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Thursday, June 4, 2020

So, Whatever Happened to that Virus Thing?

I don't know.

Maybe I am getting both old and confused, but I think it was just a few days ago that the wise ones were telling us that for the good of us all, especially for the old folks, the children, the very existence of Gaia, we needed to stay locked up in our lairs, trembling with fear but also full of gratitude for those "first responders" out there protecting us.

We had to stay home, wear a mask, avoid crowds. Those miscreants in places such as Lansing, Michigan who marched on the state capitol demanding to be allowed to go back to work were all just "Covidiots." Within a a couple of weeks of those armed (horrors!) rallies we would all get a massive spike in lethal CORONA VIRUS!!! They brought guns! They were going to massacre us all! Well, of course, in the end they shot nobody, looted no stores, left no trash . . . but never mind. Just another little glitch in the prediction model, let's move on . . .

Seems, however, just perhaps, that whole virus thing is over.

All very confusing . . .

While churches and synagogues all over the country are not allowed to hold services, I see states holding mass funerals for George Floyd in packed buildings. Here in North Carolina, our Democrat Governor has told us we can't open up the gyms or hold a Republican National Convention, should all be wearing masks, and practising "social distancing"; this intellectual giant, however, just tore off his own mask and joined the "George Floyd" protestors demanding, well, whatever it is they're demanding . . . it seems to me that not only is the virus "over" but that, since he is governor of the state, he could do whatever it is the "protestors" want without having to go out on the street and protest . . . all very odd,  but never mind, let's grab our cellphones, film ourselves being "brave," and move on . . .

And, oh yes, before I forget, those first responders are now evil!

Also, I guess, leftist protestors and street thugs are immune to the ChiCom virus.

Who woulda thunk it?

Time to move on to another hoax to make sure the economy does not recover and Orange Man Bad gets out of office and we can return to all the healing of the Obama/Biden years . . .


  1. Of course you're right. "They" will never allow the real Americans to thrive if they can help it.
    As Bob Cantrell said on USS Dolphin AGSS555, "Like my sweet old grandma sez, F#@K "em! Feed em fish!"

    1. Compliments Glenn, to 'Bob' his Granny n' all 'blue smoke' Dive Deeper-Stay Down Longer Diesel BOAT SAILORS, be they Auxillary, or Hunter-Killer types! Butt, Let's NOT forget, Twas 'Chief of the Boat - RMC(SS) Sam Bass, after learning that the Grenadier SS525 had been awarded ~~~THE ADM JERAULD WRIGHT AWARD~~~ [A case O' Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee "Sour Mash" Whiskey] THIS, After tracking & surfacing a Whiskey Class Ruskie Zubmarine, ALL OVER~~ UNDER~~ AROUND~~ and on TOF of the MIGHTY ATLANTIC OCEAN-- in the HEAT of the COLD WAR! And Then Whilst taking libations at the World Famous GATE BAR, Key West,Fla [~~~Betty the Barmaid~~~ in command] Stated, ``Chief Sam Bass``, succinctly & LOUDly on the special occasion, describing the mission's operational objectives: "FIND'em FUCK'em and FEED'em to da the FISHES! Yes Sir, He had a way with words did Sam -- and oftimes repeated them, from Sea to Shining SEA~~~~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"
      Silent Service
      Let's not forget

  2. The situation is pretty terrible... I just have a hard time being convinced that the democrat leaders of these troubled cities actually want the problem to get better.

    - reader #1482

    1. They want to drag this out until Nov. 4th.

      Of course, when Trump wins again, they will ramp up the shrieking and rioting.

      Interesting times, indeed.

  3. Just this evening down here in the Great South Land, the Courts in one of our States ruled that a planned protest of 1000's of people cannot go ahead because of the current virus rules.

    So hopefully, if some people do turn up, the police can bust a few leftard heads.

    1. And just like that, the left becomes hugely supportive of the right to assemble over the power of the state to impose lockdowns and social distancing measures,

  4. I suppose the reason I like blowhard, womanizing, arrogant Trump (the guy whom I wouldn't want my sister to marry, no matter how large the ultimate alimony) is that he represents a revolt against the chattering classes.--Kepha

  5. we could probably keep medicine, dentistry, engineering, physical sciences tc., the ones that actually contribute to the health and well-being of our citizens.