Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

President Obama: Beyond Parody

The One's press conference today was so disgusting, so absurd, so outrageous that it proves almost impossible to discuss. He has shown himself, again, as an extreme leftist, hater of America, and a narcissist. He is beyond parody. Had a right-wing novelist or screenwriter created such a President, the novel would never have been published, nor the film made. In end, almost no matter what the topic of discussion, it all comes back to Obama. Trayvon Martin not only could have been his son, now Trayvon Martin could have been the young President Obama--except that George Zimmerman has a racial composition closer to President Obama's than did Trayvon Martin.

This performance is not that of a President but rather of a race-baiting, demagogic agitator. His description of race relations in the United States is a hallucinogenic version of reality, the product of his deeply ingrained leftist fanaticism. He cannot remember that he no longer works as a rabble-rousing community organizer out to blackmail a landlord or a small business in Chicago with the threat of demonstrations and street violence. He is supposed to be the President of all Americans, including, yes, horrors, white people, yes white people just like his mother and, especially, his grandparents who raised him when his black father bolted back to Kenya and to his other family.

We all can see through his act. Under the guise of calling for sober intellectual reflection he green-lights the thuggish activities of Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton and Jesse "Never Had a Job" Jackson, and signals his corrupt Attorney General to go after a private American citizen who has been found "not guilty" in a court of law. He clearly favored Trayvon Martin killing or severely injuring George Zimmerman. He, quite simply, has painted a target on Zimmerman, and put Zimmerman's life at risk.

For all his faults, I don't recall President Clinton saying that Nicole Brown could have been his daughter, and agonizing over the incidence of black male violence against white females.

In the Hindu religion a person forms part of the eternal essence, known as Brahman, and gets reborn, with each new life reflecting deeds committed in a past life. Liberation (moksha) from the cycle of rebirth is achieved only by an absence of desire of any sort, by a total nullification which leads to an end of suffering and to the cycle of birth and rebirth. Obama has reached the equivalent stage for a politician; he has achieved supreme absurdity, a total nullification of all serious pretension for the office of President. He is truly nothing. He has become one with Joe Biden.

Many years ago I was asked to address a class of new FSOs at the Foreign Service Institute in Northern Virginia. These new officers were about to go overseas on their first assignments. Since I had served in Pakistan, the instructor told me to expect to hear concerns from female officers heading to Muslim countries. I gave my little insipid pep talk. In the Q-and-A session, as the instructor had predicted, a woman officer asked how tough it would be for her in a Middle Eastern Muslim country. I still have the notes of what I said, "If you're a woman get out of the Foreign Service. If you're a man get out of the Foreign Service. If you're black, brown, or white get out. If you're Jewish, Christian, Hindu, or anything else, get out. When you're out there, you're an American. You represent only the United States, nothing else. You cannot let your interlocutors see you as anything other than as an American representing the USA."

This President would not have made it through that class.



  1. Hmmm. For a whole week he mostly keeps his mouth shut about the Zimmerman verdict. Then towards the end of the week, the IRS scandal gets tied directly to one of his political appointees during Congressional testimony. Suddenly Obama comes out in front of the WH reporters (which he almost NEVER does) and lobs a Trayvon bomb to get us all in a tizzy. Now which issue makes the news? Which issue are we talking about?

    He's a lot smarter than we give him credit for; not wise, but definitely crafty.


    1. Very insightful.
      I wonder if the progression of "My son is Travon/Travon is me" will lead to Obama wafers and wine for the whole "eat me and know thy self" thing.

  2. Anyway, only the already-demented left is really listening to him. I think a week's worth of local newscasts showing rampaging hordes of "youth" randomly assaulting bystanders is probably sending a potent counter-point to Obama's words. Way more potent than anything Boehner & Co can come up with. People see this and imagine themselves in Zimmerman's loafers, helplessly getting the almighty snot pounded out of them on the asphalt.

    Bet that ammo shortage suddenly got worse again...


    1. "probably sending a potent counter-point to Obama's words", this a losing hand, but they have nothing else and know nothing else to do.

  3. I just wonder how many people have already made the decision that as soon as things start looking like they're going south, every person that looks like Trayvon that gets within rifle range is going to catch a 165 grain, 2700 fps welcome message right between the eyes.

    Read some of the reports about the criminal behavior after the Galveston hurricane of 1900, particularly those comments made by tne military officer in charge of reestablishing law and order. We're there again.

  4. "Read some of the reports about the criminal behavior after the Galveston hurricane of 1900, particularly those comments made by tne military officer in charge of reestablishing law and order. We're there again."

    How about a link for that. What "military officer" are you talking about? Galveston Island got no "military" help after the Great Storm of 1900. Basically, the federal government ignored the plight of those people.


    1. Here's one:

      The U.S. Army had people already on the island, at Fort Crockett. I lived in Galveston for 20 years and read something of its history. The politically correct don't want to discuss what happened now but if you dig deep enough, the truth is there.

  5. As I have said elsewhere, I am waiting for the First Annual Trayvon Martin Memorial Golf Tournament. Fort Belvoir, VA.


    1. Well since you did ask. :) Here is the planning invite. However, someone suggested 7/2013 might be "too soon" -- protocol and all. His Arrogance did oblige by going out today and doing a course assessment.

      The Trayvon Martin 1st Annual Golf Tournament.

      9AM. Saturday 7/2013 Fort Belvoir Golf Course. Appropriate attire. Golf shoes only.

      His Arrogance will tee off first. Before noon. We hope.

      Refreshments of Iced Tea /Watermelon Juice and Skittles will be available at the Clubhouse. $5 dollar cash “memory” donation.

      Blacks and Democrats only. No Whites, Hispanics or Republicans.
      Riot in lieu of Reception. 4 pm. Gather at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, WDC. Attire Trayvon hoodies. Riot starts when His Arrogance is seated in the viewing stand. Riot to be led by the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson.

      Blacks and Democrats only. No Whites, Hispanics or Republicans.

      The Reverend Al’s New Girlfriend not named Tawana. MSNBC


    2. Many people don't realize that watermelon iced tea and Skittles are two parts of a three-part concoction called "purple drank," or "lean." Trayvon Martin's trip to the store was to get all three components, including a bottle of non-prescription narcotic cough syrup. He had the three ingredients on him when he died, plus liver damage that revealed in autopsy that he was a heavy user.

      So, when you see protesters displaying iced tea and skittles to demonstrate their solidarity with Martin, you can instantly know they are clueless about the case and foolishly promoting a dangerous form of drug abuse.


  6. Mr. President:

    My sons and granddaughter are racially ammbiguous, just like George Zimmerman.

    Had I married within my own ethnicity, my sons may well haave looked like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. So, should I consider ethnic solidarity above all else when anyone of SW Asian or European heritage goes after someone and gets killed in self-defense?

    Please go back to South Chicago and help lessen the number of crime statistics among the young people there. I understand there were 20 homicides in the first week or so of July alone. Those kids may not look like my sons,actual or might-have-been, but I've got lots of students who look like them.

  7. BTW, Mr. Amselem, while my FS career was a short one, I completely concur that the O wouldn't have cut it. He's supposedly the "most brilliant POTUS ever", yet the only piece of writing of his from before his presidential candidacy that I've ever seen was an appallingly ungrammatical note he wrote to a fellow law student who is now heading a law school in Kentucky. The man can't speak without a teleprompter, and flies to flinders when faced with anything save uncritical adulation.

    The O is a combination of Affirmative Action President and Third World despot (try Papa Doc or Kwame Nkrumah?) wannabe.

  8. I was struck by the fact that I could not see anywhere where Obama mentioned the name "Zimmerman". Is he now the one who must not be named?

  9. Diplomad Sir?

    You may will've already listened to this week's Derb broadcast but if not:


  10. Dadgonnit.



  11. This man has never, never, conducted himself as President of all Americans. From his first "I won," continuing with his apology tour, and through his obvious preference that Zimmerman be found guilty, notwithstanding the facts or the burden of "beyond reasonable doubt," he has governed solely from the left, for the left.
    And he has been amply aided by Democrat toadies like Reid and Pelosi, as well as his palace guard of Cabinet secretaries and agency heads, and has been unapologetically treated pretty much as the risen Christ by the captive "free" press (how's that for an oxymoron?)

  12. More and more, The o, his arrogance the boy imposter, shows parallels to the mental issues of the infamous Capt. Queeg, but instead he's sailing the ship of State, details can be found here: . And Am. Spectator carried a worthwhile scrib on "His Queeg Moment" (s) at: Say it ain't so Jack.

  13. "President Obama expanded on the acquittal of George Zimmerman at a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room today, noting that he once said he could have had a son like Trayvon Martin but now revising that to “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

    Obama has a pathology of doing this - putting himself at the center of things that had nothing whatsoever to do with him. To him, everything is about him - everything centers on him. And in this case, that's on top of leaving out any "inconvenient" facts (Like his "son" or now "himself" being on top of Zimmerman basically trying to brash his brains out, and that is per the prosecution's own witness for God's sake) that don't suit his false

    Obama said, “Trayvon Martin could have been me” – spoken like a full
    blown narcissist. A normal person or even a borderline narcissist would
    have said “I could have been Trayvon Martin”. This is one sick bugger.
    I think to pick up on Obama's son imagining, I will say - If I had a son who was a psychiatrist and he had Obama for a patient, he would be his by far most mentally ill patient.


    Obama's Obamacentric belief system:
    1) All events start with Obama.
    2) All events end with Obama.
    3) The Sun revolves around Obama.
    4) The Moon revolves around Obama.
    5) The Stars revolve around Obama.
    6) Nothing of any importance existed before Obama.
    7) Nothing of any importance will exist after Obama.

    Obama is mentally ill.

    1. What would be great is for 1/2 the United States to mail a pack of Skittles to our Kenyan goat herder.

      That's a quick way to get on another list!

  14. If my elderly aunts in Greece need to hide from your beloved Albanian thugs then you should have a little Obama crawling out of your very last bodily crevice. Pollack Bitch Merkel rapes Greece to prevent rail or pipe links with daughter Russia. Crawl back into your mafia fascist brow briser latrine and molest yourself!

    1. You mad, bro?

      You literate, bro?

      You in possession of your sanity, bro?