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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mao Lives . . . Here

The late Chairman Mao apparently is an almost forgotten figure in China. Nobody there runs around with his Little Red Book. The last time I was in China, it was foreigner tourists buying the Mao lapel pins, posters, and copies of the Little Red Book. The Chinese seemed mildly bemused, but willing to take the tourists' cash. Mao fans, and I know you're out there, do not become disheartened, for we see his teachings and tactics on display right here in the USA.

What we have underway in many of our major cities is nothing less than a (for now) pale carbon copy of the infamous Cultural Revolution, which threw China into turmoil for nearly a decade (roughly 1966-1976) and resulted in the deaths of an untold number of persons, and caused incalculable damage to the economy.

You can read up on the Great Cultural Revolution; I won't go into detail but will note that it was a top-directed assault not only on "capitalist" and "bourgeois" remnants, but, more importantly, it sought to destroy the Confucian basis of Chinese civilization:
Confucius's 2500-year old Analects still provides an accurate account of China's philosophy of governance in which every person has an assigned role; failure to keep to it has dire consequences.
In the end, there were dire consequences for those who sought to upend the traditional "assigned role" of each person in China. The abuses proved so extensive that they brought to power some no-nonsense leaders who crushed the Revolution, established relations with the West, and launched China's ongoing mission to dominate the world.

We now see in the USA, and all over the West, attacks on statues of explorers, soldiers, and politicians, all of whom cannot meet the woke standards of today. Nobody is safe; we have protestors demanding the removal of a statue to Gandhi, of one to Churchill, even long-forgotten Franklin Pierce is not safe from the wrath of the "Social Justice" mob. They want to destroy history, and make us into some sort of "perfect man" (to borrow from Castro) who only thinks and breathes the "revolution."  As noted before, there is to be no joy, no fun, no happiness, no sports, nothing outside the revolution. Only thoughts of politics and social justice, and a reliance on the guidance from the wise ones. Above all, there can be no unapproved opinions. It is an assault on the West, its civilization, and its achievements; its history is being rewritten to be one of unmitigated repression and racial hatred.

Mao has gotten his revenge.


  1. Actually, there is an implied criticism of the ways things were in the Spring and Autumn Period in Chinese history. Kong Zi wanted the rule of the wise instead of every culture's natural nepotism.

    As for Mao, I recall that he was "cool" on college campuses back in the 1970's. I remember the shock one Chinese grad student expressed when I told him that back then, the Great Cultural Revolution was seen as a model for a more "dmocratic" and "progressive" society by some of the supposedly best and brightest in the USA. What bothers me is that those college radicals of the 1970's are now senior people in all institutions of American life.

    1. Oh yes. I remember the fad with the Little Red Book.

    2. Dip, if you and any of your friends want some Chinese translation support, let me know.

  2. Carl Sandburg, that good socialist erstwhile schoolteacher, once wrote:

    I have seen
    The old gods go
    And the new gods come.

    Day by day
    And year by year
    The idols fall
    And the idols rise.

    Today I worship the hammer.

    In short, our liberation from the Christian God hasn't made us atheists, but idolators. I don't know about anyone else, but I've lost count of the number of idols to which the Left expects me to bow.

  3. Ill take identical groups for 1000 Alex.
    The answer is: National Socialists, Stalinists, Cambodian Year Zero, Mao Communists, and American Democrats.

    What are groups who tear down statues, ban books, and rewrite history.

    Correct and you control the board.

  4. Had trouble getting to the blog. worried about deplatforming. hope this finds everybody well. We appear to be in the grip of a mass mania that is almost religious in nature. We had a good run, but it looks like our idiot elites will bring us down.. and get a lot of people killed in the bargain. Perhaps i'm too pessimistic.

  5. Somewhere along the way, I was exposed to the idea that part of Mao's motivation for the Cultural Revolution and his giving license to the Red Guards was his concern about the rise of an out-of-touch bureaucracy in China.

    Hence the Red Guards being allowed to drag university professors and senior bureaucrats out of their offices and send them off to work in the fields.

    Nothing is all bad! Life in these United States would probably be improved if the faculties of all the Ivies were forced to spend the next few years picking lettuce and admitting their failures, along with their co-religionists in media and bureaucracies.

    1. That is correct. However, the Communist system demands a large bureaucracy.

  6. As I wrote upon my own site:-

    I shall be terminating my banking arrangements, because the top people of my Bank haven’t got the moral courage to stand their ground and state, “We were once those people, but we are not any longer, and what is more, we haven’t been those people for over two-odd centuries. If you don’t like it, take your business elsewhere, but we shall not budge; we shall not apologise for the actions of our commercial ancestors, and we do not apologise for who we are, and were!”

  7. Riding around Beijing one weekend in the 90s, I was told that "this is the district where the rich and powerful families lived, before Mao." "And still do."