Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life in Obama's America

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to — The Outer Limits.
Opening voice over from the original Outer Limits TV show (1963-64)

I think about that opening monologue by the "control voice" almost every day in Obama's America. 

We wait. The One has the word. The Greatest Leader Ever to Bless our Benighted Land will speak. His kindly face fills our TV screens daily. He will tell us what we need to know: when a scandal is worthy of outrage and when it is just phony; when we can be against gay marriage and when we can be for it; when a criminal is an innocent child and when an innocent man is a criminal; who is black, who is white and who is Native American; how to deal with the growing terror of white violence against black men; how Ho Chi Minh was a devotee of Jefferson; when we can support raising the debt limit and when it is unpatriotic to do so; when a coup is a coup and when it is not; when to blame Bush, well, in fact, we must always blame Bush for he is our Leon Trotsky, our Emmanuel Goldstein; the loss of jobs is really a gain of jobs; we must spend to reduce the deficit; a crazed Muslim terrorist with a gun is really just a sad example of workplace violence . . . The One will tell us, there is no need to worry, He knows The Way, He will not let His eye off the ball . . . He will protect us and feed us and care for us when we are sick; He will watch over our communications to make sure we do not fall into bad company. We are blessed by The One.

He will lead us to the Outer Limits.



  1. Our Leader is truly a Stranger in a Strange Land.

  2. @wreed:

    No, I think our Great Leader is very much a child of the post-Silly 'Sixties America. Those of us who loved an older America of personal liberty and limited government and those young who have awakened to the falsehoods going on in the great public swindle we dare to call "Ejjikashun" are now the strangers in a strange land. That is the lesson of the election and re-election of Barry Obama.

  3. There's something missing: The One also gives us previously unknown facts, like the fact that there are 57 States and that the US and Europe are "Developing Countries."

    1. *Sigh*

      "the fact that there are 57 States"

      This is so embedded in popular culture it will never be corrected. In fact, The One said there were sixty (60) states. He had VISITED 57, his staff would not let him visit Hawaii and Alaska, and he had one more of the others, Montana or Idaho if memory serves, to visit. Total 60

  4. Prior to leaving brick and mortar schools I cherry picked the teachers from three different schools for my daughter. It was difficult but we made it happen. By the time my son got to school the teachers were complaining about certain teachers getting the best students and the practice was stopped. In 5th grade my son spiral fractured his upper arm and had to stay home for 8 weeks. During the eight weeks we found out his maths were being neglected. He had A's on his report card but he did not know his material. He was being taught to score well on a specific test but he did not understand the processes. I tried to explain my concern to the teachers and the principal all they could say was he is so popular and he tests so well why are you concerned? Disgusted I pulled him out of school put him on an online and we went back to 5th grade math. We are still trying to salvage his math education. He will make it but what about the families who do not value the importance of a math/hard science background and the logic it teaches. The lesson of recognizing that something is missing go find it.
    I guess I know the answer to that, look who is in office.

  5. I have dibs on the book title, "The Ugly American President".

    1. Not sure you can use the word "American"

    2. Amerika. Amerikan.


  6. Who would of thought that the media outlets, themselves, would become the biggest champions of George Orwell's "NewSpeak"

  7. Well "The One" might thank his lucky stars he wasn't Italy's first:


  8. Life in Obama's America. Where what can not be allowed to be true will not be.

    1. Mao: "When we study a problem, we must subdue the facts ... The relationship between politics and numbers is like that between officers and soldiers: Politics is the commander."

  9. There is nothing wrong with your children's coming life. Do not attempt to influence your children. My teleprompter and I and my disciples in the MSM and in the public schools will control your children. If we wish to make them richer, we will lift up their government benefits. If we wish to make them poorer, we will crush them with taxes. Do not attempt to teach your children to live their own lives. We will control their lives. If we wish we can reduce their lives to a living Hell, or sharpen their lives to Statist wonderfulness. We will control their ups. We will control their downs. For the next thirty six years, sit quietly and obediently and we will control all that your children see, hear and feel. Your children are about to experience the claw and misery which reaches from the inner delirium to THE OBAMA SOCIALIST NATION UNLIMITED.

  10. If you want to see an Outer Limits episode that really captures Hussein Obama, see The Hundred Days Of The Dragon.

  11. Please read this dear readers

    Obama got re-elected. Nothing about his ideology or actions really stands out as different when compared to other US presidents.

    Obama is about as radical leftist as Nixon.

    The only reason he seems like a totalitarian dictator in your brain is due to your growing paranoia fuelled in you by constantly listening to scared pundits on the radio and the internet.

    Over work, old age and emotional detachment might also have contributed to the nonsense that goes about in your brain.

    Just relax, no communist or jihadist takeover is ever going to happen in the USA.

    The deficit might continue to go up and gay marriage might be legalized but nothing that could directly harm you and your children is going to happen.

    I know you all have been programmed into being scared and angry, but really just relax. Take a big breath. Read a non-political book. Have a stroll through the park. Have a romantic dinner with your wife. Nothing that happens in Washington or Israel will stop you from living the way you want.

    I am not a KGB agent, nor a secret Obama operative or a Taliban. I just took some time out to help you guys.
    If you continue freaking out about everything, you might give yourselves a heart attack!

    At that point you would have wished you had listen to me.

    1. You really ought to sign your true name. Such excellent satire deserves open praise. I especially like the touch of using Nixon as a touchstone for Conservatism, when he is as despised on the Right for his Leftist actions as much as for the 'third rate burglary'. Wage and price controls, the odious and otiose EPA, bringing us within an inch of gasoline rationing. Really well done.

    2. Oh, look, a concern troll! Isn't it cute!!??

    3. Welcome to our readership. Unlike Obama's IRS, we welcome all views. Please keep reading as we will try to educate you and have you drop the blinders of a liberal education.

    4. I mean really! We must do something about all these Phoney Opinions. Get back on point. Please!
      Paul Krugman line 2 please. Detroit needs more spending.

    5. "Nothing about his ideology or actions really stands out as different when compared to other US presidents."

      So, other Presidents had critics who were audited by the IRS in an effort to silence said critics?

      Other Presidents engaged in acts of war against allied nations?

      Other Presidents administratively approved the killing of US Citizens?

      Other Presidents abandoned almost 30 people to die in a foreign country?

      Other Presidents welcomed people into their home terrorists who tried to kill US servicemen?

      Other Presidents believed that the Constitution exists for the benefit of the government and not the people?

    6. Well....

      "So, other Presidents had critics who were audited by the IRS in an effort to silence said critics?"
      Neither did this one. The IRS audited its critics themselves

      "Other Presidents engaged in acts of war against allied nations?"

      Libya is an allied nation? A country who's dictator would give speeches next to a monument showing a great arm crushing a US airplane?

      "Other Presidents administratively approved the killing of US Citizens?"

      When US citizens become Al Qaeda Members and plan to destroy America, I'm pretty sure it's an appropriate action to retaliate

      "Other Presidents abandoned almost 30 people to die in a foreign country?"

      When did Obama do this? If you're referring Benghazi, it's just 3 dead Americans. Perhaps you never heard about what Kennedy did during the bay of pigs invasion or the numerous embassy attacks and deaths under the Bush administration.

      "Other Presidents welcomed people into their home terrorists who tried to kill US servicemen?"

      When did this happen?

      “Other Presidents believed that the Constitution exists for the benefit of the government and not the people?"

      This is so vague it ca be applied to literally every president.

      I know I am wasting my time here, and soon you will point out another faux outrage that in your mind proves beyond any doubt that Obama is the antichrist hellbent on bring the apocalypse and destroying all that is good in the world.

      All I can say is relax, chill out and get off these torment inducing internet sites written by paranoid people for other paranoid maniacs.

      Have a good day!

  12. Like a dog he returns to his vomit--again and again and again. Excellent analysis of obama, Diplomad. Thank you!!

  13. It APPEARS Benghazi MIGHT be about to come back into focus. But then if so, it takes quite awhile (as we all know) for the House to get to the marrow.

    So - a couple of links to serve as foundational:

    The stuff regarding strictly Libya begins on this pdf's page 3 (of 9 total):

    Of course in the interests of full disclosure - I've been wrong before.


  14. I was a senior in HS when Outer Limits came out and I remember it well to this day. Your reference sums it up very well about today's Obama nation. Those that think Obama's rules and regulations being added on a daily basis won't make any difference are dead wrong. Obama rules/regs/laws/decrees/mandates once implemented will take an act of God to be done away with.

    I grew up in the 50s. I want to go back. Perhaps the progressive left can achieve utopia for all America so we can all look like Detroit and all be of the lower, lower, lower middle class.

    Oh and Diogenes Sarcastica sent me.