Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, June 7, 2013

One and Half Cheers for the "New York Times"

Will wonders ever cease? It seems the liberal editorial board over at Pravda West the New York Times has begun ever so slowly to come out of its coma. We see an editorial that is "scathing"--by liberal standards--re the Obama administration's abuse of the Patriot Act,
Within hours of the disclosure that federal authorities routinely collect data on phone calls Americans make, regardless of whether they have any bearing on a counterterrorism investigation, the Obama administration issued the same platitude it has offered every time President Obama has been caught overreaching in the use of his powers: Terrorists are a real menace and you should just trust us to deal with them because we have internal mechanisms (that we are not going to tell you about) to make sure we do not violate your rights.  
Those reassurances have never been persuasive — whether on secret warrants to scoop up a news agency’s phone records or secret orders to kill an American suspected of terrorism — especially coming from a president who once promised transparency and accountability. 
The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue.
To all of my fellow neanderthal conservatives and libertarians out there in blogoland, please join in welcoming the NYT to the planet earth, and to the reality that is the Chicago way of politics. Please read the entire editorial. Try, however, not to keep asking yourself, "What took the NYT so long?"

The editorial, as "scathing" as it is, still manages to pull its punches. It gives no credit to the warnings over the past several years re violations of basic rights sounded by libertarian/conservatives such as Ron Paul and Bob Barr--neither of whom, frankly, is my cup of tea on many other issues. It, furthermore, does not connect the dots clearly with the administration's other actions--e.g., voter fraud, the political use of public assistance, the political use of the IRS, the political use of the ATF to undermine gun ownership via a secret war in Mexico, the political use of the Benghazi disaster, the promotion of the cult of Obama--and does not, therefore, draw a complete picture of what this administration is about. Any thinking person, however, already knows exactly what this administration is about. We don't need the NYT to tells us that this administration is about power, pure and simple. All of these scandals, as well as the Obamacare train wreck and the relentless assault on the second amendment, are about increasing the power of the liberal state over everything and everyone. 

Having the NSA and other intel agencies go on vast fishing expeditions to collect data on American citizens' phone, email, and other internet usage has little to do with the "war on terror." Hasn't Obama already declared that war over, or nearly so? Read his murky May 23 speech on the subject. Certainly the impression I got was that from now on our effort against terror would be more focussed, more narrow in scope given that we successfully have dismantled much of the AQ infrastructure. So does this new revelation about how the administration actually acts show us an administration that is more focussed? Is collecting information on millions of American citizens Obama's idea of preserving our rights and not allowing vigilance to become a straightjacket on freedom? 

He doesn't give a damn about the war on terror. Look at how he and his Rice puppet blithely lied about events in Benghazi for political gain. This is the Chicago Way of Politics on a scale never before attempted on the American political scene. Have the IRS, the NSA, FBI, CIA, ATF collect information on millions and millions of Americans; the blackmail potential is huge. Imagine all the big and little foibles they are picking up and storing away, ready for leaking or other action as the liberal machine deems fit. 

So now the New York Times thinks the President has lost "credibility." That is like saying that upon deep reflection one now suspects that Hitler might have had a hand in the Reichstag fire; that Stalin played a role in the death of Trotsky; that Charles Manson would not make a good boyfriend for your daughter. The NYT and the rest of the vast media/Hollywood industry have been protectors and enablers of the Obama monster. Now they realize that Moloch has turned his hungry jaws in their direction. He might eat them last, but he will eat them.

Regardless of our beliefs, none of us is safe with this hideous administration in control.


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  2. Arkie here.

    I preface with my identity due to one thing, and Dip I don't want to piss you off.

    Fusion Centers.

    This "eavesdropping" has been going on a long time. It actually began when DHS began initiating - I figured State was aware - I knew the overseas ops Agencies were. Until I myself got caught up in a 2006-08 currencies op was in prep for trial I figured even the various states were "up to snuff."

    I did SIGINT when I was uniform mil - I visited Karachi when you were "singlehandedly" defeating the Russians - although by that time I was wearing straw cowboy hats and had to be reminded to duck my head when a helo had blades turning. I certainly wasn't as smart as you admittedly - but I knew when to drink tea.

    I was "out" enjoying myself in '06 when one of those guys from Luchenbach Texas (ETR? Correct as appropriate) got a song written by a school buddy of mine took that song really high up.

    March of '07 I was asked if I would "check some stuff out." Fellow had, had his driver's license and social stolen (I'm pretty sure) in CO 2004. There was a problem with royalties.

    Anyway, I was back here in Arkansas and very few of "my timers" had either computer skills or were aware of digital cameras. I went "undercover" > which actually meant I went "old-timey" and used what is still called "The Old Line" around these parts. Basically, family/kin ties. I did computer, email as possible but mostly it was unavailable. I got a photograph I needed from a person using a Polaroid SX-70.

    Anyway, once I was certain there was a currency violation, I'm pretty sure you're aware of the 80s friend I got in touch with. That started a certain sort of investigation.

    "About" six months after the Fed investigation I'd initiated, a State investigation began. The state's AG signed off on a regional Fusion Center's request for warrant. Then the IRS got involved.

    The arrests happened big-time March of '09. "They'd" gotten a few before - but it just so happened that the biggie arrest coincided with my birthday.

    I called in to the State's PD advising them I "had stuff on my computer they could come in and forensically check."

    "No need 'Arkie' we've got transcripts of everything you've sent electronically for the past two years."

    And it was, far as I could tell, pretty much right on.

    I must admit - I don't know exactly how the tap on my stuff was justified - I did retain a clearance and "did stuff" (mainly after-action reports) but I'm pretty sure nothing I had access to was TS.

    Thing is, I didn't have a clue everything I did could be tapped.


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  4. Dear New York Time:

    As Officer John McClane put it in "Die Hard":

    "Welcome to the party, pal!"


  5. The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue.

    The original stronger sentence was "The administration has lost all credibility". "On this issue" was added shortly after the editorial was posted.

    The MSM, and the NYT especially, can barely rally against the abuse of the rights of their own (AP and Rosen) let alone the nation.

    Those who stand up will be few and far between. The NYT has no staying power in the defense of freedom.


    1. Glad to see Winston Smith still has work at the NYT in this tough environment for the MSM.

    2. Funny. I wondered about that. I recall the original version and then heard on a later discussion on Fox that "on this issue" was part of the quote. Didn't sound right.

      Should have figured the Oceania Times had been doing their usual revisions & sending the original text down the Memory Hole.

  6. re: "Now they realize that Moloch has turned his hungry jaws in their direction. He might eat them last, but he will eat them.

    Regardless of our beliefs, none of us is safe with this hideous administration in control."

    Your ability to speak straight, without pulling punches, is spectacular!

    1. Huzzah! We got us a real blog here! Right on Dip! Global excellence reigns here, IMO.

      Arkie,one seriously great story there.


    2. It was definitely an ordeal. I'm not sure I'd agree with the adjective "Great." "Seriously" though - spot on.

      I'm figuring I unwittingly played some small part in this Administration's plans to use drones over CONUS - there're a huge number of acres of geography in these mountains of Arkansas where, to get a cell signal, one would need a jet pack strapped to the back.


    3. Thought to add, late in '08 I knew there was something "fishy" going on. I was off my home turf when my engine got hot. I was talking with the mechanic while my pickup was going up on the rack.

      The mechanic mentions, "Wow, I've never seen two oil filters installed."

      But it turned out he was mistaken in his id'ing. And I began using rental cars.

      It woulda taken a lot of my nervousness away (and been easier) had somebody from the State's authorities clued me in at which point I coulda just stayed home.


  7. Has my comment been removed? If I have broken a rule I'd like to know.

  8. A random act of journalism. Give th NYT a day or 2 and they will go right back to providing cover for The One...only now they can point to this single editorial and claim themselves to be unbiased.

  9. And now the NYT has made a slight editorial change to their editorial.
    Original text: “administration has lost all credibility” as a result of the recently revealed news that the National Security Agency...

    New text: “administration has now lost all credibility on this issue.”

    Let the backtracking and memory hole dumping commence.

  10. TRUST? "Lib Journalist Who Helped Break NSA Scandal Says Obama Regime Has Been Threatening Journalists: “Very Aggressive About Bullying And Threatening Anybody Who Thinks About Exposing It”…"
    "And Greenwald is about as far to left as it gets." Related to PRISM and related illegal or questionable spying issues. From here,

    Note the story lines in zip today, the pattern there and all over the media is a very dark picture of lies from the top down, pervasive. He, hussein, is trying, even more now, very hard to misdirect the public, very hard. Many more now rightfully and reasonably see a very dark pattern, indeed, behind the massive multidepartment, and top office activities, all breaches of trust, heritage, law, ethics, and Constitution, variously or together.

    I meet strangers, who feel this malaise, with investments they reveal not being remotely sure of what to do about. They reveal real stress in their voices. Some even broach where to live, on occasion, fearing a major political like event of consequence, in the near future. These are middle moneyed people.

    hussein just said in a speech, “If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re gonna' have some problems here.”

    You said it bub, We don't trust! We can't trust! You all showed us that, and still are! Including the loss of trust related to the purges in our security and military services anti-terrorism manuals, removing all truthful references and training about islam, jihad, MB, etc., and scouraging the former superb trainers and advisors you had had. And much more.


    1. That hussein speech excerpt of consequence is video and transcript here:

  11. Well now, interestingly, the cat is just out of the bag, what I was talking about, here today, and amongst close friends in person for a while.

    Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh. Something I've been seeing a pattern that has been making me remember the terms used in the old days, when Dip was actively engaged in saving the world, and America. The days of the third world juntas, of the days of the coups attempts mounted, successful, and not successful. What I've been cinsidering for a number of days, with that term coming to mind, just got legs, and given voice by Rush:

    Limbaugh: 'We are in the midst of a coup'
    'There's a lot here to be concerned about'" found here:

    Coming to mind recently were terms like these, juntas, coalitions, firing (purging) of the Generals, war against Christianity, enforcing the regime's line of thought (thought control)in the military and security, jarrett right after election quoted as getting even and punishing all who were not with them and so much more, really a massive sweeping attack on all conservative types, by the regime, threatened in writing and now evidenced as accomplished, including the EPA. 1.6 billion rounds, 10 times more than the need for homeland security, the hussein speech where he wanted a massive civilian security force, were tiny part of more that comes to mind, including the innocious Japenese detention camps mentioned in his biography, and how often he has misdirected, lied, and done the reverse of what he claimed even before his gaining entre to DC.

    Why are his records sealed, hasn't anyone got the guts to become a whistleblower hero, or an army of whistleblower heroes, from college campuses, and elsewhere? And this story, a reminder of the type of thing that could rise up and really bite you hard in the arse, someday. One of so many mysteries and strange secrets, way too many secrets, no open book, yet! Why are so many details of his life strange, criminal, and so much off key, or too borrow a descriptor: rancid!

    The story:


  12. I was reading another blog Jack authored by a guy I email with.

    Anyway, he's a persnicity feller when it comes to accurate spelling so I dropped him a missive inquiring whether he was aware he'd left a misspelt word posted.

    His reply flew back quicker'n you could say "Jack Sprat" - No Arkie, that is precisely what it should be called.

    Reading your comment makes me think he was right. He wrote:

    "Obama's National Security Pogrom."

    Definitely not, "Program."


    1. 10-4 there Arkie. Indeed.

      I was thinking, (which is a sometimes dangerously wordy endeavor) that hussein is our single greatest security danger, even on the unimaginable concept that he was an innocent misguided little naïve lamb, not from Chicago and Indonesia, and friend to radicals everywhere, and God knows where else from, we sure don't!

      The man? hussein, is the greatest single security risk and danger to America, because one who is in his position, with so many mysteries, biographically stated drug use, so many unknowns, so many lies deceptions and misdirections and secrets, such an inexplicable dense fog surrounding him by his own intent with millions spent, that as totally untrustworthy as he has made himself and his regime, by earning the rep. both past and current, that anything he is in control of, or influence of, or his bullying, arrogant, angry, defensive minions in charge of, all these areas, which means all of the government, is totally untrustworthy, by association, and now by ongoing currently earned bad reputations, as well!

      Trust? How in a thinking person can that be possible anymore, not of course including a low information type. And I knew along with millions of high info types, before he was elected that he was untrustworthy and dangerous, and not suitable material for America, as a manager, at all. Increasingly more people think not as well, that no trust is possible!

      The public simply has no idea that they are the stockholders of a giant enterprise, and they must elect responsibly and wisely a manager who is surely able to run this corporate enterprise in the Flame of Liberty, and maintenance of Freedom wisely, in accordance with the Founders precepts and concepts for the Constitution, that is America, in order to maintain or improve, the value of their investment in life with Liberty in America! While they reside as citizens in America, that is the shares of stock that they have purchased and own in America. That is the value of their stock, their citizenship, that the low info types squander by bad choices, as badly as the usual instant rich man lottery winner.

      And the public schools of American education, taken over by deficient unbalanced liberals, have failed to educate those whom they were so charged to educate, what even a basic corporation is about, from top to bottom, including that fundamentally most important person, the stockholder (who usually has voting rights, depending on the class of stock he bought--hint hint--or bonds (i.e.China)), who invests his dollar, in such corporate enterprizes, and by his vote or proxy, is responsible to elect a board or a president.


  13. While most of us Americans would view terrorist as those of the AQ persuasion, the government on the other hand has already told us that they view: "Believers in the Constitution", "Pro Life Proponents", "Veterans", "Anti-Globalists", "Those that Believe in Smaller Government", and a host of other plain thinking people as terrorists. Thusly, the need for the vast dragnet of data, because the government is at war with its own citizens. It has already codified that mission in training to Security and Police Departments, the Military, and other organizations standing in line for their share of DHS "bullets".

  14. I have but one question. Why now? What has happened, or, what is happening that all of these capers are now coming to light. Some have been going on for the better part of a decade, or longer, and suddenly there are so many serious allegations that even the NYT has to get ink in too.

  15. Diplomad;

    I don't get the butt-hurt from the cadre with IQ's above room temperature, (unless its a reflection of the lack of character of the man in the Oval Office, who I reckon would not be granted a security clearance, seeing as how reticent he is to substantiate his background and past).

    The Feds have been datamining since AT LEAST the Clinton years. Am I the ONLY goober here who recalls "Carnivore" and the "Pretty Good Privacy" data encryption flap? Seriously?

    OF COURSE the NSA collects metadata on wireless transmissions...if you use a cell phone, you ARE speaking into a radio transmitter, for Heaven's sake. You might assert a subjective expectation of privacy, but I don't think that that is a reasonable expectation on your part.

    And if you pass laws against the NSA doing it, they'll just have the Brits or the Canadians do it FOR them, as we will snoop on the Limeys or the Canucks in return.

    What are friends and allies for?

    As far as the NYTs is concerned, I wouldn't bake the cake and hire the brass band for the big "Welcome to the Dark Side" jamboree...the leopard doesn't change its spots that easily.

    They have too much invested in the Alleged Hawaiian to really bust his chops.


  16. Trust? A former spook analyst's take on sigint and commint.

    See it here, unabashed and an example, from a few short years ago, in the less dark times,

  17. Bilgeman.

    You are correct of course where datamining since the Clinton years is concerned. Correct too where any "reasonable expectation of privacy over the public airwaves [cellphones]" is concerned - however Landlines used to convey that "reasonable expectations." No longer.

    (mrtomsr sr?

    Far as "Why now?" - while I do not know - SPECULATING, probably because of the recent deluge ie, Benghazi, the IRS targeting, but likely most crucially, the AP's breaking of the news a FOX reporter got caught up in the Bureau's investigating an active leaker - coupled with the release of the warrant application detailing the "whys" plus the more revealing Appendix A detailing what was to be seized.)

    Here is a link to both the warrant and the Appendix. The warrant application goes some 36 pages - one needs only read the first 4 - 5 pages to get a feel for the 'whos' - but I'd recommend beginning focused reading from page 27 to the end of page 36. The noted Appendix A begins after the application's ending page 36.

    Pay close attention to all six pages of Appendix A. (You might make a mental note that the "signature" of the authorizing Judge appears in actuality - to be a "rubberstamp.")


  18. All of this leads to some mental speculation regarding Judge Roberts' last minute nonsensical change of heart regarding Obamacare. What did they have on him?