Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

BREXIT: at Last Free, Free at Last

I have in the past written about the British struggle to break free of the EU's suffocating and tyrannical embrace. You can see some of my thoughts on BREXIT and the EU here, here, and here and elsewhere in the archives of this inconsequential blog. When Boris "The Dude" Johnson won election to Number 10, I was delighted. I thought that the alliance of two unconventional New Yorkers with wild hair would take the world by storm. 

The Dude, however, had to tend to some messy local politics, first, to ensure he had a firm grasp of the Parliament and then proceed to fight off the EU and its Deep State, high tech, media allies to try to ensure Britain's independence. 

He had to undo the damage done to Britain's standing by the hapless Theresa May, a major TINO (Tory in Name Only), who either through incompetence or malice had fouled up the negotiations to get the UK out of the EU. I became somewhat distressed with the Dude when he, much like our own President, caved to the fraudulent scientific "experts" and shut down his country in response to the ChiCom virus. I thought, well, he's just become another one of "them." In the end, however, he marched on to get the UK out of that cesspool into which the globalists had led the nation. I haven't read the fine print of the deal, but am encouraged that folks whom I trust on this issue, such as Nigel Farage, have given (I think) the deal a thumbs up.  

This is one of the few bright spots on the current world horizon; we should acknowledge and celebrate it. 

Happy Independence Day to the UK!


  1. A Five Eyes trading bloc coming up?

    1. Right now, America may be entering a Blind Eye period.

  2. Their exports to the EU are still subject to all EU regulations, but now they have no vote. Also, the boundary between the EU and UK runs down the Irish Sea, and Northern Ireland is on the EU side.

    1. afaik, all EU imports (including UK or US exports to the EU) are subject to EU regulation. Why would this change?
      I suspect this was mainly about 'immigration' and the way most EU countries make themselves very inhospitable to 'refugees', resulting in them winding up in London?

      - reader #1482

  3. My British contacts advise us foreigners against seeing what we want to see in this deal.

    The UK left the EU legally some time ago, keeping existing regulations for a transition period while a new deal was negotiated. Boris's concluded new deal does not cover Services -- although Services (especially financial) account for 80% of UK exports. There will be further negotiations with the EU on that topic.

    Further, the UK is still subject to various "Human Rights" agreements independent of the EU, which put limits on UK freedom of action.

    The eventual outcome of Brexit will depend a lot on decisions made by third parties. Will Japan invest in European automobile production in England, or Spain, or Serbia? The agreement with the EU limits the UK from sweetening the pot for those Japanese investors.

    My correspondents also note rising "UK versus London" sentiment -- with an increasingly unpopular Boris seen as talking out of both sides of his mouth but in reality choosing the wrong (i.e. London) side.

    Big wheel keeps on turning. In the long run, Brexit may be seen as less important than many of the other factors impacting Europe.

  4. Off topic (sorry but this particular fellow being, hardly, a paragon of Constitutional virtue really really annoys the hell out've me).

    I see now Quitter-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is now, 'on principle' I'm assured by Legacy Media, coming out and ridiculing those of us, already convinced by the likes of him and his ilk that, where Republican Inc & 'Principle' is and are concerned ... well, the record speaks for itself:

    "This bill offends my principles. But I'm going to vote for this bill in order to preserve my principles, in order to preserve this free enterprise system."

    Lest we forget.


  5. With reference to Brexit, your analysis summed up, near a year ago, WLA, sits quite well with my, shall I say, feelings on the matter:

    "At the risk of being reprimanded and corrected by this blog's one or two British readers, I offer that the force driving the pro-BREXIT movement is not solely or even mostly about economics, or finance, or currency exchange rates. >---> It is about something much, much more important. It is about reclaiming the soul of Britain; preserving and restoring that which made Britain, notably England, one of the world's greatest countries, a nation of stunning consequence. It is about deciding whether the great British traditions and innovations that have made our modern world are worth saving or should be discarded."

    NOT ONLY a Bullseye! But a Twofer as well, what I'm trying to get at is, JK's self-confessed "Off Topic" mea culpa comment above, circa Jan 2019~~~

    Ryan, while current NEWs, as is Mittens, for his identical performance, STABBING the current POTUS, and the American People, in the back, with nary a care about the cost to our America! Costs not very much unlike those suffered through the UK occupation by the EU, a STUCK in a Rotten Deal, ' kick'em again where it hurts-- NO Brexit for you, the once Great Nation of ShopKeepers! The Quisling Progs within, slipping the knife into the backbone of the people!

    Which brings me back to the 2 American GOPe SLUGs, turned full 'Rats! the aforementioned losers, Ryan & Romney! Yup, Garbage for Hire will destroy the country, with no concern for the good of the citizenry, or the MILLIONS of REAL American voters who've had their VOTES stolen! TIME to Sweep the entire Democ'rat TOXIC trash out of office, and prosecute every seditious ChiCom collaborater, we the people can ID or get our hands on!

    Prayerfully, w/ or without a FIGHT the USA too will find its "Ideal Self" as Dip, described:

    "reclaiming the soul,... of [America]; preserving and restoring that which made ...[USA], one of the world's greatest countries, a nation of stunning consequence. deciding whether the great ... traditions and innovations that have made our Constitutional Democracy... worth saving or should be discarded."

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    1. Oops, erratum:)
      Scratch... Constitutional Democracy
      Correct... [Constitutional Republic]

  6. On a forum with Engish speakers ( and some barely) have seen anguish the Britians have had the last some years. I was sure it would go better than they thought. I am worried that might not be the case if Sundowner the Usurper is in charge, Democrats are more EU than Britain and so might hurt them if possible.

    1. Touche Skip! "Sundowner the Usurper", is an apt nom de guerre" for the CCP financed, 'Plugs "Biteme" Biden'. While he has been a Jerk for most of his Public Life, in the long run tho, he has now proveing to be a useful idiot, to America's worst Enemies here, and overthere! Moreover I still suspect he will use the specter of his demential, as a 'get out of Jail Card', if & when he is revealed to have been aiding and abetting our foreign enemies! Suspect anyone, supporting his assent to CinC & POTUS, should be seen as what they are, by their actions, declared enemies of the USA.

      More on: "Sundowning is a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It’s also known as “late-day confusion.” If someone you care for has dementia, their confusion and agitation may get worse in the late afternoon and evening. In comparison, their symptoms may be less pronounced earlier in the day."
      Hope the SOB gets to spend what remains of
      his golden years on a 'Rock Pile' making pebbles!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"