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"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No More Conversations About Race

I got sidetracked from my original intention with this blog which was to discuss foreign policy issues. The problem is that our problems and issues at home often set the parameters for our foreign policies and for how they are received overseas.

I will try to get back to foreign policy and developments overseas . . . unless the temptation becomes tooooooooo great to weigh in on other issues closer to home.

ONE of those temptations, of course, arises from the recent call for a "conversation on race." The people asking for this "conversation," e.g., The One, Pelosi, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, do not really mean it. They just want to get on their electronic soap boxes and lecture us on the perfidy of the white race, the racist underpinnings of the United States, and to claim that we have not advanced on race since the Emancipation Proclamation, or at best, that America remains Alabama 1890. They never seem to acknowledge, for example, that we have a mixed race President. The race hustlers, such as the people mentioned above, cannot accept that America has made tremendous progress on race, and, in fact, has become the most tolerant, least xenophobic, and most diverse society on earth.

These liberals, of course, cannot leave the race issue alone, as we saw in the Zimmerman trial. They need strife and turmoil to justify more government intervention, and to create more opportunities for hustlers, academic mountebanks, and political demagogues to earn a living by running down the country that pays and protects them.

When we hear calls to discuss race, those inevitably are about two races, really skin colors, in other words, black and white. That is a grotesque simplification and distortion of American reality. Those who self-identify as black Americans comprise a bit over 13% of our total population (see the US Census chart below). Depending on what you consider race, and liberals prove notoriously flexible on what they consider race--think Elizabeth Warren and George Zimmerman--self-identified Hispanic/Latinos come in just under 17%, not counting a large percent who consider themselves white. Asians make up over 5%. Another 2.4% report two or more races in their ancestry; I suspect that number is much higher in reality.

USA Population, 2012 

   People QuickFactsUSA
Population definition and source info Population, 2012 estimate313,914,040
Population definition and source info Population, 2010 (April 1) estimates base308,747,508
Population, percent change, April 1, 2010 to July 1 definition and source info Population, percent change, April 1, 2010 to July 1, 20121.7%
Population definition and source info Population, 2010308,745,538
Persons under 5 years, percent definition and source info Persons under 5 years, percent, 20126.4%
Persons under 18 years, percent definition and source info Persons under 18 years, percent, 201223.5%
Persons 65 years and over, percent definition and source info Persons 65 years and over, percent, 201213.7%
Female persons, percent definition and source info Female persons, percent, 201250.8%
White alone, percent definition and source info White alone, percent, 2012 77.9%
Black or African American alone, percent definition and source info Black or African American alone, percent, 2012 13.1%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent definition and source info American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent, 2012 1.2%
Asian alone, percent definition and source info Asian alone, percent, 2012 5.1%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent definition and source info Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent, 2012 0.2%
Two or More Races, percent definition and source info Two or More Races, percent, 20122.4%
Hispanic or Latino, percent definition and source info Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2012 16.9%
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent definition and source info White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, 201263.0%

This corner of Southern California where I temporarily sit for family reasons has a very large Asian population, both East and South Asian--in fact, the mayor of the city is an East Asian immigrant. It is a very diverse city and everybody seems to get along quite well. The membership of the gym where I go to try to become 30 again seems evenly split, about 45% to 45%, between whites and Asians, with many of both groups being foreign born--reminds me of Singapore. There are also fair representations of blacks and Hispanics. I see no racial animosity, no racial tension, and serious crime is just about non-existent. After decades away from California, I am struck by how many inter-racial marriages I see, mostly white-Asian, but others as well. Shouldn't a conversation on race include these people? Hispanics, too, no?

Unlike liberals who see what they believe, conservatives tend to believe what we see. We do not see a country in the grip of racial tension, at least not until the charlatans begin to act. I always harken back to my years in Sri Lanka; now, my friends, there was a country ripped open by a genocidal ethnic hatred stirred up by politicians. I saw the same process in Guyana and throughout much of the Caribbean: ordinary people getting along until rabble rousers arrive and drive wedges between them.

In sum, we have had way too many conversations about race. Let's stop talking about race, stop giving opportunities to those who would divide us. The black community needs to evaluate honestly its many social pathologies and deal with them. There lies the secret to putting an end to lower black economic and academic performance. Part of that process will involve dumping the current generation of black "leaders" and finding brave new ones who will address black-on-black murder, the high illegitimate birth rate, poor schools, and many other ills that disproportionately afflict black Americans--afflictions made worse, infinitely worse, by a political culture of dependency on government, by the turning away from traditional pillars of the black community, such as the churches, and by the glorification of the gangster.  

Race is not the issue in America. The destruction of the black community by black leaders in conjunction with white liberals, now that is an issue.



  1. Well...

    Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two of the most influential Republican hawks in Congress on foreign policy, have been asked by President Obama...

    I wonder if they'll acquiesce?


    1. I saw this earlier. Catnip to McCain (D) and Grahamnesty (RINO). And a way out for Obama if the "Republicans" fail in their mission. Gee, do you think it might fail and thereby mute or delegitimize any future criticism of Obama's foreign policy decisions?

      I am just cynical enough now to sit back and enjoy the show.


  2. I wonder if post-POTUS Obama will invest himself in replacing the dysfunctional 'community leadership' of the black subculture?
    He's really in the perfect position to reform *a large segment* into a functional, productive, merit-oriented society.
    A lot of black people who voted for Obama likely thought they would *never* get a chance to vote for a black President.
    This legacy endows him with potentially more power than even the Presidency, ie, the opportunity to heal significant problems in an entire subculture.
    I'm not saying it would be easy, or that it's even possible, but there's only one person alive now that would even have a chance.
    Sadly, I fear that he'll be too concerned for his own self image to actually work on this issue.

    1. Obama's idea of "reform" is "demanding more money from non-blacks":-(. He won't try to encourage self-sufficiency or responsible behavior in blacks, he'll just demand more entitlements. I see his future career path following that of Jackson and Sharpton. Just another race hustler.

    2. Barack Obama doesn't care about blacks. He was raised by a clueless white mother and white grandparents, and spent his life in elite schools and the political circles of the privileged wealthy. He learned how to talk a good game, and that's all. Black Americans are just an amorphous mass to be used by him as a political tool.

  3. From the "I Have A Dream" address:

    But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.

    Al? Ask Jesse. He "probably" remembers that part.


  4. Arkie:

    If ONLY the Dreamers remembered MLK's speech beyond the "I have a Dream . . ." part. This part you highlighted is far more important than the dream part. Sad really that a once proud people have disintegrated to the level a large portion of them have. Won't listen to black folks who have good advice for them, refuse to listen to creepyA** crackers who might have good advice for them. Like teenagers who just insist on doing it the hard way, which unfortunately, could take a few lost generations before they figure it out.

    What do we do? Keep our mouths shut and stand aside and watch themselves destroy themselves with the great assistance of the liberals . . . ?


    Peace Out Everyone

    1. I'm an old (relatively I insist to my Grandkids - somewhat less "white" to my kids which apparently a recent DnA test insists) LibertyGrace'sGrandma, - please though LG's Grandma, should you click Diplomad's sidebar on the [in]appropriate place - don't tell (Jock) Duff I'm any kin to him.

      I'll be yellin' I only speak Gaelic. Which I wouldn't anyways, Duffers was and is visited by SAS and such stuff is considered unkind. Besides ... the only word of Gaelic I know is rye, and I can throw a few bucks [$s, not male deer] and whats what.

      However, LibertyGrace'sGrandma


      Peace Out Everyone!

      That's not that Beatles feller - that's Jesus of Nazareth.

      And, just my opinion, we should proceed from there.


  5. LibertyGrace'sGrandma - Diplomad Sir?

    Taken abit Diplomad Sir - but I think I've got somewhat of a grip on what you've posted here. I had to consider between the time of my initial retort and this - I think [certainly hope] I'm coming to comprehending the depth of what you've succinctly posted. I admit to accepting "whole cloth" everything I out of hand accepted from O'Reilly this past week. I admit to being "somewhat enraged/not fully engaged" if that makes sense.

    I now "recognize" you've gone deep.


    For the past few weeks I've been dealing in a very personal way with the FL events regardless I'm in AR. It's been a ... ... oh a 'challenge' I suppose. But I'm a "face-to-face" kinda guy not living anything more than an hour every 3 or 4 days on the Net. Occasionally I've more time (as in the last 24) to be a presence. Though I'd prefer not - Diplomad's "Site-Meter" being something I recognize as Google's BlogSpot.

    Dip "likely" recognizes me though I don't think I'll come out for awhile - I don't think it matters. Later, but I can't now.

    Al Sharpton is a shmuck. And his ilk.

    I don't know the prescription for what the Race Grievance Industry - and it is an Industry - advises us (probably something like our DoD says about the F-35 - "Spread It!" so it can't be stifled - but then, one has to know something of the government acquisition process ... like Sharpton & Grievances Inc. they've got the most media so ...

    I'm going to put some effort into considering this Diplomad post - Readers? Forgive my ramblings previous please?


    No reconsidering Jesus of Nazareth.


  6. Well said, Dip. I've been living and teaching in a small town that shall remain nameless. Quite a racial mix there, "white" probably no more than half the total population, middle class to struggling, economically. People do get along well, just as you describe, even in the high school, which is saying something. In this setting, affirmative action is really beginning to grate on me. I've seen many minority students (in some cases no more really minority than Elizabeth Warren) get full rides to big name universities, and other non-minority, and absolutely brilliant, students left to fend for themselves in the local community college. The kids seems patient about it. I've never heard a word of complaint from them. But I think it's overdue for colleges to level the playing field and give assistance, if they do, on the basis of need.

  7. *sigh* Perhaps, before people incite riots about race, we should insist on a DNA test so that we know exactly what their background is.

    The "discussion" about race has been a big ol' distraction for the lower-income folks, black AND white, whose livelihoods are no longer there.

    1. Let's sign up Obummer first for that DNA test. The facts point to his being less than 7% black, 50% white, and 43% Arab. Whether the latter is seen as white or black is another matter.

      Obama has been and is marketed ad nauseum as black and thus made untouchable. So before anything else in this effort, let's start with getting honest about the guy in the White House first. Since we're prevented from seeing some real documentation as to his birth records, or who his parents really were, by all means, let's get a DNA sample. Lotsa opportunities to get this off a golf club I'd think.

    2. Obama's a honorary black.

  8. "The black community needs to evaluate honestly its many social pathologies and address them."

    Not going to happen. Self-analysis is never pleasant and people will only engage in it if there is no other choice. It is just easier and more psychologically comforting to say that it's all Whitey's fault. That makes one's failure in life someone else's responsibility, not yours.

  9. Sir:

    Any chance Tsvangirai will pull off a miracle in Zimbabwe?

    I know how I'd bet.

    cheers chuck

    1. That the right handed fast bowler on the national team? ;)

    2. Probably not. If there's one thing I've noticed over the years, it's that the dead tend to be very pro-government. I'm not sure why that is, given that most governments do so little for the dead as a group, but I suppose you could say the same thing about blacks and the Democratic Party. It's just one of those things.

    3. "My father was a Republican all his life. But ever since he died, he's been voting a straight Democrat ticket."

  10. Mr. Amselem, you yourself have opened a discussion about race by this very post.

    I teach in a school composed mostly of black and Latin kids with only a smattering of white--and these are mostly Kosovar or Bosniak immmigrants. I pray that God would not let the hotheads influence our kids; for I could see a very real problem if the race-baiters start agitating.

    I thank a lot of people here for their comments. Several have noted "ordinary people getting along fine." Since I am a believer, I offer a hearty "Hallelujah" , for as a "Euro-American" with a "Diplowife" from Taiwan, I have a very personal stake in the diminution of racism.

    Unhappily, well-meaning people still reveal how racism remains a force in our culture. We ourselves got in trouble with our son's middle school because we checked two boxes on the color code--and left the ball in the school's court by asking which parent they wanted our son to deny. I've counseled kids in my school who thought being both black and white was a liability. I see a lot of kids who've internalized the idea "Hispanics don't do college". I've been congratulated by someone who ought to have known a lot better on "making a political statement against racism" over my marriage. And, when in downtown DC, my family has been mocked by kids (perhaps the most overt racism I've ever experienced).

    These are reasons why I wince when the race-baiters come out. I belong to a growing class of people with a real vested interest in racial peace.

    1. I teach in a school composed mostly of black and Latin kids with only a smattering of white ...

      Unhappily, well-meaning people still reveal how racism remains a force in our culture.

      I belong to a growing class of people with a real vested interest in racial peace.

      I pray I'm a member of "that growing class" Kepha, but as we've recently seen where capitalizations are concerned:

      "Latin kids, mostly black & a smattering of white"?

      Not making a statement yourways anyway Kepha, but I've been "Congratulated" too - Demonized more often - but I'll keep plugging along. I 'wince' too - nobody sees it.


    2. Kepha, I detest the race issue. No good can out of a "discussion on race" except a lot of resentment, posturing, and possibly violence. It is time, in Moynihan's phrase on a slightly different topic, for some "benign neglect" on the race issue. The liberals make that very difficult as so many of their programs and policies are based on race and the need to classify people.

      For me one race, the human race, is more than enough.

    3. Well said, Dip. I'm an enemy of the classification system myself, since it poked my family in the eye. I certainly agree that the "conversation" Mr. Holder and The O want about race is indeed one to stroke resentments. But I'm also one who firmly believes that if we don't learn from the past, we may well be set to repeat its mistakes. To avoid repeating those mistakes, I think a lot of the rest of us need to be ready to answer the race-baiters who want the "conversation" to degenerate into more South Side of Chicago thuggery.

  11. swampie?

    The DnA test I did had nothing to do with "race"

    Let's keep this amongst ourselves please? Pretty Please?

    I'm (through Dip's Site-Meter) opening a can of worms which, so far as it's gone has been pretty good. Just don't -recall I'm a Hillbilly- nominate me for a Knighthood, certainly not a Saint. I (& "her" Mother) were young and dumb. Well ... both us the former, me the latter.

    Why I'm coming on to comment is [kinda] the same thing - Republican Women! So long as you don't wrong 'em - they enjoy as much as a Republican Guy's giggles. I hope.

    Ya'll know NYC's Mayoral election? (We being polite & so & so don't say nothing.)

    But. Pull up on whatever is your favorite Search engine and watch today's Mika - I'm not even gonna try spelling her last name ... uhm I've thought the better of asking Diplomad's assistance.

    Anyway. Republican women are better than Liberal women (who, we all realize, are above all FAIR) ... unless of course, any mention of Weiner going down are apt to say "Poor Guy" - Democrat women say, "You shmuck! Hit #3 on my speed-dial, if you can't - me and my attorney will do it to you!"

    (Dear Lord? I pray I phrased that appropriately!)


  12. I read, a day or two ago, where Trayvon Martin's father suggested the plight of the young black male today was an issue that may need to be taken up by Congress as a major social concern. Let that sink in for a minute. Holy Cow! Things have come full circle! All is returning home to roost. It was Congress of 1964-65 that set in motion the most diabolic social destruction of a class of people since Dred Scott a century earlier! The race biz will never allow a dialogue on race--only the usual monologue. A dialogue would be good as the discussion would cover the youth of today and their destruction at the hands of each other. The discovery within this dialogue would reveal much...too much. Kind of like the discovery period before a legal action. No way this can be allowed.

    1. paul vincent zecchinoJuly 31, 2013 at 7:51 PM

      You've nailed it. Fits perfectly with Z's Quick & Easy Truth Discernment Tool: To find the truth, invert whatever it is the leftist rats and their media criminal pals are saying. Turn their statements completely around, you have the truth.

      As you astutely note, they constantly wheedle about wanting a national dialogue - another old hackneyed leftist pet word from the 60s, as in 'Let's drop some acid & dialogue, man.; - when in fact what they mean is, they want the continuous and ongoing lopsided monologue.

      Having spent a good deal of time in the Bahamas, from infancy almost sixty years ago to regular visits made today by my family and me, having always tried to see what's going on behind the eyes rather than getting distracted by configurations & pigmentations, am not even sick & tired of the race thing. Just bored to sobs with it. Bored to sobs, to quote Lady Sylvia in "Gosford Park".

      Can't think of a single person, black, white, green, chartreuse, who wants any such 'dialogue', much less the race/klass civil war the regime and the media criminals are trying to spark. No one. All sick of it.

      We visit the Bahamas? People are Black, White, Oriental, Venusian? Nope, they're all considered by one another to be 'Bahamians' and they aren't at all shy about pointing that out. Refreshing, isn't it? It's why we love taking one of the ships over and just walking about town, maybe driving out to one of the beaches.

      The only ones who seem to want the race war here are the badly aging, drug-blown-mind malcontent relics from the 60s, and the too young for the era president who seems to be trying to live the 60s era vicariously thru his late mother.

      If norman bates had a president....

    2. I like your truth discernment tool. We as a culture are still paying for the excesses of the 1960s. To do otherwise would warp the psyche of the 1960s reactionaries. These folks are so crooked they have to screw their socks and shoes on and off.

  13. I'm sick of 13% of the populace dictating to the rest of us and I can add in the recent 3 % demanding we tolerate every foilble and failure .

  14. George Zimmerman got a speeding ticket in Texas. The domination of this country by White Hispanics has got to stop.
    I am calling for riots in the streets if he gets a parking ticket. I am heading over to MSNBC to get the latest. I have my Ebonics translator (for Rev Al, of course) Lil Bling Sup at my side.
    Sup is one handed for work. His pants keep falling down.

  15. You're right, Dip, about the black community and the race hustlers and cheap cons who have used and abused them since the 70s.

    Most anyone with life experience gets it, black or white, but when people like Bill Cosby or Tom Sowell, or Cory Booker dare to speak the truth, the thought police and lib-nazi's whose livelihoods would be lost if the low-info black voters where to leave the plantation, naturally go into self-preservation mode, and the media whores, needing meat to feed the dogs daily, naturally circle in and offer it up.

    The good news is this is since this is old and boring, except for the young and dumb, but since its now continuously on display at the WhiteHouse,
    its educating those in that cohort who are developmentally able, cognitive-wise, and at that stage in their life-cycle- like having to get a job, raise a family, when reality starts to make a real impact- and they ARE getting it, and the proof is the real-world results of the Zimmerman post trial - how the hyped 100 city (? more like 5?) "protests" (of what- a hundred people max in Miami?) were even more pathetic and short than the Occutards'.

    So, its clear that as always in human experience, the pendulum will swing, as I sense it is, if not swinging back it is at least, pausing...before coming back to reality.

    And as the Community Organizer in Chief continues to double down doing the only thing he knows, it just becomes more and more obvious here home and abroad, what sort of person he is, and what works and what doesnt. Yes, it will take time, but take heart that the clueless Prog/Socialists are actually accelerating things in their desperation, for they know no better.

    So, be of good cheer, and yes, please- looking forward to more insights of the diplomatic nature- for thats where we Americans are so naive, and innocent, about the world around us-

    and living as you do in So Cal, you and your lovely spouse are undoubtedly finding out just how little we know about our neighbor next door to the south. And how different that place is, vs Central America, especially in the sociopathic culture thats is growing there, fueled by narco money. I'm sure theres parallels with Columbia, for example.

    And thats unfertile untapped territory with immediate payback, for the good, if we Americans can get a little more insight, I think, both in the border states and beyond.

    -another long time fan, from when you were in the shadows, and had to go away again.

    -Boiling Frog

  16. Fear not, the race issue is soon to be replaced by the minimum wage "issue". Big Labor you know. Rinse, repeat, cool down, soap and wash.

  17. Some years ago in New York when Dinkins was mayor or pseudo-mayor the then black power brokers in the city publicly admitted that power in politics was shifting to the voters of spanish descent and in New York that is a huge population not only from the islands but from Mexico and Latin America. I wish some of the more recent politicians had less than stellar records but the fact is that blacks in New York are becoming a minority within a minority. And yet they see themselves as constantly oppressed by stop and frisk or other grievances. I never hear our other huge growing immigrant populations engage in Travon Martin rallies or doing much besides keeping their head down and working hard to gain the prosperity they dreamed of when they came. Even our growing population of real Africans from Nigeria, Ghana etc. seem to look upon these endless grievances in some bemusement. I am afraid in a decade or so the race hustlers will find themselves sadly marginalized or so I hope.

  18. The larger issue is the conflict between Shame/Honor culture and Guilt/Conscience culture. The old plantocracy was very much a Shame/Honor culture, and many present-day Black people retain the imprint of that era. This makes them likely pawns in the struggle.

    The USA was founded as a Guilt/Conscience culture, and the plantocracy was always destined for conflict with the majority, although there was most certainly a very unhealthy symbiosis between the two. Since 1932, and maybe before, the Shame/Culture has attempted to dominate, and has mostly succeeded, mostly by appealing to the conscience of the Guilt/Conscience folks. They are still doing it, and out task is simply to fight them in that theater. "Simply" as Heracles "simply" had to move a lot of horse hockey.Still, he saw his task, and we need to see ours..

    Notice how the most reviled Republicans are the ones who most exemplify the bourgeois society. Sarah Palin? Fisherman. Mitt Romney? No straighter arrow. Paul Ryan? Accountant. Bushes, I and II? Businessmen, quite wealthy, and never, ever flashy. John McCain? War hero, and life-long politician, never a threat to the Shame culture people.

    When we see that Martin-Zimmerman mess as cultures in conflict, we do get, at least, a clear picture, even if it is a picture of horse product. In spite of Soetero's best efforts, the bourgeoisie won that round. They'll try to fix the courts, more and more, in years to come.

    So, we need to win elections. We need to appeal to conscience and reason, and lest anyone think that this is too dull to appeal to a majority of voters, remember that Soetero only won by intimidating donors to his opponents , and probably by outright fraud. So, it would seem that if we do our fund-raising in true grass-roots fashion, from people who may be inconvenienced by unjust audits, but usually not bankrupted by them, and yell like our hair's on fire when these tactics are used again, we just might succeed on that front. We also need to organize a serious resistance to voter fraud. The Shamesters will, of course, appeal to the consciences of us Guilty ones, but now that we know what they are doing, this may not work nearly so well for them.

    We do not need to wring our hands in despair at the loss of our culture. There are still many more than fifty thousand men in Israel (America) who have not bowed the knee to Baal. The continuing criminal conspiracy that is the Soetero regime dominates the media and is most definitely trying to create a largess-dependent voting bloc. However, it is by no means inevitable that they will succeed. A more Conservative candidate can draw more of those small donation supporters, and we need poll watchers and investigators wherever we can get them, in the most fraud-prone states, apparently Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Michegan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. We don't even have to win in all those states.

    Well begun is well done, and, if we see the cultural conflict in these clear terms, we have indeed begun well.

    1. Well, since you mention the Prophet Elijah and bowing the knee to Ba'al, our adult Sunday School class is going through the books of Samuel and Kings. My wife and I have done it before in another part of the country; and I've read through the Bible a number of times. This is why I wince.

      These historical books of the Old Testament are a major reason why I do not believe that history is written by the winners. They build up to how kings--and, to a lesser extent, priests and prophets, too--led Israel and Judah into sin, bringing about conquest by the Mesopotamians. Not only do we have the losers writing the history, but surviving and bequeathing to the world a history that is also Holy Scripture (as an old-line Evangelical of the Calvinistic persuasion and descendant of Jews and Lutherans, I guess I'm about as Guilt/Conscience culture are they come).

      Let's just hope our culture heeds its Elijahs and gets a bunch of leaders like Asa, Hezekiah, and Josiah rather than Jeroboam the Son of Nebat, the Omrides, and Manasseh! Unhappily, seeing Barry "Enemy of Amendment One" Obama still idolized by the media and things being set up for Shrillary Shrew in 2016, I am beginning to wonder who our Babylonians will be.

    2. Kepha,

      There is a truly excellent book, by the late Jame Jacobs, that analyzes this dichotomy un much greater depth. The Title is "Systems of Survival" If I had your address, I'd send you a copy. I pass them out like Gideon Bibles.You can get a copy from one of those on-line used-book sellers through Amazon. It's a good Sunday afternoon's read, and there ought to be time before you report back to school. (Speaking of which, I wish you every success in this year's endeavours. )

  19. Does anybody know how the census folks count those of us (an increasing number) who fill out the census forms checking Other - and write in Human under race?

    1. As Tea Party radicals and they turn your names over to the IRS for "further processing"

    2. I wrote "human" on my census forms too. So far, haven't received any "further processing", but there's still plenty of time for that.

  20. East texas RancherAugust 1, 2013 at 9:01 PM

    The communities of the perpetually offended and persecuted may have conflicts lying be upset over race issues or gay issues. In fact tempers between rivalry the two groups.
    Reports today about USSR threatening to arrest and try gay athletes seem to have the internet a buzz.
    It set me to wondering---if an athlete is there competing just how in the heck would anyone know if any athlete was hetero or homosexual? If you are there representing your country and behave circumspectly (as my mama used to call it)---just why are you worried?

    Both groups will try the patience of regular Americans over which group was more persecuted and who gains national spotlight that average folks may go beyond bored and disinterested. Add to that fake claims (or exaggerated claims) about numbers in each group who was the most persecuted that the rivalry will build. Meanwhile, I just want my son and other sons and daughters home from war, rain for our dry ranches, and making sure we are ready when the entire shell gives away.....
    I just wish folks would concentrate on what is really important in life.

  21. You're right - the "conversation on race" is supposed to be a sort of Maoist struggle session against Evil Whitey. The idea that other races exist, and that even the "white" and "black" races are hugely complex isn't supposed to enter the equation. After all, aren't the kids of Nigerian immigrants supposed to get college preference over the kids of Armenian immigrants? And it's awfully hard to drum up white guilt among first-generation kids from Poland or Ukraine.

    In my neighborhood, the hot "racial topic" is Chinese think there are too many Indians, and vice-versa. They both drive up real-estate to dizzying heights as they want to live in the dreaded "good school district" where they can both perfect the Ivy League Algorithm of kids who get all A's, nearly-max SAT's (What, you didn't get 800's across the board? Your cousin Lu Xintong did, and his parents are so proud. Even our neighbor Vijay's kid got two 800s...), and padded out college resumes. The racial issues of "black & white America" seem far, far away.

    1. Hey, my wife is of Chinese origins,and my younger son has a number of friends of South Asian-origin friends from high school (40% Asian, mostly Chinese-origin, large Korean-origin presence) and college. Again, ordinary kids getting along.

      As for the discussion about whose kid got into the better school, it seems to me that there were certain white ethnicities carrying on the same one-upmanship game fifty years ago.

      As for your Nigerian immigrant kids, my impression of them (and Cameroonians) is that they're a lot more like European immigrant kids of my Dad's generation in attitude and aspirations than the intended targets of our affirmative action policies.

  22. The desperation of the leftist media to keep the race card played could not have been more clearer recently than the term "white Hispanic."

    Obama's mom was white. Does that make him a "white African"?

    Enough already.

  23. Dip you've summed this matter up beautifully as usual. You and LG Grandma together say all I would, of valid reality, and better I think than O'Reilly, although he is surely on track in solving the problem of black success in reasonable degrees.

    The hustlers antagonize everyone who has skin in the mess. And the time a race has had, and squandered, in not self bootstrapping, against multiple odds, with notable exceptions of examples of great successes, professionally and businesswise, out of backward poverty, and entitlement dependence, although a race theoretically capable of earning a respectable living, and accomplishing academeic work too, all while being respectable in general, is dissapointing to all.

    It seems, that too many have been living with the former part of the great quoted comment by Jefferson: “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock” and not enough have lived by the latter, to stand like a rock on wise principles. Have any been taught much, by someone who knows and believes, somewhere?

    1. Trouble is the definition of style has broadened. The gangsta style is seemingly designed to make its adherents fail in the 'real' world. O'Reilly is right when he calls out the entertainment industry for selling this gangsta style trash. But how to make them change is a hard problem.

      Obama has a choice, try to make the change and become an enemy of the race industry. Ask Bill Cosby how that worked out. Or he can go along to get along and be a 'hero'. What is the rational choice for him? We already know his choice, but is it rational. Only if he cared for Holder's people instead of just himself would it not be.

      I fear that some sort of bottom will have to be hit before things can get better for the black community.


    2. Over at Carpe Diem today, Walter Williams has a new essay, of high merit, no holds barred, supporting our discussions here with details, and he is a decades long intelligent conservative reality black scholar, in my opinion, and speaks straight between the culprits eyes! It is found below, and worth reading, as is Carpe Diem, too.

  24. Here we are again looking at this as a "real issue" rather than a simple political construct of the Democratic Party.

    It's a glaring symptom of Republican Grand Gullibility. More at