Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, January 11, 2021


I am so embarrassed! 

I don't know how I will be able to face the gun control squad when the Harris/Biden/Beto administration takes over. Such shame . . . 

I don't know why or how, but some guy on Parler convinced me to let him clean my gun collection. He came by picked them ALL up and said he would take them to his gun cleaning shed somewhere on the Outer Banks. From what I am told by a witness,  whose name I didn't get, he put the guns on a raft which he towed behind some kind of motor boat. When he was a few miles offshore, a wave overturned the raft and ALL my guns went to the bottom of the sea! Since Parler is down I have no way of communicating with him and I don't know his real name!

How will I be able to turn over my guns to Beto!?

The shame! The shame!


  1. I didn't realize the Secretary of Transportation had authority over guns, LOL.

  2. Well, I may or may not have guns in my house. But I do know that when Beto or his minion shows up to collect them, my memory will fail me.

  3. Don't blame the guy from parler. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. I had no idea a boat could sink so damn fast.

  4. Oh My!
    He Got you too!
    Happy to report
    he didn't get my
    BB gun tho, it was
    behind the back door!
    'Praise the Lord & pass
    the BBs & We'll all be free'

    but still, off duty...
    Taking a refresher course,
    in Ham Radio & Smoke Signals~~~
    PS If anyone out there hears from my
    buddy, Harry Bergeron, let me know, tks!
    "Let's Roll"

  5. Guns? Oh, I went out in the woods with them, and had to cross a lake to get to the area I was going to shoot at. It's way out in the middle of nowhere, can't be to safe after all.

    The problem was some idiot in a speed boat. he must have been drunk or something. My canoe capsized and my guns went to the bottom. Cost me a fortune it did.

    1. Tragic how many accidents of this sort I hear about these days . . .

  6. By the way, I have been asked to pass this along and have it spread far and wide by Tom Kratman, Author and retired Army LTC. Feel free to copy and past and post everywhere.

    The Stolen Election by Tom Kratman

  7. Gentlemen, I'm taking the other tack.

    To the NSA and other agencies inevitably spying on this and other communications: I have guns. An unstated number and type. They aren't lost in a boating accident, or any other accident. They are all entirely legal, and in good working order. I'm here to say only this.

    I will not comply. I will not register them. I will not pay a tax to exercise a constitutional right. I will not surrender any firearms to any authority, no matter how much you proclaim it is the law to do so. If you come to take them, you'd better bring friends. I will not initiate violence, but I reserve the right to meet violence with violence. That is the right of a free man.

    I'm older now. Life in prison doesn't scare me like it used to, and I don't mind dying in service of a nation I love, which used to have a Constitution which was the envy of freedom-loving persons all over the world, and is sadly more and more an historical anecdote. If I die, I know that "to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Christ's apostles illustrated very clearly that there are principles in this world worth dying for. I'm OK with that.

    If we're to have that civil war, let's have it now, so my grandchildren won't have to.

    Remember the words of Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago. A tyranny relies on the meek compliance of its dictates by the people to survive. A people unwilling to comply cannot be subdued.

    Liberty begins with a single word. That word is - "No."

    1. A fine statement indeed, GMC. Hopefully when the Biden/Beto Stormtroopers show up at your door, you'll show them a bit of what for.
      Unfortunately, as we have seen in the past few months, when our Totalitarian Governors start telling law-abiding citizens they cannot work, cannot support their families, and must just "suck it up" -- very few will defy those illegal orders and stand their ground.

      Most citizens, especially Conservative types, want to follow the laws. Even if it causes their own demise.

      Leftists, however, have no such compunctions.

    2. Same here. Everything I have is legal in my State. And I have a lot. I will not comply.

    3. The democrats will come for the believers. Nothing angers a progressive like faith.
      But the sacrifices of the apostles were not examples of dying for principles, they were examples of dying for Jesus. Jesus is not a principle and His sacrifice or the sacrifices of His apostles do not transfer to the rights of Americans under this government that so hates God.

    4. "Liberty begins with a single word. That word is - "No.""

      'Aye aye' Gunner! However I suspect you'd agree that sometimes a Reply of "NO" just doesn't cut it, thinking now of the Battling Bastages of Bastogne The 101st-Screaming Eagles Reply to the German Demand for USA Surrender...
      "December 22, 1944

      To the German Commander,

      N U T S !

      The American Commander"

      Agree tho, sometimes a simple and unequivocal "NO" is enough to convey the salient POINT! However, historically speaking, "NO" is not quite enough, rmembering now the popularity of "FU" refrain being overused today by progressives street thugs!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    5. Remember - it does not take complete non-compliance by everyone to be effective - just enough that enforcement becomes too difficult (or dangerous) to be worthwhile. And there are other ways to resist - i.e., show up for jury duty and vote to nullify laws that violate the Constitution.

      Violent resistance is a last resort, not a first one. And as I wrote, I will not initiate violence. All of us have lines we will not cross. Registration is mine.

      I will not comply.

    6. "Remember - it does not take complete non-compliance by everyone to be effective..." GMC70

      Concur! Hell, even 75 mil, wasn't enough to make a significant difference in an honest election, in 2020! Also agree that just enough resistance can gum up the works, as can too much misapplied or misinterpreted violence! Our job going forward is to find effective ways to offset America's enemies, until their ultimate DEFEAT is accomplished, prayerfully with as little vionence as necessary! That's a tuff Job, especially knowing that the enemy has no compunction about killing US along with the country, including its values, and RIGHTS! Btw,I heard you loud n' clear, and saw the righteous line in the sand you drew - I'm on your side of that line!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    7. The arrests in the Capitol riot have begun. So far a two time Olympic gold medal winner has been arrested. The only Antifa who has been identified is the guy from Utah. (Romney volunteer?) Anyway, I expect vigilance by the FBI to make sure only Trump supporters are arrested.

  8. Most common mistake is packing the weapon bag on the canoe trip across a big lake.
    But lesson learned anyway

  9. I made the mistake of taking a couple of my guns out in the middle while fishing. Damned if a bunch of carp started jumping out of the water and over my boat. A few landed in my lap and in my startled state, I accidently threw my guns all over the lake, True story.

  10. Replies
    1. Dem Dang Dawgs!
      Once, while out racing down South, came home and wife reported that our dog had gone missing for a few days! Followed by a Big Surprize, a litter of "8" that my 6 yearold daughter wouldn't allow me, or her, to give away at K-Mart -- even after she got to raise them for 2mos... my Bad, but I couldn't figure another genteel way outta the problem... Those 8 puppies plus the 4 Marsh Hounds, that were already in residence, turned out to be a 14+ year canine Love Boat, till the last Male standing, bounded off toward the 'Rainbow bridge'! Rarely does a day go by, that one of us 'Remainers', doesn't recall with a smile or a tear, a story, about one of those Dog days... Nope, I wouldn't trade such memories for all the Dog Biskits in China! Not even for the story where the hapless Beta male of the pack, "Cookie", Jumped in front of me and took a Coral Snake strike, before it got me! He survived, but was never the same, except when I held him close, dang dawgs~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Watch out for Snakes~~~

  11. Absolutely tragic.

    All of them? I'm so sorry.

    I reckon navigating the rivers of America is gonna start getting a bit hairy with all the vast quantities of materiel that is being lost in this sad period of history.

  12. On the plus side,
    a good percentage of the 'lost materials'
    are recyclable wood/plastic/SS and not likely to
    damage the riverine ecology for at least, Centuries...
    On Watch~~~
    Feuding BanJoe
    "Let's Roll"

  13. I see confiscation coming. I got ahead of the game and placed a "for Sale, Cash Only" at the DNR range bulletin board. Everybody that bought my overpriced guns already had a gun so I met my state's "Due Diligence" requirement on private gun sells to those that can legally own guns. Since there is no requirement for receipts or documenting who I sold them to everything is fine.

    I am getting rid of some other things I no longer need. I have a beach condo in Kansas that I will let go for cheap.