Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Benghazi "Firings"

I see some of the press is mildly abuzz over the fact that SecState John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry has "reinstated" the four State officers previously removed for their role in the Benghazi fiasco. Readers of this blog, however, might recall that on December 27, 2012 I predicted that nobody would be fired, and that the four officers allegedly removed by State were, in fact, not removed. I noted that I had a bet going that nobody would be fired or forced to resign,
I won my bet with a former colleague on the Benghazi fiasco. I bet him that nobody would be forced to resign: that would be the price of the truce between Foggy Bottom and Chicago. "You don't fire us Foggy Bottom sorts, and we don't go public with how cretinous a foreign policy you Chicagoans have instituted. Deal? Deal." The initial reports indicated I might have lost the bet, as supposedly four State officials either were forced to resign or dismissed . . . yeah, right. My colleague called to collect on his bet; I delayed paying as I was skeptical of the initial reports. Then SUDDENLY the truth came out. Nobody had been axed! It was all a three card monte game with no money card on the table.

I will go out further on the limb. Once even the little dust created by the scandal has dissipated, the four bureaucrats asked to take the mini-spear for Chicago will--mark my words--get monetary awards. They will be written up for showing courage and fortitude under difficult circumstances. The senior people will evade all responsibility; ol' whats-her-name will slip out of the building and leave her desk to John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry, the dead will be forgotten, the Islamist Morlocks will lick their fingers and get ready for another helping of Eloi.
I stand by my second prediction. These officers will be rewarded.



  1. Or, they may get the 'Seal Team Six' treatment, as in dead men tell no tales.

  2. The scapegoats have fulfilled their duty and they can now be quietly rehabilitated. "The Deal" has been kept:

  3. My own bet Mr. Mad. Before the end of the year the faultless four will leave State and join a (think tank, charitable org, or a NGO) Democratic front org. as deputy of (you name it).

  4. As I said elsewhere, I hope Clinton and all those at State who remained silent, see those 4 dead men every night in their dreams (or nightmares) at 3AM.


    1. Oh dear, I forgot that disgrace Kerry. Just rewards.


  5. Disturbing but undoubtedly accurate.
    -Reader #6

  6. A ten month paid leave sounds like a pretty sweet reward to me.