Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Waiting for a Ceausescu Moment?

In Raleigh, to visit the kids, and put the semi-final touches on a protracted--ugh!--real estate transaction. We spent a lot of time watching old movies--e.g., Fail Safe, the 1964 version--and trash TV from the past and overseas--e.g., a tacky but funny Brit series Benidorm. All the boys refuse to watch any news outlets, and, of course, consider the "election" of Traitor Joe and Cali Ho as the ultimate bad joke. They were even more pessimistic than I about the future; they, after all, along with their children will have to live with the consequences of the Great 2020 Theft much longer than I. That's, perhaps, the major benefit of being old.

We got to talking about solutions for the current crisis. As I noted, they seemed extremely negative, and very down about what could be done in light of the massive censorship and, clearly, the plans for a continued lock-down in the name of "fighting the virus." 

They saw the first and second amendments as, in essence, burnt toast. All three blamed the GOP more than they did the DNC. As one son put it, "The Republicans were supposed to be on our side. We know the Democrats hate us and hate America. The Republicans did nothing to stop the Democrats!" One son swore he would never vote again, "What's the point?"

It was hard to argue against the view that all is bleak. 

One hope, I told them, was for a "Ceausescu moment," something I think could come in the not too-distant future. 

The corrupt, gaga old dictator of Romania and his hideous wife, Elena, who, by the way, insisted on being called "Doctor," stood on the balcony of Communist Party HQS in Bucharest's Piata Palatulul, December 21, 1989, to give a standard Commie end-of-year speech. The video of the event, widely available, is worth watching. It proves fascinating to see the crowd in the plaza begin to turn on Ceausescu, and how, at first, the dictator doesn't absorb what is happening. As the insults from the multitude grow louder, the much more alert Elena realizes the plan has not survived first contact. She frantically tries to quiet the crowd; hubby begins promising raising wages and increasing this and that benefit. Too late. The people won't buy it; the cops refuse to suppress their fellow citizens; the Commie couple flees. Three days later, Nicolae and Elena face a firing squad--also available on video.

Romania was one of the tightest dictatorships in the East Bloc, right up there with the GDR. I remember dealing with the regime's reps in the UN, and they were evil fanatics. In the end, however, not even the Romanian secret police, once a much feared and powerful organization, could defeat the power of the truth and the righteous anger of the people. 

A Ceausescu moment, without the execution. 

Maybe, maybe . . . 


  1. We can hope that "things happen slowly, then quickly" will happen for the conservative cause, but sadly I doubt it.

  2. First, thanks for placing me on your Must Read blog list.

    Second, there are Republicans, a lot of them new to congress, who are trying to fight the good fight.

    Ted Cruz turned out to be a pleasant surprise during the last 4 years, considering how Trump went after him.

    Now the CommuNazi senator from West Virginia that many think will help the "Cause" has said he thinks that Cruz and and Josh Hawley should booted from the senate for daring to question the election results.

    And 30K troops in Washington? The only reason for this is that the Uniparty Elite know that Dementia Joe and Heels Up Harris didn't win the election and January 6th scared the crap out of them.

    If we do have an election in 2022, (By no means a sure thing), then we need to get out and vote every single disloyal dirtbag from office. I understand that Lynn Cheney's ratings have cratered so badly that she couldn't win an election for dog catcher now.

    1. "And 30K troops in Washington? Xiden and Calamity didn't win the election and January 6th scared the crap out of them." certainly did.
      450 grifters and 100 senators, need the protection of 30,000 troops ie 55 troops each, troops which you will remember could not be spared against the BoweL Movement people a few short months ago, but are magically produced to protect your new monarchs.
      This inauguration held behind barriers and barbed wire with no audience is an omen for the democrats and Rinos, they know this security blanket cannot be maintained for even a short time. The grifters understand they are vulnerable, and there will be increasing vulnerability if they attempt to roll back President Trump's sensible policies that assisted working Americans. They have created their own jail, will they ever be allowed to appear in public again?
      I understand why DiploMad added "without the execution" I have NO such qualms, I say WITH the distinct threat of execution. The grifters should henceforth live in fear for their lives for conducting and supporting a criminal election. They have after all sworn to uphold the constitution, having failed to do so they are obviously committing treason.

    2. But Pee Pads and Knee Pads do not have the authority to summon the troops. Makes one wonder if Trump has something up his sleeve. Hope springs eternal.

  3. The Romanian Revelation...that moment when each person realized he/she was not alone with their thoughts which previously no one dared say aloud. I remember watching the footage of the "Doctor's" body and the Mrs' crumpled against the curb. We shouldn't need any show trials.

  4. Time is against the progressives... all conservatives have to focus on is keeping their families together and putting their children and spouse ahead of themselves. If conservatives do that, progressives are doomed. Today, progressives thrive on disaffected youngsters ditched by their parents in nasty divorces where "we both make sure the child knows they're the most important (except for the personal wills of the parents)" yet children know *exactly* which bus their parents have thrown them under. This leaves ample room for our childless progressive idiots to move in for the kill on a cold day at the university. Kids with families don't walk around broadcasting victim-signals and attracting that crap.

    It all starts from the family... there's no *point* in a conservative view *without* the family at its root. America's been doing family extremely poorly since at least the 1960's, present company obviously excluded.

    Have patience, fix the families... don't let your friends abandon their spouses, children, and duty without a fight. IMO, that is how America could again receive God's blessing.

    - reader #1482

    1. "Have patience, fix the families... don't let your friends abandon their spouses, children, and duty without a fight.IMO, that is how America could again receive God's blessing. #1482"

      Let's hope so 1482, mebe when the Commu/Socios actually attend the newly reopened Churches, and swallow some morality along with the wine & wafers? Nah, then they just might want to stop murdering their issue...oops their goes the 'hood and the progressive decline you've been forecasting, my numerically sensitive Statistician, and if I may say, Friend ;+)
      Expecting a downhome, CinC Trump Round-up, & Bar-B-Q! Followed by, A neighborly kick-off of the Military Tribunals & sensitive Firing Squads for the seditious bastids!
      "Let's Roll"

  5. A Ceausescu moment, without the execution.

    Why "without the execution" bit?

    One of the principal reasons that Oliver Cromwell executed King Charles 1st was because he would have been a constant nucleus and figurehead for the Royalists to rally around, ensuring an ongoing series of attempts to restore him to the throne and a position of power. The country would have been in a state of constant turmoil for years afterwards.

    Similarly, if thy were not to stage a comeback with the repression and revenge that would accompany that restoration of power, Ceausescu had to be eliminated permanently.

    If you simply boot the traitors and those who subverted the election out of office, they won't go away and will continue to plot and scheme. After all, they have gained a lot of experience and skills in manipulating the system to their advantage. Their profession is doing exactly that so why do you think that they will meekly give up?

    Look at it like bursting a boil. Painful and messy but needed to excise the putrescence and the relief afterwards is worth having.

    Phil B

    1. Which is why they are going to destroy Trump in the courts on top of the impeachment scheme and may well lock him up. They want to ensure he cannot wield any form of political power in the future. It's already in the works.

  6. Hope for the husband and son tell me not to give up...the left always over reaches and sooner or later pendulum will swing back our way. Son is 20, enlisted AF. He tells me he and his colleagues (all like minded thank God) support Trump. He thinks Americans esp those who support 2A will never give up/give in and so we need to be prepared for tough times but in the end we will win.

  7. The Ceausescu's execution is almost available on video.

    Apparently the firing squad interpreted the question to the cameraman, "Ready?" as "Open Fire" and they did before the camera was quite ready to roll.

  8. The crooks caught the whiff of gunpowder, likely the first time in their lives for most of them. They realized that it could happen to them, and they are going to go full on to prevent that. Hence the double standard deployment of armed military with lethal force authorization.

  9. As election fraud is verboten to talk about it won't be fixed leaving just a ground swell to overthrow the fraud administration.
    That the Left will go full blast starting day 1 with getting the illegals permanently here and voting.

  10. Why "without the execution"?
    Don't we need to encourager les autres?

    1. You can be sure they will execute Trump and his whole family if given the chance.

  11. Salvorhardin: "Hence the double standard deployment of armed military with lethal force authorization."

    They want us to think that those armed forces would fight & die to protect our Betters. But are the Lefties really so dumb as to bring 30,000 armed men, the majority of whom are Trump supporters and many of whom think China Joe Biden is a Usurper, and give them ammnunition?

    Later, we will undoubtedly learn that only a small trusted fraction of those men had ammunition in their weapons. The rest are Kabuki theater to frighten the proles and remind us of our place.

    Epstein did not kill himself, and Beijing Biden did not get 80+ Million valid votes.

  12. I've been a little busy this morning. In honor of the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States, I took it upon myself to update the lyrics to "Hail to the Chief."

    Hail to the Thief who has stolen the election,
    Hail to the Thief! We moon him, one and all.
    Hail to the Thief, as we pledge noncooperation,
    In disgusted anticipation of a complete, utter disaster.

    Yours is the aim to make this grand country weaker,
    This you will do, that’s our strong, firm belief.
    Hail to the ones you imposed as commander,
    Hail to the President! Hail to the Thief!

  13. I like that "pee pads and knee pads" line, but the one I really like is the pedo and the commie sex-doll

  14. As you wrote Diplomad the time frame you use is key (benefits of being old). Just 900 years ago they could tax, censor, and kill you in very gruesome ways, then "The Church" would consign you to hell for eternity. Not anymore. Yes there will be "moments" that these guys never ever see coming, but then again I won't either. You (the Left) can't beat arithmetics! Been away things still looking good!

  15. For Americans who have the slightest idea what can happen, I would recommend 'People's Republic' by a bloke named Schlichter. I mentioned this novel late last year; keeps bobbing ino my consciousness. In the light of things at present!

  16. Why "Without executions?" Bevause without that disclaimer, the post would be interpreted as a threat and our gracious host treated accordingly by TPTB.


  17. This timely 25+ year-old book reinforces your Ceausecu Moment analogy: Private Truths, Public Lies: The Social Consequences of Preference Falsification, by economist Timur Kuran. The book explains why the recluctance of most folks to publicly express their political/social preferences leads to very sudden political shifts. The Ceausescu execution is one of the book's case studies.

    1. I'll have to check that out. Thanks

    2. The Marxist penchant for liquidating those with different thoughts can lead to only one place. It goes their faster in the information age.

      "The citizen must not be so narrowly circumscribed in his activities that, if he thinks differently from those in power, his only choice is either to perish or to destroy the machinery of state."

      Mises, Ludwig von (1927). Liberalism (p. 59)