Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The One Who Wants America to Fail

Ah, my perplexed ones! Let us escape our current political miasma. Come with me, back, back in time, way back to when we were are all young and beautiful! Back when many still believed in "Hope" and "Change"! For as the Goddess of History has shown "Hope" is Always a Great Plan for a country and "Change" is Always Good, and NEVER should be resisted. We see, for example, the truth of this wisdom by looking at when Germany changed from the flawed Weimar Republic to . . . or when Russia changed from the flawed Kerensky to . . . or when Iran changed from the flawed Shah to . . . or when Egypt changed from the flawed Mubarak to . . . . well, ok, never mind, let's get back to our topic, uh, oh, Time Travel! Yes, back to the beginnings of our Dark Ages, a time lost in the mists, to a Land That Time Forgot, yes, to the USA of 2009-2010.

If you still have enough grey cells left after the buffeting of recent years to do that, please recall the phrase, "The Republicans want President Obama to fail!" Ah, the ultimate silence-inducing zinger, the end to any argument when a conservative was getting the better of a liberal, "You want the President to fail!" Strong words, accusatory words, words redolent of more than a whiff of KGB, Stasi, Gestapo, or Inmin Boanbu. Somehow, I never heard those words hurled at critics of Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush. Those words, of course, comprised the opening salvo in what has become a persistent campaign by Obamabots to delegitimize dissent, to label critics as unpatriotic, as saboteurs of The People's Will! To criticize The One, even in mild terms, quickly brings on a torrent of new words such as "phony," "racist," or "flat-earther." In more extreme cases, of course, your private life can be opened to investigation, ridicule, distortion--ask Sarah Palin or Herman Cain; the IRS or others in the vast collection of Federal agencies can begin to call or even raid you. Venezuela take notes: This is how you suppress dissent!

Events of the past five years have made it clear that Obama and his minions want America to fail. There can exist no doubt. This misadministration is destroying our economy and our standing in the world. Whether by malevolent design, stupidity of an astronomical order, or just unprecedented incompetence, we see it happening at an increasing pace. The disasters at home and abroad that sap our power, influence, effectiveness, and resolve as a great nation cannot be denied, or labelled "phony," except by the most devoted follower of The One. Who would follow such a "leader"? Remember that even as Russian rockets and artillery shells rained on Berlin, thousands of Germans remained faithful to the Führer and fought to the death; even as American tanks and troops closed in on Baghdad, Saddam's "dead enders" resisted. Reality for such believers is a plastic medium to be bent, stretched, reshaped at will: George Zimmerman is white, Elizabeth Warren is Native American, spend to reduce the deficit, George Bush is behind all trouble and evil in the world . . ..

In no single area of endeavor is the drive to fail more evident than in the field of energy.

A couple of days ago, I read of the death of Texas oilman George Mitchell. He must be one of the great unsung heroes of our time. He is the man who more so than any other single individual has offered us true "hope" and "change," a quick way out of many of our current troubles. He, in essence, defied the conventional wisdom that we were "running out" of fossil fuels and would either have to live depending on the goodwill of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela, or pursue little lives in dark and cold hovels, not much different from how Shakespeare lived. If one man can be credited with inventing and promoting "fracking" it is the late George Mitchell. The son of Greek immigrants, he saw the potential in America and took great risks and got great results. He got very and deservedly wealthy; he also bequeathed us the possibility of breaking away from the Saudis, et al, and re-establishing our independence in this "interdependent" world.

I have written before on fracking, and noted that debate in our society would come down to a battle between two "f" words: "fracking," and the most hideous word in the English language, "fair." The Obamabots and leftists around the West have clearly thrown in with "fair," and its equally hideous sibling, "social justice." Wherever they can, they seek to halt "fracking," be it with junk science, with the standard crazed "activist," or with deliberate policies designed to prevent fracking and its benefits.

Fracking offers an opportunity to the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, the UK, and perhaps China to revolutionize, to upend the world energy market, to make oil and gas widely available commodities difficult for any bloc or cartel to corner and control. Despite the open hostility from our own government and the Obamatized media, the United States, thanks to private lands and private investment, is poised to become the world's top oil producer and already has become the world's largest gas producer. Canada will likely provide stiff competition for those titles. Australia, too, will have a good shot. This is great stuff. This is stuff of which we could only dream as we sat in long fuel queues in the 1970s; as for decades we had to hear lectures about how "the US has only 5% of the world's oil reserves but consumes 25% of global oil production" and how the "only" way to salvation was through solar, wind, or tidal power schemes funded and controlled, of course, by our benevolent betters in government rather than by those nasty energy CEOs.

It seems that even the Saudis are waking up to the revolutionary threat posed by fracking to the Kingdom's dominance of the oil market. They have begun to understand that if the US and Canada, and others, realize fracking's full potential, the game is up for the Arabs. Once again they will be consigned to the back alleys of the world. The reason Islam, for example, is able to "punch above its weight" is the Western money that flows to the Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Iranians for their oil. Cut off that flow then the AQ boys and their ilk will have a rather rough go of it. Likewise, the hideous Hugo Chavez played a role on the world stage thanks only to the billions of American dollars we shipped him for his oil.

The greatest friend these anti-Western regimes have is the world's greatest foe of fracking and other policies to free us of oil dependence: the American President.

Obama wants America to fail. We should make sure that he fails in that endeavor.

Fracking means freedom.



  1. Just an aside on fracking (obliquely - environmentalists(?)

    We here in Arkansas, at least the ones here before all the nice people picked up and moved here from such places as Detroit, used to have to base our fortunes on such stuff as rice growing.

    Then fracking came along - actually its been here quite awhile, Mitchell realized hydraulic fracturing was the way to go - in places like Pennsylvania they do a thing colloquially known as "well-booming" (when a wellhead's production slows to a trickle, the pipestem is pulled from the ground and a bucket of explosives is lowered to the bottom of the casing, topped off with water - "BOOM!" - production is restored)

    Getting back to Arkansas to Diplomad in your phrasing, which you might not've realized is exquisite, The Land That Time Forgot a few years ago "we" took up fracking - and it was good.

    Then a few minor earthquakes began rattling in most cases the nerves, a very few the windows of our newly arrived immigrants - the native Arkansasnese didn't "apparently" understand the ramifications, so the "new folks" charitably got in touch with groups like The Sierra Club to educate us Hillbillys on the dangers of fracking.

    There were seminars, there were junk mails, the were Coke-bottled lensed glasses wearing guys submitting Letters--to-our-Editors.

    Oddly - but the one very good thing I can point to as being A Good Thing in the Age of the Internet was/is - Wikipedia.

    Two entries put the kibosh (kinda) on the environmentalists.

    The Enola Swarm.

    The New Madrid Earthquake of 1811-12.


  2. When the concept of "conservationist" gave way to the "environmental movement", that marked a change in use of the effort. The "movement" has become a cause instead of a practice. An ideology as opposed to a necessity. And now a religion that trumps everything. Ultimately, when the public is sick of the whole thing and its societal damage, the effort will return to conservationist. Environmental and climate science have run smack into political science. And all of these sciences will eventually run into markets and the final taskmaster--Math.

    1. Excellent comment. In the end, math is the great equalizer, the great destroyer of pretensions and foibles.

  3. Good retort 'whitewall' (appropriate screen-name too given the context),

    I was gonna add something to my above comment - my CRS however forced me to email a few "acquaintances" in the energy industry. In a former life ... well.

    In furtherance of your link Dip, to that Saudi Prince's worries, they better diversify - fracking isn't the only "new game in town" - now when I initially became aware of another new game, Japan had estimated 2018 as when they might be able to accomplish it - our USGS gave 2025.

    Now I can't confirm a direct connection with The One standing in the way of progress like He has fracking - but I've come to conclude if it's not "Green" - R&D is stifled. Whether "by hook or crook" I'll not hazard a guess.

    Anywise, it appears the Japanese (due to the Spratley thing?) might've been being somewhat pessimistic with their earlier estimates. Whither our USGS?


  4. There is a similarity to this version of fracking and nuclear power.
    Obama and his crowd may try to suppress fracking, but like nukes it's out of the bottle and won't go back in.

    1. James?

      Just personally curious - which version of fracking? Leaving aside Japan's proximity to the [tectonic] Pacific Plate and all that theory's ,er, guestimates (realizing some Readers might not accept my concept of Time).

      Nuke stuff - tho' difficult to explain succinctly - I accept as similar to geologically fracturing, simply put (my opinion) it's to do with Time. Over the long haul in the former sense especially but then Reasoning the latter, that's quite a long haul too.

      What I'm trying to get at is, Japan's use of the Nuke requires "plants" to be near the Ocean [cooling] - fracking, requiring lots of sedimentary layers, being on the 'Rim' (Fuji &) would seem to preclude that. Methane sulfates on the other hand ... seems kind of a neat way to settle [preclude] a lot of (likely unproductive) talking.

      In short, why should the Japs pay the least attention to Obama?


  5. I just read that the U.S. is now getting only 36% of its crude from foreign sources, down from 60% just a few years ago (wish I could remember where I read that). And the Eagleford shale amounts just keep growing. (Thanks Texas for your land laws)

    Most of what we are getting is from private land that Obama can't shut down. On top of that, Texas Hispanic land owners who have tried to make a hard scrabble living off the land for generations are now getting quite rich from new drilling, are finding out just how much money the federal government wants to take from them and are taking a good hard look at the party that wants to tax them even more. Fracking, a win for the U.S. and Texas.


    1. I can confirm personally that the shale oil boom has been a godsend for parts of South Texas. Over the last four or five years I regularly traveled some of the back roads between San Antonio, Goliad and Beeville, doing research for my books and for book events. There were little towns that were practically dying on the vine five years ago that are perking up. Business premises on Main Streets that were boarded up are open and doing a lively business. There are wells and facilities scattered all over, along with new RV parks. man-camps and housing developments. Friends in Goliad told us that there are families all over the county who were just barely scraping by that are now getting very nice checks. Zane is also correct in that much of this involves private land; traffic in and out of the courthouses by oil company researchers sorting out who owned the mineral rights to a specific tract was unusually heavy!

  6. Zane?

    I'll not be naming names - Obamer's NSA, IRS - but that 36% you're mentioning, 28% of that comes from Canada. If we had the Keystone ... well, I figure we might be exporting our heavy to the ME for cracking.

    (That's not a Mayor of New York joke - a "cracking tower" is a piece of gear a bunch of crude is pumped into and heated - resulting into various viscosities which are then routed to the various distillation places. That's why refineries are called refineries.

    When I was a very young kid I "enjoyed" off-season jobs at the Skelly Refinery in Eldorado KS chiseling the "got-through-to-the uppers-chambers" back before lead (Pb on the periodic table) became an issue with the EPA).

    I am an Arkie - as was my first wife's Mom - I realize from time to time on Diplomad's site I'm "seemingly" confusing but not actually. It's just that what I've 'put' has to be read close and I leave a buncha stuff out - in 12 years I'll not be subject to non-disclosures. Of course I'll likely be dead but I try to be optimistic. Being an Arkie aside.

    I'm figuring Zane, the US is currently taking "about" 17% heavy crude and our industrial needs crude is roughly 2% - "most" of what we [the US] onshore pipes to places where "we" can extract fees.

    My first wife's Mom had four brothers who worked for Halliburton, the Mom's (wife's Mom) husband Skelly & Getty. I "worked" for one of "Mom's" brothers in Oman - as I did for another in Kansas (learning the ropes as it were). I was military then I was not. Then I was military again for a short time, then I was not. In Central America I ran around with a Geologist name of Loedding working for, ostensibly Texaco. There now.


  7. Fracking Means Freedom! I'd like that on a T-shirt!

  8. Anonymous, maybe you can answer this. In about 1979-1980, I did a lot of traveling in and out of Grand Junction, Colorado. My greatest challenge usually was securing a decent hotel room for my return visits. It seems there was a lot of oil industry activity in that area and the rooms were hard to come by. Was this period an early effort at shale oil extraction? Or something else maybe? I never understood. Thanks.

    1. Well 'whitewall' now that you knock me in the head unleashing a few axons and neurons ...

      I used to go up to Grand Junction twice a year for what we called (understandably "Nowhere" - BLM places I think might've been in Utah Zeke Zaremba or "Mikey" ring any bells?) ... anyway, we'd meet in Grand Junction then head in the general direction of West. Long deceased guy given your timeframe was a feller name of David Hatman.


      Some reputedly CIA, DIA - a lot of definitively former military guys [no AF I'm aware of] - took a lot of space up in Grand Junction "Overnights/Awhiles." Pocket-Rockets & Cherry Bombs. (Never no females at a FUBAR either but that given the timeframe was the norm.) DoD? Nobody active Mil ... well... maybe some DARPAs ever showed up - I'm "pretty sure" - maybe some BLM guys ... and some few TRUSTED TOOL-GUYS!

      Whitewall, I myself (mind I'm not confirming anything - hell, I'm likely lying) anyway, the closest suite a feller could count on in that timeframe would've been Elk City, OK.

      HOWEVER - you give a timeframe of '79-'80. That'd approximate setting up the Strategic Oil Reserve - - - Pawhuska OK (Phillips-Bartlesville) and some few wildcatters it was rumored were doing a lot of drilling, hitting, then immediately capping. All production (rumor has it) was sent by rail to salt-domes South.

      IF Whitehall, you've your timeframe correct, that should've coincided with the platform build-ups in the Gulf of Mex & the "refurbishing" of the Monsanto Plant close to Alvin TX - that'd be "about" the time the Corps of Engineers did the big-dredge of the Inter-Coastal nearabouts Houma LA.

      This stuff Diplomad isn't "exactly" classified. But then I signoff,

      The Arkansas Liar

    2. I hope your head mends quickly. I don't know any of the gents you mentioned around Grand Junction but I did meet some unusual fellows who were no way "wildcatters". You mentioned being on the loose in Central America, maybe around 1976- 78? I was too. My paperwork stated I was with a rubber company. I met some very similar folk to the ones I met in Grand Junction. I smiled when Iran Contra broke in the news later on as I knew we had hacked off the news media, the Sandinistas, Castro, the Soviets and the Congressional Democrats- pardon the redundancies- in one successful stroke which included getting some hostages home. Thanks for the info.

    3. Tanx Whitewall,

      Although I'd have to submit I was never, "on the loose" - except in maybe the loosest sense.

      I will "give" erm... uh, ... er,... a long time ago I saw (from pretty far off) a group of fellers heading in my group's general direction. They had a bunch of gear - in an era prior to SmartPhones - "Mikey" was (I'm sure to get in trouble for this regardless that Mikey was the smartest ... erhmm ... of us.

      Anyways, Mikey was forevermore as evenbefore same as he'd always been. One thing though always everafter whenever the word, "rehabilitation" came up - "Mikey" always complained, "Why didn't you guys tell me to run before that Mike Wallace (60 Minutes) stuck that microphone in my face?"

      I don't know about the others - I was lost for ... well, long enough. The guy I'd been "attending" was more experienced, he didn't remove from the hotshooter peak til CBS was off the coast.

      Strangely eight days prior I'd been "near" Karachi - three later I'd returned.

      & I remain in the hills.

      Yet. Sometimes ... I yearn for adventures. I'm figuring kinda like the feller from Lah Manchu. I'd say tilting at but I think in these days of "The Given" I'd prefer to charge a volcano. All the good that'd do.

      Fuck the Redundancies - itsa Dancie no?


  9. "Whether by malevolent design, stupidity of an astronomical order, or just unprecedented incompetence, we see it happening at an increasing pace."

    Dip, you realize that the three are not mutually exclusive, don't you?

    1. All of the above is always an option with this misadministration

  10. I think even Bill Clinton would have jumped on the fracking express early in his first term, had fracking gotten started in the late 1980's, as another way to bootstrap the American economy into fast growth. Yet Obama could care less, and evidently the Democratic party is 100% on board Obama's attitude. To me this is what is frightening about our future, the Democratic Party has lost touch with the reality of what works in America and what doesn't. Abundant and cheap domestic energy was a foundation of America world leadership for most of the 20th century. Now our major political party thinks wind, solar, plant based bio fuels ought to replace nat. gas and fracked oil regardless of cost. Maybe Obama repudiates America from 1900 to 1970's so that is why petro power is relegated to insignificance in Obama's mind?