Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"The UN Ambassador had nothing to do with Benghazi" . . . uh, yeah, that's the point . . .

The press continues to follow the hare into Wonderland.

Did you watch that Presidential press conference today? I became so furious and depressed after watching it that I had to go for a long walk around the lake. We all know--well about 50% of us do--that Obama is as dishonest, arrogant, and downright deceitful as the Chicago political machine factory can make 'em.  But the press, the press . . . they just get worse and worse and worse . . .

I can't go through the whole thing; I am too old for that, so let me focus on just one little item.

The quote in this post's heading comes from the President responding in his usual tone of mock outrage to a suggestion that Senators McCain and Graham would oppose any effort to make Susan Rice the next Secretary of State. He acted all manly man protecting his womenfolk, "They should come after me" not her because she "had nothing to do with Benghazi." No follow up from any of those supine journos to that amazing statement? Nobody stood up and said, "Exactly, Mr. President, that's the point. Why was she sent out by the White House to discuss something she knew nothing about? Where was the National Security Advisor, the Secretaries of State and Defense, the CIA Director?"

When Rice took to the airwaves this little blog noted that,
Once the misadministration got its lies lined up, it unleashed the dreadful political hack Susan Rice on the media in a Sunday morning blitz of all the major news shows. Like the dutiful hack she is, Ambassador Rice, a person with no direct knowledge of events in Libya, mind-numblingly repeated the line that the attack was by "folks" outraged over a 14-minute anti-Islam video produced in California by an expatriate Egyptian Christian. She assured the complacent media throughout the day that there was no evidence of premeditation, of planning, of a terror operation, and, of course, relied on the ultimate and very sophisticated-sounding obfuscation that there was no "actionable intelligence." The violence in Benghazi and the murders of four Americans were all an unfortunate result of a "spontaneous" demonstration that got out of control. 
She lied.

Imagine if this had happened under a GOP administration.



  1. Lack of "Actionable Intel" is completely disingenuous.

    The date was ... well. Of course we "shouldn't" offend the region's religious but the fact is that number - eleven.

    It can be I suppose Wiki'd


  2. Perhaps this is just hope springs eternal, but maybe Petraeus will soldier up and bring everything down with his testimony behind closed doors. It won't help with the press because they are lost to the cause, never to be trusted or rehabbed, but there might be enough concrete evidence to break it open. Or maybe this is me, never an optimist but desperate for the country, still believing in honor and grasping at straws.

  3. Petraeus will "Soldier Up" - thing is there's a whole bunch of Senators who will not.

    Lindsay Graham (archived from a FOX News clip) on the day [October 21st 2011] he got his "other" wish.

    I only say "other" 'cause I've got 27 other links to McCain and Lindsay's video statements. Graham's begins at about 3:50 [and it's a FOX clip].

    Comes from source 'Morning Joe' however:


  4. Ok, here's my theory: Susan Rice gets a telephone call "from the White House" with "special mission" orders. She takes the call, it's Valerie Jarrett or Tom Donilon -- I'm betting the former.

    "Here's the 'special mission:' the President wants you to go on the Sunday talk shows and explain how 'our best intelligence' is that the attack in Benghazi was the result of this anti-Mohammed video, but that it's under investigation so we can't say any more.

    "This is the natural role of the Secretary of State, and the President has asked you to accept this mission and not Hillary Clinton because he's making plans for his next administration."

    Who could resist that appeal? Not Susan Rice, clearly. . .

    1. I think that's a pretty accurate description of what likely happened.

    2. Susan Rice's Greatest Hits.

      On March 6 [2008], Rice said of Obama and Hillary Clinton, “they’re both not ready to have that 3 am phone call.”

  5. Does the fate of the Republic rest on McCain and Graham [shudder], two shameless pandering nabobs of political posturing and opportunism? McCain and Graham were willing sycophants to Obama's Libya intervention and calls for arming the Syrian rebels. Before that they jumped on board with trying to silence the nutty FL pastor, to appease rampaging mobs of "offended" Afghans. Graham, in particular, made some truly outrageous statements about limitations on free speech. They jumped on board with the McCrystal "Mr. Rogers Good Neighbor Plan"..... oh yes, we'll win the hearts and minds of xenophobic tribesmen and they'll embrace Jeffersonian democracy.... Now, these two see an opportunity to make hay over Benghazi, when they fully supported arming the Syrian rebels. Sadly, I think our side is almost as dysfunctional and disingenuous as the Left. I remain doubtful there will be any satisfactory answers on Benghazi.


    1. libertybelle,

      Thanks. Whether or not we agree, ultimately agree, ever agree, I do appreciate your posing the questions.

      I've a Grandson weilding an M-4 over there just now. When he comes back I expect the other will go over pretty soon. Though I hope ... well, I guess It's kinda up to the people (blogs) with which I visit.

      Not that I've exercised such good judgement myself, I simply enlisted. I blame my Dad for my predilections of course - the bronze at the foot of his grave lists: WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam.

      Me and Dad shared a war but we never shared any stories. DiploMad? If you've any doubt, 72576.

      And to be true: Dad always told me he was brave - I was always shitting down both camolegs crying, "Mother, Mother! How did you let me get into this since Dad told both you and me it was...?

      Oh. That kinda hurt."

      And then me sending my Grandsons.

      and 'liberybelle' posits, "I remain doubtful there will be any satisfactory answers on Benghazi."

      Pretty much count on it 'libertybelle' - it's a difficult thing (apparently) to explain.


    2. Arkie, I suspect the answers aren't difficult at all. My fear is no one will stand up to the thugs in this administration. My husband served almost 25 years in the Army, he deployed to Grenada and Desert Storm. I only served a couple years in the Army. Our son served in Iraq. We just can't imagine top level commanders watching this Benghazi attack play out for hours, hearing repeated calls for help from fellow warriors under attack on the ground and there being no angry exchanges about doing something. It sure looks like the CINC ordered the military to turn their backs on pleas for help. And it looks like no one in the military is going to do the right thing and break ranks. Obama and his top officials wouldn't know the truth if it hit them on the head (remember how many versions of the Bin Laden raid they divulged in a matter of hours). Our GOP leaders offer a less than stellar example of intestinal fortitude. Pretty dismal state of affairs.


  6. Do I think Petreaus will cowboy up and tell all he knows later this week? HELL, NO. He is going to play the ever loyal bootlicker. Only one shoe has dropped on Petreaus (the affair) and don't doubt for one minute that Valerie Jarrett has the other shoe, whatever that may be.

    As to Graham and McCain, they need to just get the hell out of the way and let Jason Chaffez, Trey Gowdy and Louie Gohmert have at Petreaus. Both of them are just trying to hog the cameras. It's what they do.

    Has anyone noticed how many high ranking officers have been taken down in just the past month? Three generals and one admiral. Quite a few notches on Obama's anti-military gun.


  7. Yes Mr. Mad, deep breaths and long walks. Plus 15 min. a day of UV rays. Especially after daylight bleeping savings starts! I mean it, even if the temp drops to 30 below zero, you go getchoo a bouquet of magical rays to ward off and completely kill depression. Just ask my other 14 personalities!

    So. I do not understand the McCain & Graham bashing. Seriously. Those two plus Senators Kyl & Ayotte have been busting tail from coast to coast. Okay, you have some gripes over this issue or that issue. Sorry, these guys & gal are LEADING on the important issues of Nat'l Security and Foreign Policy, and putting themselves ON THE LINE. Get over your petty grievances. It makes me puke. I heard Rush refer to Lindsey as "Grahamnesty" today and I shut him off on the spot. If he/we revert to that ugly, counterproductive era of opposing GWB's comprehensive imm reform, during which we shot off nine out of ten toes, we will never walk again.

    Last point: I am beginning to wonder if we're all focused on the wrong general testifying. Please take a look at this and tell me why we shouldn't be shouting for General Ham to testify:

    1. Replying to my own last point after receiving this response from a trusted source:

      I've talked with a couple of guys who are on Ham's staff. Not true. Ham actually was in Washington in the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon when this was going down. He did get authorization to deploy the CIF, but they were deployed in Croatia. By the time they were recalled and got to the planes to take them forward they were too late to get to the consulate/annex.

      My apologies for misleading anyone. I'm disappointed, but I don't want to waste time chasing fairytales.

  8. Tweeted Wed. night/8pm:

    John Batchelor ‏@batchelorshow - speaker is Eli Lake of Newsweek RT @esqcapades: On my radio guy is saying Mike Morell will testify tomorrow that CIA didn't ask for backup.

    Eli Lake was interviewed during Hour 2 of JB show Wed. night. Listen here:

  9. If I am too far out please ignore me. Is a possible scenario that the State Department was meeting with Turkish Ambassador and doing deals with Syria without CIA or DoD knowledge or coordination? They let them hang out there alone for a while, but it was a bit too long. Now they have to pay.

  10. 2013 - Impeach Obama in the House of Representatives
    2014 - Republicans take the US Senate majority
    2015 - US Senate convicts Obama

    repeat for Biden, Hillary and Eric Holder

  11. The keys to Benghazi are this. Our Ambassador was hunted down on 9/11 and murdered by a AQ militia that was well trained for their task. Americans defending our territory were killed as well as our CIA annex and consulate destroyed. To this day, the Obama Administration has not taken any steps to kill or capture those responsible for the planning and execution of these attacks. Al Qaeda showed it is a formidable force on 9/11/2012 and the Administration has to be held to account for letting it rebound from the weakened state of 1/21/2009.

    The rest of the permutations are just idle in my view.

    1. Or a staged campaign set-piece was hijacked by AQ and the misadminstration's false flag blew up in their face?

      How strangely Obama obsessed and could not let go of "The Video" narrative.

      How unprecedented Obama's refusal to grant Cross Border Authority when theater command intercepted the pleas for rescue.

      How bizarre that assets inside Libya were ordered to stand down.

      And how statistically improbable Obama would fixate on an unknown video made by someone who is likely an Muslim Brotherhood operative now sitting in protective isolated confinement in a California prison; a video translated into to Arab dialects not understood by the filmmaker.

      How weird that theater command had no prior notice and were not alerted to the presidential envoys of the United States and Turkey meeting in that dangerous and unstable part of Benghazi on the night of 9/11.

      How bizarre they had to learn of it as it happened, scrambling rescue assets from hundreds of miles away as they awaited the President to grant Cross Border Authority for those rescuers to cross the border into Libya to rescue the personal envoy of the President of the United States.

      Did I get something wrong here, or is the "what's wrong" the fact the above is what happened?

      "Obama's October Surprise ends in Murder-by-Neglect."

      Is that what the headlines should be?

  12. This is so simplistic and perhaps ill informed, but....There's chatter about why Obama is going to bat for Susan Rice. Susie is anti Israel and pro Arab and this is not a new stance for her. Perhaps this is reflective of Obama's foreign policy for the unchecked second term when he can reign with more flexibility and Susie would have no problems promoting that as SOS. I have been underwhelmed with Obama's support of Israel and no comment on Morsi's condemnation of Israel today.

  13. Mark Levin had Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post on his show today. She reported that the rockets that are being fired into Israel originated in Libya. So Hamas in Gaza is attacking Israel with firepower from Libya. What was going on in Benghazi? What was Stevens up to? What was going on in the CIA annex? Mr. Obama owes us answers. We need to keep up the pressure and not let up!

    1. Due to the range - the rockets landing near Tel Aviv have to be Fajr-5s. These would not be "Libya" manufactured rather...

      Most likely these rockets never appeared in Gaddafi acquired arms acquistions (like some of the stuff we're seeing in Syria, SA-7s for example - if the rockets raining on Israel are accurately Fajr-5s that tends to indicate...).


  14. Here's another twist plus Jill Kelley told a reporter she was at the WH 2 months ago. Perhaps Paula Broadwell's father was right.



  16. Obama is offended anyone questions Susan Rice.
    Obama is offended anyone questions him, in the Romney debate.
    Obama is offended anyone doubts Holder.

    "Offended" sounds like code for calling questioners racist.

    The mainstream press that continues to cover for this 4 year running example of incompetence and dribbling racialism are the real traitors.

  17. A guy named Obama said, "Queer,
    From Egypt and Libya I hear,
    'Obama, Obama,
    We all are Osama!'
    I thought there was nothing to fear!"