone know where I can find any peer-reviewed scholarship published by this scholar of Constitutional Law?

  7. I couldn't stop yelling at the screen: LIAR LIAR LIAR! Hussein is running out of himself and his lies are apparently all he has left in his empty suit pocket. His swagger and the kick of his feet as he walked were odd. He held his hand over the microphone hand as if to steady himself. If you looked at his frame, he appears thinner than he was. The drugs he has been rumored to take may be exacting their toll. I really wonder what is going on with the guy. He looks positively ill, whereas Romney looked composed and presidential.

    1. You have a point. I remember remarking during the debate that Obama looked almost unhinged at times, as though he had ingested about three or four Red Bulls before going on air. He was going to attack no matter what, even when it was inappropriate.

    2. HillBuzz has some interesting theories based on what the site owner hears from the black community in Chicago, which seem to be either drug use, Parkinson's and/or AIDS. His mother-in-law also seems to be pretty certain that they will all be living in Hawai'i by next spring.....

    3. I've read the Parkinson's theory at Kevin's, too. Don't know. My son was diagnosed with PD when he was 32. Son didn't tell me for a year. Finally did when I asked if he had been partying a bit too often and too much. At that time, I noticed a mild tremor in his hand which he would hold to try and hide it. There was also a slight difference in his gait. I'll have to look at the debate video again but with sound off!

  8. Apparently the fat white feminist Liberal (aka Candy) has backtracked on her backtrack.

    Really. Please.

    The Repubs had to have agreed to this. I just don't understand why the Romney campaign did not just say "no MSM moderators" and then hold that position.

  9. And Romney's next debate script has written itself as he takes the media spin and runs with it.

    Opening: "I won't waste our time by addressing President Obama's foreign policies, his staff has already driven that point home. Since the president has had no first hand knowledge, apparently his entire team does not consider him valuable enough an asset to include in operations.

    Fast and Furious was a rogue ATF operation.

    The Benghazi timeline, 5 women walking point to perpetuate the administration's misadministration, the $70,000 apology video, blah blah.

    Closing: (hat tip to previous poster) "I can promise the American people that in my administration, anyone who permitted me to sleep through a terrorist attack would be fired the next day, regardless of political blowback."

  10. Even our reliably social democrat radio station in my deep indigo area had a professor on this morning who said "Obama won on style, Romney on substance".

    We're seeing the real Obama--style before substance, easily unhinged when challenged, not in touch even with his own administration, and fundamentally a media-crafted image. However, there's still about 50% of the USA that goes for that sort of thing.

  11. Diplomad:

    For what reason was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi?