Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Boycott the January 20 Charade

The Communistic-Nazification of America continues apace. The "prog" alliance  consisting of corrupt politicians; Marxist-Leninist-Rohmist street thugs; all sorts of semi-literate products of academia; politicized junk "scientists"; well-paid racial theory mountebanks; gangs of approved docile media "journalists"; Hollywood lunatics; and uber-rich woke techies has produced the horrid landscape bespoiling our once free, powerful, and thriving country. 

George Orwell, Enoch Powell, Joseph McCarthy, Allan Bloom, Ayn Rand, you folks predicted it, or, at least, warned us about different aspects of the current nightmare. 

Let's chat briefly about the charade that will take place in DC on January 20. 

In normal times, in sane times, the inauguration of a new US President makes for an exciting, colorful, and interesting event. Whether or not our guy won, we traditionally viewed the event as a reaffirmation of our long history as a democratic republic, of our tradition of peaceful transfers of power, and of our willingness to give the new guy a chance to prove himself. 

We, however, do not live in normal times, in sane times. We will have January 20, 2021, a break in that long tradition. The "progs" who rejected President Trump have taken control of the levers of power via massive electoral fraud, and, of course, thanks to their near total control of the means of communication. On January 20, we will have a corrupt, gaga, pervert nominally sworn in as President. He will, in fact, prove no such thing; he will be the puppet of the destructive forces of "progdom." They plan to keep him around a bit, and then toss him overboard.  

I propose one little act of rebellion for those of us who still believe in the idea of America: ignore, actively ignore, the ludicrous event on the 20th. Do not watch the thing on any media or network. No ratings. No attention. Let DC become a ghost town, patrolled by the 25,000 National Guards the DNC reportedly wants called up. Do not mount any public protest anywhere. Above all, ignore the fake, false flag calls on the internet for an "armed protest" at Capitol Hill: clearly a trap, and a crude one, at that. 

For the first time in my life, I will remove the US flag from the front of my house. The Diplowife has suggested leaving it but with black bunting; one of my sons has suggested flying it upside down. All good suggestions but, nah, I will take it down and not fly it again for the foreseeable future. I will also make sure to buy another gun on that day. 

I know these are little things, but they might be a start to making it clear that Biden is no more the president of the USA than is Howdy Doody. 

The real presidency of the United States will reside in Silicon Valley. DC is just a show.


  1. If I’m lazy enough and live far away enough from DC that I wouldn’t watch or attend even a Trump 2nd Inaugural, can I get credit for pretending to be following your advice? ;)

  2. I will hang my flag upside down.

    BTW: Howdy-Doody would be a VAST improvement over Xiden...

    1. I will bring mine in the house.

    2. Upside down--Want my Prog neighbors to see it EVERY DAY !!

  3. Honestly, the only way I can get to "trump won in a landslide, but the country was cheated by progressives in many states" is to presume that covid and related electoral procedure changes were entirely a conspiracy hatched out of beijing with the democrats in attendance.
    I'm not saying that isn't possible, but I see it only as 'possible', in the sense that catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is 'possible' (afaik, CAGW *is* possible, but there's no reasonable evidence that it is actually true/happening at the level of emissions we've seen)
    In the same way, I don't say that the election *hasn't* been hijacked, I just don't see sufficient evidence to reliably make that claim. I'm a natural skeptic.

    In either case, these days, progressives are in a steep demographic decline... much like europe.... idiotic social studies professors don't live forever, and they fortunately do not procreate. The 1960's and 1970's were a *very* bad time for America, and it's only now that the *results* of those decades are impacting leadership of the union. The good days are coming, whether the progressives want it or not.

    - reader #1482

    1. If you don't believe the election was a total fraud, you haven't been paying attention.
      You think the 1960's and 70's were a bed time in America? That era was a child's picnic compared to what will happen if Biden gets into the Oval Office. And, no, he is not yet the President.
      I would advise everyone to be in and stay in a safe place for at least the next two weeks.

    2. The 'newly discovered' ballot boxes were using during early King County, Washington elections as a proof of concept. They found that The Stupid Party would not object, so it was rolled out into other jurisdictions for a larger test. Again, no objections.
      It has since gone nationwide.
      You can find sites mentioning the mathematical impossibility of the Biden win, you can find sites where accountants discuss the multitude of red flags, you can also find sites where the algorithm to switch electronic votes from Trump to Biden have been demonstrated.
      The info is out there - if you want to look for it.

    3. "With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk." - von Neumann
      Statistical evidence is how global warming is perpetrated on our idiot masses.

      *direct* evidence in the form of attestation of malfeasance by observers who witnessed counting fraud would be nice, but in our era of "why not do everything electronically so it can't be reliably traced?" we've mostly eliminated that as a possibility.

      *manual* voting.. *no* machines... *no* voting without being physically present and *no* person leaving a poll booth without a blue thumb.... when we "get back to that," there will be actual oversight of our elections. Until then, imo, we're just kidding ourselves to think we know who really won.

      - reader #1482

    4. Everything electronic can be hacked.

  4. The Democrats know the real ratio of Trump voters vs Biden voters so, anticipating a low turn out anyway, they have put out a recommendation that people stay at home because of Covid.

    This allows them to say the low turn out is because of THEIR recommendations, nothing else.

  5. After 9-11 I put a light with a sensor out where it could shine on the flag and kept it waving there until John Roberts' 2012 decision that converted ObamaCare into some sort of tax, in the opinion of the Chief Justice, despite all the arguments made by those promoting the socialization of our healthcare system that it was not a tax.

    I put up my Gadsden flag and flew that until President Trump was elected in 2016. I still have it and I will return it to its place of prominence as a giant middle finger to all who disrespect and violate the Constitution.

    There will be a light AND a camera trained on it at all times.

    1. That's a good idea. I think I, too, will fly the Gadsden.

    2. Being a Texan, I rather like this:

    3. Guess I'll have to dig my gadsden flag out as well

  6. "Boycott the January 20 Charade" WLA

    It's A Work in Progress, Dip!
    FYI, Our US Flag flying, Behind the Storm Door Glass, on my Front Door! This Flag was observed by our Now Governor Ron DeSantis, when he and his wife Casey were Campaigning for his 1st, 6th Congressional seat back in 2012: Said he then, "I stopped to meet you, since you were the only house hereabouts Flying the Flag". I thanked him for stopping by, and told him he had my Vote! I've voted for him in all elections since up to and including the Florida Governors Race, which he also WON!

    However I intend to remove "Old Glory" from her usual perch, I'll execute morning colors, then strike, fold, and store, my God Blessed Made in America Flag, until I'm convinced that we've had a RETURN to a Free and Fair National Election, wherin, only LEGAL votes are counted. Till then, Our Family will reside under the Flag and Colors of our forebears.

    Also intend to tranmit a letter w/ frontdoor picture of Old Glory absent, and explain why! Then I'll go on to compliment him on his handling of the Covid vaccination progress, and for his new program for Seniors, using Florida Publix Supermarkets as Inoculation Centers!
    Outstanding Job as Gov, and too as the Fake News BS, Wrangler in Chief -- he's beginning to remind me of, DJT in the clinches~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  7. Putting flag out upside down. Otherwise total boycott of this fraud

  8. In my days as a sailor flying a flag upside down was a signal that the vessel was abandoned by its crew.

    As I do not see that you are abandoning your fine country it would be more appropriate to lower it to half mast as a sign of mourning.

    Stay with it cousins.

    Be careful of the new gun Dip. Having lost several in a lake you don't want to lose this one.

    1. beautiful Diamondback AR also took a tumble into the lake...

    2. Thanks David: I will be buying the gun today and, by coincidence, my wife has booked us on a lake cruise . . .

  9. Use the Betsy Ross flag. It is a symbol of resistance. Or use the Bonny Blue flag (one white star on a dark blue ground), another symbol of resistance.

    1. Most people aren't well read enough to recognize the Bonnie Blue Flag. They'll think it's Texas or something.

  10. Not the Betsy Ross - it looks too much like the EU flag, perhaps the flag the gloablists will adopt when they succeed in merging the EU with the USA...

  11. "*manual* voting.. *no* machines... *no* voting without being physically present and *no* person leaving a poll booth without a blue thumb.... when we "get back to that," there will be actual oversight of our elections. Until then, imo, we're just kidding ourselves to think we know who really won."
    As an ex-pat US citizen (from childhood) I have no say in who you all elect to lead you. However, I fully do not understand how any honest person can not insist on the bare minimum of requiring who you are before you vote. Purple fingers are a good idea also.
    As to those who thing that PEJB will be 'tossed aside' I absolutely do not see this. The man is in a very advanced aged state, probably cognizant only a few hours a day. The people who should be the ones protecting him from misuse and maybe abuse are All-In. The perks, attention and wealth are far too tempting to turn down. And of course, as we well know from when Obama was in Hawaii years back. They have a machine that (legally) can sign documents, with the force of law, for the president.
    I do however believe, that passive resistance (until a better opportunity comes along) is the way to go. They crave attention. Ignore them. Turn your back. Leave their supporters out of conversations. Shun them.
    Good luck. js

  12. Sorry for the spelling and grammar error.

  13. Not only will I not watch on TV, I decided last week that I would completely boycott all media that day, including social media. I have had the US Flag up on my FB profile and will be taking it off prior to 1/20. Because I have to be careful what I post (I wanted to use an upside down American flag but won't) I plan to put up a picture of my T-shirt from the handover of HK to China in 1997. It says "I love Hong Kong, 1997-2047. I'll also put up a post about my time in China. Just my little effort at quiet protest. And, because I have to be at work in an environment (higher ed) where many despise Trump, I'll dress as if I'm going to a funeral that day. Then the day AFTER the inauguration, I'll read Xiden's speech and comment appropriately about it.....working now to craft just the right tone of respectful subversion.

  14. Thousands of National Guardsmen? Are the Lefties really that ignorant? Have they never heard of the Roman Praetorian Guard? The force that was meant to protect the Emperor -- and ended up choosing the Emperor.

    All kinds of people join the National Guard for all kinds of reasons, but some of them are true believers in the Constitutional Republic they have sworn to protect, even at the cost of their own lives. And the Democrats want to surround themselves with heavily armed men, a significant portion of whom suspect the election was fraudulent?

    My guess is that Lefties are stupid ... but not that stupid. The National Guardsmen will have guns, but no ammunition. Kabuki theater, just like most of the rest of what FedGov does these days.

    1. True. The ranks of the Guard are populated by MAGA types and sympathizers.

    2. I doubt they will be armed. If armed, I doubt they will have ammo.

    3. All troops in the Capitol are currently armed.
      Question: Why would we have hundreds of armed troops INSIDE the Capitol, INSIDE the chain link fence surrounding the Capitol?
      Troops have also been activated nationwide.
      Something's going on. Like I said before; be in and stay in a safe place for the next week and a half.

  15. Fly the Gadsden Flag instead**LP%20-%20NonTM%20-%20Historical%20Flags&utm_term=Gadsden%20Flag&utm_content=Gadsden%20Flag

  16. Delilah
    I too will boycott the inauguration, but I'm angry at being forced to do so because the FBI and antifa/blm are claiming Trump voters are planning "armed" demonstrations. Of course those posters are fake. But I think this too was planned because Biden knows his position is illegitimate. He started downplaying inauguration plans immediately after the election. He knew that a large part of the 75 million voters who know the election was stolen would show up to protest the illegal installation of this geriatric pedophile. If a couple million people showed up to refuse to accept this fraud, the MSM and the Biden cabal couldn't ignore it. So, quick -- manufacture a narrative to prevent it and step up the purge of social media, cancelations and selective prosecutions.
    And I had hoped 2021 would be better than 2020...

  17. People should NOT, repeat NOT show up at any armed protest in any "blue" area.

  18. I just don't get it.. the screeching from the media/democrat axis.
    That capitol invasion was embarrassing, but it also showed precisely what's going on.... these are *not* insurrectionists and are certainly *not* organized... for all the "highly trained people were involved" crap in the media... we had nearly all these supposed insurrectionists on camera with their pearly whites showing.
    And of course, they're all being rounded up and arrested.
    And they're a HUGE threat because.. well.. none of them have apparently attended *any* sort of operational specialty training.. not even observing the basic first principles of 'organized mischief' that antifa and other lefty goons have long since mastered.... none of whom would *ever* be caught on camera without their masks.
    So now we have it... people who are willing to own up to what they did are going to be punished, while saboteurs behind masks walk away without arousing the most basic interest.
    I think we have a problem here, but it's not the 'capitol rioters'.

    - reader #1482

    1. This just in from:
      2021 Membership Renewel/Statement
      Signed by Donald J. Trump-PotUS

      The Return Address is to: RNC WA DC
      Thing is, I'm POed at 10+ Senators at least + the so called Leader, aka McConnel & Wife, PLUS a boatload of House manure including, I'm surprized to say, McCarthy, although I suspect he still thinks he has a shot at Speaker someday, so he's pussy-footin~~~
      AnyhOWL, I want to hear where Cash contributions from US deplorable Trumpsters should be routed--any SERIOUS suggestions appreciated!
      Thinking the GOP including efalumps, may need to be retired to historical footnote status, while we consider our options for 2022 and beyond! The the MAGA PARTY has the ring of a winner to it, plus I've got a Hat, and sorta hoping some SOB trys to steal it from me!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  19. I will be wearing my American flag pin upside down come 1/21 if the drooling imbecile and the cackling hyena anchor baby are installed.

    1 will pay no federal income taxes the 1st quarter of this year.

    I will be off all social media and cut the cable cord.

    I will boycott all sponsors of the MSM.

    I will buy local, with cash. Never setting foot in a big box store or using Amazon again.

    I will join any spontaneous #MAGA parade & rally - especially if said event magically coincides with a Biden admin event.

    I will have patriotic songs on endless loop to play at high volume at the ready whenever progs try to boss me around.

    In short, I aim to misbehave.

    1. Great List, Hope@ZeroKelvin!
      Count me in!
      Viz Patriotic Songs
      I'm going for Military Marches
      at High Decibles, May break out
      Dress Blues~~~ and Bugle Calls
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  20. BRAVO and a Hat Tip, Laurence Jarvik! For reminding US
    what we should have learned in High School!
    To Wit:
    "For as any graduate of a traditional High School Civics class knows, the United States Constitution says that power belongs to the American People."
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    from LawrenceJarvic Online
    Friday, January 15, 2021

    This Inauguration Is Not A Peaceful Transfer Of Power...
    Because the 2020 Election was not a free and fair election.

    Because Congress failed to certify electors honestly, and because the Supreme Court denied President Trump judicial review of the 2020 Election, he has every right to claim that the American People reelected him by a landslide in 2020.

    Which, given manifestly suspicious actions of the Biden camp subsequently, one may reasonably infer he did.

    Congressional certification of electors was obviously intended by the Framers to serve as a final check on fraud in the Electoral College, and to balance the power of the states--not to rubber-stamp whatever electors the states send.

    Certification is clearly designed to insure that results are bona fide.

    By certifying disputed results without additional verification, in this case Congress has failed in its obligation to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution.

    It is the failure of Congress and the Supreme Court to do their duty in good faith--not President Trump's rhetoric--that led to violence.

    Due process was denied. Equal protection was denied. The right to vote of American citizens was denied.

    By the US Congress--not President Trump--that is, the Legislative Branch.

    By the US Supreme Court--not President Trump--that is, the Judicial Branch.

    President Trump heads the Executive Branch.

    Under the Constitution, all three branches of government are co-equal.

    As Chief Magistrate, a sitting President has as much claim to say he the US Government as Congress or the Supreme Court.

    A President by definition cannot overthrow himself or his administration.

    So, even if one stipulates the Capitol protest turned violent, it was by obviously NOT an attempt to overthrow the Government of the United States.

    Instead it resulted from a conflict between the Legislative and Executive Branches for an honest determination of the will of the American People.

    If Congress made a fraudulent certification, then that act of Congress was both illegitimate and unconstitutional.

    For as any graduate of a traditional High School Civics class knows, the United States Constitution says that power belongs to the American People.

    Not to the President--who is merely a hired executive heading an administration working for the American People.

    Not to Congress--who are just hired representatives of the will of the American People.

    Not to the Supreme Court--who are only judging laws in order to ensure they reflect the intentions of the American People as passed by their representatives in accordance with the Constitution.

    Which means there is no such thing as "peaceful transfer of power" on Inauguration Day.

    There is only a change of administration.

    Power remains with the American People at all times.

    And is divided equally between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches under the US Constitution.

    Not transferred by an inauguration.

    Posted by LaurenceJarvik at 4:37 PM

  21. That many troops present doesn't look like a "peaceful transfer" to me. And what ever you do, just don't talk about zee elektion.

  22. Excellent Short video of DC today inside the wire.
    Must watch till end

  23. Yes, each and every one of you, who say you're protesting the inauguration next Wednesday by removing the American flag, are entitled to do just that very thing. I am very saddened to hear anyone would do that, but you are an American and you can if you want.
    For me an my house, we are American and we will continue to celebrate that fact by leaving Old Glory flying high in front of my house, today, tonight and tomorrow!! God Bless the United States of America.
    The Stars And Strips is why many of us, including myself, served this country honorably. It's so even you will have the privilege to lower the colors in disgust. I feel real sorry for anyone who does that!
    It is this time, if there every was a time, to put that National Ensign higher than ever before!
    May God Bless You and May God Continue To Bless The United States Of America.

    1. I didn't make if perfectly clear, May God Bless The President Of The United States, Donald J. Trump.
      Yes, I'm as frustrated as anyone about the recent election, political correctness, etc., but I just don't see that as any reason to abandon my country.

  24. Remember how when President Trump suggested (2018) that a military parade might be a good thing?

    No? Let's refresh:

    But now we find in excess of 30,000 in full 'Battle Rattle' bivouacked out under the Capitol dome.

    (Big Country's got some more current posts since that one appeared for any interested - visit.)


    Now then, I'll proceed with what's prompted my actual intended 'dropped by to put in my 2 cents'

    Near a week ago a post appeared on another blog I visit which included this observation:

    "After more than 60 post-election legal challenges by Trump’s lawyers, there was no evidence of massive election fraud presented in these legal challenges. Trump would have had to produce evidence of election fraud to overturn the results of three states. His lawyers never produced that evidence. All they produced were hearsay, rumors and dubious statistical assertions."

    My reaction prompted by (in part) that - led me to get into my memory banks for an episode that began in the 2011 runup to a special election wherein "just affidavits" proved sufficient to kick off a fraud investigation which final chapter only concluded in 2013. And I posted what follows below:


    The plain text of the Constitution spells that it is the various States Legislatures enumerated powers to fiddle around with election law. Election law fiddling is not ceded in any State’s Executive nor Judicial branch such as we have recently witnessed.

    About a decade ago my own state, Arkansas experienced, albeit on a very much smaller scale – though no changes emanating via agency of any Enumerated Branch – a “problem” which root cause sprouted from mail in balloting.

    In late November of the year 2011 four sworn affidavits were delivered to authorities of Arkansas’ State Police. Those affidavits then passed to Arkansas’ AG who in turn, turned what evidence that office had gathered over to “higher authorities.”

    In February of the year 2012 rumors began to escape the grasp of law enforcement circles:

    A question then arose whether ‘simple affiants’ had sufficient standing for any [Arkansas] state court to address which resulted in a resort to Federal statutory guidances.

    Meanwhile the press arguing continued even after the point upon which indictments had been handed down:

    The issue[s] for the Arkansas state judiciary branch was that the legislative branch having never addressed the issue of mailed ballots (statutorily) caused the state’s judiciary to defer to Federal Statute whereupon Rule 901 was decided operative:

    We face grave danger in the Republic and, in my opinion as well, no matter whether any of us individually ‘be convinced of our cause’ we each must, individually recognize there’s a problem. A grave problem.

    A fundamental problem that’s beyond mere ‘personalities’
    "We have met the enemy and he is us."

    Oh. I about forgot:

    (Edited for brevity's sake)


    1. The above may well be somewhat difficult to figure out 'what's what' but it couldn't be helped.

      As I'd originally had it - Goo Gull wouldn't only allow in the number of abit over 4000 characters for an 'allowed post'. Originally it went some 5216.

      Suffice to say - However the Progs today insist otherwise - Mailed ballots of any sort are ripe for fraud.


    2. Thanks for that Harri err JK!
      Funny how the worm turns, when yez ain't l@@in~~~

      Also, while slip~~slidin around down here,
      needed to add my 2cents to Jack Woelfel's
      Patriotic thoughts, and opine viz flying
      Old Glory, versus, striking colors during
      this theft of Aerican's Votes,
      which is leading to the false installation
      of J. Biden & C. Hariss to the Highest
      National offices in the USA.

      My First thought, was remembering a quote,
      from younger days, which imprinted on me a
      difference between morality and authority,
      Quote went: "I salute the Man not the Hat",
      meaning the symbolic Cover, may represent the
      good intentions of office, however it could also
      represent Bad intentions, therefore the man wearing
      the Hat, may or may not be a true moral model of Authority.
      Forgetting that HAT for a moment, and recognizing that some men, and sometimes Bad men or even women, may wrap themselves in patriotic or traditional camo garb or trappings to mask themselves, with Flags n' flourishes sometimes to disguise their expensive and expansive dirty deeds.

      IMO, what we are witnessing is a cadre of usurpers, foreign and domestic enemies, hiding behind Red White & Blue, who have fraudulently manipulated our electoral processes, offices, and procedures, to enslave WE American Voters, with our own votes. This cannot stand, our now occupied land, stolen while the enemey and his bag of tricks were disguised as Americans!

      Therefore, Many Real Americans have chosen to opt out of flying their colors, I've folded and stowed mine, hopefully and prayerfully it will fly again on my Watch, when the light of Constitutional FREEDOM, and its illuminates will shine across our land, and soverign country, once again~~~
      Till then I salute a Man,
      and his Hat, the Governor of Fla,
      The Hon. Ron DeSantis
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    3. Aye OW, aye.

      May there come that time returned.

      On our, mutual watch.


    4. Read you 4x4 JK!
      Best regards to you,
      and Mrs too, be well~~~

  25. Consider hoisting the Whiskey Rebellion Flag...Open rebellion against an Overreaching, taxatious government that refused to listen to the grievances and petitions of the people and acted in favor of larger companies over smaller businesses.

    1. "Overreaching, taxatious government that refused to listen to the grievances and petitions...and acted in favor of larger companies over smaller businesses."

      Go Blimey Kal'!
      Sounds awfully near to an
      OligarchiKal alcoholic prescription!
      On Watch~~~hic```

  26. My plan on that day is to do what I almost always am doing at 0900PST -- sit on the bog.
    I'll just take extra time.

    1. Great Plan Graham!
      I'll be gazin on my chunk of Salt Marsh n'Creek, admiring the creatures & their shoutouts here ~~~watching the river flow~~~ sittin ON my Jon Boat, hoping to be doin more fishing soon, and keeping an eye on the resident gators... rather than my defensive reactions to the next predictable Democrat assault on my Countrymen and our Constitution... time 1210AM-EST Waiting for the Sun~~~
      On Watch~~~