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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Under Pressure from the Ignoratti

The insanity continues with the sane people gradually giving up, hoping that the loons will just go away if they get this or that concession. Ain't gonna happen. The crazies want it all.

The assault on books, films, and statues rages here and abroad, especially in the UK. As I noted before, there is no appeasing this lynch mob. All the magnificent history of the West must get examined though the lens of today's wokeness.

There is no reasoning with the mob.

Slavery, the mobsters tell us, is a Western, aka "white," invention; the even more ignorant of the ignoratti claim it as an American invention with the USA founded on slavery. The fact that slavery predates America by thousands of years, practiced in biblical and even pre-biblical times, proves irrelevant. The ignoratti, for example, can provide no explanation for how black slaves got to the Americas. Who sold them initially? Who captured these unfortunates? The mob makes no demand for reparations by the Muslim world or the black countries of Africa for the descendants of slaves; Muslims and Africans were slavery's greatest practitioners and profiteers. Slavery and the slave trade, in fact, still exist in much of the Muslim world, and parts of Africa.

What response to the mob's Nazi-like destruction of Western culture and society comes from our leaders? An offering of Dane-geld: let us, they cry, tear down "offensive" monuments and put them in a museum. On bended knees, our timid leaders offer this morsel to the mob. Put it all in a museum? Really? Will the mob accept that and demand no more? Not likely. How long before they go for the museums? What museum director will stand up to the enraged and emboldened mob? I see it now. Defund museums to white supremacy!

When will we have to rename our capital? Remove Washington from the dollar bill? And on, and on, and on.

I live in a part of the country where many of the old British colonial names remain, including whole cities named after different British Royals. We have a major road named for British general Cornwallis from the War of Independence. Will all those have to go, too? Outrageous! Strike down the offending wordage! No tributes to colonialism! The ignoratti demand it and must be appeased!

When the word absurd has lost its meaning, then nothing is too absurd. That is the time in which we live.

We have no mention, of course, by the ignoratti and their academic and media echo chambers that white men put an end to slavery. The Royal Navy, for example, gets no credit for its energetic and highly effective efforts to suppress the slave trade. We hear nothing of the hundreds-of-thousands of white men, including President Lincoln, who died in the American civil war to preserve a slave-free union.

This brings us to the Juneteenth holiday about which we now hear so much. How many of the ignoratti "marchers," most of them white, by the way, ever heard of the events in Texas of June 19, 1865, much less understand their context and meaning? Now the demand has gone forth, and it will succeed, for a federal holiday to commemorate June 19. I have no problem commemorating great events in history (June 6, D-Day, anyone?), but how will this one get portrayed? What will prove the narrative? Will credit for bringing news of the end of slavery go to white General Granger who landed in Texas and issued General Order No. 3 "reminding" slave owners in Texas of the Emancipation Proclamation issued by white Republican President Lincoln ending slavery in all states in rebellion? I doubt it, doubt it very much. Soon we will learn that a black transgender woman actually wrote and issued the order . . ..

Police brutality: another of the themes now bandied about. Does police brutality exist? Yes. With my own eyes, I have seen it, for example, in Guyana, France, Bolivia, China, and Spain, among other places. Does it exist in the US, the UK, or Australia? I am sure there are valid examples; is that the norm for police behavior? Doubt it very much, and the stats strengthen my doubt. So while any human institution can use genuine reform, it remains a bad idea to launch such reform under pressure from the ignoratti lynch mob. In America, we see well-meaning Republicans, for example, offering up legislation to alter this or that police practice. Do they really think that will appease the mobsters? No, it will not. Such gestures signal weakness, the same sort that allows a mob in Seattle, once one of the world's great and beautiful cities, to occupy and vandalize a chunk of the downtown, and terrorize citizens who pay taxes not to be terrorized.

A small, loud minority is terrifying the West. Where is the reaction? Where are the leaders and the pundits who will speak the unvarnished truth to and about this lynch mob?

Always remember: no peace, no justice.

Almost certainly, this little meaningless blog will get deplatformed--I got booted from Twitter, and have learned that I cannot run advertisements here because of some unspecified "violation" of Google's "terms of service." The other shoe will drop; no doubt.

We, nevertheless, have to continue to get the word out, to wit, the West is the Best. Our history is a magnificent one.

Western civilization has brought unparalleled advancement to all of the world. That is why the world wants to live in the West.

Do not apologize.


  1. The Western Rifle Shooters blog was recently shut down for ignoring group think on WordPress.

  2. Despair not, Comrades. Western Rifle Shooters is back again. They are out from under the thumb of Wordpress.


  3. I think there is a mind behind all this rioting. The blacks are foot soldiers. Barr has the DOJ seeking the white kids that are organizing this stuff, The white girl who torched the Wendy's in Atlanta is now in custody and facing 80 years. Some of these Antifa kids are going to rat out the real power behind this. It will be interesting to see where this goes. The Democrat complaints about DOJ drones surveilling the riots suggest one place that might be worried.

    1. Re Torch Girl, why can't we imitate a progressive country like Cuba or China and give her a 9mm. cerebral hemorrhage? Law-abiding people supporting her for 80 years is a bit much of a burden to put on the population.

    2. Q? Because believing that the roiting is controlled and financed by subversive forces is crazy, right? Q is ridiculous, but dark forces are at work here.

  4. Where I live, the voters directly elect a sheriff who then controls the local police. If we don’t like their behavior, we can elect a new sheriff.

    In the big blue cities, the voters elect the mayor, perhaps council members, etc., who consult political VIP’s from the police union, democrat campaign contributors, etc., and then appoint someone as head of the police. If something bad happens, they can blame him and appoint someone else. The local voters have little to no direct control over who heads up the police.

    Why do those same voters keep electing the same politicians when they are unhappy with the police? The political establishment, speaking very broadly and generally, are always offering them the same poisoned choice: Re-elect us and be sure about your welfare checks and we get to run the police, or elect others and suffer the consequences. They vote for welfare because they for sure need the income, and only the relatively unlucky end up involved with the police.

    Why do the mayors, etc., arrange to choose the police chief? After all, if the voters elected a sheriff directly, that’s one less headache for them and everyone benefits from a well-run police force. Ah — that’s the problem, isn’t it? A sheriff responsible to no one but the local voters could investigate and convict all the corrupt local politicians, all the way up to the mayor and beyond. It’s hard to imagine a better spring-board to higher office than putting a bunch of political grifters in jail. So, there will not be any locally elected sheriffs in those big blue cities until …..?

    Replace the “defunded” police with locally elected sheriffs, and some good may come out of all this hysteria.

    1. It's not the mayor that's the problem.

      It's the voters that's the problem, and their false religion of worshipping Blacks, Browns, Jews, Indians, etc and ultimately "themselves" as "The Chosen who will wipe away all Evil."

      God help Chauvin; he did his duty well, but he's getting the Zimmerman treatment (except Chauvin actually IS white), and the Democrat prosecutor is soiling his pants wondering how to get a Grand Jury Indictment, nevermind how this will play in a Petit Jury.

      Freeman can try to withhold bodycam and autopsy - maybe Seattle is that far gone - but the damage has long been done to King County.

      God Bless Chauvin and the other three officers. They'd be welcome in my house.

      As for most of the other residents of the city that abandoned them; don't come to our community bringing your cowardly filth.

  5. Ignorant of history, indeed. If one follows BLM's demands to their so-called logical conclusion then we will have to rename our nation's capitol, indeed our nation itself (I'm sure Amerigo Vespucci was a white nationalist or some such thing). But that's fine, because after all this country invested slavery and was founded by evil white people. So evil they they and their descendants have brainwashed millions of non-white people to immigrate here thinking that this country is the greatest country on earth. What lunacy.

  6. "invented" slavery, oops.

  7. Slavery is of course very ancient -- people used to know about the Israelites being enslaved in Egypt.

    An interesting tidbit of history I came across recently: most of us have heard of the South Sea Bubble, the financial over-exuberance which created havoc in England in the early 1700s. But what was the business venture which attracted so much enthusiasm from English investors, including even intellectual giants like the highly-religious Sir Isaac Newton?

    It turns out that the South Sea company had received a monopoly from the King of Spain to sell African slaves to Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and South America. The potential for giant profits from that trade so excited English investors that they lost all sense of rationality.

    What ended slavery, after thousands of years? It was not that we human beings became more moral. It was because we developed effective steam engines driven by fossil fuels, which ultimately made slavery uneconomic. Coal freed the slaves!

    1. Hardly.

      Not only are the periods of the Pyramids mismatched against the Exodus story by radiometric dating, but there's literally no archaeological evidence in Egypt that the Hebrews were ever there. No hieroglyphs mentioning them, no depictions or even cursory metaphors for them, no DNA matching anything like a "foreign" Ghassulian heritage among the worker remains.

      Literally, the only "proof" that the "Israelites" were in Egypt at the time is a story (a "claim") that appeared millennia after the fact.

      Yeah, that's not going to cut it. I'm not interested in proving the negative either. If there were "Israelites" building these magnificent monuments, I want exacting circumstantial evidence, rather than a rewritten history that occurred thousands of years later.

      And I seriously doubt that the pyramids and other structures were built by "slaves" - Semitic or not - but that, like all other aspects of history, is a matter you are best served by inspecting yourself, so take a look at the digs and archaeological findings yourself.

      As for my interpretation, it's clear Herodotus was wrong - so yet another famous historian appears to have fallen for an origin myth.

      No surprises.

      If you find a catalogued finding or collection that has any evidence of Hebrews, or anything of interest involving the Dynastic Egyptians, let me know.

      And no, Coal did not free "the slaves"...

      Whatever that means.

    2. With respect, Rykehaven, it seems that you have focused on a questionable twig on a branch on a particular tree -- and forgotten about the forest.

      Did I say the Israelites built the pyramids? Did I? Well, did I??? The reference of course was to the book of Exodus and the Biblical story of the Israelites being brought out of bondage in Egypt. Until recently, this was part of our shared cultural heritage and needed no explanation. It is merely one demonstration of slavery being a very ancient practice.

      Ever wonder where the word "slave" comes from, Rykehaven? It refers to the Slavs, forest dwellers in what is now Russia, who were routinely enslaved by Scandinavians and used as beasts of burden to transport furs, etc to Constantinople. Once there, the Scandinavians sold the goods transported by the Slavs and then sold the Slavs themselves -- this was a millennium ago, long before anyone even knew about the New World.

      Ask yourself, Rykehaven -- slavery had been a normal established part of the human condition since at least the beginning of agriculture, if not earlier; maybe five thousand years or more. Why did it come to an end in the middle of the 1800s? The development of coal-powered steam engines (and all that went along with that) is one reasonable explanation. But if you have discovered a better explanation, please share.

    3. Gavin, I normally do not delete comments but I have come close with Rykehaven's nonsense. Regardless of what the topic is, he always has to make it about Jews. He is obsessed with Jews and race.

    4. Rykehaven don't try to wreck this great site with your anti-Semitism ... deep in the morass of your swamp-mind a question will flicker, "Am I insane?" I am here to tell you that, yes, you are insane ... now bugger off ....

  8. I am most grateful for your addition of my small site to your Pearls of Wisdom. Thank you indeed; Diplomad.2.0

    1. You've a great site. Sorry I missed it until now.

  9. Hear me now or hear me later: pay the $8 to $20 a month to move to a private host.

    Blogspot is a googlething and they WILL destroy all your work from 2011 along.

    Pay somebody to move the blog to a less cancelprone platform. It will be worth it.

  10. Diplomad, for about 3 weeks, I "lost" your blog. Glad I found you again.

    1. Yeah me to. Bookmark quit working.

  11. For an interesting article on modern slavery see


    If black lives really mattered to the rabble tearing the cities apart they would be doing something about modern slavery

    1. That was an excellent read!

    2. Yes AussieD it was.


    3. James lafond has a bunch of intersting content on white slavery. He has done excellent podcast at the third rail that i really can't recommend highly enough. Crackerboy had new stuff and many new sources. He is virtually apolitical, and can think originally.