Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Politics of Revenge

Obama's exhortation to his followers to vote out of "revenge" is another unappealing glimpse into the soul of the President. Combine that with his heartfelt "you didn't build that,""the bitter clingers" to guns and religion, his obsession with redistribution of wealth and income, his wife's "never been proud of my country," and the couple's twenty-some years in the pews of Rev. Wright's church, and you have a pretty complete picture of the First Couple, despite their efforts to hide and reshape their past. Obama and his wife are haters. They are the perfect incarnation of the university faculty lounge/Hollywood celebrity culture of contempt, resentment, vanity, and entitlement.

On this the day before election day, we must commit ourselves to getting these haters out of the White House. That will be the first major step in beginning to get our country back to its founding principles and off the road to Greece and irrelevance.


  1. We The People of these United Stated cannot stand, and will not tollerate another four years under the rampant abuses and violent usurpations of the present administration. What this free and soverign people cannot obtain through the peaceful and lawful means of the electoral process, must be obtained by whatever further means are necessitated to remove those who conspire darkly against the Liberty which is our birthright. The power and authority of the American people remains unalienable and inviloate – to have that government which is most likely to effect our safety and happiness. The only legitimate government is that which the American people will peacably accept upon those terms, and towards those legitimate ends.

  2. Your analysis is must reading which I frequently enjoy. Too bad you don't have a wider forum, as few people seem to recognize the danger represented by Obama (and his backers)!

  3. paul vincent zecchinoNovember 5, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    It was right in front of them for any who cared to see it. More than four years ago, sight unseen, a few syllables heard on radio soundbites, there it stood: massive chips on each goat-shoulder, the massive obssession with burning grievances for innumerable imaginary slights, the lust for revenge against everyone, how could people miss this?

    That obnoxious, lifeless, stilted, hollow baritone with nothing - absolutely nothing - beneath the larynx, how did they miss it?

    The idiotic, pig-ignorant fawning praises of 'eloquence' would blush any high school of college frosh drama or speech student. Eloquent he was not nor will he ever be.

    Those stone-dead eyes confirmed all that the ear first heard, yet they went for it like lemmings to cliffs.

    Those stale, recycled leninist blitherings of 'hope and change' - didn't castro use the same slogans to enslave his millions? How could anyone be so blind? Have we become two nations?

    Later came confirmation of all which instinct screamed, in for of revelations about communist drunk, pimp, subversive, pedophile, and porno-peddler frank marshall davis, Party Card #:47544, FBI file: 600 pages.

    Family friends with the FBI who worked the NYC waterfront sixty years ago long warned, the greater peril was not the MOB but rather communist rats who say and do anything to gain their genocidal ends.

    And genocide lies invariably at the end of their infinite intrigues.

  4. Well Diplomad,
    The sun sets and tommorrow comes and the trial begins. The Obama people put alot of faith in "the message". Well I have a message for them.

    "for if you hide the presidency
    Even in your hearts, there will we rake for it:
    Therefore in fierce tempest are we coming,
    In thunder and in earthquake, like a Jove,
    That, if requiring fail, we will compel"

    My apologies to Shakespeare, but it is apt.
    Keep up the work Diplomad, gentlemen to the morrow!

  5. Frankly, if the polls mean anything, Romney can't win this one except if there's somehow a tie and it goes into the House of Representatives. Yet in such a scenario, I strongly suspect that our current crop of Democratic activists will agitate for riots and wildcat strikes across the country. They mean to have their Third-World Messiah (endorsed by Hugo Chavez and Hassan al-Turabi, no less!) at any cost to the country.

  6. Do I detect a tension and feverish quality to the comments today, ha. Be encouraged! Personally, I will crawl through a field of broken glass and concertina wire, swim a moat filled with acid, slide down a splintered banister wearing speedos … well you get the idea… to vote this bozo out tomorrow. Alas, I live in TN and my vote won’t be needed. Maybe I will sneak into Virginia and try to vote there too. All goofing aside, I’m fairly confident Romney will take it tomorrow. Sorely tempted to place a couple K on Romney to win on intrade market. Intrade seems to be unduly influenced by the MSM and have a lot of Europeans bettors , who are, despite their pretensions otherwise, ridiculously ignorant of American politics.

    1. The intrade numbers have been suspect for a couple of weeks. Perhaps the explanation is that folks who want Romney to win have placed Obama bets just in case. That way, if The Dear Golfer wins, they will at least make a few dollars with which to buy booze to drown their sorrows. And if they lose, they will consider it money well spent.

    2. Well, I didn't exactly crawl over broken glass this morning, but I did vote for R&R. However, in this deep indigo state where I live, I doubt it will make much of a difference.

  7. Parlor Tyrants. Hegelian to their very core: phrenologist; eugenicist; utopian supremacists.

    Hopefully the era of our Carpetbagger In Chief is over. The carpetbaggery must end while there is still a nation to salvage.

    No more Social Justice poultice for me. The red roux of Equality is the fatal ruin of individual Liberty.

  8. From the very beginning, after winning the presidency, Obama maintained his Chicago thug attitude. Prior to his nomination I was surprised by Obama's campaign against Clinton. During the primaries he seemed a civil an reasonable candidate. That changed as soon as his opponent wasn't a woman. He became the person I know today. What continues to amaze me is the ongoing support he receives. I am hopeful that support has fallen far enough to allow a patriot to win the election today. Romney must win.

  9. I do not want to hear "fair share, "fair shot" or "level playing field" every again! BTW, thank a poll worker today. As the wife of one, it can be a very thankless job. He left at 5:30 this morning and will be home around midnight.

    I'm with you, John. I don't understand O's support. But I didn't understand it in 2008. I'm optimist for Mitt! We need to take back the Senate, too!

  10. I find DiploMad brilliant using the usual standard, how much he agrees with me.

    "You know what else would be nice? A foreign policy that amounts to more than kumbayah and innocents abroad."
    Posted at 5:32 am by Sarah Hoyt (a fine author)

    Seen on Instapundit election day

  11. thank you diplomad for service to country pre and post retirement. - another reader with some travel experience in m.e.

  12. Well I blew that one. Just have to work harder. After all Washington took a little while to win the revolution.

  13. Time to fly the flag upside down...
    Uncle Sam, you had a good run.
    We had a Republic, as long as we could keep it...but that was yesterday.

    born 4 July 1776
    died 6 November 2012

    Resurrection is hoped for...but it's gonna be a long, uphill battle.

    1. The last 4 years of the Obama Administration have now been ratified by the voters. Big Government, including ObamaCare, is what they want. The America that the founders intended is
      now over.

  14. they'll have four years to overturn voter ID, grant amnesty by fiat, gerrymander the voting districts, replace supreme court justices, destroy the oil and coal industries, install and reinforce unions that vote in lockstep with the party.
    You won't recognize the political landscape by 2016.

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