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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Something a Bit Different: 2013 Corvette 427

I got my "new" 2013 Corvette 427 (5,000 miles on it) a few days ago.

It's a beast!

That 7.0 litre engine (427.7 cu in) is a monster! It just goes and goes and goes. I don't understand why Chevrolet did away with that engine and went to the 6.2 litre (which is also a great engine, but . . . ).

The Diplowife and I went on a long cruise along the North Carolina coast this afternoon once the rain stopped. Driving the thing requires your full attention. The six speed manual transmission is great but you need to concentrate. The same with the steering: you flinch a bit and you find yourself driving on the wrong side of the street . . . OK, OK, a bit of an exaggeration . . . It is a raw driving experience; my 2019 Stingray seems positively tame and civilized in comparison.

Anyhow, just wanted to focus on something other than the morons tearing down statues and banning books.

Back to politics in a day or so . . .


  1. Get your ride's picture in to Daily Timewaster's Friday's open road

  2. My 74 Stingray handles the same way. Get it above 70 mph and it settles down.

  3. "...wanted to focus on something other than the morons tearing down statues and banning books."WLA

    A noble endevor indeed!
    Now back to Le Mans~~~
    Via Daytona!
    In the Pits~~~

  4. The 427 has a structural defect which I am going to correct. I noticed that while driving it on the highway, there's a sound that comes from the passenger seat. It sounds like, "Slow down! You're too old for this car! Look out!" I am gong to take the car into the dealer and see if the warranty will cover removal of the passenger seat. Anybody have experience with this?

    1. A not uncommon defect, and certainly not limited to your Corvette.

      I've had numerous cars over the decades, and it seems that defect would follow me, wherever I go...

    2. Damn car builders . . . can't get anything right.

  5. Yep, seems the squeak/squeal is worse going in the turns, and when picken up the throttle hard coming off~~~ thought about going to a single-seater myself, but couldn't decide how to buckle-in my tire changer--ya figure, save a lil weight, and pick up the rpm, all good, NO!?

    In the alley

    1. 'And, eat your greens Lad'
      Bye the Bye, did a quik'n'dirty,
      an found this here bit 'o' News,
      for'vette pilots of a certain age:

      "Having said he would quit "when I embarrass myself", Newman competed into his 80s, winning at Lime Rock in what former co-driver Sam Posey called a "brutish Corvette" displaying his age as its number: 81.[64] He took the pole in his last professional race, in 2007 at Watkins Glen International"...Wiki
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  6. It's called "torque", and it's a great thing.