Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

We'll See, We'll See . . .

Lots of political activities afoot in the Old Republic. Nobody, or so I think, can foretell what will happen.

First, of course, we have the unusual dual Senator race going to a vote in Georgia. At stake we have two Republican-held Senate seats. The loss of both will turn the Senate over to the lunatics in the Democratic party, and away from the cowards in the Republican Party. 

If the Republicans hang on to these seats, and the CCP's guy, Joe "Huh?" Biden, gets inaugurated on January 20, that could make Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell the most powerful politician in America. We'll see whether the Dem fraud machine goes into high gear or whether it will stand down a bit this time around. We'll see.

Second, we have pending tomorrow, January 6, the Presidential "electoral vote count." This is generally a pro-forma affair, but might not be this time around. I don't care what the Constitutional experts and pundits state, none of them knows what will happen. It could go many different ways, much of it dependent on how Vice President Pence, who will sit as the presiding officer at the event, interprets and executes the powers given him by the Constitution. Will he, as some suggest, ignore the Electoral Vote Count Act written some eleven years after the contentious 1876 election? Will he reject electors from contested states? Will he delay things until we get more clarity from the legislatures in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, etc? How will the Ted Cruz-led challenge go? I don't know, and as I stated above, I don't think anybody else does either. We'll see.

The Republic is at stake. That much I do know.


  1. After the 4 year insurgency against Pres. Trump, it is at least gratifying to see him and some loyal Rs mount a counterinsurgency against the Deep State- doormat Republicans-Democrats. This needs to continue after Jan. 20th, yes I believe virtual Joe Biden will be installed in the WH for a virtual presidency. We on the Right owe the Dems a four year justified counterinsurgency on principle. Rightists need to be in the streets as often as can be done all over the country. We also need to be getting aggressive locally with our mayors, town councils, law enforcement, and governors. Add to that our local schools, inside the classrooms, school board meetings, and state depts. of education. We normals have been quiet too long. It is assumed we will stay that way no matter what the Dems do to us with impunity.

  2. One site suggested that Pence lift up a suitcase hidden under the table that has a bunch of 'new, recently discovered' elector lists that all support Trump.

  3. Regardless of how tomorrow pans out. Unless Biden concedes (and I can't see that happening), I believe there will eventually be violence, and maybe even if he doesn't. I have noticed that even those with no skin in the game are quite aware that something went wrong with the recent election. Even those who 'like' the outcome of Biden/ Harris seem to act embarrassed ("the only way we could beat a bozo like Trump was to cheat?") and generally react with anger or just don't want to discuss it at all. A republic cannot long survive when there cannot be a peaceful transference of power due to mistrust. Hopefully reason will prevail. js

  4. I'm praying, just like any grunt a full day before he knows he's gonna take a walk in the park tomorrow

    1. You're close enough to be the Chaplain of the Day for me, 'boron'! Your "walk in the park" brought back boyhood memories of the film "A Walk in the Sun"... profound affect on my awareness of neighbors, who served in combat during WWII, survived, and came home to help rebuild the USA, G_D Bless 'em all, and our heroic Patriots today~~~ +Amen
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  5. If Dementia Joe Xiden get's wheeled into the Oval Office, we are likely looking at Civil War within a few years, even months.

    Act 1: Non-compliance of new government diktat at the local level.
    Act 2: Then on a National scale, with public protest and clamping down of such by our Law Enforcement. Riots and mass migration around the country.
    Act 3: Open rebellion. Certain areas become no-go zones for Law Enforcement or bureaucrats down to the local level. Shooting has started.
    Time frame for Acts 1-3? (I think Act 1 is underway)

    They no longer fear us, and this has been in the works for decades. And now they openly taunt, ridicule and attack us thinking they will get away with it.
    Will they?

  6. It's bizarre to me that given their professed certitude that the presidential election was totally fair and transparent and that Biden won in a landslide, Congressional Dems are talking about impeaching Trump for a phone call (again!).

  7. Pray for the best, prepare for the worse, that's all we can do.

  8. I live in uber blue Portland Oregon and all through the 2020 campaign I saw very little in the way of Biden support. Yes, there were some, but I had to look deep into certain neighborhoods. I lived here during Obama’s terms, and you couldn’t go 10 feet without seeing Obama campaign signs and stickers. During 2020 I saw more pro-Trump signs and people just out on the street waving a Trump flag. Now, this was out in the suburbs, and away from easy public transit so they could do that fairly safely with only the occasional expletive hurled from a passing Subaru. I am serious about the personal risk it would be to go into the downtown area on foot with anything supporting Trump visible. I knew that Oregon would go to Biden here no matter what, because the bulk of Portland would vote for Charles Manson (D) if he was running. What was severely lacking was overt Biden support. BLM signs everywhere, Lots of Bernie signs. With the selection of Biden, there still is a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Which has me thinking, that they know it was a fraud but are ok with the results. My congressman Earl Blumenauer is sending out in his newsletter, that any attempt to block the selection is a “Threat to our democracy”. That ship sailed in the early hours of November 4th.

  9. Rationally, Biden should be demanding a full public investigation into the election, to demonstrate that he did indeed get about 10 Million more votes than his opponent -- and more votes than any Democrat candidate has ever received in the history of the Republic. Biden should be the one with the biggest incentive to prove his asserted win was honest.

    So why is Biden not promising that his first act on inauguration will be to initiate a full open investigation of the election? As if we did not know!

    1. "So why is Biden not promising that his first act... will be to initiate a full open investigation of the election? As if we did not know!"

      Good Question Gavin,
      Hopefully, the POS has enough Grey Matter left,
      to work a Deal w/ the CinC & AG, for a Non-Prosecute,
      for himself & his surviving Kid (Hunter) for which
      BiteMe skates, but abdicates his candidacy, and
      Hunter does 'token time' after a Drug Rehab stint...
      "The Art of the Deal": For the Good of the Country~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Lets Roll"

  10. Italian defense contractor Leonardi used to access satellites to manipulate election data:

  11. I have been praying for the Hand of GOD to move in our country. The election yesterday was more disappointing than the November Election. If Perdue does not hold we will be in fighting overdrive the next four years...
    May the Good Lord Bless and Keep us.....
    B Gunn
    East Texas Rancher

    1. "...May the Good Lord Bless and Keep us..."

      On Watch~~~

    2. I think the Lord told us long ago that we are on our own. Our nation of soft men is going to suffer.

    3. No doubt about it WW!
      Too soft for too long!
      And, it's getting late
      in the game~~~ but we
      still have Constitutional
      moves to make in order to
      Protect these United States!
      We also have a few Hard and,
      Smart Men, to do what is wise
      and required for our country,
      as formulated by our founders!
      With reference to 'suffering',
      we are guaranteed a strong dose
      of that no matter how, what,
      where or when we deal with
      the devil's at the door~~
      On Watch~~~
      Prepare to 'Roll~~~

  12. Said for weeks after stealing a Presidential landslide, they are not going to let 2 Senators seats short of the prize of a sweep of the government.
    God help us

  13. As others have pointed out, America, as wonderful as it has been historically, has made many bad choices. Maybe we failed to 'make america great again'. Maybe it was an impossible task. Bad choices have consequences.

    - reader #1482

    1. "...Bad choices have consequences..."
      No doubt 1482, as do good choices as well...
      I believe we made a good choice, when 'we the
      people' voted to elect Donald Trump as our
      President in 2016, and in 2020, as well...
      Can't think of a better Commander to guide, and
      encourage US through the minefield, Dead Ahead!
      Our POTUS, has exposed the internal electoral rot, &
      our enemies, near and far! The War against the usual
      tyrants, thieves and thugs continues apace. I'm thankful
      to be on the Right Side of History, and associated
      with the Trump Team...

      Curiously the Muses too, or were they the Fates?
      Seems to have been very busy today, and still had
      time to return an old wallet of mine! I, of course looked inside, and in addition to a handful of Biz cards, I found,
      my long forgotten "2013 Tea Party Patriots Membership Card". It was right on top of my "Hillsdale College 2012 Benefactor" card sanwiched in between was a 'Future Voter' sticker, that I meant to give my daughter, then 15, who was taking History & Government courses offered online at Hillsdale, sweet memories!

      As I relate today's find with you 1482, I'm remembering your comments about the closeness, dedication, and love you have for your family...I am always touched when you share your thoughts with us here. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers too.
      Further, am sad to think that our young ones will now be affected by the selfish & dirty deeds of the gruesome and growing Socialist and Communist Mobs...

      The last card in the deck, from my wallet was an old NRA membership Card, dated 2002. On the back, below the signature was the title: "Bill of Rights" -- Ammendment II
      "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

      As I was writing this my wife ducked into my office and reported that a women was murdered at the DC gathering...
      The Democrat, and ChiCom funded Rats & Snakes continue spreading their pathogenic misery and HATE...

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. My Midnight Radio just went off and heard that
      it was a Capitol/Metro Cop who killed the woman...
      And so it continues~~~
      On Watch~~~