Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

One More Thought on the Debate: Is Obama a Coward?

President Obama got demolished by Governor Romney. He came off as an inept, ideological, lazy second-rate tenured university professor who has no need for concern about his employment.

He also came off as a coward. Yes, a coward. He is used to having others do his hit jobs for him; used to hurling insults and slanders from a distance, and then retreating behind his "charm," smile, and silky voice. He is not used to face-to-face confrontation. He is not used to having the man he has insulted and lied about standing a few feet away. He was clearly intimidated by Romney, and let himself be dominated.

I think, my two cents, this is why he did not use the "47%" issue: he feared raising it directly with Romney and having to endure Romney's counterattack. He is a coward. He couldn't look Romney in the eye.

I kept wondering, what if instead of the genteel and civilized Romney standing a few feet away it had been the steely-eyed gangster Putin or the Iranian madman Ahmadinejad? Could we trust this man whom we have elected our president to show resolve against these sorts of enemies of our country? We already got a hint in his infamous "open mic" moment in which he assured the Russians that he would have "more flexibility" after the elections to give away the store.



  1. He's a little man of smaller character.

  2. Absolutely, he is a coward. He would not raise any of the attacks that his supporters have raised, such as the 47%, because he is afraid that the lie will be explained and show him as being an idiot. Nope, better to go on "The View" and have them call him "eye candy." That is much safer.

    I am pleased, very pleased, with how Romney handled this debate. I just hope that it was enough to show folks what a fool this affirmative-action president really is. And that this isn't a game - it is real life, in this real world, where there are real consequences to inaction.

  3. Yes, Obama is a coward. As to how he would do across from Putin or others, we've already seen hints of that (telling Medvedev he'll be more "flexible" after the election) but the best illustration of how he deals with people he cannot face is his first White House meeting with Netanyahu, where Bibi was ushered in the back door and then left to cool his heels alone while Obama went to have dinner with the family. Obama cannot face a tough opponent: he just walks away after having dissed him.

  4. Cowardice? Perhaps by Western standards. Inshallah is the phrase that comes to mind, more than anything. Raised as a youth in a Muslim culture, doper as a teen, tutored in Communism by a family friend and married to a Chicago black 'lady'. He has more courage than myself. The mere thought of mounting that beast so she could bear my children, and then living with the Queen of Scowl - frightening!

    It almost seems like he doesn't have a personality when separated from the 'herd'. He reminds me a lot of the Muslim rioters we see all over the world more than anything.

  5. I figure that is also the reason he chose to hang with celebrities rather than meet with Netanyahu. I visualize them meeting and what comes to mind are the now familiar pictures of each in his early 20s. Omaba in his ghetto hippy clothes waiting for someone to pass a joint. Netanyahu climbing into a jet fighter. I think those images are still accurate reflections of both and no way Obama doesn't feel emasculated. As he should.

    In the public debate setting, Obama cannot hide but he can obviously shrink.

  6. Is anyone offering odds on the last two debates even taking place?

    1. That's something I'm really waiting to see. How are they going to try get it on terms they think they can't lose? And if they can't, how will they try to get out of it?

  7. Well, there are certainly no anecdotes of Obama showing personal courage of which I’m aware. Is personal courage a requirement for the presidency? He certainly comes across as ruthless enough for the job. Ahem, but yes, on balance I would rather my president possess some degree of personal , even physical courageousness.

  8. Cowardice is what you see when you strip a weak, empty little man of his psychopathic-narcissistic armor. Obama's bullying, lies, ruthlessness and self aggrandizement are all cover for his hollowness. I wonder if the stories about him being sexually abused by his grandfather might have some truth.

  9. I see that the day after after Romney spanked him at the debate, Obama is back out on the stump calling Romney a liar, with no specifics as usual. A street term for Obama is punk. It'll be most interesting to see how he responds in the next debate.
    Off topic: I've had you bookmarked for quite a while and really appreciate the specific knowledge you bring to international/diplomatic affairs. Thanks.

  10. Of course he's a coward. That's exactly why he refused to meet with Netanyahu a few weeks ago. They had an encounter once before, earlier in Obama's term, and Netanyahu tore Obama and his ideological blatherings into little bitty pieces. Remember the stories about Obama's temper tantrum afterwards?

    Extreme rudeness and avoidance are among the coward's favorite tools for confrontation. So is lying.

  11. What I see in Obama is just lack of character....that includes the cowardice that he exhibits more and more often. He is like a straw man with no intestinal fortitude and no qualities that a man of character would have. On top of that he seems to want to be a mystery man. All in all he just seems to be an actor.

  12. obambi was cowed. he knew the jig was up in the Libya fiasco and fully expected to be called on it.

    he wasn't

    ...and Rom(weakkneed)ney then proceeded to hand the winning back to obambi in round 2 and three poor romney was tripping over himself to give victory to the clown (obambi)

    romney seemed to follow McLame's strategy and ensure his lose. (romeny surely did win but the voter fraud changed that) romney's failure to call obambi on that too is glaring.

    hindsight is always better.

    why congress wont vet obama, why roberts prostituted himself on the supreme court. why congress gives obambi everything and more.
    conspiracy ...hardly they are all traitors cut from the same cloth.