Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hollywood in Terror

After being told ad nauseam of this misadministration's great successes against AQ ("Bin Laden Dead! GM Alive!") one must wonder what has gone wrong. We are shutting our embassies and misadministration officials are scampering about blabbing how the terrorists are planning something big.

Given the misadministration's past history dealing with terrorism, I think we can expect major arrests in Hollywood. No filmmaker will be safe from the avenging wrath of Susan Rice! Spielberg, head for the hills!



  1. I found it especially rich that the NSA and their hoovering up of all our info "helped uncover" this potential terror plot. Of course, there is no way to discredit that statement. A brilliant move by the gov't spin meisters.

  2. Beat me to it babs.

    The cynic in me advises this was "contingency planning" should the NSA's doings come to the forefront of the US public's thoughts.

    However - given the number of prison breaks (nine?) in recent months, Ramadan ending, turmoil in Egypt, the French version of "misadministration Mali," Syria, Turkey - mutterings of a "breakthrough" [sarcastic cough, cough] between the Israelis and Palestinians ...

    Still - damned convenient timing aside - and just "a feeling" if this crisis turns out to actually be something my bet is, the Intel came by way of HUMINT rather than SIGINT. But even then, how could we be assured of anything given who's helming our Ship of State?

    As somebody once wrote, "Something stinks in Denmark."

    But as I constantly remind myself - I've been wrong before.

    Thank God this time it would appear, rather than depending on contractors, our stations abroad this time have the dependable US Marines.

    (& we needn't worry too much I'm given to understand, after all our Senators McCain and Graham are headed to the ME in about a week or so - what could go wrong those two's stellar history?)


    1. Hey bubba, the contractors did damn well in bengazi.

    2. Good analysis, Arkie! Right on! IMO.

    3. I'd stipulate that Sidvic.

      Of course those contractors in Benghazi I'd hope "you'd stipulate" were adequately (eminently) qualified being as they were - former SEALs and qualified Operators. And vetted.

      Belay the "Congrats" Jack, though I appreciate as noted, I've been wrong before.


  3. Something stinks in Denmark....week old herring maybe. I wouldn't trust any agitprop from the Obama mob at all. OBL dead, AQ dead(?), Detroit dead, Benghazi bubbling back to life. The 2016 election of The Red Queen rides on Benghazi.

  4. Diplomad Sir? Delete this comment as you see fit.

    Whitewall. "Possible scenarios" in my opinion would be some joint op involving primarily AQIM, with technical expertise only, coming from AQAP. Most likely in the Horn of Africa's neighborhood. Maybe Nigeria. In my dubious opinion, more likely Kenya.

    I figure the Saudis to have the Gulf Peninsula pretty much covered - at least down to Oman. I "think" the Hashemites are covered - Egypt's military has been on pretty much high alert for a month (I "think" they might've deployed Apaches to Sinai).

    That leaves only Yemen itself - but what the heck is there to defend in snakepit Yemen worth defending - a Predator base?

    That leaves Africa. Our Marines can (on-station) be anywhere they're needed very quick, very anywhere along the Med.

    I suppose "AQAP" might consider Iraq - but with all the stuff already going on there - would anybody notice? Same holds for Pakistan/Afghanistan (but the Indians just did get hit there so again, would anybody notice)?

    That leaves pretty much The Horn of Africa region - but Somalia has that "Would anybody notice?" problem, sorta the same for Sudan and environs.

    If I catch your drift ... "week old herring maybe" - somewheres close to Africa's eastern shores - where the natives fish (normally) for small fish.

    But, as I noted above, Senators McCain & Graham are gonna be in Egypt next week, er, a few days hence - so who knows, <iDemocracy may well Breakout!</i

    Nope. I'm not drunk - but whenever I hear all Washington DC's pols have made the Sunday talk shows I wanna get so - problem for me is, I live in a dry county.


  5. Oops.

    No spacing though - to italicize, < i > text < / i > .

    Apparently I boo booed. That should read:

    Democracy may well Breakout!


    1. "democracy" can be a dangerous thing said the sheep to the two wolves riding next to him.

  6. Yep. The Saudis it would appear have the Arabian Peninsula pretty much locked: