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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Second Term Blues

Just made it out of LA before the Obama-supporting SEIU labor union decided to thank all the Obama supporters in Los Angeles by shutting down LAX on Thanksgiving, the busiest day of the year for air travel.

I know it shouldn't, but the sight of all those Obama voters having their holiday ruined by Obama's union thugs gives me a little secret "thrill up my leg." That is what you wanted, that is what you got, and we are just getting warmed up! Next up, the fire fighters, the cops, the bus drivers, the prison guards . . . Come to California if you want a good glimpse of what the Obamistas have in mind for the rest of the country.

Welcome to Britain 1971! The same mentality that almost succeeded in turning the UK into a hollowed out offshore slum of Europe is now loose and ruling in America. Not sure if we will have a Maggie Thatcher to rescue us.

And it gets worse.

The Benghazi gate might be shutting. Perhaps some fascinating and relevant stuff is being revealed in the classified hearings, but from what I am hearing, the Obamistas are sidetracking the investigation, stalling, citing spurious national security reasons, and just letting the air go out of the balloon. More or less the same tactics they have used successfully in derailing the Fast and Furious scandal, with added plus in the Benghazi mess they have a salacious angle missing from the F&F scandal.

Obama's America is not a happy place.


  1. Well that's the problem, DM. The powers that be don't really have any interest in chasing the various transgressions, so the delay tactics work out pretty well, time after time.
    Even Issa went on holiday and forgot about nailing Holder. The rest won't even take it that far.

  2. First I'd like to complement you on your blog. Your writing is interesting and witty, and when I click away from here I usually think that I've learned something. As to Benghazi gate, I've read that the narcissist-in-chief spoke with Bibi Netanyahu for an hour during the 9/11/12 battle. Have you heard of this? And what do you think was discussed? It seems to me that the President who wanted Israel to return to it's 1967 boarders is now uncharacteristically harping about it's right to self defense and offering Our support. What gives? Does Bibi know something about Benghazi and Obama, and is Obama's new found love for Israel the price paid for his silence? I'm not really a nut, just curious and suspicious of everything this administration does.

  3. I think there are still dogs that will bark.

    When I think about that first week after the attack, it was clearly a Code Red for Democrats up and down the food chain, to include the press. It would be fun to see a sketch of the phone tree.

    I'm thinking the scope of their misdirection was out of proportion to perceived harm to Obama's re-election bid.

    From the furious morning-after press attack on Romney, to the editing of the 60 Minutes tape, Obama's flight to Vegas, Mother Jones pulling their "47 percent" October Surprise into September, the video story pushed on Capitol Hill by Democrats and Petraeus, five heaping servings of Susan Rice, the apology ad cut for Pakistanis, burying Christopher Stevens body "at sea", burying Sam Bacile alive, the debate coordination with Candy Crowley... and I'm not sure Hillary Clinton has set foot in this country until... today? After she single-handedly disarms Hamas.

  4. So, if I have followed this correctly:

    Petraeus said it was a protest, but now says he knew from the beginning it was al Qaeda and terrorism.

    Clapper says that he didn't edit the briefing but now he did edit the briefing.

    Rice says that she just parroted the briefing points, Obama now says she doesn't know anything about Benghazi so leave her out if this.

    Clinton apologized on Paki TV for the video and promised to punish those involved with it, but otherwise she has been AWOL drinking wine and staying out of the public eye.

    The classified CIA briefing given to Obama and Clinton said terrorism and al Qaeda, but the unclassified briefing given to everyone else said video, but that doesn't matter because it gives Rice plausible deniability for the Sunday presser. However, it doesn't provide any cover for Obama and Clinton.

    Of course the video feed from the drone would answer many questions, except it has been classified top secret. Does that sound like executive privilege?

    So for an administation that is supposed to be smart, honest and transparent, the don't seem to either not know, lie about it or cover it up.

  5. Andy McCarthy sums it up over at PJMedia:

    [There are] three essential issues: the Obama administration’s disastrous Libya policy, the president’s dereliction of duty on September 11, 2012, and the troubling goings-on at the Benghazi consulate that wasn’t a consulate [to include detaining militants at the CIA Annex].

    The cover-up here is not worse than the crime.

    As Ralph Peters speculates at the NYPost, Ansar Al-Sharia sent their B-Team to get Stevens at the consulate that wasn't a consulate, and they sent their A-Team to the Annex when they figured out where it was.

  6. Well today Mr. and Mrs. Benghazi of the WH and USDD respectively profusely thanked Egypt , the Muslim Brotherhood, for brokering an ME peace. Bowing is out, sucking up to terrorists and lying to the American people, in.

    1. oops USDD meant US Dept of State. Although I am sure some version of USDD could be made to work.

    2. U.S. Department of Dhimmi

  7. You also have to add the bonus of a sycophantic news media who has zero interest in exposing anything that may be detrimental to the candidate they worked so hard to elect. The next 4 years will only be more of the same.
    Next up...Obama and Reid will derail the "fiscal cliff" talks with the media providing full blame to the Republicans in the House. The Bush tax-rates will expire and Obama will make a huge show of Legislation that provides a minor tax break to the 'under 250K crowd' but they will still pay more due to the expiration of child tax credits, deductions, etc. Retirees will feel the pain when they discover they are now paying %25+ on their IRA earnings rather than the %15 from the Bush era. Obama wins and the Republicans get blamed. No budgets will be forthcoming from the Senate side so more CRs and continued 2 trillion dollar a year deficits.

    Enough gloom for now...My wishes for a safe and happy Thanksgiving to Dip and all the readers of this blog.

    1. THANK YOU for not calling them the Bush tax cuts. They had become the new tax rates when the democrats voted to KEEP them going.

  8. Remember 50% of Americans voted for him and the policies.
    not including the walking dead, illegals and other foreigners enabled by NGO's paid your taxes!!!!

    I'm not laughing, I'm crying for as you go down the tubes so does the rest of the neighborhood for the bad guys will be emboldened and the light of freedom you were will fade.

  9. Mr. Mad, I'm so glad you escaped L.A. ahead of the rumble.

    Yes, I am sorry to conclude as you have that the gate is shutting on Benghazi. So few people -- even smart, deeply concerned people -- were robbed of critical information when it would have made a difference. Then events quickly became very confusing (by design), and then the Kelleydashians & Broadwell entered the parade (also by design) and next thing you know, along came the election and now the Holidays. Absent all of that, the American attention span is nearly impossible to capture for longer than a week. But add a little cleavage and some bodice ripping emails and it is pretty easy to herd the majority away from the crime scene and on to the next entertainment event. Welcome to Postmodernia.

  10. Oh I dunno. Myself, I always enjoyed Allman Brothers.

    Of course you'll need speakers:



  11. The Democrats have their own protocol for such events and follow them well. Unfortunately the GOP leadership also has a protocol. Founded on an unwavering belief that it will lose any PR encounters with the Democrats, it will not come out and engage, thus guaranteeing that the Democrats will have their way, and proving to the GOP leaders once again that they were correct in their actions.

  12. How do you fight a war hero (on both sides of the isle) in the middle of a war?

    There were other foreign diplomats with security in Benghazi that night and morning. I guess no one keeps in touch, Diplomad? How well the Austrian, Italian and Swedish consulate personnel (among others) slept through the night for I have not heard otherwise.

    There came a time when nations were asked to choose between British political aggression with a bully navy and the entrepreneurs of America. With providence, they chose wisely to normalize gratitude from abundance -- the lamp of liberty held aloft in humility before God according to the dictates of our own conscience thy civilization is self-governing free born men. That history repeats and the moment for the world to gaze on an ever aggressive weighted blanket of government on the Spirit of '76 people may be a never ending attack on the outpost of freedom, but it should give nations pause to know they acquiesced to perverse waste made in the battlefield.

    The men who were abandoned and murdered in Benghazi did not stand behind a patch on their arm of the American flag as soldiers do but nonetheless on equal footing behind the plow on American soil. Most of the people who have a voice in the world now see what is going on globally, and it is time for their choosing between those who seek collective harmonization over our individual rights Union. Americans do not means test souls for our blood and treasure, but just who precisely is preserving your peace? The world's silence for America's fallen is every bit as deafening as their cheerleading for tyranny.

  13. DM - have you seen Doug Hagmann's assessment/interview on Canada Free Press blog? and do you have any comments?