Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, July 19, 2013

We Have Seen the Liberal Promised Land & Detroit is its Name

The President, CNN and MSNBC, among others of their ilk, continue plugging away on Zimmerman-Martin promoting their twisted Hollywood-esque vision of an America where black men are gunned down by white men, and seeking to provoke a race war. Meanwhile, the leftist utopia of Detroit has called it quits in its decades-long flight from reality with liberal/socialist Democrats as pilots. It proved, yet again, the wisdom of the late great Maggie Thatcher who said, "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

Detroit most certainly has done that, it has even run out people. The population over the past many years has gone into a serious nosedive. Those who can flee have. The rest exist in a liberal hell in which overpaid public servants do less and less; public services have all but disappeared; the private sector has largely vanished; and the criminal, the insane, and the drug addled rule the streets and generate 386 murders in 2012 for a staggering homicide rate of nearly 55 per 100,000 residents, much worse than most African countries. By contrast, I would note, ethnically diverse El Paso, in "gun crazy" Texas, and across the border from murder capital Ciudad Juarez, with a population about that of Detroit's had five, yes five--as in the fingers of one hand--murders last year for a homicide rate of about 0.6 --lower than Canada, lower than the UK, lower than nearly every European country.

The morally bankrupt Democratic Party corruptocrats who ran Detroit for the past half century or so finally killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. They stole, squandered, and mismanaged "other people's money" until there was no more. They played racial politics and drove the white working middle class out of town; they taxed and regulated and pushed industry and commerce out; and now they have left nothing but a shattered shell of what was once a great American city. Where is that famous Obama "outrage"? I guess the zombies now wandering the ruins of Detroit do not look like the son Obama might have had, or are there some talking points being developed which will blame it all on a movie? Robocop, perhaps? On gun owners? On George Bush? On Mitt Romney? On, on, on, well, on whomever walks into the Obama administration's crosshairs that day? Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton and Jesse "Never Had a Job in My Life" Jackson are too busy spouting nonsense about Florida and getting Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder to persecute George Zimmerman to care that Detroit has died.

Now the mess created by decades of liberal race baiting, corruption, and just idiocy falls in the lap of the Republicans who govern Michigan. This is also a typical socialist stunt we have seen throughout the world, not just in American politics. When, for example, the Spanish right won the recent elections they discovered upon taking office that their socialist predecessors had cleaned out the treasury. In Venezuela, the hideous Maduro who has taken over from the also hideous and now late Chavez is discovering that the money is gone; Venezuela, one of the world's biggest oil producers, can't afford toilet paper. I am sure that whomever takes over from Obama will "discover" that we, too, are broke, left with bills we cannot pay, and mandates we cannot honor.

So, is there hope for Detroit? I don't know. Can the city be "turned around"? I don't know. Will the bankruptcy provide a floor, as the optimists claim, on which to build a future? Perhaps. I hope so, but I don't know, and doubt that anybody else knows. Should the city be saved as a separate entity? Perhaps not. Perhaps it should be governed from somewhere else: Canada, are you interested? Think of it as our compensation for taking Justin Bieber off your hands. I am sure the taxpayers of Windsor would be delighted to annex Detroit; think of it as a West Berlin taking over East Berlin form of charity . . .

Detroit is liberalism's showcase. We should never let anybody forget that.



  1. Not so fast, they found a ahem judge to overturn the bankruptcy. She found it was "unconstitutional state wise and it 'dishonored' Obama". So it's on to other people's money where ever it is (people of Michigan)!

    1. Matt, the seventh readerJuly 19, 2013 at 7:01 PM


      Could you provide a link, please? That sounds like interesting, yet very depressing, reading.


    3. It turns out the Michigan Constitution has a clause in it that protects pensions. This might mean the state would be on the hook for paying Detroit's pensions. I am sure the rest of the state would be delighted with that turn of events.

      Of course, the Constitution could be changed and Detroit cannot pay pensions itself it there is not enough money to cover them. How interesting would it be if the Detroit government could provide no services at all and still not meet the pension obligations. How many people would remain in Detroit and pay taxes if they got zero services for it?

      This is otherwise known as "spiraling down the drain".

  2. The only hope for the Detroit economy is for one more building to become abandoned - Detroit City Hall.

    What is needed is less code enforcement and more freedom.

  3. Yes, Detroit is liberalism's poster child. As is Philly, Boston, Oakland, New Orleans, and a bunch of others. Each one, down deep, is a monument to stupid voters. Of which we are producing ever more. And the Fourth Estate is silent on the real cause of Detroit's failure.

  4. Detroit, site of the UAW Demolition Derby.

    We can now say that Detroit is the city the union destroyed. It is so bad that the Detroit fire department no longer responds to fires if the house is listed as abandoned. The DFD just lets them burn down. Cheaper than the city having to raze them. All that is required is for the bull dozers to go in and clean up the lot.

    Police response time: 58 minutes. 40% of the street lights no longer work. No money to replace burned out bulbs.

    Can Chicago be far behind?


  5. I never cared about Detroit before I was born , don't care about Detroit All of my life and will not care about Detroit after I'm long gone.

    1. To paraphrase V. Lenin, you may not be interested in Detroit, but Detroit is interested in you.

      All stops will be pulled in order to allocate the financial consequences of decades of poor judgment of Detroit voters across the state and nation to people who had no voice, no vote, no connection to Detroit.

  6. To understand Detroit:
    1. Go to the website
    2. Search on Moynihan Negro Family
    3. Read the 1965 report
    Then to see the future,
    1. Change Negro to White
    2. Reread the report

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