Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chicago Decapitates the Military

This scandal gets evermore absurd.

As I noted yesterday the Chicago mob currently in charge of our executive branch is fully committed to the Whitewater Defense . . . and on steroids. They seem increasingly desperate to make sure that the media and all of us are overwhelmed with trivia, half-truths, and outrageous leaks to keep us too preoccupied, too confused, and ultimately too disgusted and bored to examine the Benghazi fiasco.

What the FBI is doing is simply outrageous. It has undertaken a massive "investigation" of trivial emailings between consenting adults, and allowed or encouraged selective leaks to slander USMC General John R. Allen. There is no evidence out, so far, that Allen did anything wrong.  There is an old saying among students of warfare that "no battle plan survives first contact." We also should remember that initial press reports about fast-moving events generally have a 95% chance of having a margin of error of plus or minus 99%. Don't accept any of the current press reports on face value.

What is going on? We are being hit with a welter of irrelevant nonsense, and seeing our top military leadership tried by the media and publicly beheaded. I see a deliberate assault on the military by the leftists in charge of the National Command Authority. They have been out to sabotage the military from the start: the ending of "don't ask don't tell"; implying that the military are just a bunch of racist, sexist, xenophobes; unconscionable budget cuts; and now a guerrilla warfare aimed at the most respected military officers, including the use of blackmail. In addition, we are being told that one of the greatest enemies of the US military, the treasonous John Kerry, is being considered for the position of SecDef.

I will not go into all the press nonsense being put out, you all know it as well as I. Suffice it to say that this misadministration will eschew no tactic, no abuse of executive power (e.g, a full blown and very "leaky" FBI forensic investigation into complaints by a dubious and debt-laden socialite about receiving nasty anonymous emails), and no shabby use of the media to get its way. The Obama misadministration is bound and determined to do anything possible to prevent the truth about Benghazi from coming out.

What might be there in this Benghazi fiasco so important that this Chicago crowd is pulling out the stops to make sure the questions are not answered or even asked?

Focus like a laser on Benghazi. We must insist that the Congress not get sidetracked.


  1. I cannot help but keep thinking of the way the Islamist Turkish government (remember Erdogan is Obama's Middle Eastern BFF) gutted its military, which formerly had the task of insuring a secular government. I truly fear for the United States in the near future.

  2. Darrell Issa, who is "investigating" Benghazi, has connections to Lebanon. This may be a case of the fox guarding the henhouse. If I were a Lebanese-American in charge of a committee investigating an incident with lots of Lebanese characters, and having to do with gun-running to Islamists, I'd recuse myself. But that's just me.

  3. too late you let the top fox in a second time.

  4. another general makes the list...

    General William 'Kip' Ward demoted for lavish travel, spending

  5. Look closely at the custody reference letters Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Allen independently and separately wrote in support of the Khawam sister's custody battle.

    There is only one way this happens. The party seeking the letters of support is a very powerful politically connected play in national political party circles.

    In this instance, we are looking at the underlying connections and influence in the highest of Democratic Party circles, and probably the highest echelons of the Obama WH.

    No way in hell you get TWO active US Army Generals to write letters of partisan support in a custody dispute involving non-family members.

    What is it about the Khawam sisters or their family that can compel two US Army Generals sufficiently afraid of the consequences of not writing the said letter that they did the very unusual thing of writing the said letter having no knowledge of the parenting environment or parenting behavior.

    The Army elite know too well the dynamics of dysfunctional families, acrimonious divorce and custody battles that constantly erupt in the ranks of the armed forces. They know how slippery and tenuous these matters are.

    Yet two letters were written in defense of a non-military, non-officer, non family member under scrutiny of official domestic court purview, under professional evaluation.

    There must be one hell of a mighty-powerful Khawam beltway political connection to get two four star Generals to lay down on paper partisan support for parental fitness of parenting they know they have never has sufficient experience with to objectively evaluate.

  6. "Focus like a laser on Benghazi. We must insist that the Congress not get sidetracked."

    In the previous post's comments I left two re: Stennis.

    In doing so, I was reminded of the November 12th post from NightWatch - while some additional information has come to light "no live ammo for the Marines" for instance, (later corrected in Marine blogs and noted in a follow-on NW post).... Let there be no doubt. When DiploMad types: "What is going on? We are being hit with a welter of irrelevant nonsense" I'd add no suggestions to do otherwise than "focus on Benghazi" (and maybe change the word 'welter' to 'torrent.')


  7. September of course. Admittedly when a new month rolls in I sometimes forget to change how I date checks. Takes to March before I update the year.


  8. "What might be there in this Benghazi fiasco so important that this Chicago crowd is pulling out the stops to make sure the questions are not answered or even asked?" No matter how skilled the juggler he can only keep so may balls in the air. I sense alot of fear in these people. Unfortunately scared people can do alot of damage before they fall.

  9. The military may be our only hope. If (or is it when) Obama castrates enough of our military commanders - sooner or later - I would hope some of these fallen/wounded soldiers would recognize the importance of defending America from domestic enemies. I have little by way of confidence in the republican congressional members, particularly the leadership.

  10. Alas, on the bright side, at least this American purge is done by character assassination rather than firing squad....... less messy and at some point these walking dead still might speak. These folks are playing much bigger than Benghazi - they want to gut the military. It's the Van Jones communist playbook of destroying the American faith in the entire military institution. coupled with taking down the "system" as we know it. Creating government dependency turns people into subjects instead of citizens, fueling racial discord pits citizen against citizen. Leading the media around in frenzied circles chasing their own tails diverts attention from what this administration is really doing. Sad, sad farce being played out on the national stage!


    1. I agree except for "leading the media around".
      The media has willfully ignored Benghazi, along with
      anything truthful about Obama and his thug administration.

      The media is a power structure all unto its own who seemingly are in lock step with the lefties, pushing
      a socialist/marxist/communist agenda to destroy us.

  11. President Clinton should have been convicted and tossed out of office for his crimes. The press, however, was more than happy to pursue the red herring "sex with an intern" story in order to avoid laying out the actual charges against President Clinton.

    Think the current White House is above using the same playbook? Think the current press is an unwilling participant?


  12. "What might be there in this Benghazi fiasco so important that this Chicago crowd is pulling out the stops to make sure the questions are not answered or even asked?"

    You have repeatedly offered the most likely explanation - the gun running from Libya to Turkey to Syria. I suspect you are moving closer to asking the larger question of why.

    Going back to your own observations, there was no compelling reason for the US to get involved in the overthrow of Gaddafi. Britain and France had some motivation in having seen how Libyan oil money was being siphoned off for personal enrichment by Gaddafi when that same money could just as easily be in their sweaty palms. So, what was Obama's motivation? Perhaps to put the Muslim Brotherhood into power? Libya had long been a neutered country. Gaddafi was not a good person but it had been a long time since he last tried to play on the international stage.

    Egypt had been relatively peaceful for decades. Sure, there were internal problems but they had stopped making war on neighbors. Enter Obama's Arab Spring and the installation of the muslim Brotherhood. What does Obama gain here? Perhaps a more pliable government which he can use?

    Why turn over the apple cart in Syria? Again, to give the Muslin Brotherhood the reins of power?

    To an outsider, the Muslim countries have always looked like a hot mess. Too many tribes and sects fighting for control... Fighting with each other. The nations being overthrown by Obama's Arab Spring are being taken over by the Muslin Brotherhood. Why does Obama want the Muslim Brotherhood to be in control of so many of these countries? What does he gain?

    The Muslim Brotherhood sits at the same table as Al Qaeda. They both want a religion controlled government. They want Sharia Law. They want a one world government under Sharia Law. What does Obama want?

    1. Destruction of Israel! Looks to be underway right now.

  13. John, you ask:

    "So, what was Obama's motivation?"

    From back March 2011, Andrew McCarthy writing in The National Review:

    Then here's John McCain's speech on the floor of the Senate, same month and year:


    1. I really hate being asked to read the words of John McCain... but I did it anyway.

      Because as a nation our support for human rights is so 'on-again off-again' in nature, I always doubt the truthfulness of politicians using it as an excuse. I am always left to try and discern motive.

    2. Sorry 'bout that John.

      Only reason I linked those were to illustrate why I believe returning to a more Traditional Conservatism is a better route than the Neocon's strain.

      Robs the Left of plausible deniability (responsibility to use another word)... but the main takeaway from reading that horse, er, poop - the President, barring a formal Declaration of War, could've resisted whatever came out of the mouths of some few in Congress. Only the CinC can commit forces. Therefore the ultimate responsibility for this debacle lies in the one branch of government.

      The military is very good when we want to break or just generally screw stuff up. If we as a nation wish to do social work - call in the NGOs.

      And, pay attention to ALL our politicians. There's something in Washington DC's water supply.


  14. The mishandling of the military vote in the election appears to be part of the misadministration's emasculation efforts. Also, its political use and planned incompetence of the FBI is on display. The agency has been reduced to delving into sex trivialities while giving the Benghazi investigation a brief and belated perusal. Reporters had faster access to Benghazi and made more finds than the FBI did.

  15. Fast & Furious was a gun running operation that caused the Obama Admin no heartburn, no pain in the slightest despite the facts of Americans getting killed and guns flooding into the hands of terrorists. I don't see why they would go to the extent of black mailing Petraeus to hide some covert gun running op to Syria especially since many in the GOP want us to arm the "patriotic" Syrians....if they exist. They already knew the exposure of gun running is pain free. Nope got to be something else and far worse.

    There appears to be no checks and balances acting upon the Obama Admin at this time. Whatever they did is likely to to hidden away and eventually sanitized from the paper trail and electronic trail long before Jan 2017. Maybe Petraeus will shock the world with the truth when he testifies...the chance is there if ever so slight.

    1. "Nope got to be something else and far worse."

      Open-source reports "about" three weeks ago, there was a meeting at the Interior Minister level that took place in Herat Province. The attendees were the ministers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and ... Iran.

      On the surface it would seem to make sense those players would wish to seeks some sort of accommodation - but as I understood it three weeks ago, our forces' pullout from that cesspool in 2014 was etched in stone.

      Recent media reports however seem to have Panetta stating we're gonna be leaving a residual force in Afghanistan. Now wouldn't that be just hunky-dory?

      Though I doubt the Israelis would consider it so.


  16. One hopes that P4 made his final trip to Libya before the election to gather evidence before he was sacked.

  17. What do we take pride in? The military. Tarnish it. The Chicago way is use sex either with lies, innuendos or actual stupidity on man's part. And, it seems like the Magic Fairy of sexual misconduct landed in O's lap just as he signed an EO to give HS a little more control over local law enforcement. Think about what O said in this clip.

    It's about Benghazi!

  18. Bush promoted war fighters to flag rank. Obama is getting rid of the war fighters. Before camp Bastion was attacked, the military was told not to fire on civilians who were stealing barbed wire. Fifteen insurgents entered the base, destroyed 7 aircraft, and killed the base commander along with a seargeant. For me we can't get out of Afghanistan fast enough.

  19. Given how Petraeus has been viewed as one of our great generals, Obama would viewhim as a threat. If Petraeus entered the political fray or lead the military community against the progressives, it would be difficult to counter as long as Petraeus is one of our idols. By taking Petraeus down now, he's setting himself up for the future changes he has in mind. Petraeus is now cut down to size and won't be a threat.

    Who do we have in the military that stands out like an Ike? No one. As Obama's admin makes power grabs, who will counter him? Wen he breaks the law, he won't step down. Do you see the Congress impeaching him? The House might but not the Senate. The divided government will let him run because of patisanship. The military won't step in.

    What other institution can counter his cause? The Supreme court? Not likely. When the court made orders against him over the oil drilling moritorium, he ignored that and worked around it. Will the media? Not likely given their love of him. Who's left? The people...will they rise up? I'm not hopefully there...we need to organize better than the progressives and we just aren't there yet. Dark times indeed...


  21. Sir, at our prayer group that meets on Weds to simply pray for God's guidance upon our nation, I observed that one of the few heroes we have is our military. Coming around Veteran's Day (this too, was not accidental), was designed to debase the last real folks we trusted. And he has succeeded.
    Benghazi was a debacle of the highest magnitude. But I feel, sadly, only God will be able to bring justice.
    As Rush said in 2009, Congress is irrelevant now, and they are. There is nothing they can do. It is a travesty. You keep speaking. It is important. There are few patriots left.

  22. I may well be wrong (though I'm far from concluding - the absurdity of these so recent events/reporting puts me in mind of whichever soap opera one's birthdate suggests) ...

    Wellington would himself admire what we're doing to ourselves - DiploMad says FOCUS! I'm of, personally speaking, the same opinion.

    Consider: We've just lost an election during which (and especially in the final days their experts told us was close - our "experts" guarenteed (remember Ann Coulter's exposition of The Bradley Affect on FOX' Hannity?) And so we went to bed thinking "All is right with the world, Mitt wins and the Grinch ain't gonna steal Christmas after all."

    And that bugaboo "entitlements." Of course everybody (except for DiploMad if you noticed his inclusion of USDA on the list to eradicate) accepted it'd be their entitlements other than the ones which really aren't entitlements.

    Just by way of example - I live in an Arkansas County which tax revenues (given the current state) would be hard-pressed to maintain current levels of service - police, fire, medical, library ... but the State of Arkansas came in and condemned our jail. What to do?

    A USDA "Grant" of two and a half million bucks got grabbed by our newly elected This income redistribution sucks bigtime! Tea Party Patriots. - Nevermind that I admit to urging her on because our county was needing a place (which DiploMad also points out) to incarcerate our drug offenders.

    Our County would've taken maybe a couple of decades to garner that $2M without ... oh it would've been a bunch of stuff. In defense I'd just say a whole lot of expenditures were getting expenditured having to pay other counties to jail the kids getting busted for their cars reeking of marijuana.

    Sad thing is our "Tea Party Patriots" consider neither the $6M they receive annually (same families including our recently elected State Rep) the same way other "entitlements" are awarded or distributed.

    I will admit, I don't worry personally very much, except I've two Grandsons active (one deployed) - the nephews I figure unless my sisters call on me can take care of themselves

    But there's this thing I cannot (excepting this most ridiculousness with our General Officers and our Pols and Tampa Socialites with FBI "Buddies" ... oh crap) accept.

    I worry. I've got Grandsons on active. I don't know.

    Leave it to the Diplomats I guess.


  23. Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler all got rid of top military people.

  24. How exactly was the original Broadwell "cyberstalking" a federal crime? If fraud was involved, it would be wire fraud. But how exactly do a series of rude emails constitute "cyberstalking"? Is "cyberstalking" or anything like it even defined in the US Code? Does the FBI cyber unit actually have any mandate whatsoever for anything even remotely like "cyberstalking", as opposed to malicious "hacking" offenses? If not, how and why did they ever get authority to go through any of the principles' emails (which is beginning to look a lot like, er, malicious hacking)?

  25. I'll accept stipulation that Gen Allen was guiltless as a dove. But I ask, if he took part in the exchange of what is reported as 30k+ emails, just when did he have time to do the damn job he was appointed to do? And I don't care if the stupid bint has generous boobs and fancies short skirts, whatever's on offer isn't worth it. Would think the old boy would've figured that out long ago.

  26. Apparently, the Lebanese woman lobbies CENTCOM for Muslims: