Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Watch this Video!

I tried to embed this video but it won't always play. If it doesn't, please copy the above link and watch it. It is a fascinating talk by a law professor on why you should NEVER talk to the police. I learned a lot.


  1. Then watch a Virginia Beach police officer (and 3L student) who spoke immediately after Professor Duane, to the same audience:

  2. Thanks; I've seen other talks like this, but I appreciate the lawyer/detective combination.

  3. Actually... no one should require this vid to know that.

    George 'Whats'HisName' called 911 before, and then after cooperated fully. The guy even cooperated with the media. (Yeah. I know some might disagree with my use of the plain ol' media label - but I doubt there'll be much disagreement how all that worked out) ...

    Diplomad earlier explained why one would be ill-served cooperating in the War On Drugs - cooperating with the Race Grievance Industrial Complex (the two major fronts we're operating on nowadays) are rat-holes.

    Nowadays all anybody needs know is the UCMJ's Article 134 has a civilian equivalent. Article 134 is oftimes called "The General Article" and where the civilian equivalent is concerned - in most States - all it requires is a person "annoys" somebody.

    Fart in Church?

    Depends. If some parishioner in a nearby pew is allergic to for instance, lilacs - and the fart smells like the offending lilac - he or she could very well be so annoyed as to rush out of the best part of the sermon to get some Benadryl.

    I don't know it's ever happened but farting lilacs could get a person charged with Disorderly Conduct. It would depend I suppose whether there'd be any forensic evidence.


  4. that's an excellent video. here is another good one.

    Protect Yourself from FBI Manipulation (w/attorney Harvey Silverglate). From the comments, it seems that ICE & DEA (perhaps other TLA groups) use the same trick.

    And remember, the supreme court recently said that, unless you specifically invoke the 5th amendment, your SILENCE can be used against you. Think this is if you start to talk, and then stop. Not sure.

    Being innocent is not all that straightforward, is it. sigh.


  5. Law professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)has said the same thing for years. He goes one step further, stating you should always have a lawyer present if law enforcement comes calling.

    Another valid theory he has is there are so many laws and regulations, some overly broad, that it is likely you have broken one of them. For law enforcement, it is only a matter of finding which law you have broken. It is who they want to convict, not that a particular law has been broken.

  6. I saw that video years ago. It's absolutely spot on. We do live in a country where a citizen lying to the police commits a crime, but where a policeman lying to a citizen is perfectly acceptable. I wish I knew just how many police now find that NO ONE wants to talk to them under any circumstances. I know they have complained for years that they cannot get any cooperation from the minority communities. I'd say their days of getting much cooperation from the white community are just about over as well. They've made it clear they are NOT on our side. Look at where cooperating with them got George Zimmerman.

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