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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hoax, Hysteria, and Dane-Geld

Well, the lefties are at it again: pushing a hoax, fanning hysteria via their pet media outlets, and then extracting protection money, aka Dane-geld.

We now live ruled by hoax, hysteria, and the frantic progressive search for Dane-geld.

This was to be the time of science and rational thought, of true political liberalism. But, no. Think back just a few years to all of the vile hoaxes through which we have suffered; hoaxes piled on top of hoaxes. For years, for example, the progressive wise ones told us that the belief that Communist agents loyal to the USSR had infiltrated our key institutions, and stolen vital secrets, was akin to the hunt for witches in Salem. It was not true! The Rosenbergs, innocent! Mao, an agricultural reformer! Castro, another Thomas Jefferson! The USSR, the next dominant force in the world!

All that, of course, turned out to be lies, hoaxes.

The progressive proponents of these lies, however, did not retreat in shame, they just moved to the next hoax that would cause damage to the West. There are so many, I can only name a handful right now; you can think up endless examples. One of the biggest hoaxes, if not the biggest of the past 40 years, is man-made global climate change. Capitalism and its culture of consumption was destroying our very planet, yes, our only planet! We were causing the very climate to change! We were heading for a warm planet devoid of snow and ice; of rising oceans; of floods and droughts; of both more hurricanes and fewer hurricanes. Wait! No! The earth was cooling! We were heading for a new ice age! No! Cooling, in fact, showed that the earth was warming, or was it warming, in fact, showed that the earth was cooling? One or the other. Every dead fish that washed up on a beach anywhere in the world had died from cooling/warming/change! The science was settled! Doesn't matter that we can't make any predictions with the models developed. We must all give up things to save the planet from whatever it is we are saving it from! Don't drill for oil! Stop driving! Give up plastic straws! WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE! Only thing to be done is create more programs, get more bureaucracy. MONEY! Give us money and lots of respect and obedience.

Now we have a whole new cycle of hoax, hysteria, and the search for Dane-geld.

Having gone through the ChiCom "virus is gonna kill us all" hoax, hysteria, and search for Dane-geld, we now move into "the cops are genocidal maniacs killing unarmed black men willy-nilly."

We suddenly have the nation, nay, the "educated" ones of the Western world, kneeling, demonstrating, rioting, looting burning, etc., in "honor of" George Floyd. We all have gotten emails and other messages from major corporations expressing their solidarity with Floyd, with the black community, with the goal of JUSTICE, and pledging funds to Black Lives Matter and other lefty organizations. Many of these corporations, of course, are the very ones that moved their factories to China or India to avoid employing the poor people in America and Europe with whom they now express solidarity, but, never mind. Hollywood, too, is all abuzz with protestations of solidarity; the same Hollywood that had moved much of its production to cheaper venues, seeking tax breaks, denying the working class stiffs here tens-of-thousands of jobs, but never mind.

Nobody, furthermore, expresses solidarity or takes a knee for the dozens of black men killed in the past few weeks in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc. But, then, of course, they were killed by other black men, so their back lives do not matter to anybody except to themselves. There will be no crowded funerals, no demands for justice, no mass protests: no violations of Covid lockdowns.

As part of the current hoax and hysteria we have the growing demand to "defund the police." We have cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis already taking the first tentative steps on that journey. We see them pledging the funds that would have gone to the police to progressive programs and organizations, including the criminal Black Lives Matter. Must pay the Dane not to rampage through our villages! Destroy that other town, not this one! We are on your side!

Now, of course, the progos are not really going to defund the police. They are lying. They are going to do something infinitely worse. After all, most of the country does not need police forces; thanks to the Second Amendment we can protect ourselves, and in most of America violent crime is quite rare.

The progos will not disband the police, they will REPLACE the police. With what, you ask? The answer is on the tip of my tongue . . . those of you familiar with China and Iran know the answer . . . yes, yes . . . help me out . . . ah, Red Guards! Or Revolutionary Guards!

They will get rid of those cops now on the payroll and replace them with lefty hacks. We already see some of this in England, where it seems many cops spend more of their time on the internet monitoring and suppressing "hate speech" than on the streets suppressing the guys with knives and acid. The lefties will have police revolutionary forces to prevent impure thoughts, and disallowed expressions and demonstrations. "Citizen, you are exhibiting excessive white privilege. You must pay a fine or go to reeducation camp."

That is the future the progos want for us.

Once they replace the cops, you choose how you will receive the Dane: with geld or lead?


  1. The picture yesterday of Democrat leaders kneeling in supplication to the rioters and destroyers of civilization was the single most disgusting image I have seen during this entire sorry debacle.

    1. Agree 100%. That and the pictures of cops washing the feet of protestors. Disgusting

  2. G'day Dip,

    "cops washing the feet of protestors."

    Please tell me that is not true

    1. I wish I could. Happened right here in North Carolina

    2. Maybe they were all members of Primitive Baptist congregations?

  3. "We now live ruled by hoax, hysteria, and the frantic progressive search for Dane gelt." WLA

    Danegelt Dane"gelt`, n. [AS. danegeld. n.] (Eng. Hist.) An annual tax formerly laid on the English nation to buy off the ravages of Danish invaders, or to maintain forces to oppose them. It afterward became a permanent tax, ... at first of one shilling, afterward of two shillings, upon every hide of land throughout the realm. --Wharton's Law Dict. Tomlins. [1913 Webster]

    Affirm Sr. Oarsman Dip!

    Doth seem we've meandered into a tributary and lost our steerageway! Perhaps if it suits US the Fates will employ Charon to ferry all of us, we the people across the STYX ?

    The Vikings are a coming! The Vikings are a coming!
    Run, Hide, or PAY the TAX!~~~

    I knew this Old Dane once upon a time, a Merchant Mariner, he loved our country and became a citizen (the hard way)! He celebrated July 4th like a Viking of old, and, as did the Danes of his day!

    Toward the end of his 'Four score & Ten' (Vikings live longer -Skoal !). He began wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the Dannebrog (Dane Flag). Lettered over that t-shirt's waving Red & White banner of his Old country, were these words in Blue:
    ~~~~~~~RESTORE THE MONARCHY~~~~~~~

    He never translated for me, but I knew it wasn't the UK he was saluting, he just gave me the knowing look, that he sometimes shared with me -- I believed the wise old man, was signaling that the American experiment had lost its bearings, and was headed toward the reef...

    a NEW Captain/King & Court, was required! One who could navigate US through the Rocks & Shoals ahead -- Rest in Peace Skipper~~~
    ~~~and fare thee well, Donald the First~~~
    On Watch~~~~
    Let"s Row~~~

  4. And that ain't all

    THE ZOOKEEPER SYNDROME (Foreign and Domestic)

    The transnational, globalist mindset is akin to a zookeeper. First some context. History is replete with ideologies that seek to save people from themselves or a foreign contagion. Until recently this impulse, as illustrated by the 20th Century, have been political ideologies. It sought to cleanse a people from the errors and machinations of the past. If the “authors/instigators of these ills were foreign, so much the better. In any case, salvation from historical, social and economic maladies required a reset of just about everything. More often than not it was accompanied by a sea of blood and violence. The objects of salvation (the people) often died, ended up in the same circumstance or worse off. I’m of course, referring to Communism, Fascism and Socialism. Some will say what about Capitalism? Whatever the ills of Capitalism it behooves one to consider the alternatives offered during the 20th Century. Some would say that history is just one damn thing after another. Others would say the history is the same damn thing after another. In any case, the intellectuals of modernity (see Thomas Sowell- “Intellectuals and Society”) decided that people left to their own devices will get in the way the salvation of humanity. Their solution is global governance which will closely manage all human activity. Saving humanity is yesterday’ solution. Saving Planet Earth from humanity is the ticket. Enter the zookeeper.
    In a zoo, the animals/life forms are confined. Their diet, reproduction, interaction with other species, consumption of resources, etc. are carefully managed, depending on the management goals of the zookeepers. When illness, infirmity or age of the kept becomes a liability they are eliminated. Whatever the root cause of the coronavirus its usefulness as a tool to reorder societies and economies across the globe has been passionately embraced by the ruling elite. I may be wrong but I do not recall a time when the governments of the world acted in remarkable uniformity.
    The virus instigated the collapse of the extant infrastructure (i.e. jobs, income, mobility, access, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.) has been blindingly swift. The obvious question is one that is regularly answered by the authorities; there will not be a return to the way things were. They intend to give it their best shot.

    The future being contemplated is one were access, mobility and work will be granted if you comply. It’s advertised as necessary for the greater good. Global mobility has plummeted, enforced confinement is mandated, jobs have vanished, good are becoming scarce, surveillance is omnipresent, and non-compliance is punished. The power to command and control human activity is off the charts. The impulse toward totalitarian rule is as old as dirt. Those with the power to attempt it have always done whatever it takes. The good news is that the animals in this new zoo are the most innovative, creative, adaptive and resilient creatures on the planet.

    1. ..."The good news is that the animals in this new zoo are the most innovative, creative, adaptive and resilient creatures on the planet."

      And, pray such gifted animals will wield their remarkable traits, if not powers, within the moral boundaries of governance and economic realities which may ensure the humanistic evolvement of their species... Did I forget anything? If not, Amen~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  5. The past few months have left me with a few observations.

    Let's stop saying "science" and bring back the notion of "natural philosophy". "Science" is just a Latin word for "knowledge", and the fact of the matter is that it's usually just high-class guesswork. The changing narrative on climate change (and we haven't reached the point where we can raise grains and engage in dairy farming in SW Greenland again) and the conflicting advice on coronovirus are cases in point. As Michael Polanyi said, all science is tentative; so the sooner the public understands that, the better.

    And so "scientific" political ideologies. They don't know their heads from holes in the ground, and they're the worst pruveyors of the idea that when we hear the word "science", we must pronounce it a hushed tone, and genuflect.

  6. Love the kerfluffle about the "Kinte" rags. The silk strips in the weave came from SE Asia and the bright colors yarn/thread from Europe and Colonial India, paid for with the bodies of their defectives, sold as slaves. Of course the designs are "traditional". "Gold" and "Ivory" were fantasy cover stories for the "Slave Coast". It is so very appropriate that the "glory rags" of the slave sellers are now worn by the Corruptocrat Masters of our urban ghettos.

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