Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Obama's Middle East Policy: Ishtar, The Remake

Now that I am no longer anybody and have lots of time on my hands to contemplate the death of the country I served for 35 years, I began watching--I don't know why--a horrid little "comedy" film from the 1980s by the name of Ishtar. Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman starred in what was a garbled mess directed by Elaine May about some bad singers who get booked into a club in Morocco and then get involved in some painfully unfunny political shenanigans involving an Emir, the CIA, and on and on.  It has been listed as one of the greatest Hollywood box office flops of all time, right in there with Water WorldMars Needs Moms, Cutthroat Island, Sahara, Heaven's Gate, and Pluto Nash.

Assume you are an investor with a few million bucks to put into a project. Elaine May comes to see you. She tells you that she wants to make Ishtar, the Sequel. She pitches it as something new and exciting! It has a whole "new" script that now has the hapless singers going to Tunisia instead of Morocco. You sit with a stupid frozen grin, twirling your cocktail glass, and wait. Nothing more is forthcoming, so you clear your throat and timidly ask The Great Director, "Uh, the first Ishtar was a total flop. It lost a fortune. This script looks exactly the same. What's different?" May, furious, replies, "Tunisia, man, they are going to Tunisia in this one! Not Morocco!" She glares at you, daggers flying from her eyes. Would you give her your money?

It seems the Obamista geniuses who brought us Libya are now hellbent on rebooting their effort in Syria. What possibly could go wrong?

To Be Continued . . .


  1. I realize Diplomad we're disheartened.

    Not so much as once was, the Libertarians don't seem more, er ... well erm, 'As I say' - there may actually a confluence.

    And here's my first-link placed. Thanks ya'll good commenters.

    Have we come up with any [a] 'good' means to employ "with" DC-style?

    Strategy and Tactics on the Senate? House no need to worry?

    I'd appreciate Diplomad, your take.


  2. Damn Mr. Mad,
    Ishtar, that's harsh!
    "I realize Diplomad we're disheartened." Not me my friend. We've only had some heavy skirmishing, the real battles are about to begin and I'm optimistic. Keep up the good work and be of good cheer!

    1. I'll James, remain in good cheer.

      That essay by Mr. Kurtz appeared soon after our recent election - my fear is, we've yet to get strategically involved.

      Involved tactically? Yes. Perhaps. Maybe. I'm not sure.

      Tactically it seems to me, we just sit back and allow the O'bamistas (they're all Irish now you understand) meeting in, of all places - Ulster! No wonder Vlad Putin's face reflected he'd pulled of a successful 'SBD" - I suppose we'll see come the biggest diplomatic crisis of Modern Times ...



      That Superbowl Ring.

      Lord, Help Us!

  3. He may be pitching Ishtar II, but the sorry, B-list infomercial presenter is just mouthing someone else's material. Who writes his stuff? And who pays the writers?

  4. Thornharp: Aha! That is the question. George Soros? An unnamed Hollywood cabal? Saudi or Indonesian princes who want to see the USA brought down to their level? Whoever it is, they chose well: no other American politician -- with or without a D after his/her name -- is as blank a slate and as committed an idealogue. Couple that with amorality (which is no rare characteristic among American politicians) and you have a president who outdoes even Chauncy Gardner. Now for the other big question: why are they funding him? Soros has already destroyed several economies: what's in it to do so to the USA? And if it's Saudi princes, where are they going to send their offspring to school if America crumbles? I do hope we get answers to these questions in my lifetime.

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  6. the sequel is always worse. and it was a terrible movie.

  7. Reports have our bird in Moscow. A beautiful reset policy. This will be seared into Kerry's memory. Perhaps Hillary this WILL make a difference that even you will understand.

  8. "Now that I am no longer anybody"

    Did I miss something? Are you retired now? Good news for us.

  9. This just came into my email. I figure this ought to p.o. a bunch of people:

    And for some other serious considerations on this NSA vs. Constitution mess, and our Constitution ("what's that?" sarc/off) check these considerations: read the details, not too many for a serious subject,

    and this:

    And this here one along with this regime's constant support of our enemy, the MB and islam, always the worst of them, demonstrably so, in finance of islamics and behavior admonitions against Americans, the infiltration and the blinding of our people of who the enemy is in our training activities, and the overwhelming consideration required by our Armed Forces to not offend their sensibilities, like p***** in the right direction, et al

    I'll say, my Libertarian * is getting smaller, I'm afraid. They are practically turning the Army into muslims, and making attacks internally on Christians in the Army, all the while.

    And The Heritage Foundation brought out its current conservative ratings in Congress here:

    This brings some order to the universe. Cruz, Paul, Lee 100, look at the major rest of the lot.

    And one last importsnt one, maybe, for a glimpse into a potential way of terrorism:

    And to be reminded of the simpler, more straightforward times, (they were weren't they? America was America, yet then!) here: Evening With John Denver


  10. I loved Cutthroat Island - have the DVD. A great rollicking adventure as long as you expect nothing else.

  11. Snowden is a traitor to the Fascist State. Snowden shouldn't even be the issue here. When a government becomes so overbearing that it sets to spying, and in mass and in great detail, on it's own people like they were all subjects, if not criminals, it is not doing so on their behalf. The Stasi wasn't in East German and the NSA isn't in America. I don't think the federal government has stopped a single attack, and has caused quite a number (Fort Hood, Boston, Benghazi, Mexican invaders who kill so many and most every day), with their gross willful dereliction. I don't care how many times Herr Hussein Obama and other NSA supporters and apologists and lackeys tell me that's Holy Water they are spraying on my leg to keep me safe, I know that it's something very different. If there were justice in the world, Snowden would be living it up in the White House and Obama and his NSA Ring Leaders would be in hiding.

  12. An interesting perspective on the "protests" that are calling for Western intervention is here:

    A definite "Hmmmmmm" moment, I think ..

    Phil B