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"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Immigration Debate Misses the Point

I have been trying to follow the immigration debate in Congress and the media, but with little real success. It is almost impossible to figure out what exactly is being proposed, opposed, and modified. The one thing that does come through, however, is the burning desire to reward people who have broken our laws and heavily strained our public assistance budgets. This idiocy must stop. Under the Reagan Administration we went through an almost identical debate which produced the "one-time-only-never-again" amnesty that would solve the illegal alien problem for all time. It failed, otherwise why are we having this debate again?

Amnesty is not the answer. Sappy, historically and economically ignorant speeches by our extraordinarily ignorant President are not what we need. A better border defense is part of the answer but not the whole enchilada of reform that we need. I am very sorry to see Senator Rubio, for whom I have a great deal of respect, getting himself tricked and trapped by the Democrats and politically hurt by his apparently well-intentioned but naive effort at immigration reform.

I do not hear discussion about whether we need none, little, some, or a lot of immigration, and if we do, what type of immigration we should seek. Do we need millions more of semi and unskilled people from Mexico and other poor countries? Absent widespread elimination or reduction in minimum wage, taxation, public assistance, and zoning laws, how will these people contribute to the economic growth of our country? This is not nineteenth century America with small factories and workshops on every street corner, and belching smokestack industries eager for cheap workers. This is the America of EPA regulations, OSHA bureaucrats, job killing minimum wage and health insurance laws, outsourcing, and of a growing ethos that sees single parents living on the public dole as an honorable existence. It is also the America of multiculturalism whereby immigrants are encouraged never to become Americans.

The rubbish being put out by Obama and others on the taxes that these new immigrants will pay is just that, rubbish. They will draw public assistance and not pay taxes. What impact will this continuing flood of poor migrants have on the job and advancement prospects of struggling poor and middle class black, white and brown Americans? I haven't heard much said about that, but I predict it won't be good.

Is our immigration law going to continue based on the idea of family reunification? Will adults be able to petititon for their adult sublings and those siblings' families? Will we continue to ignore promises that the new immigrants will not become a public assistance burden? If so, we are in for an endless cascade of new immigrants petitioning for their relatives and on and on and on. Yes, sure, technically we will have solved the "illegal alien" problem by making them all legal. Is that what is best for our country, I stress for our country not for the Democratic party?

I know, I know. Anybody who says this stuff is instantly accused of being a racist. Rubbish. My parents and my wife were immigrants, and I know a lot of very decent immgrants who have come to the United States. Immigrants built whole industries, e.g., Hollywood, and made invaluable contributions to American arts, sciences, letters, etc. But is that the sort of immigrants we will be getting today? Is America's culture and society not worth defending from the immigrants of the sort who planted the bombs in Boston, who run the violent gangs in Los Angeles, who provide the Democratic party its foot soldiers for its campaigns of electoral fraud?

The country deserves better than what we are getting from our politicians and "leaders."


  1. " Do we need millions more of semi and unskilled people from Mexico and other poor countries? "

    Oh, heck yeah!

    We really NEED multiple thousands of third-worlders to come here each year. It makes the the Lib-Prog bureaucrats feel all warm and snuggly that they get to "help" people from a subsistence-farm culture (who've never even seen indoor plumbing) by plunking them down in the middle of an information-and-technology based culture --which presupposes literacy, reason, voluntary adherence to societal norms... in short, our culture presupposes an Enlightenment. The ideals of the Enlightenment are precisely what the cultures of so many of these immigrants LACK. They come here for our freedom and prosperity but never let go of their tribalism and superstitions, so they never feel comfortable, they never "fit in". Beyond that, our schools no longer teach students about Western culture and why it's good; they're too busy shoving Marxism and notions of "oppression" at them instead. So even the next generation doesn't become Americanized. Instead those kids grow up resentful and hostile and are easily enlisted by promoters of jihad or reconquista.

    We seem to be doing exactly what Britain's Labour Party has admitted to: bringing in non-assimilable aliens in order to sow chaos and confusion and forever change the electorate.

    [My own personal opinion is that Washington DC is an evil, diseased place which should be totally eradicated ... Sweet Meteor of Death, and all that....]

  2. I think you are understating the case when saying it is almost impossible to understand the immigration proposals. Take the 'almost' out.
    Sadly, our elected officials will vote again without reading or comprehending what they are about to subject us to.

  3. Mr. Mad, let me throw in my two cents' worth as a former visa scut and administrator of our immigration law.

    I agree that times have changed since the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when both of my grandfathers immigrated to this country. And I will also add that it is important to press on America's socialist wannabes that you can't have unlimited immigration and be able to have a nicely planned-out social safety net at the same time. After all, how can you plan a dinner party without some idea of how many people will show up?

    Yes, there are real problems some communities bring. I'm utterly disgusted with the mockery people from the Fuzhou-area of China have made of our asylum laws. One of the last things I did when at AmConsul Guangzhou was send a fiance petition back to INS (it was that long ago) with a lengthy memo stating why I thought that the petitioner was trying to help an alien-smuggling gang import its muscle (something I wouldn't have picked up on had I not spent a number of years on Taiwan's equivalent of green card teaching English, an experience which taught me much about the good and bad street-level mores of Sinitic Asia).

    However, my wife and daughter-in-law are both [legal] immigrants; and one of my wife's brothers got residence here as a skills-based immigrant (he's an engineer, and later became a successful entrepreneur). While we're all English-speaking, there's also a lot of Chinese spoken in my house (and while I'm a mostly white American, I'm downright proud of how much spoken and written Chinese I've learned over the years; including enough to be paid to translate documents).

    Also, as an ESOL teacher in my post-Foreign Service incarnation and attendee at a church that caters to ethnic Chinese (with my dear wife) in a community that is full of that demographic, I demur when people say that our new immigrants don't want to assimilate. Having met Hispanic parents by the score, I daresay that if the average one had the time and you offered him free English lessons, he'd jump at the opportunity. I've seen large, hairy, extended clans of Dominican and Central American immigrants, and los primos y las primas who are US-born are a very different bunch than their fresh-off-the-plane kin. Indeed, like the Europeans of yesteryear, most of these kids are completely English-speaking by the third generation; and they also intermarry with other groups. The old melting pot is still working, regardless of what our chattering classes would like to see.

    A last issue is that all countries that are doing anything at all right tend to serve as magnets for migrants from those countries that are doing things wrong. Thai farmers, whom Americans would consider dirt poor, nonetheless make use of Lao, Cambodian, and Burmese seasonal labor (not documented). Taiwan is simply crawling with Southeast Asian guest workers--even though its very real economic miracle hasn't been performing that well lately. Even poor old Tante Royzel (Russia, to some of my Dad's kin) has drawn Chinese migrants into Siberia. Even in Confucius' day, a family might brave a region with dangerous tigers to get away from a harsh government (it's recorded in the Li Ji, or Book of Rites).

    I believe we have had a generally fair-minded and generous immigration law for some time now; and that if properly applied, it could be made to serve the national interest well. And, I believe that if our country could recover some of its older morality and the self-confidence that comes with it, we could continue to absorb relatively high levels of immigration. The changes I would make would be to give the Bureau of Consular Affairs and ICE more monetary, facility, and above all human resources to do their jobs effectively.

    1. " Having met Hispanic parents by the score, I daresay that if the average one had the time and you offered him free English lessons, he'd jump at the opportunity. I've seen large, hairy, extended clans of Dominican and Central American immigrants, and los primos y las primas who are US-born are a very different bunch than their fresh-off-the-plane kin."

      Well, I would have to dispute your claims as they are not
      representative of the Mexican population that is pouring over our borders daily.

      Pew Hispanic Center, while leaning left, truly has its thumb on the pulse of the Hispanic population in the U.S., has shown that among Mexicans, of those who are currently eligible for citizenship, less than 40% have taken advantage of that ability. The reason is not cost, but lack of English skills. With the fact that ESL courses are offered, for free, all across this nation by schools, churches and other organizations, Pew points out that learning English is not a priority among many Hispanics, mainly Mexican. As a matter of fact, Pew found that among certain Hispanics, mainly Mexicans, learning English is a mark of shame. You see, citizenship is not the goal, and never has been.

      You also said "like the Europeans of yesteryear, most of these kids are completely English-speaking by the third generation;"

      That should have been "unlike" the Europeans of yesteryear as the Europeans of yesteryear were completely English proficient by the first born generation, not the third. There were no signs in Spanish, or ballots in German, or job applications in Polish. Now in our effort to pander to those who refused to assimilate, we offer no reason for them to learn English. Why should they? We print everything in Spanish, or what ever language they demand we provide to them.

      " The old melting pot is still working, regardless of what our chattering classes would like to see."

      No, it is not. We are becoming Balkanized. There are areas of Houston where only Vietnamese is spoken, areas of Chicago where only Spanish is spoken and areas of Michigan where only Arabic is spoken. Why learn English, and accept common traditions when you don't have to? California? Well, it is basically nothing more than an extension of Mexico, right down to the Mexican flags flying over American public schools.

      To compare the immigrants of yesteryear to the dredges that are sneaking across the Rio Grande, is an insult to all those immigrants of yesteryear. They came here with only their hopes and dreams, and made no demands on this country except to be able to live here and work. Mexico dumps its lower, uneducated class on us and then demands that we support them. I suggest you study the history of the Irish in America if you want to know how a group worked to truly become Americanized. The Europeans of yesteryear were not on the dole, collected no welfare, didn't live in public housing and took nothing for free. Today, in Mexico, there are radio ads telling Mexicans how to game the system once they get here, up to and including, how to collect food stamps.

      We are getting ready to legalize 11 million people with minimal educations and they will then, through chain migration, bring in an additional 19 million, all in a decade. Of the ones who migrate legally, green card in hand when the plane lands, only 50% are above the 130% poverty level standards, making them eligible for public welfare immediately.

      We are allowing a brain dead Gang of Ocho to write a bill that we can't pay. And the biggest loser of all will be the black Americans their elected Congressmen are fixing to sell out. You see, those 11 million newly legalized Democrat voters don't suffer from "white" guilt.


    2. Bingo. Balkanization is the word. While there may be a percentage of illegals who want to assimilate and live the dream, that's not what I see here in Northern VA/Maryland. Indeed, the Maryland state authorities are doing all they can to hinder assimilation--they encouraging everything but. Virginia is blind to anything but cheap labor and the Feds have their hands tied.

      Not a satisfactory state of affairs. Our politicians clearly do not get it. So what do we do? How can people with common sense reverse this disaster?

      I don't know.

    3. Zane and Mekwuerdigliebe:

      I hear your criticism of my post, and share your concerns about Balkanization.

      However, it is false to say that the European immigrants of yesteryear went to English in the first generation. Both of my parents, God rest them, were white and US-born, but my father grew up in a household where German was spoken, and his mother, born in Milwaukee to Austro-Hungarian immigrants (that's how long ago it was) knew German as well as English. In the home where my mother grew up, Norwegian was spoken. Now, in both cases, English was indeed also used, but other languages were also a fact of life. Further, in the middle of the 19th century, my father's mother's father, a nice Jewish boy from Prague, got his start peddling seed to German-speaking farmers in the Midwest, and much of the Midwest remained bilingual in German and English until World War I.

      Nor was my family unique in this regard. I've known Euro-Americans (including some who were 150% Americans because of the things they'd seen in the old country), in which the older generations might habitually converse in Yiddish, Polish, or Russian. The great early 20th century American sociologist Thorstein Veblen could not speak English until he was 14, and he was born and raised in Wisconsin, albeit in a Norwegian immigrant ccommunity. It is said that he never lost his Norwegian accent (I'm not surprised at this, for I've also run into young Chasidim in Brooklyn who speak with Yiddish accents, albeit in fluent and grammatical English: it's the result of not having a TV). Finally, our own President No. 8, Martin Van Buren, was a 7th or 8th generation American, yet like a lot of other people from his corner of NY state in those days, his first language was a kind of Dutch Creole (think New World Afirkaans), took his oath of office on the Staaten Bijbel rather than the King James Version, and was also said to speak English with an accent.

      Getting back to my father's mother, she had an uncle by marriage who marched in a Wisconsin regiment that took its orders in German during the Civil War (the same gentleman, moving around on a wooden leg, took his grand-nephew, my father, to one of the last parades of the Grand Army of the Republic). Some of his erstwhile enemies in Texas regiments, BTW, took their orders in Spanish.

      The linguistic history of Euro-America is not as simple as some have made it out to be.

      The threat of "Balkanization" is not because we have linguistic minorities (I don't know about the state of Maryland, but two of its counties have been paying my wife and me to teach English to immigrants and their kids), but because we have one major party that has become out-and-out treasonous (as it was 1861-65).

    4. You're struggling here, Kepha. Under general circumstances, the first born in the U.S., of any immigrant population, were at least bi-lingual, but as they entered the work force, English became their primary language.

      Yes, there were a few enclaves, such as Millstadt, Illinois, where German was spoken more often than English, and was always spoken in the home, but the fact is, those U.S. born learned English at an early age if for no other reason than it was basically the only language spoken in the public schools.

      As to Van Buren, he was a 4th generation American, not 7th or 8th. And for every Van Buren you exhibit, there are millions of first generation Americans who refused to speak their native language because to speak English was the ultimate way of assimilation, even in the early-mid 1800's.

      "However, it is false to say that the European immigrants of yesteryear went to English in the first generation. "

      No, it is not. Because if they went to a public school, or entered the workforce not related to their own community, English was required. And English became their primary language. Yes, there were farmers, or those like the Amish, who maintained their ancestral language, but they still had to learn English to function in a nation that cut them no slack because they refused to learn the language of the land.

      "I don't know about the state of Maryland, but two of its counties have been paying my wife and me to teach English to immigrants and their kids"

      Ah, therein lies another problem; why the hell are taxpayers paying for immigrants to learn English. Why aren't the immigrants paying you and your wife? It is not the responsibility of the taxpayer to teach someone who wants to live in the U.S. how to speak English. Do you think if you migrated to Italy, the Italian taxpayers would be paying for you to learn to speak Italian? Nope, they would not.

      Less and less, we place any responsibility for assimilation on the immigrant, from printing ballots in 50 different languages, to the labels on cereal boxes. And that, is going to result in Balkanization.


  4. Re your penultimate paragraph, I couldn't agree more. Anti-racism has become the last refuge of the scoundrel, it seems. I've just gone to dear old Foggy Bottom's website and sent a missive urging that we back off taking Syrian refugees, with the likely exceptions of Christians, citing the Boston Bombing and the clear Qaida and Ikhwan sympathies of the Syrian rebels. I noted that Turkey has a long and honorable history of resettling Muslim refugees, from the Maghrebi Muslims fleeing the French, Bolshoi Kavkaz Mountaineers fleeing the Russkis, and Balkan Slavs who didn't want to live under Christian governments during the 19th century down through the absorption of large numbers of Hellenophone Muslims in the 1920's to anti-Communist Kyrgyz and Uighur refugees in our own day. Therefore, Turkey, and perhaps Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Libya, would be perfect countries for the permanent resettlement of Syrian refugees should the Ba'athis beat the Ikhwan.

  5. It is unbelievably ignorant during a time of high unemployment to allow immigration of ANY persons, regardless of race, creed or educational level.

  6. Dip, an excellent overview as usual of the immigration problem at issue, hitting the key strategic points. Kepha in addition, excellent broad historical intel, especially on the Syrian matter, where hussein, the one, obama, wants to commit assistance to hijra. Indeed it is as Kepha stated, as to where they must go, the ikwhan, not the Christians, necessarily.

    To learn of the islam method of conquering, among several methods, i.e. hijra, I borrow from another forum, and good commentator, this advice from today, likely an excellent book, for anyone who wishes to learn more in depth, a book of islam hijra knowledge: “….ex-Muslim Sam Solomon's book 'Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration'.
    The gang bosses of the Ummah know *exactly* what they are doing when they send everyone out with their well-prepared, glib sob stories to tug on infidel heartstrings. They're setting out to repeat Mohammed's infiltration and subversion of Yathrib/ Medina.”

    The problem is complex, due to the masses of low information people, many of whom have been brainwashed with PC and multi-culti, deeply, along with the fact of several distinct parts of the immigration problem, including 1)the borders to be locked down, 2)the basis of judgment of who is to be allowed in, 3)what to do with those illegals already in, 4)who must be avoided as immigrant material, and 5)how to square this all with the of brainwashed and low info Americans, including , some of whom have vested preference interests which do not often coincide with the best for America’s future, based on its founding principles and history, and 6)how to square this with equivalently problematic Congressional people, too many of whom are not imbued with the spirit of America’s principles.

    That broad global historical perspective that Kepha reviewed, almost encyclopedic in nature, relevant to the immigration problem is an example of the complexity, within the issues, mentioned above.

  7. The country deserves better than what we are getting from our politicians and "leaders." testing

    Living in Geography where this is not so much a problem (excepting the I-40, 44 corridor gunbattles with cartels) ... I'll just be reading (Thank you Diplomad Sir).

    "We" in my region of Arkansas don't have the rowcropping say Alabama does - in my quite specific region, except for a single "Mexican" [Guatemalans] restaurant we seem (for now) exempt. But then I remember my Alabama friends, having passed laws to restrict, some of my "apparently more influential" Alabama friends raising a ruckus because they'd [apparently] have to satisfy certain requirements. Mostly to do with the Feds' requirements.

    But I personally really don't know.

    However - I'm open to a good debate [a listener] with the many sides I know read this site.


  8. " I am very sorry to see Senator Rubio, for whom I have a great deal of respect, getting himself tricked and trapped by the Democrats and politically hurt by his apparently well-intentioned but naive effort at immigration reform."

    You have got to be kidding! You are making excuses for him like you are his mom. Rubio is back-stabbing little worm. He is worse than Obama. Obama stabs us in the front. Rubio stabs us in the back. Rubio knew exactly what he was saying to the Spanish audience and then lied to cover it up when he was exposed. He’s lied about the timeline of his father leaving Cuba. He’s had 'debt problems' He blocked every enforcement bill at the Florida House. He’s a cold calculating slimy politician and there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between him and Schumer. Except that you always know where you stand with Schumer.
    Rubio has that insipid smile on his face as he plunges the Ginsu into the back of the Republic.

    Rubio has not been “USED” by anyone – EVERYTHING that Rubio has done, he has done of his own free will – Rubio chose to align himself with obama and democrats – Rubio chose to push AMNESTY for illegals because he is an obama-style opportunist and he thinks that pushing AMNESTY will put him in the White House. At least that's what he thought anyway and may well still. No one is using Rubio – Rubio is using you. Rubio has declared WAR on America, and he must be stopped.

  9. So far it looks like "the nicest of debates"

    Other opinions?


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  11. there is no need for a debate, only idiots would not secure borders or immigration laws.

    guess what the country is run by idiots of which Rubio the Bobio is part of. he is no different then the worse of the democrats and possibly more dangerous because otherwise intelligent people have "respect " for him.

    wake up Dip, Rubio is bad news. and not on just this topic. he is the same as the chief justice john roberts. compromised. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE MARXISTS OF AMERICA

  12. To be cynical, the purpose of this bill is to buy votes, specifically from Hispanics. As a Hispanic (one-quarter Spanish-American, but a lady at National Council of La Raza said I still count as Hispanic!), I can say that without being racist. Because acknowledging DNA and culture is racist if it leads to conclusions that differ from Obama's unless one happens to share that DNA and/or culture.
    I had an Ecuadorian-American friend over last night who works as a translator at a US hospital. He said that he hears illegal immigrant women say things like, "I'm not getting enough in benefits, so I need to have another kid so I can get another $300/month." Generous social services in the absence of immigration enforcement will seriously overburden public finances, if they don't already. This bill will encourage unchecked immigration, even with token compromises on border security, for that is what amnesty historically did and will do again. And let's not kid ourselves that giving current illegal aliens (I refuse to call them "undocumented", for plenty of them have cedulas and their own passports) a green card will suddenly make them more productive, law-abiding citizens. Having learned how to work under the table and ignore zoning, minimum wage laws, and multitudinous regulations and laws, they will continue to do those things whenever beneficial to them. And if being given legal status permits them to get free money without working at all, many of them will not even work anymore. Hispanic cultures are known for valuing other things in life more highly than building up a business or rising to the top of their academic fields; I do not consider it insulting to acknowledge this, as I also value family, religion, and comfort above mere earning of money. The primary thing this bill will do is permit more of the currently illegal people to be legal voters down the road, which is what politicians care about most.
    Legal immigrants that come to our country at a limited, reasonable rate are far more likely to learn and follow our laws and contribute productively to our society. One time I was in small Hispanic market near FSI and noticed a posted Spanish-language announcement that someone was renting out a room...and they only wanted someone from El Salvador to apply. Do you think that that announcement writer knew or cared about laws that restrict landlords from discriminating on the basis of national origin?
    I would like to see an immigration bill that increases the quota of green cards given each year and nothing else. The line for law-abiding immigrants is simply too long.

    1. "I would like to see an immigration bill that increases the quota of green cards given each year and nothing else. The line for law-abiding immigrants is simply too long."

      That was a point I once made to a government class in which a kid mentioned how it took his mother and him seven years to rejoin his grandmother in the States.

  13. As happens sometimes, a friend in the UK posts akin to Diplomad's.

    Advisory - he likes "certain" of our female commentators:

    1. I got net freeze when I tried to follow your link.

      I hope your friend doesn't mean HRC by "blonde-with-brains". Shrillary may have brains, but she's also one of the most corrupt people in America, and her election will be as big a disaster or bigger than that of the O.

      Also, when I heard Shrillary mention the First Amendment following her initial blaming of the 09/11/12 attack in Benghazi on the Nakhoula Youssef film, I thought she sounded either tinny, as if she were speaking a poorly mastered foreign language, or both.

    2. Kepha, if by 'Shrillary' you mean 'Hillbilly' (my Brit version) then I absolutely agree with you. No, I was referring to the redoubtable Ann Coulter who has just given the GOP leadership (an oxymoron if ever there was one) a good spanking for their stupidity. She points out that it wasn't the Hispanic vote that ruined it for Romney but elderly black ladies! Don't bother reading my rubbish, read her wise words:

    3. David?

      You forgot something. Recall our discussing your Brit edukashun in proper 'hillbillyianese' - when referring to the Connecticut person married the earlier 'One" - one differentiates by capitalizing both the 'H' & the 'B'? Thus rendering "HillBilly"?

      Actual hillbillys take mighty offense at such stuff.

      Arkie (JK)

    4. David--I'd urge you to let Arkie be your teacher on a very important Americanism (our two countries are, after all, divided by a common language). Having known a few poor Appalachian (and Ozark) white people whom I've liked, I decided long ago that even Arkie's "HillBilly" for the man-woman whom I call "Shrillary" would be insulting to some honest folk.

      BTW, Arkie, it isn't "edukashun". It's "ejjikashun". I've been to "collage". ngyuk, ngyuk, ngyuk (to quote Curley Howard).

  14. Greetings fellow travelers! Happy Father's Day!

    This whole immigration thing is very disheartening. The Pity Party (Dems) want us all to feel bad because we don't allow all of the "poor, longing to be free" to come here from all over the world. Problem is, they are multiplying faster out there than you realize. American could NEVER absorb all those who want to come here. And the attitudes of the of the illegals I know is "I DESERVE TO BE HERE, WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME I DON'T?!" That attitude right there is the whole problem. America is a sovereign nation, entitled to control who comes in the door. Unfortunately, those in leadership recently have seen fit to blabber to the whole world that we are not entitled to our own sovereignty, that we OWE it to all those "poor" people to let them in and take care of them. Problem, is, there are only so many of us who work and pay the taxes to pay the freight on all these newcomers.

    When you have a substantial percentage of sneakers who come in, hide from the law, do not abide by the law and draw off a lot of the monies of the marketplace by not paying taxes and sucking off the government teat to boot, is it ANY wonder that we have financial problems in this country? The illegals I know are here just for themselves, they have NO interest in becoming Americans. They just want to live on the cheap, send money home and go back to visit whenever they want. I have watched this for decades now. There is no interest in assimilation, learning the language, or contributing TO America, only taking what they feel is theirs.

    The fools in DC who think these people are going to "come out of the shadows" and become productive, contributing members to society are absolutely out of their everloving minds. I agree with granting green cards so they can work legally, but even those with green cards may not be granted one thin dime of taxpayer money, not one. If they can't cut it, they can go home.

    The initial purpose of immigration certainly wasn't just to grow our body count, it was to build our society with people who wanted to work hard, improve their educational status and work harder and have absolute allegiance to their new homeland. That simply isn't happening anymore.

    And on a side rant, we're all worried about "our interests" in Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc . . . if we didn't allow terrorists (muslims) to immigrate here, we wouldn't really have any Middle East interests, would we? If they can't come here for any reason, that would really in a major way eliminate the terror problems in the homeland, wouldn't it? When you allow thousands of them to come here, you're just asking for trouble.

    Yep, guess that makes me a racist, although I was always raised that we're ALL the Human Race.

    God Bless America

    LibertyGrace'sGrandma (#13)

  15. As a first generation American of legal immigrants my position is secure the borders and enforce the law. Well, that ain't going to happen.

    My second preference would be kill the bill in the House. Dead. That ain't going to happen either, thanks to the squish Republicans--there aren't enough ones to stop it.

    IMHO this is about collusion of the leftist-redistributionist aka Dem Party and Obama and the votes they would secure, guaranteeing one party rule and socialism/fascism of some sort (I'm tired of trying to find the correct political animal term that satisfies everyone) and the High Tech companies and Big Business (Commerce) who are vain enough to believe that they are insulated from the negative effects of this on the entire country and economy.

    As for Rubio, the Senator I promoted and voted for, he is a back stabbing power hungry pretty boy.

    Now there's a Republican ticket for you -- Christie/Rubio


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