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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Living with the Zombie Apocalypse

My whole life I have loved science and science fiction especially those old 1950s and early 60s sci-fi flicks. For the most part, they took themselves and their audiences seriously, and assumed some scientific and political literacy among the general population. They were wonderfully paranoid and fed off our fears--legitimate ones, at that--of a nuclear holocaust or, at least, of a Commie take over.

My elementary school years, especially during the Cuban missile crisis, left me strong and fond memories of "duck and cover" exercises, and of wondering whether a school desk, even one solidly built in the USA, would suffice to ward off the effects of the latest Soviet H-bomb. After these exercises, many of us boys would gather and speculate on how the world would look after a nuclear exchange. Each of us had a different vision in accord with the latest sci-fi picture seen. Some saw the end as a variation of "On the Beach," and pondered how they would get to Australia. Others devised a scenario more akin to "The World, the Flesh, and the Devil"--wondering who would get Inger Stevens--or to one of the many grim ends portrayed in "Twilight Zone" or "Outer Limits" episodes. Those with more gore-laden imaginations envisioned a world of zombies, vampires, or mutants on the loose, as, for example, in Vincent Price's very dark rendition of "Last Man on Earth."  

Since the November 6 elections, I have seen what the end will look like: a cross between "Things to Do in Denver when You're Dead," and any number of ultra-bleak walking dead or zombie apocalypse movies. As mentioned before, I am temporarily in southern California. If the old cliche proves true that California is the harbinger of things to come, the end draws nigh, and not because of a Soviet nuclear attack. This is a state devastated by lunatic pro-immigration, education, environmental, and fiscal policies. This is a self-inflicted mortal wound. What's doubly weird is that those who supported this act of collective suicide, given the chance, would do it again. It is amazing how many people leave California for other states but take with them the attitudes and voting patterns that brought disaster to their home state. They are moths to the bright flame of liberalism; they can't figure out why their wings keep catching fire.

Conversations with Obama voters in California leave me stunned. There can be few other persons more ignorant of basic economic facts and processes. They seem oblivious to the collapsing stock market, and the unemployment, poverty, inflation, and taxation tsunamis about to sweep over us all. Many are wealthy, but have gotten so in arenas several levels removed from the real economy: environmental or consumer advocates and lawyers, working for NGOs, consultants, entertainers, etc. They do not see themselves as part of the one percent, despite their $100,000 Fiskar Karmas, BMWs, Lexus, Jags, and the more modest $42,000 environmentally proper Prius. These people are loons; worse, they are the post-apocalyptic vampires and walking dead determined to drag the rest of us with them to their liberal hell.

This is much worse than imagined in my schoolyard lunchtime conversations fifty-plus years ago. I see no way back from this zombie apocalypse, and am frightened, very frightened--and my Kimber 1911 sits in a storage facility three thousand miles away . . . lots of zombies between it and me.


  1. Midwest transplant to SoCal here. You are so right about LotusLand. Really don't see a way out for the state, other than hitting bottom hard, and thats going to take a long time.

    What we have is pathological denial shared from bottom to top of the food-chain, fully rationalized and now locked into place by the citizens voting in a supermajority of Democrats in both legislative houses and the Governor office.

  2. Weird you say this. Mila Jovovitch's Resident Evil sci fi schlocker was playing on late night TV couple of nights ago.

    Seeing the zombie hordes shambling through the smoking ruins of Los Angeles in search of something to devour, I thought; Obamavoters!

    Of course Mila's character in criss-cross pistol holsters blows away the zombies with aplomb. Best fun on the TV for a while, and a more relevant to current events than MSM no-news.

    The trouble is the intellectual elites. Most of the people most of the time don't know what's going on, and it doesn't really matter. But when the influential 'best and brightest' have been so coddled all their lives that they refuse to acknowledge in their worldview irreducible ugly things like death, war, insolvency, competition, scarcity and maths, it's a track to decline.

  3. You may need to buy a CA hunting license and carry a long weapon - partially broken down, of course, in your vehicle's "hardened" trunk. With that will come less fear and a tad more self-confidence. Consider it an insurance expense.

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  5. The Kimber is a work of art... mine used to be my favorite. It was. Then I found the Sig P220 X6, or did it find me? The Sig is the perfection that Kimber tries to emulate.

    As for the less serious topic (the apocalypse), I moved from SoCal to Cleveland (yes, that would be Cleveland, Ohio) about 4-years ago. While I am still outnumbered by the democrats, I find the Ohio variety to be a bit less annoying. And, a house costs ~20% of what it would sell for in the land of fruits and nuts. There are more places in town that will sell me a gun than stores selling frozen yogurt... a lot to like on the shore of Lake Erie. When the flow of free stuff stops, and it will stop, the zombies here will know it much sooner than their distant cousins in California.

  6. Huge agreement from us!

    My amazingly quaint, rather hilly and picturesque CA home town, Sebastopol (60 mi. north of San Francisco, 20 miles from the coast) stayed relatively normal until the early 70s, when the northern areas became more of a bedroom suburb for the larger cities south. The Sebastopol city council declared itself a "nuclear-free zone" years ago and has signs at the city limits to prove it. Also, same council recently passed an ordinance forbidding smoking within the city limits, including one's OWN home!! But get this... pot for personal use is legal!

    We're not sure how they enforce this, because the questions are numerous. Are neighbors encouraged to turn in offenders? Is there a reward? Are the bell-ringers sure it's tobacco smoke and not POT smoke they're smelling? Do they send their children out as scouts? We all know teens have an acute sense of pot smoke.... Can pot smokers be at leisure in their back yards with the tobacco smokers hiding in the innermost bathrooms?

    I haven't quite figured out all the answers yet!


    1. Let me commiserate with you... I lived in Santa Cruz for a few years in the early 70s. It was just after the banana slugs (UofC at Santa Cruz for the uninitiated) realized they outnumbered the real people. In short order they took over the city government and the place has never been the same since. Bizarre is the only word to describe the place.

    2. Hi SandraC,
      I, too, am from Sebastopol, although I live outside the city limits! And I, too, have watched with frustration as the urban transplants from places like Bezerkley have moved in and taken over. And don't forget the lesbian contingency.
      One of the things I find laughingly ironic is that most (if not all) of the Analy kids you see lurking around the back of the Safeway, smoking cigarettes (and pot) are the offspring of the said liberal take over contingency. You know of whom I speak. So I guess these coddled losers will not be able to smoke in the alleyway? Will the motor cycle cop, who spends all day on Petaluma Ave, Main Street and Bodega Ave writing tickets to hapless motorists have to start ticketing these losers? What will happen when word gets back to the "green and sustainable" parents?
      And to top it all off, the newly elected councilman, Jacobs, runs medical marijuana dispensaries! The absurdities never end.

    3. SandraC Sez:

      Amazing that we should meet on "The Mad 2.0 Pad"!

      Love my home town, still amazing to visit. But, it's weird. God Speed to you and be careful

  7. Sigh. I wanted a Kimber, but it wasn't on the list of weapons I could buy in Massachusetts. Again...sigh.

  8. Dear Diplomad: If your State Department service can be construed to fit the parameters of H.R. 218 (The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004, as amended), you would be eligible to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit for both revolver and semi-automatic handguns which is valid in all 50 states, regardless of local constraints - still limits carry on federal property.

    Also, I am signing as "anonymous", because I can't figure out how to use the other options.

    Thanks for all the informative articles. I often link your opinions to facebook. Andy Karas

    1. SandraC Sez:

      Me, too. Maybe Mr. Mad could instruct us?

  9. Diplomad, if you can make it to Colorado, I can offer you shelter and a "loaner"...while not a Kimber, I have spares that make the same size holes...

    We're all starting to suffer from "outrage fatigue" and I think that's the left's plan...so many outrageous assaults on Liberty that no one can focus on fighting any particular one...

    Stay Strong...


  10. I think the modern popularity and fixation on zombies speaks to some subconscious symbolic psychology. We feel we are surrounded by non thinkers...zombies. feel that aren't geuine and just going through the motions. We crave to not be on so we make them the enemy and defeat them. We are always out numbered by them yet through wit overcome them. Zombies are a metaphor for the trend in our current society. All of the kids today that low to kil zombies on xbox are craving a path to be a thinker. They are quite I'll and some are too far gone, but some can be saved. Please reach out to them and show them the way to a cure for what causes the illness.

  11. I too share your amazement that educated people who are able to discourse on many subjects don't understand how a country or even a family works.
    They are blind because they are deceived, a good friend told me to help my angst.
    Right now it all seems overwhelming but we muct remember it is only 50% of the population, they other 50% are savable.

    1. Believing ones dreams of perfection were reality has to be a certifiable mental defect. It's the only logical conclusion.

    2. They are overtly miseducated; victims of institutional fraud. Many overtly were conditioned; practicing the affect of knowledge. Physicist/Philosopher Karl Popper called it "scientism" the affect of science without the effect of scientific method. Popper was alarmed about the creeping ennui of Hegelianism and its religious obsession with dialectics and reductionism.

      Obama is the most Hegelian president of record. Experimentalizing Hegelian governments are murderous; from Stalin to Pol Pot, all were derivative experimentalizing Hegelian governments. Retired social scientist and political historian Rudolf Rummel made the history of Democide his life work.

      Rummel documented that of all citizens killed during the wars of the 20th Century, six times more citizens where killed in times of peace during the 20th Century by their governments. He characterized this murder by government as "Democide."

      Rummel studies and statistics demonstrated that nearly 200 million citizens were killed by experimentalizing Hegelian governments during intervals of peacetime in the 20th Century.

      Most instances of Democide were murder-by-neglect arising from corruption, cartelization, monopolies on the access to government and/or capital and other grotesque acts of criminal misadministration and malpractice, and the depraved withholding of governmental resources.

      Sound familiar?

      The Obama administration avidly practices the pride of Hegelian scientism: Phrenology. They are championing and actively codifying Racial Phrenology in defiance of genetic science and the stunning absence of a "blaque" gene or any other empirical proof of the "one drop rule" that in the Hegelian mind involves how many drops of what blood make you what color?

      Their identity and world view is built upon an insanity. This goes far to explain the depravity demonstrated in Christopher Stevens being abandoned to his death.

      Of course they let him die. If these Syndicate elites would act against what they see as their financial and political interests just to save Ambassador Stevens, would they not have first acted to stop the mass genocide of Chicago's youth on the streets of a city dominated by syndicate insiders that now control the White House? But they got away with the latter; billions in federal grants and no blame, and now they dominate the forces and treasure of our national federal government.

      As if the thousands of children murdered on the streets of Chicago during the first Obama presidential term was not enough, they have slapped us in the face more; most recently with the increasingly apparent murder by neglect of Christopher Stevens.

      Unfortunately, I fear this is just the beginning. The federal money spigots of Obamacare are opening up to flood grant and other monies into the institutions of health care no differently than the streets of Chicago. The same unions will come to feed and the same culture of selective enforcement and murder by neglect will quickly follow.

      We are all Christopher Stevens.

    3. Anonymous, I also read Rudolf Rummel, and it's a scary read. In the 20th century alone, more people were killed, exiled, imprisoned, or generally ruined over the proper interpretation of Marx than suffered for the wrong kind of Christianity or none at all during the 15 centuries between the conversion of Constantine and Ruggles v. NY.

      I do have a quibble with Rummel, though. He seems to be a strong advocate of the Democratic Peace thesis (democracies generally don't war with each other--a derivative of Kant's idea that republics are more peaceful than monarchies). I'm more of the mind that whether republics/democracies are inherently more peaceful is an open question.

      I suppose that it's more important for our society to regain a moral compass other than "You've got more than I do, so you must redistribute to me, and be quick about it". John Adams said that the US Constitution was written for a moral and religious people, and would work for none other. I believe that the re-election of the affirmative action president is proof that Adams was right.

  12. I'll take SciFi Zombies over this wave of vapid libtard elitists and their America hater spawn, public union goons, Obama's Chicago political fascists, the moral degenerates in the MSM and all of the today's totalitarian democracy wreckers worldwide.

    SciFi's Zombies are always easier to identify as sure death traps than say Hitler's Youth or Putin's Nashi. You've got an easy moral green light to bash their heads into pulp and sleep at night with a clear conscience.

    Scary how the 1930's enveloped the good and concentrated the evil. We haven't found our Churchill yet, but, at least we have the internet to chat among ourselves.

    10 years ago I would have mocked the alarmist goofball for uttering my words.

    We live in interesting times, my friends.

  13. @ Penny,

    "We haven't found our Churchill yet, but, at least we have the internet to chat among ourselves."

    Chat among ourselves.

    Seeing as how you've interpreted my typed intent, I'm gonna have to type, You've nailed it Penny.

    While I very much doubt we'll ever be finding our Churchill, I'm generally of the opinion there IS strategy, there ARE tactics.

    Since (at this time) we've no one personage to get behind - our preachifying to us choirmembers isn't likely to get out much beyond ourselves any strategy we can come up with which we'll be speechifying to ourselves is probably, gonna be as effective as it was not so long ago. That might change (the one person) but candidly I don't see it.

    "Yeah right on bro [sis], those turribull dumb people etc, etc" probably ain't gonna be so effective so long as we just type amongst ourselves either.

    (I do admit I've yet to think through it all yet but I'm of the general opinion us agreeing with ourselves keeps ourselves agreeing but it appears our being in agreement has yet to evidence anybody being convinced by our agreeing within ourselves to consider changing their mind to singing with our choir.)

    We've two windows in the fairly immediate: 2014 then again the next Prez go-round. '14 we as a group can't do very much (well, unless ya'll are lucky enough to be in the solidly Red - like Arkansas for instance I feel your pain DiploMad temping in So-Cal... heh but I'm thinking we Conservatives are gonna have to spend a little time at first reading/observing what's being commented on the other sorts of blogs and then, gently, gently explaining, "You are so full of shit."

    In the nicest possible way of course.

    Hopefully when we near 2016 we'll have mapped out tactics. We can't begin that yet 'cause we're still mad (and apparently - it shows) heck even Dems are offering us advice on how to win in the future.

    That cannot be a good sign.


  14. Arkie, gently explaining to the ill-informed is a frustrating and difficult task. As Rush has been saying these past days, these folks do not understand because they have been indoctrinated by libs, while growing up, and they process information differently. I grew up in a conservative home with values and morals. I can see a lie and deceit a mile away; those folks are gullible and cannot see how they are being used as "useful idiots". We perceive them as being stupid; however, they think they are right.


    1. Yes V, it's frustrating and (though I don't think the word is adequately descriptive) a "difficult task."

      I'm not sure "stupid" is precisely the descriptor - however much I agree with "useful idiots."

      Rush however has been around for years and years (his is one of the 'outlets' I allude to above when I type, "our choir") ... yet, as I also attempt to explain, adding, "I haven't thought it all through yet" I have noticed our opponents for the most part just tune Rush out.

      I happened to catch O'Reilly's Factor the evening Bill invited Koppel to appear. Something Ted observed - though at the time didn't really register - now seems as plain as the nose on my face.

      Paraphrased: "Bill, they're not tuning into FOX for their information, they're tuning in to watch you and your other prime-time hosts."


      Here in Arkansas there's a variation on Reagan's "There's got to be a pony in here somewhere!"

      We Arkies generally shorthand it as "glitter of gold" - has to do with the ways crows find nourishment in the fattening-up pens where we ripen out our steers for the few weeks prior to the short trip to the locker plant. The steer's first year or so is spent out in the grass then, when we're getting ready for winter we place 'em in the pen and put 'em on a diet of grain - generally mostly corn.

      Crows can be seen pecking through alot of excrement but there's method to that madness - some kernals of corn pass through.

      I think Koppel was something of a crow talking with O'Reilly - I think Ted caught himself a glitter of gold.

      So yes V, while it definitely "frustrating and difficult" - for us to get the gold, we've got to go for the gold.

      Just remember to wear rubber galoshes and bring lot's of hand-sanitizer.

  15. While California and other east/west coast enclaves may be solid blue, don't despair.

    Looking at the numbers tells a different story.
    US adult population = 234,564,410
    Adults who voted = 123,082,854
    That's 52% of the eligible voting population.
    For Obama = 63,448,632
    For Romney = 59,634,071
    Difference = 3,814,410, that's 1.63% of the eligible voting population.

    As the economic realities of this present 'Twinkie" economy sink in to even the dimmest of wits, there will be a change.
    But only if there is a viable option.
    Though I too share your despair, this isn't the time to give up the fight.

  16. Slim Jacque arbre de pin du SauvageNovember 17, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    I keep thinking about Nelson DeMille's "Charm School," and wondering in what KGB archive he found the material for the plot. "Plot" in its several meanings.

  17. Arkie and Penny

    Love your comments. Just found this site a few weeks ago. Heartening to 'listen' to others who understand what truly is at stake for our Union.

    I'm done listening to the GOP pundits. It was ridiculous how they immediately came out clamoring for us to change our values to become Demo-lites. I'd rather die first. I do think Rush is onto something. "Change the culture, change the country". I'm just a lowly family practice PA in a rural area, but I'm going to make some big changes in my life. If Obamacare and the taxes go through, I'm 'retiring' and will spend the rest of my days educating the young, how to be independent, how to think for yourself, how to cook, sew, bake, can, preserve, hunt, fish, arch, trap, etc. I've already lined up like-minded people who can see the benefits of building our country back from the ground up.

    I can't stand what happened to our guys in Benghazi, I just break into tears every time I really think about it. All I have to offer is my prayers that the truth comes out and the families get some answers. I for one do not ever intend to let the subject be swept under the rug. I have lots of family in the service and that makes is personal.

    Thanks all for your encouragement. Knowing there is intelligent life out there makes it bearable.

    God Bless America.

    Liberty Grace's Grandmother

    1. Change the culture, change the politics is correct although the problem is the culture is based on the worldview of those in the culture. If we don't work to change the faulty worldview our efforts to change the culture and ultimately the politics are useless.

  18. Well Liberty Grace's Grandmother,

    "I'm 'retiring' and will spend the rest of my days educating the young, how to be independent, how to think for yourself, how to cook, sew, bake, can, preserve, hunt, fish, arch, trap, etc."

    An admirable intent - but I have to call attention (though I do see you've added ' surrounding "retiring") - 'cause though those sorts of skills are vitally important, to pass them on properly you'll not have "retired" rather - you'll have changed careers.


    Back in January of '09, while not a hurricane, my area extending from near Tulsa up to Springfield Missouri, to Hardy Arkansas got hit by a major ice storm with a oval area of about 60 miles surrounding me having the electrical grid knocked completely offline for some, extending up to 72 days. (I was "only" out for 11 however at the time all of the elderly and the less prepared who lived very near me weren't so well equipped.)

    I was "fortunate" having grown from a small boy in Arkansas prior to my area even getting on the grid until 1952. So I had Grandparents who passed on those skills you list. While I didn't have a Franklin stove I did have propane powered lantern, stove and catalytic heater (I used to camp alot). I also had a UPS system for my electronics which, when the power went off, I unhooked to stuff like computers so I could use the power to recharge stuff like cellphones.

    Prior to that ice-storm, only a very few of my near neighbors held a higher opinion of me than, "Arkie is a complete prick."

    After that ice-storm, I had so many new "best friends" that come April of this year I got to missing my old, "Leave him alone, he's a complete prick" that I picked up and moved. Changed my phone number too.

    Liberty Grace's Grandmother?

    You'll be finding your new life many things but I rather doubt you'll be finding it much akin to "retiring."


  19. Welcome to Southern California.

    I grew up here. It used to be fabulous.

    California differs from Detroit principally in scale ... and they are a bit further along.