Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

More "Flexibility" After the Election: Going After the Truth

We all remember the meeting in Seoul last March when President Obama told Vladimir Putin's stunt double, Dmitry Medvedev, that he would "have flexibility" after the elections to sell us out reach a deal with the Russians on missile defense. It is time that the GOP and conservatives, unfortunately not always the same thing, adopt the same principle when dealing with Obama.

Tuesday's elections guarantee a colossal Washington gridlock. The President has a much-diminshed popular base, and only a tenuous control of a Senate that has a Democrat membership sprinkled with some hard-left loons, e.g., Elizabeth "Native Daughter" Warren of Massachusetts, and some conservative sorts, e.g., Joe Manchin, who have, at best, a very loose loyalty to Obama. He relies for control of this unruly body on corruptocrat Harry Reid, a man with only a tenuous grip on reality, himself. The House, of course, will remain under the control of the GOP.

This provides the GOP a golden opportunity to halt the Obamacare disaster which threatens to ruin what is left of our economy, prevent any more whacky leftist initiatives, and, the subject of this post, to get to the bottom of huge scandals which the media have ignored and which apparently, because of their alleged "complexity," did not lend themselves to the campaign. We should insist that the House launch thorough investigations of "Fast and Furious"; Benghazi-gate; Solyndra, Tesla, Fiskar, and other crony capitalism "green investments"; the deplorable handling of relief efforts in the wake of hurricane Sandy; the giving away of Chrysler to FIAT; leaks of sensitive information; and myriad other acts of  corruption and malfeasance at the highest levels of this misadministration. We can all think of many more. Let's get some sweating officials and some indictments. Let's take a page from the Democrat playbook, especially since nothing else will be happening in Washington.

The new Congress should be the "Truth and Transparency" Congress.  Let's all insist on that as the true legacy of November 6, 2012.


  1. Absolutely spot on........except that Boehner seems to require supplemental testosterone therapy to do anything more than bow and scrape in the presence of IMPOTUS.

    1. i agree. i think romney blew it when he failed to go for the throat on benghazi but who knows what he was briefed on by cia. i cant help but remember how cia leaked to make bush look bad.

      issa has had the goods on fnf but w/out boehner support no way to close. i suspect same on benghazi but again this is not about where assets where but about being lied to and the 51% just didnt know or care...

    2. romney had the momentum and the national stage and simply...went silent. he had the chance to do a gingrich on the msm and call out amb rice for the fraud puppet for obama at same time...why not?

  2. Paul Vincent ZecchinoNovember 8, 2012 at 7:02 AM

    Absolutey spot on, agree. The sole flyn'the ointment being ol' weepy eyes Boehner, who will fold like a cheape camera and allow this one to finish his work of 'fundamental transformation'.

    With nothing now to restrain this regime, America Delenda Est.

    I'd be delighted to be proved wrong. Because I hate it when I'm right.

    It was obvious several months ago Romney would lose for many reasons, despite all the silliness about 'landslides'.

    We're dealing with communists in the house, for goodness' sake.

    I hate it when I'm right: congress will fold to America's Idi Amin.

    Ol' weepy blue eyes will weep in comfort. We citizens will merely have to try to survive.

    1. As a silly person, I am wondering what you saw months ago that told you Romney would lose. In my small corner of the world there was a great anti-Obama groundswell. It wasn't until the second debate when Romney went into cruise control and subsequently the third debate when Romney went on his own Obama appeasement campaign that I wondered what the campaign was doing. Still, I never expect Romney to draw fewer votes than McCain did four years earlier. Obama drew 10% fewer votes than the previous election so he was obviously vulnerable.
      In retrospect I thought Romney lost because he failed to show any teeth with respect to Benghazi and to some extent his detachment/hostility toward Israel.
      As for the future, I have to agree - Boehner has never shown any backbone. To rely on him to be the standard bearer for the Republican party is to give up before any fight begins.

    2. Massive voter fraud

    3. Does anyone with even a modicum of intellect actually believe that there were 4 million FEWER voters for Romney than for McCain? No, I didn't think so. The fix was in way back in 2008. The Stalinist Putsch that occupies the Federal Government is not going to leave without a new American Revolution.
      As the Great One, Mark Levin, said yesterday;
      All hands on deck! Resist, Obstruct, Sabotage!

    4. Actually I said for months prior to the election that Obama was going to win as well. I had hope that he would not but again I was proven correct.Sad. Essentially there are too many segments of people who want a "free lunch". The fact that it isn't really free not withstanding. Other than that, I have studied Bible Prophecy for sometime now-years in fact. Since America is never mentioned by name, although there are some who try to torture the scriptures to say that she is there, one has to wonder why the mightiest nation on earth is a non mention. Basically because she is fallen or non existent. From there you work backwards and try to figure out the why of fallen or nonexistent. God punished the pagan nations for their child sacrifice, passing their children through the fire of Molech. Seems to me that they earn an apology from God if the US is never judged for its 54 million abortions and counting. Same with Sodom and Gomorrah. We continue to mess with Israel and trying to divide the land at our national peril. Every nation that has persecuted the Jews has seen their global influence fall. There are all sorts of ways that this country can implode over a number of different issues and from the election of Obama the first time I have said that this country is under God's judgement and Obama is our punishment. I had hoped that there were enough righteous people to turn the tide but apparently not. I would add that the NWO or global government has never been a question or if but always of when. At this current time, there can be no global government with a strong America.

  3. "This provides the GOP a golden opportunity to halt the Obamacare disaster which threatens to ruin what is left of our economy, prevent any more whacky leftist initiatives, and..."

    None of this is going to happen.

    The GOP will be painted as the sole reason The People aren't getting the Stuff they were promised; the media will amplify the message all the while continuing not to cover current and future scandals as well as changing the meaning of and diminishing the importance of past scandals.

    The fact that the Democrats and the legacy media WON the election will be taken as absolute proof that they and their methods were Righteous and Right, and justify continuation of the same tactics going forward.

    The GOP simply lost the race to become the Party That Brings Stuff to The People. It does not matter that they didn't know that the race was on or thought that the race was silly.

    The situation leaves the GOP trying to be the Party That Brings MORE Stuff to The People, or being tarred as The Bad People Who Want to Take Your Stuff Away or branded as The Party of Bitchy Malcontents Who Can't Get Over Themselves. No matter which, it's a losing proposition.

    What I expect most GOP members to do is hunker down and protect their careers under the guise of being Pragmatic, Effective, or Non/Bi/Trans-Partisan. This will be Narrated as further proof of the Rightness of the Democrat/media complex.

    Yes, the new media will provide Truth (or at least fact) to those who seek it out-- but the real power of the legacy media is that it's like background music. It's ALWAYS on and playing the music someone else chose to let you hear. It reaches everyone, especially those who won't actively seek anything out on their own. Judging by the election results there are more than enough of Them to keep the Creatures in power, possibly forever barring some major change to the situation.

  4. Through all three debates I kept muttering to my family that Romney plays too nice and he's too polite to smack down Obama's blatant lies. During the third debate, one could only marvel at how easily the Obama spin team had masterfully usurped Romney's stances and Romney was left standing there defenseless and blocked from going on the offense.

    Romney may not have been the best candidate, but he's the one who emerged through our own selection process. I was one of those hopeful he would win by a landslide, because I put my faith in the conservative right.The punditocracy keeps talking about how the GOP needs to change and embrace Hispanics and women's issues, but no one is willing to utter the bald fact that hit me when the vote breakdown rolled in. The primary reason Romney lost was because he's a Mormon and the religious right waited way too long to get behind him. The Billy Graham endorsement came way too late in the game to rally the base. The conservative right thus far pounced on blaming the left for this defeat, but we need only to look in the mirror. We gave away our great republic and now we're going to have to fight like hell to change the culture from the cheap seats, without a bully pulpit to steer the country.


  5. Putin is just one foreigh policy problem. What are the Israelis going to do now that they know that the US is at best neutral? Are they just going to go ahead and destroy Iran's nuclear facilities on their own?

    1. hopefully yes. a thought experiment:
      if the crazy leader of mexico was sending missiles to tijuana to launch into schoolyards in chula vista ca and thteatening to nuke dc what woulg you want to do? wait until they do?

  6. The GOP knew what they had with Romney, gave him very little in the way of support once he was the candidate. Why were they not out in front of any of it? There were worse possible candidates. By the way, I am not in the least conspiratorial by nature, but I don't believe that Obama actually won. As for the future, maybe if they actually put the effort into really good governance, the contrast between the parties would be apparent. They have nothing to lose at this point, so why not play strong? All hat and very few cattle at the moment.

  7. DiploMad, everything you said is absolutely correct, only it ain't gonna happen, Bubba. Not unless the national GOP stops cowering in the corner like a red-headed stepchild every time his step father walks in the room for fear that he will get whipped, again.

    Everyone I know in my local GOP is absolutely disgusted with Boehner since he has the spine of an earth worm. Mitch McConnell is not far behind him. They are gun shy for a number of reasons, but one being that although it was Republicans who got the Civil Rights Act passed with a Democrat president, the Democrats developed a great ground game of turning the tables on the Republicans. For the last 40 years, everytime a Republican opens his mouth, a Democrat shouts "RACIST". It didn't matter that the accusation was false, all that mattered was that the minority public heard it.

    That tactic is over 100 years old. The Democrats used it on the Boston/New York Irish immigrants, telling them that big money Republicans were simply using them to make even more money like Scrooge McDuck. It didn't matter that it was big money Republicans providing the Irish with jobs. What mattered was what stupid people were told that the Democrats knew would not be challanged and the people would believe it. And here we are, well over a 100 years later, and Irish Catholics still for Democrat.

    There is a lot of soul searching as to why Romney lost. I can tell you. He is a northestern liberal squish who is not considered a conservative, by any stretch of the imagination, by those in flyover country. He couldn't motivate the Evangelicals in the deep red states. He didn't give the Hispanics anything to grab on to. He folded on Benghazi like a cheap suit when he had a chance to make it an issue the lapdog press could not continue to ignore. I heard Charles Krauthammer (no fan, in me) say that Republicans lost because of the Hispanic vote and said that Republicans had to adopt a platform of amnesty, with enforcement, what ever the hell that means. Krauthammer seems to be of the opinion that if we grant amnesty to those here illegally, they are going to immediately try to get citizenship so they can vote Republican. What a fool. If they get citizenship, they will vote Democrat. And we will lose in even greater numbers.

    We have to stop offering up the loser from the last election. And we have to go back to our core conservative values and become not just as loud, but louder than the Democrats. We can beat them at their own game, but not the way we are going.


  8. Here, here! No one who ran for the GOP nomination this year needs to offer themselves up next time round. No more 'my turn' candidates. There's a reason you're an also-ran.

  9. Time for the GOP to take the gloves off.

    At least there's no reason for anyone to call Obama a nice guy anymore! He's a sententious preening socialist with an habitual truth evasion problem, and a socioeconomic program that didn't work for Sweden and won't work for the US now.

    With the second election under his belt, what has the mainstream media to gain by protecting him, anyway? Why not goose their flagging ratings by going for some of the good stuff?