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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Heading North

Tomorrow the Diplogang heads to the DC environs.

Diploson3 and his wife fled DC on June 1 for the Virginia suburbs. We will be visiting them and the new Diplograndson over the weekend.

I will try not to think about politics -- and will fail.

I want--soon!--to get some range time. I have a small gaggle of guns (do guns travel in gaggles? Herds? Murders? Flocks?) that I have yet to try. I am particularly eager to shoot my Ruger 57, and see what the fuss is about with the 5.7mm round. I still haven't fired the STI Staccato 9mm, nor my new CZ 75 compact, also in 9mm--Czechs make good stuff, btw. Maybe I can sneak away today, but, I think the Diplowife has other plans for my time.

Hope next week to get my "new" 2013 427 Corvette convertible, manual six speed, delivered from the Chevy dealer in New Hampshire. I always wanted a ZO6, but this was the closest I could get to one and have it be a convertible (ironclad Diplowife rule). It has only 5,000 miles, so I will call it new.

I had wanted to invite Greta Thunberg for a ride to help fight global cooling (warming?) but I understand that she has moved on to proclaiming her expertise on racial matters in the USA.

So, I will be back . . .


  1. Have Fun! Drive Safely!
    Avoid the maddening crowds~~~
    and their Maddening moosick!


    On Watch~~~
    DiploFolks Departing~~~

  2. I believe guns travel in Arsenals.
    Safe journey.

  3. Stay safe, enjoy the trip

  4. So, I walked down the driveway to p/u my morning paper, I began thinking about the '10 block enemy takeover out in Seattle', I read about last night~~~ A quick scan of the local fish~wrap had NO new News as usual!

    Did an about face, and headed back to my office plugged in the coffee and booted-up to~~~ DiploMad 2.0 ~~~ saw Skip's bon-voyage to the Diploclan... then glanced at the right margin and saw that "The Last Tradition" led with this headline:
    --> Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned -- Learn about Sunrise Movement<--< Which, got my attention since I was about fed up with the San Franfeces falderal and the accused Privileged Caucs nationwide, now falling to their knees in supplication to the Mob! One click, and I land at the image of a beautiful blond and read the following text:

    "This video was actually posted on my FB by one of my friends. This is the kind of journalism we don't get from the mainstream media. It's what's happening on the ground in Minneapolis and the country! Check out Millennial Millie."

    So being a world class sucker for a pretty face and other feminine accoutrements, I clicked da link~~~ nOW~~~ hOWin like a hound dog on a hot trail~~~ I'll get back later~~~


    "Let's Roll"

  5. Good Morning America!

    Now the wee hours down here in the Sunny South USA... Just clicked on "Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country"...aka City of CRAPZ, hewn from the womb of Seattle,I think ..Tucker describes the background and current situ quite well ~~ A Fair reveal of the youngest Country in the world, rising on a PILE of BLM-Antifa-DemoCRAP Progresso manure, , ,, AS Tucker finishes his intro, click to 12:00 min and listen to an honest and stalwart Reporter named, Jason Rantz, who expresses his embarrassment for his City, and fear for his safety in Seattle! A Brave Guy armed with a sense of humor evinced by Tuck's disarming sarcasm... On Watch~~~


  6. (second try) Dip, I'm glad I found you again! Safe travels!